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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline puts her hand on Ridge’s and says she is sorry. He takes it away and says they came here to work. There is nothing to be sorry about. She tells him people love him and they will understand. He says there is nothing to understand. Caroline asks then what do they do now. Ridge says to make the corrections he asked her to make. She says she tried but she still didn’t get it. He tells her try again. Brooke meets Katie for lunch and says this was a surprise. Katie says she came in with Ridge and thought they could have lunch like they used to. It’s a little weird and awkward until they get their small talk out of the way. Katie is the first to say that things aren’t that good. This whole thing with Ridge has been stressful and hard. She’s like to talk to her best friend but ends up hanging up because her best friend is Brooke. She says she misses her sister, she misses her best friend so today she did not hang up. Brooke brightens up and says she misses Katie too. Katie says she is tired of being angry. She doesn’t have that kind of energy anymore. Brooke says it does not have to be awkward. They are sisters and they love each other so no matter how much they have hurt each other in the past they will always love each other. And she can talk to her about anything. Katie says she just wants to do the right thing and give Ridge what he needs but she is not sure what that is. He needs to be creative. Does Brooke think that is why they aren’t married yet, that he feels less than a man. Maya has her hand on Rick’s shoulder. He calls attention to it and says it needs to be somewhere else….like not as on this person. She asks if he heard what she just said. He says yes, that she still loves him. She asks if that is uncomfortable for him. He says only because she can’t seem to change the subject. She says unlike Caroline she thinks honesty is the best policy. And she also believes that somewhere he feels the same way too. He says this can go one of two ways. He can get mad and fire her….or. She asks why when she does her job well. He laments that she is difficult and pushy and won’t listen to him. She says that worked for Caroline. He says or he could thank her for having feelings for him but nothing is ever going to come of it. He likes being married. He’s never been happier. She continues that she has seen him happier. She made him happier. He shakes his head and says there was something just not quite right about them being together. Maybe it was too needy or dependent. Maya confesses that she felt it too but it had nothing to do with the way they felt about each other. It was like the odds were stacked against them and they had a right to be afraid of that. They have been through the worst so there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. She says she does not believe he is going to fire her. He says difficult people do not last long here. She scoffs, difficult people call the shots here. And she is hardly his biggest problem, Ridge is. And as much as she is aggravating him right now it is not half as bad as what Caroline pulled on her. Caroline asks Ridge why his hand is shaking. He says nervous habit, it’s all right. She says it’s only her here now. Rick is not here. He is going to have to tell him something eventually. He asks her if she wants to learn. She is not sure she is bright enough or talented enough. He tells her to stop. She is all those things and more. They make a good team. She says that is just it. She thought he was helping her, not that she was helping him too. She says he should have told her. She would be honored to work with him and know that he trusted her. He says trust is a funny word. What if he doesn’t trust her that she and Rick are not going to finish what her Uncle Bill started. She’s stunned when he says her uncle wanted him dead. He grabs the pen and tablet but can’t do anything. He breaks the pencil into. He tells her his hand won’t do what his mind wants it to. She slowly takes her hand and puts it on his and says with practice perhaps hers can. Rick tells Maya that she is cute when she is being coy. But too bad she is hardly ever coy anymore, just aggressive. She says yeah men get promoted for being aggressive but women get fired. She says she knows he remembers them too. He says yes, he didn’t say he didn’t, just that he was married. She says they know something that most people are too afraid to admit. He asks her to remind him. She says marriage is not forever. He and Caroline married too fast. Sure she is behaving now but the lies and secrets are gonna start up again any day now. Rick says she is right about one thing. He is not going to fire her. But if there are any more surprises like the steam room or being rude to Caroline, that is exactly what he will do.

Ridge fills Caroline in on what happened in Dubai. Not many people know about it and he’d like to keep it that way. She asks what his doctor says. Ridge says it is all about neuro something and his doctor doesn’t know if he will ever get what he lost back. But he thinks he will and he thinks it will be with Caroline. Katie tells Brooke that Ridge is so all consumed by not drawing that there is not much else to talk about. Brooke says artists are like that, work, work, work and that is what they talk about. Katie says and yes with Bill there were certain things that she did not want to know about. Katie says Ridge has not changed his mind about marriage. They talk about where they’d like to travel, how to parents the boys but it is vague and no dates or to do lists, just “someday”. She does not want to add to his stress so she says nothing. He is the man she fell in love with, not sketches and designs and it would be fine with her if he never worked again. Brooke says but that is a future that Ridge could not contemplate. Katie says she knows. She wants to be whoever he needs but she doesn’t know what that is. With his hand guiding hers, Caroline is able to finish another couture design. He thinks she can hand it to Rick. She says he still has it, all of it. He says yes all of it except the ability to put it down on paper so he needs her to work with him. She chuckles that is a fantasy she has been waiting to hear since she came to FC. And she wants no credit. There is no question in her mind that the design is his and she is happy to contribute. But people will eventually find out. He says they can’t. They just need to continue doing what they are doing. She says she will but she has to tell Rick. Ridge is adamant, no if Rick finds out he is impaired……he knows Rick doesn’t want to hurt him but if he discovers a weakness then he will strike. And she needs to think about this if they continue this they can have a whole new line and the public loves Rick so it will be his success too. Finally she agrees. He says he knows he is not easy. She says she can handle it and learn from him. He says it will be their secret. He gives her a big hug. Maya starts to enter when she sees them hug. She has a big smile on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla caught Hope daydreaming and wanted to know if she wanted to talk.  Hope wanted to talk.  Eve told Jill to go to the party that JJ and Paige were going to so she could meet him.  Kate walked in on Sami and EJ hugging.  Sami lied and said they hugged because of the kids. Kate thought EJ helped Rafe get the evidence against Stefano.  EJ warned them that Stefano was coming after them.  Jennifer went to see Daniel, but things didnít go as planned.  He wanted things to stay casual between them when she wanted to see Parker.  Jennifer was upset that Daniel wouldnít let her spend time with Parker, but he lets JJ and Abby spend time with him.  Daniel didnít want Parker to get confused.  Hope told Kayla that Aiden kissed her.  Kayla seemed happy about it.  Jennifer had to reschedule her coffee date with Daniel.  Sami thought she and Kate had to come up with a plan when Stefano gets back.  EJ left to take a phone call.  Kate wanted to know if Sami lost her mind.

Kate wanted to know if Sami was going to take EJ back.  Sami didnít want to end up alone like Kate.  EJ talked to Stefano about the evidence Rafe found.  Kayla continued to advise Hope not to feel guilty about kissing Aiden.  Eve talked to Jill about her plan when Paige showed up.  Paige managed not to see Jill in the apartment.  Sami didnít see what was wrong with trying to forgive EJ.  Aiden met with Nicole because he killed an interview she was supposed to have with his client.  One thing led to another and they ended up talking about Hope.  Hope showed up at TCB and saw Aiden and Nicole together.  She heard them talking about her.  Eve doesnít want Paige to end up like her so she and Jill had to do something to stop her from being with JJ.  EJ couldnít stop Stefano from going back to Salem and getting Sami and Kate.  Sami wanted to work with Kate to stop Stefano.  Kate decided that Sami was on her own and walked out.  Hope was upset to hear Aiden and Nicole talking about her behind her back.  She ended up walking away from him.  EJ told Sami that he was going to protect her from Stefano.  EJ thought Kate was trying to talk Sami out of forgiving him.  She said it didnít work.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Stavros has an embryo from Lulu’s stolen egg that he wants to implant in her. Lulu tells him that his plan won’t work because something is wrong with her that she can’t carry a child to term and that is why she used a surrogate for the child she already has. He tells her that he knows she recently had surgery to correct that problem. She tells him that it takes weeks of hormone treatment to prepare a woman’s body for implantation. He says they are in a world-class clinic so all that will do is delay the inevitable. Maxie worries that Nathan might have a broken rib. He is able to get to a paper clip and unlock Maxie’s handcuff with it, but she breaks the paper clip when she tries to unlock his. A guard goes in to find out what the racket is about. Nathan rolls a small dumbbell into the doorway to keep it from closing all the way when the guard leaves. Maxie goes to find a phone to call the police.

Shawn tells TJ that he is in a romantic relationship with his mother. TJ is worried about Shawn working for Sonny and Jordan working for the Jeromes. Shawn says Sonny knows about it and trusts his judgment. TJ wonders why Shawn is ok with being in a relationship with a drug dealer. Shawn says he is hoping to persuade Jordan to quit that business. TJ doesn’t think that will ever happen, but he says he isn’t going to let Shawn’s relationship with Jordan get in the way of Shawn’s relationship with him. Jordan goes to Ava’s place to give her a gift for the baby. Ava thanks Jordan but wonders why she is giving her a gift. Jordan says she wants to know the name of their boss. Ava tells Jordan that she doesn’t want to know because he uses their children against them so knowing his name would put TJ in danger. Jordan suggests that they work together, along with Julian, to take out the boss. She says they are already fighting the Corinthoses and dodging the police so something has got to give. Ava begins to scream and doubles over with severe abdominal pain.

Julian goes to Alexis’ house to see Danny with Sam’s permission. Alexis doesn’t want to see him so she leaves. She runs into Ned at Kelly’s and asks him out. He says he is willing to do it to help her to get over yet another gangster. Molly goes home and is annoyed to see Julian in Sam's house. He tells her that he wishes they could get past her animosity because as Alexis’ daughter, Sam’s sister, and Danny’s aunt, he cares about her as if she were his family. She says if that is true, then he will tell her that he knows her father was innocent. Alexis arrives home and interrupts the conversation. Molly says that with Julian making himself at home in their place, it’s only a matter of time before they get back together. Alexis tells Julian that that isn’t going to happen and that she has a date with someone else.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Devon enters Cane’s office only to find him grabbing his coat and rushing out. At home, Lily reads an article to Hilary and Neil about Ian Ward running off and the police chasing him. Paul is in his office at the police department on the phone with the governor. When Christine goes in, Paul tells her his news that he was nominated for the Distinguished Citizen’s Award but he doesn’t want a party to celebrate. Malcolm pays Neil and his family a surprise visit which unnerves Neil. Avery is confused as to why Dylan doesn’t want to see Paul anymore. Malcolm replays events in his and Neil’s life. Neil lets him know that he doesn’t need him. Victor walks in and finds Nikki getting up from the floor and picking up the roses. Victor insists that she see a doctor about her MS. When Nikki rebukes the idea, Victor wants to know what is wrong with her. Maureen pays Kelly and Ben a surprise visit.

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