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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

CBS did not air a new episode today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric confronted Kristen about playing with John’s health.  Marlena wanted to talk to Abby.  Marlena was concerned about Abby.  Abby assured Marlena that she’s fine.  Abby started thinking about kissing Ben and EJ.  EJ met with Rafe because he had information for him. Stefano called Kate to let her know that the game is over for her.  Eric told Kristen that he was tempted to testify against her.  Kristen knew he wasn’t going to do that.  EJ gave Rafe a document that gives him and the people he cares about exactly what they want.  Kate and Sami talked about preparing for whatever Stefano’s going to do to them.

EJ gave Rafe something that was going to put Stefano away.  EJ explained what was going to happen to Stefano.  Sami was convinced that Stefano wouldn’t kill her or Kate.  Kate warned Sami that Stefano was coming for them.  Abby talked to Marlena about her feelings for Ben.  Eric refused to promise not to testify against Kristen until John had the drug and woke up.  Kristen apologized to Eric for what happened.  Eric didn’t care for her apology.  EJ saw Marlena and wanted to talk to her about her John.  Marlena walked away from him.  Marlena ended up at the hospital with John.  She talked to him about Eric and Kristen.  Eric ended up overhearing her.  Eric let Marlena know that he will help John by not testifying against Kristen.  Abby went to Will’s place and they talked about his article as well as Ben.  Sami and Kate wanted Rafe to stop Stefano any way possible.  Stefano called Kristen and she told him he had to get the drug to Daniel and Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Silas that Spinelli was unable to trace the number that they found on Rafe’s phone. He shows her the Crichton-Clark business card he found among Rafe’s things. He is surprised that Patrick hadn’t mentioned it to her. He wonders why Patrick knew about Crichton-Clark in the first place. She reveals that she and Patrick went there to investigate Nina. She says she didn’t find anything but she still thinks Nina is keeping something from him. Nina tells Rosalie that she and Franco aren’t friends anymore because he judges her feelings for Silas. Rosalie says Nina has to admit that her feelings are all over the map. Nina decides that the next person she is going to go after is Kiki, while she waits for Ava to have her baby. She tells Rosalie to break up Kiki and Michael.

Kiki confides to Morgan that his parents slept together. Morgan doesn’t care about Franco getting hurt, but he is disgusted by his father’s serial line-crossing. Michael, Morgan, and Kiki go to the hospital to pick up Alice. They run into Rosalie. Morgan introduces Rosalie to Michael. Franco runs into Nina and apologizes for judging her feelings for Silas and asks if they can be friends again. She agrees.

Josslyn admits to Spencer that she was unable to keep Spencer’s secret from Cameron because she is in love with Cameron. Spencer suggests that they work together to break up Cameron and Emma. Emma has a temper tantrum because she is upset that her mother won’t be taking her to her first day of school. Patrick tries to call Robin at Crichton-Clark but reaches a full voicemail box. He assures Emma that Robin is thinking about her. Emma hears Patrick and Elizabeth talking about the car accident being intentional. Emma tells Spencer that she is afraid that someone is after her, because she heard Patrick and Elizabeth saying that the boy ran them of the road on purpose because someone told him to. Spencer thinks he knows who it is. Sam asks Patrick why he didn’t tell her what he found out from Silas about Crichton-Clark.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

CBS did not air a new episode today.

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