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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls Liam and asks if they are still on for the big game tonight. It will cheer him up and help keep his mind off “things”. Liam says yes he’s looking forward to it. Bill grills him about seeing the girl he fished out of the river. Liam says yes they went to a party and it went well. Wyatt comes to see Bill so Bill lets Liam go and says he will see him tonight. Wyatt tells Bill that he would like a favor. He’d like to move into the cliff house with Hope. Bill says that is Liam’s house. And why does he want it. Wyatt says it is bigger and Liam can have his place, sort of a bachelor pad. He’ll even de-Wyatt the place and fill the frig with tofu and bean sprouts. Reluctantly Bill says okay, but he can’t promise anything. Maya drops in on Caroline and asks about Ridge helping her. She calls Caroline lucky to have a mentor like Ridge. And since it is crunch time around here she is surprised that he has time for her or anyone, including Katie. When Katie comes in, Caroline says she hates how everyone is pressuring Ridge. He always comes through and this time will be no different. It will be another fabulous Ridge collection. Katie guesses Caroline knows. Caroline says yes he told her. Katie says good, she is glad he had her to confide in. Caroline says it has been good so far, he’s taught her more than she ever learned in school. He’s put her on a whole different level. He dresses women like he is in love with each and every one. He perfects everything. Katie says she is grateful to Caroline as this has been a nightmare. Hope walks into Ivy’s office and there is silence for a few minutes. Finally Ivy starts to apologize for the other day. Hope says it is fine; Ivy had her say and so did Hope. All she wanted to get across was that it was too soon for Liam to be getting into another relationship, that’s it. So they should just leave that alone and concentrate on the couture collection for now. However then she turns the conversation to the dinner party she heard about the other night. Ivy is low-key about it and says it was spur of the moment with all the normal suspects, Aly and Oliver, Rick and Caroline and Liam was there too. Hope says by invitation she assumes. Ivy tells Hope that they both want Liam to be happy again. Hope says that is why they need to leave him alone and let him sort this out. She knows Liam better than Ivy does and he is not ready to jump into another relationship so soon. He’s been on that treadmill with her for years. Ivy says she does not think it is Liam, but Ivy as her last name is Forrester. But they could work well together and she knows that is what Hope would want also for Liam and Wyatt. Hope says yes she would not have it any other way.

Bill shows up at the cliff house a little early…, bucket of chicken wings, he’s all pumped up for Thursday night football with the Ravens and the Steelers. He knows it’s early but this is a pre-game meal. He chows down on several chicken wings; tells Liam that the pizza is half veggies so he can eat that too. Bill gets around to Liam getting back in the game and not spend all his time way out here moping, maybe he should move aback into the city. He says he spent too much time here with Hope and it’s time to move on. This could become a mauso-Liam. He even yells at Liam and tells him it’s over with Hope and it’s time to move on. Somewhere out there is a woman but he will never find her camping out here. Liam says he is trying too hard on the hard sell. He likes it out here; it’s quiet and peaceful. Bill says yes there is an issue…..Wyatt wants to move in here with Hope. Wyatt finds Hope in Ivy’s office and says he has some good news for her. He still has some details to work out. Liam is appalled that Wyatt wants his house. Bill reminds him that technically it is his house and that is why Wyatt came to him first. Liam throws a chicken wing at him when he is sure Bill must have said yes to Wyatt. Bill says no, he told him it would be difficult. Liam is also stunned when he hears they might be starting a family, but…….why rush it. He is not moving out period, it’s that simple. Wyatt shows up at the cliff house with a bottle of bubbly and says it’s a housewarming gift…..Liam is moving. He assumes he has heard. They get into an argument about Wyatt being an opportunist and marrying Hope and Liam being a no-show in Paris. Wyatt says it is just a matter of square footage here. They need the space and Liam doesn’t. Liam says he knows better than that. Wyatt just wants to gobble up everything that is his. Liam points both hands at Wyatt, stamps his feet and says this land is sacred, the history, the memories and Wyatt is not taking it from him. Wyatt argues that is not taking anything, only exchanging, quid pro quo. Liam says he can keep his quid and he’ll keep his quo, he is NOT getting the house. He’s already taken Hope from him and this house is all he has left and it will NEVER ever be Wyatt’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa told Anne that she planned on using Kristenís threats against her to get Brady back.  Kristen ran into Marlena and they argued over whether Daniel and Kayla used the drug that she told them would save John.  EJ reminded Sami that he only wanted one chance to prove himself to her.  EJ believed that she could beat Stefano.  Theresa wanted to talk to Brady.  Kristen knew that Kayla and Daniel would use the drug for John.  Kristen and Marlena continued to argue over John and Brady.  Daniel interrupted Bradyís conversation with Theresa because he wanted to see him.  Will went to see Sami.  He wanted to try to make things right with her.  Theresa decided not to tell Brady about Kristen when Daniel called him.  Marlena warned Kristen that she would pay if sheís just getting Bradyís hopes up about the drug thatís going to save John. After Marlena walked off, Kristen ran into EJ. 

Brady arrived at Danielís apartment and saw Kayla there too.  Kristen told EJ that Stefano has been helping her.  EJ wanted to know what she did.  Kayla and Daniel told Brady about the drug that could help John.  They wanted Brady to give them permission to use it.  Brady wanted them to use it on John.  Daniel warned Brady that Kristen gave them the drug.  Kristen warned EJ that he should be worried about her since he turned on her for Sami. Daniel was explaining what Kristen gave them when Marlena showed up.  Brady decided to let Daniel use the drug after all.  Will let Sami know that he missed her.  Sami told him that he had to accept all of her or none of her.  He told Sami that he was wrong to write the article.  Will and Sami seemed to have a breakthrough before he left the mansion.  Theresa went to the Kiriakis mansion looking for Brady.  Kristen showed up there too.  Brady and Marlena waited to see if the drug worked.  Kristen told Theresa that she gave Daniel a drug to help John wake up.  Theresa dropped her glass. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan asks Rosalie to join him, Michael, and Kiki for dinner at Kelly’s. Kiki doesn’t like the idea of Rosalie joining them for dinner because Silas said she has a nasty attitude. Morgan tells Kiki and Michael not to give Rosalie a hard time. Nina tells Rosalie that she isn’t supposed to be dating Morgan; she should be angling for Michael so that Nina can cross Kiki off her revenge list. Rosalie wonders what Nina will have left to live for when she crosses all the names off her precious list. Silas comes home and startles Nina. Rosalie leaves to meet Morgan. Silas asks Nina what he walked in on. Nina says they were talking about her Christmas list. She wonders why he is suddenly suspicious. He tells her that Sam was investigating her, but didn’t find anything. She gets angry about it. Silas tells her that if there is nothing to find, she might as well leave it alone. When Silas leaves the room, Nina takes out her list and talks to herself, saying that she can put Sam back on the list and that Ava and her baby are always on her mind. Rosalie arrives at Kelly’s while Michael is alone at the outdoor table because Kiki gave Morgan bad advice about Ava’s baby, he stormed off, and she went after him. Rosalie tells Michael that she would have a problem with Kiki consoling her ex-husband if she were Michael. Michael concludes that Rosalie is the jealous type and assures her that Morgan and Kiki are just friends. She tries to instill doubt in his mind. Rosalie goes inside Kelly’s and overhears Kiki and Morgan discussing the secret about Sonny and Carly sleeping together.

Sabrina looks at Ava’s medical file. Felix wonders why. Ava has severe abdominal cramps. Jordan insists on taking her to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital, Felix doesn’t allow Ava’s bodyguards into the room with her. He gives Jordan attitude and makes comments about her being a drug dealer. Sabrina makes veiled comments and suggests that Ava might be having a miscarriage. Ava says she knows Sabrina lost her baby, but that doesn’t give her the right to antagonize patients. Sabrina is about to accuse Ava of murdering Gabriel when the doctor arrives. Ava tells Jordan and the bodyguards that she is just having pre-term contractions and that she and the baby will be fine. Sabrina mutters that that is only for now.

Patrick and Sam discuss the possibility that Luke Spencer really ordered the car accident as spencer alleges. Patrick wants to go against Spencer’s wishes and get Anna involved. Sam things that the more people know, the greater chance that Luke will find out that they are on to him. She says that at the very least, they need to corroborate Spencer’s story before they go to the police. She suggests that they trace Luke’s movements since before Britt and Nikolas’ engagement party. Patrick plays with Danny. Sam observes that Patrick will miss out on that time with Gabriel and Danny is missing out on that time with Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea dreams that she is taking a shower with Billy, but she sees Adam watching them. She awakens with a start. In his office at Jabot, Billy has a visit from Hilary and lets her know that he just received his final divorce papers. In the park, Malcolm tries to tell Neil that if he stays blind, his marriage could be in jeopardy. At the Newman ranch, Sharon gets Faith ready for her first day of school. Nick comes in and tells her that he hasnít found Mariah. At Crimson Lights, Kevin sits at a table when Mariah comes in. Kevin asks her if she still wants to leave town. Chelsea calls Billy but when the conversation gets too personal, she hangs up on him. At the Athletic Club, Sharon tells Hilary about Mariah. They sit down at a table to discuss Neilís blindness. Devon walks in and stands there staring at Hilary. Finally, Devon gets up enough courage to join them. Lily also joins them and wants to thank Hilary for her help.

Nick interrupts Mariah and Kevin and asks her to come home. Mariah says that no way is she going back to that house. Nick continues to try to persuade her to go back to her job at the Underground and to come home. In leaving, Nick tells Kevin to be a friend to Mariah. Malcolm tells Neil to own up that he is scared. Neil, through tears, finally confesses that he is scared. Billy calls Chelsea and lets her know that his divorce is final but he will continue to love Victoria. Nick comes home and lets Sharon know that he saw Mariah and talked her into going back to work at the Underground.

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