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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A tired, frazzled Hope comes home and is greeted by happy hubby with a kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and says it feels so good to be home. He says he got them a pizza and a bag of salad for later. He quips that he is still getting used to this whole husband thing and microwaving for the two of them. And itís not just pizza but her favorite with a lethal amount of garlic so he better kiss her now with a preemptive strike. With Eric out of town, Ivy steps in as hostess and is having an Australian barbecue for a group or a barbie as they call it back home. Oliver says he is the grill master. Liam tells Bill that he is supposed to be there right now. Bill tells him to get out of here and go get some barbecue, he is looking sort of peaked and skinny right now. He says he knows Liam is dealing with a lot right now with losing Hope and he is disappointed in his brother so go hang out with his friends, have a few beers and have fun. Don’t stop living. Liam says he knows Bill is right and he can’t keep spending every night with Boo. Bill says that is sad, spending all his nights with a cat, very sad. Liam says and it was very kind of Ivy to invite him so he’ll be on his way. However, before he gets out, Quinn knocks on Bill’s door and comes in. He gives that perturbed look and asks why she is there. She tells them to calm down. She has no sword and she will not touch either of theirs unless they want her to. Liam starts to leave and says he gets physically ill when she is around. She quips that he ought to see a doctor as she thinks there is a pill for that. Bill adds……or a vaccination. He asks Morticia what she wants. She says a lot of things….most of them probably not legal. When he doesn’t laugh, she says Brooke must have taken away his sense of humor. Bill grouses that he is happy Hope is with Wyatt but he also wants his other son to be happy too. Quinn says maybe he can move on with this Ivy….Poison Ivy. Wyatt tells Hope that he doesn’t want to talk shop all night but wonders if she has had a chance to see some of Ivy’s designs. She’s really not bad and gonna give his mother a run for her money in designing jewelry. Hope says hmmmm, Ivy may be more like his mother than he even realizes. Wyatt isn’t sure what she means by that.

Aly tells Caroline that Ivy really did good in putting this together tonight and she is excited. She is really beginning to fall for Liam. Caroline is not sure that is a good idea so soon. The place is all decorated and Ivy says they need a vacation and since they could not go to Australia, she would bring it here. They are having juicy lamb chops but Oliver asks Liam if he’d like a veggie burger. Ivy says if he really is adventurous she has some yabby for him and then he really should try some veg spread which is probably the most popular food they have in Australia. Oliver says it definitely is an acquired taste. Liam samples some and he says whoa, no he doesn’t hate it, but it is weird and unique. Ivy says she wanted to give them a real authentic Australian experience and no one is going anywhere until she teaches them how to throw a boomerang correctly. Wyatt asks Hope what she meant by Ivy and his mother being alike or what they have in common. Hope laments that perhaps she is being overly sensitive but they sort of got into it today. Ivy wanted to make it clear that Hope is a Logan and Ivy is a Forrester. Wyatt says that really doesn’t matter and now she is a Spencer. Hope says she knows but first she was getting it from Steffy and now Ivy. Hope admits it’s not only business but she is a little uncomfortable with Ivy being here at all. She tells Wyatt that Ivy and Liam kissed. Wyatt laughs and says he did not know his brother had game. Hope says she thinks it was the other way around. Ivy kissed him twice. Wyatt laughs again and says good for his bro for moving on. He doesn’t understand when Hope says she is not sure it is a good idea to move on so fast. Liam needs time to process things. Wyatt said it was just two kisses. It is not like she is moving in with him. Hope says she knows, but what kind of woman would pursue a man after a recent breakup. It just speaks for her character. Liam is venerable right now and sort of makes her look like an opportunist. Wyatt says he wishes the best for his brother and it doesn’t matter who he dates or who he kisses as long as it is not her. He thinks it is natural for her to be concerned and feel badly for him, want to protect him. So does he but he’d really like not to talk about his brother in their home with his beautiful wife. She says okay and it might not be an issue soon as she sort of told Ivy to back off. Both Aly and Ivy notice Liam taking a lot of messages and sort of ignoring them. Rick asks Oliver to bring Liam another beer. Liam says he would be knee deep in tequila if he thought it would help. Caroline finally tells Liam that he is supposed to be having fun, so get off the phone. He says ever since Bill has been back as CEO, his e-mails have taken over. Caroline says he will get through this. It will just take a little time. Aly tells Ivy that Liam is having fun but….Ivy says she knows. He is still thinking about Hope. She tells Aly about her convo with Hope. Perhaps she is right and it is too soon. She really just wants him to have fun and let loose. Bill says Poison Ivy; does Quinn have a beef with her. Quinn says no, she’s just weak….damsel in distress and has to have Liam dive in the Seine for her. Bill reminds her that if she hadn’t then Liam would be married to Hope right now and not to Wyatt so she’d be planning her next takedown instead of her victory dance right now. He says talk about fate……and then it hits him. He asks Quinn was she there, did she do this? She scoffs at first then admits it was some of her best work….she did what had to be done. He says if she doesn’t know already she is completely insane. She says she could not live with herself if she hadn’t taken care of this one last detail. He says Hope and Wyatt need to know this and since he knows she will not tell them he will. Quinn laughs ad says he will not say a thing and she will tell him why. Wyatt tells Hope that it is sweet of her to protect Liam but he probably wouldn’t want her to. And he could see why it might irritate Ivy. He tells her she just needs to let this play out….let Liam figure it out for himself. And he really doesn’t think it is weird for either of them to be attracted to each other. Hope says she really doesn’t think Liam is attracted to Ivy. He just needs someone to lean on but he doesn’t need someone to make moves on him so soon. Wyatt says Liam is a guy and guys never do not need that. He tries to convince her that Liam will be okay. And just look at it from Ivy’s prospective. Liam is her hero; he jumped in The Seine to save her. The party breaks up and Aly and Oliver say goodbye. Oliver says they are going for ice crème and he’s buying if they are interested. Liam says rain check. He tells Ivy that he thinks he will head out to. He thanks her for inviting him and says he had a good time whether he showed it or not. She smiles a big smile and tells him that she really likes him. She knows he is going through a bad time right now and she doesn’t want to put any pressure on him or seem like she is chasing him. Maybe tonight was a really bad idea cause she would be lying if she didn’t say she really had her hopes up. So maybe they should just say G’day or goodnight and let it go at that. She turns with a disappointed look on her face to clean up. Liam taps her on the shoulder and turns her around and leans in and kisses her. He says, “night’s not over yet.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was startled when she saw Stefanoís picture on the wall.  EJ scared her when he walked in the room.  She thought he was Stefano.  Kristen overheard Theresaís conversation about Brady.  Kristen warned Theresa to stay away from Brady.  Brady asked Daniel why John wasnít being moved to the facility.  Daniel came up with a reason why he wasnít moved.  Marlena asked Eric not to testify against Kristen in order to help John.  Theresa didnít take Kristenís threat seriously at first.  Marlena explained to Eric that Stefano had access to a formula that could help John, but he couldnít testify against Kristen.  Eric wanted to help John, but he couldnít let Kristen get away with what she did to him.  He couldnít do what she wanted.  Sami was upset when she thought that EJ was working with Stefano.  Hope talked to Jennifer and thought she should give Aiden another shot.  Aiden was eavesdropping on them.  Kristen warned Theresa that she should be afraid of her and walked away from her.  Marlena tried to convince Eric to change his mind and not testify.  Eric was determined to make Kristen pay for what she did.

Harold was the one who put the painting up.  He was following Stefanoís orders.  EJ made him take it down.  Hope continued to push for Jennifer to go after Aiden.  Aiden confronted Hope about what she did when Jennifer left to take a phone call.  He wanted to know what Hope was thinking trying to set him up with Jennifer.  Kristen went to Daniel to find out about Theresa.  Eric refused to let Kristen get away with what she did.  Aiden wanted Hope to stay out of his love life.  Eric and Brady ran into each other and Eric thought Marlena sent Brady to talk to him.  Sami was surprised that EJ could trust her after everything she did to him.  EJ wanted to help Sami deal with Stefano.  Brady apologized to Eric for the way he treated him.  Aiden and Hope argued and then he kissed her.  Hope stopped the kiss and Aiden walked away.  EJ told Sami that Stefano planned a meeting with the board members.  Brady let Eric know that he would be there for him during the trial.  Eric called Kristen and told her they needed to talk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t think Kiki will tell Franco what she overheard. Carly goes to the hospital and interrupts just as Kiki is about to tell Franco. Franco wonders why Kiki was acting so strangely. Sonny tells Shawn that Kiki overheard him and Carly talking about sleeping together. He says if Kiki tells Franco, then Franco will tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Shawn offers to kill Franco. Sonny says no. Shawn tells Sonny that Ava went to General Hospital to see Franco. Sonny says he has to get Ava to a place where he can control her. Shawn says he is working on grabbing her. Ava tells Julian that Franco won’t help her to get the recording from Carly because he thinks their relationship is solid. She is worried that if she doesn’t get it to the boss, he will take revenge on Kiki. Julian says they have to stick together against a common enemy now. She tells him that she met Nina Clay and that she was very strange and that she seemed way too interested in her baby. Nina tells Rosalie that she met Silas’ mistress and made her squirm. She says her cousin Britt, the Ob/Gyn, told her that she can’t have children, but that Britt is wrong. Rosalie says she tried to warn her that that might be the case after 20 years in a coma. Nina says Rosalie is wrong, too. She asks Rosalie if she thinks Ava is having a boy or girl. Rosalie hopes Nina isn’t planning on stealing Ava’s baby. Nina says that is a crazy idea.

Sam tells Alexis about her visit to Crichton-Clark with Patrick to find out information about Nina. She tells her about the eavesdropper on the roof when she was talking to Silas and her belief that it was Nina, which would mean Nina doesn’t need that wheelchair. Nina asks Rosalie if she knows anything about the Crichton-Clark card that was found with Rafe’s things. Rosalie says she has never seen it before. Sam calls Spinelli to see if he got a hit on the phone number in Rafe’s phone. Patrick tells Sabrina about the Crichton-Clark business card that Silas found. He reveals that he thinks the man who has been forcing Robin to work for him at Crichton-Clark might have set up the accident to send a message to keep Robin in line. Sabrina tells him that she thinks he is way off. Ava tells Julian that she also had a weird experience with Sabrina Santiago. She says Sabrina seemed to be implying that Ava was responsible for her accident without saying it outright. Julian says it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for Ava to go after Sabrina as a warning to Carlos for him to take the rap for killing AJ Quartermaine. She admits that she did have someone standing by, but Carlos complied so she didn’t have to do anything. Julian wonders why Ava wanted Carlos to protect Sonny in the first place. She doesn’t answer. She wonders if Sabrina got her suspicions from Carlos. Kiki runs into Sabrina at the hospital and expresses her condolences. Sabrina says Kiki’s mother said the same thing earlier. She ponders the fact that she lost her baby, yet Ava is having one. Kiki apologizes for Rafe. Sabrina tells her that it isn’t her fault that her flesh & blood is capable of killing a baby. Sabrina looks up information about Ava on the Internet and swears that she is going to make her pay.

Sam and Alexis commiserate about still being hung up on their exes. Alexis says they need to find new men. She suggests Patrick for Sam. Patrick shows up at Sam’s door, clean-shaven as agreed. She tells him that she hasn’t found out anything new about Rafe and asks if Patrick has. He doesn’t tell her about the business card because he doesn’t want to have to tell her about Jason. Julian keeps sending Alexis text messages. Alexis sends Julian a text telling him that it is over between them and then goes outside and cries.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer arrives at the Underground with lunch for Austin. She is surprised when Noah joins them and tells her and Austin that Mariah is Sharon’s daughter. At home, Sharon tells Faith that she has another sister and it is Mariah. At the hospital, Mariah wakes up and finds Nick there with her. She goes on to tell Nick her dream that she had about Ian and Sharon being her mother but she finds out that it wasn’t a dream. Dr. Cutler examines Phyllis but doesn’t give Victor much hope. Ashley, Abby, and Ben discuss the new mystery fragrance that Ashley is working on. Ben asks her for the job of the chemist. Abby goes on to tell Ashley all about Ben and his past and that he murdered his own father. Ashley listens but doesnít voice a comment. Billy asks Victoria if she is having second thoughts about the divorce but she refuses to give him another chance and tells him that the divorce will go through as planned. Mariah refuses to go home with Nick to Sharon’s. Ben explains everything to Ashley. She makes him of her new chemist much to Abby’s disgust. Victoria and Billy continue to relive the past of when they were married the first time. Billy starts to sign the papers but Victoria stops him. Victor tries to talk to Phyllis and even shows her a picture of Sharon but Phyllis still won’t utter a word.

Nick finally brings Mariah home to Sharon’s. Faith hugs her but Mariah refuses to let Sharon near her. Mariah reminds Sharon of all the things that she said to her and Sharon apologizes for the remarks but Mariah doesn’t accept her apology. When Mariah asks Sharon about her father, she tells her that he is dead. All Mariah wants to hear that her debt to Sharon is paid in full so she can get out of town. Mariah leaves the house in a huff. Austin tries to talk to Summer about Mariah and how Summer is feeling about it but all Summer can feel is jealousy. Ben watches Ashley and Abby talk. After their meeting, Ben rejoins them and Ashley welcomes him to Jabot. Ashley leaves Ben and Abby alone to plan a strategy for the new product. Abby lets Ben know that this is not going to work between him and Victoria. Billy gets a call from Chelsea which unnerves Victoria. Billy insists that nothing is going on between him and Chelsea. Victor shows Phyllis a picture of Summer and tells her that this is her daughter. Nick finds Mariah in the park and talks her into staying in town and working at the Underground. Mariah walks into work and sees Summer sitting in a nearby booth. Phyllis looks at a picture of Summer and says her name. Nick comes home and lets Sharon know the good news about Mariah. At the Athletic Club, Victoria walks in and sees Abby with Ben at the bar.

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