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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt explains that this is not a conspiracy. He and Hope just need more space. Liam mentions him passing off Bu to him but this is not going to work. Bill will not throw him out of his house. Is it insecurity or greed. Wyatt says he and Hope have more plans and this place is perfect for them and he thinks Hope will be excited about this too, a place for their kids to play outside. Charlie has a whole wall set up of “suspects” of Quinn, Paris trip, Ivy falling, trying to piece the puzzle together. He asks Pam if she’d like to see Hope and Liam back together. She says yes of course, but it is a little crazy. He says it might turn out to be nothing but Quinn is capable of this and she might have found out about Paris and it was she that pushed Ivy into the Seine. He does some checking and finds customs did show Quinn went to Paris that day, same day that Ivy fell into the Seine. He finds a French girl who set up the shooting for the photo shoot and they had cameras everywhere. They need something that even Quinn can not talk herself out of. Pam wants to call Liam and warn him that Quinn was in Paris at the same time. Charlie says no, you don’t poke a snake until you are ready to strike. He looks at the footage and they do spot Quinn on the stolen bike and where she is following Liam and Ivy in the cab.

Quinn visits Bill and he tells her that he has no problem with secrets but her manipulation is gonna stop. She continues that she did everybody a favor. Hope and Ivy continue their conversation of what is best for Liam. Ivy gets Hope to admit that she does love Wyatt. Ivy feels that is her answer. She should leave Liam’s love life alone. While he is deeply thinking about Hope, Ivy walks in on Liam. She says the door was open so she came on in. Pam tells Charlie that she is really proud of him following his gut feeling. Quinn again - they saw her bump Ivy into the river. Wyatt warns Hope that the surprise is pretty big, but it’s not quite ready. He wants them to move into the cliff house. Liam explains his mood is that Wyatt wants to move into his house. He’s all ready to start a platoon of little me me’s. Liam says he thought he was ready and pretty close but this really hit him. There is a heavy banging at the door and it’s Pam and Charlie who tell Liam they have something to show him and he will never believe this. Bill tells Quinn that she got what she wanted; back off, no more games. She says Liam is safe, she has no reason to go after him anymore. She says no one is gonna find out she pushed Ivy. Hope is shocked that Wyatt wants to live at Liam’s where she has a ton of memories with her ex. He says they can make new memories. And it has everything he wants for his family. She is surprised at that. He says it does not have to be today or next week, but he is ready. Pam and Charlie question Ivy about her fall. They explain it was not Ivy they were after, but Hope. She was right there in Liam’s sight and Quinn did not want him to get to her. They show them the footage….it was not some act of fate, it was Quinn!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kirsten told Theresa that she gave Daniel and Kayla the drug to save John.  Theresa got nervous about it.  Kristen demanded to know why Theresa was acting upset about her news. Brady believed that Kristen coming back to Salem was the best thing that could have happened.  Daniel couldnít believe what he heard.  Nicole wanted Eric to give her a scoop on what happened to John.  Eric was upset and refused to help her.  Daniel wanted to explain to Brady why Kristen helped John.  Theresa rubbed it in to Kristen that she and Brady made love.  Daniel explained that Kristen used John to get to Brady.  Daniel also told Brady that Eric had to agree not to testify against her in order to get the drug.  Kristen didnít believe that Brady made love with her.  Theresa gave Kristen more details until Kristen choked her.

Maggie came in and saw Kristen choking Theresa.  Maggie demanded that they tell her what happened.  Nicole ran into Marlena to get the scoop on John.  Marlena didnít want to help her until she threatened to go with the rumors she heard.  Marlena wanted to talk to Nicole in private. Kristen didnít want to tell Maggie what happened with Theresa.  She left so Theresa told Maggie her side of the story.  Theresa thought Kristen liked about having the drug to help Brady.  Marlena told Nicole that Kristen gave John the drug that could help him.  Brady went to Eric and thanked him for his sacrifice.  Marlena told Nicole how Eric wonít testify against Kristen since she gave John the drug.  Eric wanted Brady to repay him by staying away from Kristen.  Kristen went to Daniel and wanted to know if he gave John the drug.  Kristen told him that Theresa said she was sleeping with Brady and wanted to know if it was true.  Daniel all but admitted that it was true.  Kristen thought Theresa was wrong for him and that she would be the reason why he was drinking and doing drugs again.  Theresa caught up to Brady and wanted to tell him something.  Kristen told Daniel how Theresa was reacting when she told her about the drug.  Kristen thought about Theresaís reaction to the news.  Kristen put two and two together and realized that Theresa was the one who hit John.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A photographer gets a shot of Mac punching a reporter who asked Felicia what will happen to her mayoral campaign if her daughter is found, dead. Felicia tells Mac that she regrets ever seeking out the Aztec jewels all those years ago because they are the reason she knew Peter Harrell and the reason that history repeated itself with Harrell’s son and Maxie. She says she had a feeling that something was off about Levi, but she was more concerned with being the mother that Maxie wanted her to be to make up for all the time she was away. Levi/Peter goes into the room where Nathan is being held and sees that Maxie is not there. Maxie wanders around Crichton-Clark looking for a phone. She goes into a patient’s room. The man struggles to speak and only says the name “Felicia.” When he tries to grab her arm, she runs to the door, only to run into Levi. Levi tells her that the man in the bed is his father. He says her parents are the reason that his father is in that condition. Levi tells his father that Maxie is Frisco and Felicia’s daughter. Peter thanks Levi/Peter for bringing her and says it is time for her to die. A guard goes into Nathan’s room and sees that Maxie is not there. Nathan is able to overpower him and wrap his chain around the guard’s neck. He squeezes until the man is unconscious and then goes through his pockets to find the handcuff key and the cardkey for the door. He releases himself, takes the guard’s gun, and uses the cardkey to get out of the room.

Lulu is disgusted by the knowledge that Stavros has an embryo that came from her egg. Stavros asks Victor if it is true that Lulu will require hormone treatments before the embryo can be implanted in her. Victor says he is only entertaining Stavros’ baby nonsense out of respect for Mikkos. He says Stavros needs to learn to be patient. Stavros returns to Lulu with a doctor who is going to inject her with hormones. After the injection, Stavros informs Dante that Lulu is going with him and Dr. Young.

Anna and her team arrive at Crichton-Clark. She sends Obrecht in with a device in her ear to enable Anna to talk to Obrecht and hear everything. Obrecht tells Victor that she knows Nathan is there because Victor mentioned a DNA test on the phone and she knew that Nathan would need to be present for Victor to get his DNA. She asks him if he is in league with Peter Harrell. He tells her that Harrell is his trusted agent and Nathan is his prisoner. Anna badgers Obrecht to find out specifics such as location of the hostages and number of guards. Obrecht disconnects the device. She demands to see Nathan. Victor says he will allow it after he gets the DNA results. She tells him that he doesn’t need the results and confirms that Nathan is his son. She says she couldn’t tell him because she couldn’t let Faison be aware that she had a male child with another man. Nathan bursts into the room, gun drawn. He says Victor is a dead man if he doesn’t reveal where Maxie is. Victor tells Nathan that he won’t kill his own father. With the connection to Obrecht severed, Anna decides to go into the building alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul gets confirmation from tests that the blood found on Victor and Nikki's driveway belongs to Ian Ward. Jeffrey tells Michael that he saw Dylan at the racetrack which is the same place where they found Ian Ward's car. Michael goes to tell Paul the information which ends Paul's celebration of his good citizen award, because he has to take Dylan to the police station to be questioned. Maureen dampens Nikki's mood when she goes over to her table at the party and calls her Sherry, which leaves Victor confused about why a stranger is calling Nikki by another name.

Noah helps persuade Summer that she should accept Kelly in Jack's life as well as get to know Mariah, because neither of these changes in Nick and Jack's lives will make them love her any less than they do. Nick and Sharon take a trip down memory lane as they relive their college dance at Crimson Lights. Nick proposes to Sharon, and she accepts while at the same time at the clinic Phyllis comes out of her coma shouting, "No."

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