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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Wyatt that she has no regrets. He says she doesn’t have to pretend that it doesn’t matter. Her whole life changed when Ivy fell into the Seine and Liam stayed to rescue her. Wyatt says whether she jumped in on purpose or accident it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Liam did not make it to Hope in time. She says Wyatt is so good for her; they kiss. She laments she knows she took the leap of faith and does not need to worry about Liam. She will have to have that faith that Ivy will give Liam space and be good for him. After their kiss, Liam tells Ivy again that he is glad she invited him. She says she had no ulterior motive but she too is glad he came and had a good time. She wants him to know there is life after Hope. He says he appreciates that and he appreciates her too. Quinn tells Bill that it is funny how things have a way of working out. He asks her exactly how much time has she spent in the straightjacket as she is crazy as hell. She tells him Hope and Wyatt are happy and he is not going to mess with that. Quinn brags that she succeeded when Bill never could break up Hope and Liam. One little bump and she got the job done. She tells him that is all she is asking him to do, is keep his mouth shut. She would think Bill would not want his two sons fighting over the same girl again. He can be a good dad and stop interfering. Ivy tells Liam that she is there for him. She knows Hope married his brother and she doesn’t know how that feels, but she can imagine what a downer it is. He gets a fax that it’s his night to drop Boo off at Hope’s.

Aly comes home and sees Liam is leaving. But Ivy says the night was a success after all. Bill says Hope did not make this decision on her own; she had a little help from Quinn. She says they are both alike. They know what they want and they go after it no matter what. He says her secret is safe only because Hope and Liam never worked out together. Hope thanks Wyatt for listening and understanding. He says he is heading in for a shower and hopes she will join. She tells him to lather up and she will be right there. But before she can, Liam is with Boo at the door. She doesn’t invite him in and he says it is okay, he would not want to intrude. He says he feels like a parent although with them sharing an animal. Maybe he should keep Boo full time. She says no she would not be okay with that. He tells her there is a part of his brain that tells him it is not over but he knows it is. Sheepishly he walks away and her eyes follow him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Rafe that Sami heard Stefano threaten to kill her.  Rafe wanted to know what Stefano said to Kate.  Kate was about to tell Rafe everything that he heard, but he wanted to hear it from Sami.  Stefano let someone know that he was returning to Salem.  Will thought Sami hated him.  Sonny convinced him that he will work things out with Sami.  Rafe seemed to believe the story that Sami gave him and he went to the district attorney to tell her the story.  Sami freaked when she realized she had to testify about what Stefano said.  Clyde introduced himself to EJ and believed they could do business together.  Ben was upset with Abby because he thought she was rebounding from EJ.  Abby tried to explain things, but he didnít want to hear it.  Willís editor (ZoŽ) wanted to make Will a job offer.  EJ was skeptical about Clyde wanting to work with him.  Clyde wanted to work for EJ and help out his business.  Sami didnít think Stefano was going after her and Kate.  Kate knew that Stefano wanted revenge.  Sami didnít think EJ would let Stefano kill her.  Kate warned Sami that Stefano would make them suffer.  Rafe let Sami and Kate know that they could testify against Stefano.

ZoŽ wanted to work with Will again.  She wanted to know if Will received backlash for the article.  Will let ZoŽ know that he did receive it because she added Abbyís name to the article.  EJ was suspicious about Clyde wanting to work with him.  Sami finally agreed to testify against Stefano.  Kate wanted to get her and Samiís stories straight.  Rafe told Sami and Kate that they wonít be testifying after all.  Will wanted to talk to Sonny first before he agreed to take the job.  Rafe said that Stefanoís case was in airtight and Stefano would be arrested as soon as he arrived in Salem.  Kate didnít believe him.  She felt something wasnít right.  Kate believed that Rafe had help keeping Stefano out of Salem.  Stefano called EJ to tell him how he has more charges against him.  He let EJ know that Kate and Sami would pay for what they did.  Sonny wasnít sure if Will should take the job offer after what ZoŽ did to him.  Will assured Sonny that ZoŽ wouldnít go behind his back again.  Jordan walked in on Kate kissing Rafe on the cheek.  Sami told EJ that she knew what he did to keep Stefano out of Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma tells Spencer that she thinks someone is after her because she heard that Rafe Kovich ran them off the road on purpose because someone told him to. Spencer says he knows who, but he canít tell her because it would put her in danger. Spencer's driver, Chandler, watches the kids from a nearby table. Sam asks Patrick why he didn’t mention what Silas told him about Crichton-Clark. He says he didn’t think it was relevant. Patrick is about to tell her something about that he found out the day they went to Crichton-Clark, but Emma interrupts them, yelling that Spencer knows what happened with the car accident. Sam promises that she will protect him and Emma. Spencer names Luke.

Dante and Lulu wake up chained to the walls in a room at Crichton-Clark. Maxie is chained to the wall in another room. Victor takes a blood sample from the injury on Nathan’s face and then his men put him in the room with Maxie and chain him to the wall. Nathan says he thinks they are at the facility that his sister was in when she was in the coma: Crichton-Clark. He tells her that as far as he knows, Levi is still alive. He reveals that the man in charge is Victor Cassadine. She asks him if he can forgive her for ignoring all his warnings about Levi and getting them all into this situation. He says there is nothing to forgive because she was conned. She reveals that she almost stopped her wedding because of him. Dante and Lulu try to figure out why Levi/Peter said Lulu was important to his plan. Dante asks her if she hasn’t noticed that her father has been a little odd since leaving Miscavige. He reveals that Luke is a person of interest in a police investigation. The door opens and Lulu is shocked by who she sees.

Britt tells Nikolas that his great-uncle, Victor, might be Nathan’s father. Obrecht accuses Anna of trying to eliminate her family one by one, first Faison and now Nathan. Anna denies killing Faison. Britt warns Anna not to underestimate Obrecht because she can be lethal when someone she loves is in danger. She reveals that Obrecht told her that Anna killed Faison. Anna tells Britt and Nikolas about her history with Faison. Obrecht calls Victor. Victor asks her if Nathan is his son. She says that is a nonsensical question. He tells her that he doesn’t need to get the answer from her, because he is getting a DNA test, and if he finds out that she kept his son from him, she will answer for it. While Anna is telling her story to Britt and Nikolas, Obrecht bursts in and says she thinks she knows where the hostages are.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Underground, Mariah and Summer exchange a few choice words about Nick being Summer’s father. At the Abbott home, Jack dreams that a woman runs her hand along his shoulder, and when he wakes up he sees Phyllis lying next to him. Jack wakes up with a start thus awakening Kelly. Kelly asks him what is wrong. Paul in his office at the police department when Avery and Dylan arrive to ask him about Ian’s whereabouts. Paul lets them know what he knows about the case. Nikki contemplates taking a drink when Victor comes home. Nikki lets him know what has been going on with Ian Ward paying her a visit. Victor becomes upset and wants to know what Ian wanted. They begin to argue over Mariah and what Ian did to her by holding her captive and making her marry him. Victor makes Nikki angry when she feels that he thinks Mariah deserved what she got. Kelly questions Jack about his dream. Paul assures Dylan that they will find Ian Ward. Summer continues to lash out at Mariah when Abby walks in and Summer fills her in on Mariah being Cassie’s twin sister. Mariah leaves to go and pack up her locker thus leaving Abby and Summer to talk. Victor refuses to let Nikki know where he has been. The nurse tells Dr. Cutler that Phyllis was making progress, but he doesnít seem to think so. Nikki and Victor continue to argue over Ian Ward. Paul notices the bandage on Dylanís hand and wonders how did this.

Kelly asks for proof that she is welcome here. Jack lets her know that Phyllis is not coming home. Summer explains to Abby about Ian kidnapping Mariah at birth. Austin checks on Mariah and tries to talk to her, but she lashes out at him and doesn’t want to be his friend. Avery wants to take Dylan to the ER for a tetanus shot, but he refuses. Dylan begins to open up to Avery about the night that he confronted Ian at Nikki’s. Summer and Abby both lash out at Mariah. Summer offers her sympathy but Mariah sees through it and thinks that Austin told them what she told him. Mariah leaves the Underground in a huff. Kelly tells Jack that she wants to go shopping to get them something for supper. Jack is taken aback by thoughts of Phyllis ordering them takeout from a Chinese restaurant. Abby warns Summer to watch out for Austin falling for Mariahís line. Nikki visits a bar and makes a new friend.

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