Tuesday 9/9/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Rick and Caroline that fashion shows are always a task but they make it look easy. Rick gives all the credit to his beautiful wife. He says she has been working on both the HFTF and the couture line as well. She gets a text from Ridge that he wants to see her. Maya happens to catch Carter on the Rooftop doing his workout. She approaches him and he says sorry to disappoint but Rick is not here. Her tracking device may not be working. She says she doesn’t have to stay here and take this. He says but she will because he knows she wants something. She says Caroline and the couture line. She’s working on HFTF so if anyone should know Carter would since he is Ridge’s right hand man. Carter says they aren’t engaged anymore so she can not use him anymore for inside scoop. If Rick is the guy she wants then ask him…..but then he’s not into her either but she hasn’t gotten the message yet. But she wouldn’t let a little thing like a wedding ring get in her way. She says it doesn’t hurt that he’s rich and comes from a powerful family but she is so much better for him that Caroline Spencer. He corrects her and says Caroline Forrester. She says not for much longer if she has anything to say about it. She really can’t believe she let Rick and the life with the Forrester’s slip right through her fingers. She questions Carter if Rick and Caroline are going to start a family any time soon or practicing birth control. He’s appalled that she would be asking him this. She says if Caroline got pregnant then she would stop pursuing Rick…. a child changes everything. And she does respect marriage vows with one exception….when it comes to Caroline.

Rick shows his dad some designs and says he thinks they should send Ridge back to Paris when he finishes the couture line….if he ever finishes it. He knows his dad wants to defend Ridge but he shows him the only tangible thing they have from Ridge. Eric looks at it and says it doesn’t look like Ridge’s but more like Caroline. Rick says his thoughts too and that means it will make it all the more easier to send Ridge back to Paris. He thinks Caroline has much potential in the couture line right here. Maya catches Rick and can’t believe Ridge is wasting his time with Caroline as some distraction. Rick says he knows they aren’t the best of buddies but she doesn’t have to put Caroline down to him. Maya says she is sorry but Caroline is such an easy target. Rick says yes – beautiful, talented and sophisticated. Maya says he forgot self centered, vain and scrawny like a chicken but if she makes him happy. Rick says he is, they both have moved on. Maya says well at least one of them has. But she knows he must remember what it was like with her and now that his wife has deserted him for another man, well…… She even asks if they have thought about a family. He tells her she is getting awfully personal. She says she still loves him. Ridge is excited and tells Katie that he needs to finish his line with Caroline’s help. She doesn’t know she is helping but she is his muse and with Rick off his back he should be able to finish all of this soon enough. Caroline comes in and has overheard him calling her his muse. This delights her. Katie says yes her fiancé did call her that. Good thing she is not the jealous type. Katie gets the hint that Ridge is ready to work and she doesn’t want to impede progress so she gives him a kiss and is off. He tells Caroline that he enjoyed designing with her and thought he’d give her more instructions unless she has a problem with that. She’s a little perplexed as he wants her to take a blank piece of paper and turn it into a fabulous black cocktail dress like no other. She thinks she ought to see his other sketches first so she is not off into a whole new direction. He tells her just close her eyes and visualize. She does not have a clear picture of just what he wants, and then he is not satisfied with what she draws. He places his hand on hers and guides it and they both are happy for a while. Then Caroline gets discouraged when he doesn’t like something and she hands him the pencil and tells him to do it. He can’t. She realizes he can’t draw.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve recorded a woman who stole from a customer at Sonny’s club.  She stopped the woman before she left the club.  Eve made the woman give back the wallet she took.  Hope thought about kissing Aiden.  Abby locked Ben in the supply closet so they could talk.  EJ tried to deny that he kept Stefano from returning to Salem.  Sami didn’t believe him.  She knew that EJ helped keep Stefano away for her.  EJ let Sami know that Stefano would kill him if he knew that he did something that kept him from returning to Salem.  Sami finally believed that EJ didn’t help keep Stefano away.  Now Sami is convinced that Stefano will kill her and Kate.  EJ wouldn’t allow that to happen to her.  Abby continued to convince Ben that she wasn’t into EJ and that he’s not a rebound, but he wouldn’t believe her.  Ben thought she wasn’t over EJ.  Eve paid the woman to help her.

Eve offered to help Jill (the hooker) in exchange for her help.  Jennifer showed up while they were talking.  Hope ran into Aiden when they dropped their kids off at school.  Aiden apologized for kissing her.  EJ tried to comfort Sami, but she walked away from him.  EJ talked to her anyway.  EJ took full responsibility for everything that happened.  Abby explained that she thought about EJ because of where they were when they kissed each other.  Hope accepted Aiden’s apology.  Eve hid Jill so Jennifer wouldn’t see her.  Aiden apologized to Hope again for the kiss.  Sami didn’t think that EJ should take all of the blame for everything that happened.  They started talking about his affair with Abby and how it hurt Sami.  EJ got on his knees and apologized to Sami.  Ben and Abby finally kissed and made up.  EJ and Sami had a breakthrough.  They kissed and hugged each other.  Eve gave Jill a picture of JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Sonny kiss again while babysitting Rocco at Dante and Lulu’s apartment. Carly tells Sonny that she went to Ava’s apartment to demand a paternity test, but she refused. Carly wonders what will happen to the baby after Sonny kills Ava. She concludes that if the baby is Morgan’s, he is ill-equipped to raise a baby on his own. Sonny says they will help Morgan.

Spencer tells Sam and Patrick that he heard Luke Spencer talking to someone about taking down Sonny. He says Luke said he would hurt Emma if Spencer said anything, and then the accident happened the same night so Spencer promised to keep quiet. He is afraid that if Patrick and Sam tell the police, Luke will finish the job. Sam observes that Luke has been acting strangely and erratic lately. She says they can investigate it on their own without involving the police. That being settled, she asks Patrick what he was going to tell her about Crichton-Clark before the kids interrupted. He says it doesn’t seem important anymore in light of the information about Luke.

Victor sends his saliva and Nathan’s blood to the lab for DNA comparison. Maxie admits to Nathan that she hesitated to marry Levi because Mac told her that Nathan has feelings for her. He confirms that he does and that he has been enamored with her since they met. She doesn’t want to say how she feels because she doesn’t trust her judgment after falling for Levi’s lies. Levi/Peter blames Victor for the botched operation because Victor didn’t return his calls and left him stranded with two hostages. He demands to know what room Dante is in because he owes him a bullet. Victor tells him that he will have to wait because Dante and Lulu are busy. Dante is about to tell Lulu why the police are investigating Luke when the door opens. Lulu is horrified to see Stavros standing there. Stavros says her parents weren’t quite successful at freezing him to death and that he brought himself back from the brink for her. He says they will be together and start a family. She says the joke is on him because he rendered her unable to have his child because of what she did to her on Cassadine Island. He tells that she is mistaken because he stole one of her eggs and fertilized it. He shows her the container that has the embryo in it. He says the only thing left to do is implant it in her. Victor tells Levi/Peter what Stavros has planned for Lulu. Levi/Peter says he is more interested in knowing when he will get what he wants. Victor says he will keep his promises, but that right now he has more pressing matters on his mind. As he holds Nathan's WSB file, he says he is no longer sure he can trust someone he thought he could. Obrecht tells Anna, Nikolas, and Britt that she thinks Victor Cassadine has Nathan and the others. It comes to light that Victor is the one who provided Obrecht with the confidential documents about Faison. Obrecht reveals that Victor is the head of the WSB. Anna realizes that that is why she has been locked out. Britt asks Obrecht if Victor took Nathan because he thinks he is his father. Obrecht says that is irrelevant. She says she will reveal Victor’s location after Anna tells her what happened to Faison. Britt tells her mother to put Nathan above Faison for once in her life. Obrecht says they are at Crichton-Clark.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nurse Hathaway calls Jack at home but is soon interrupted. When Jack calls her back, he cannot get her. Kelly comes in and wants to know if anything is wrong with Phyllis. At the rooftop pool, Victoria runs into Ben and wants to know what is going on between him and Abby. Ben lets her know that he cannot stand Abby but he is finding himself working with her at Jabot. Nikki becomes acquainted with Maureen at the bar across town. They share some intimate woman secrets about the men in their lives. Abby confronts Ben about the contract that he hasn’t signed yet and that he shouldn’t be divulging any Jabot information to the competition. Dr. Cutler examines Phyllis but sees no change. Nikki gives Maureen some sound advice about the people she is supposed to be meeting. Victor tries to call Nikki but gets no answer.

Victoria visits Victor and lets him know that Ben is working for Jack at Jabot. Victor suggests that she spy on Ben and Jabot for Newman Enterprises. Victoria refuses to do this. Jack makes up his mind to go and visit Phyllis. Dr. Cutler calls Victor and lets him know that Jack has been inquiring about Phyllis. Victor tells him not to let Jack know anything.

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