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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At work, Liam sighs deeply but all he can concentrate on is his wedding to Hope in Italy. Ivy questions Ivy about what she wants to hear. Her and Liam at Bikini….and she got him out on the dance floor. That doesn’t happen that often. Ivy says yeah he is too serious with Hope. She wants to loosen him up and have some fun. Aly says finally Ivy is admitting it. She likes Ivy with Liam. Ivy admits he has moved on since Hope is married to Wyatt. Hope walks up and hears this. She needs to show some shoots to Ivy so she sits down. Ivy realizes she heard what she and Aly said and tells Hope they probably need to talk about the elephant in the room. Hope asks if Ivy is officially dating Liam now. Ivy says not officially but if he asked she would not say no. Hope makes it clear that she thinks Ivy should say no. Hope says she can see where Ivy would be interested in Liam as he is handsome, smart and attractive, but he is just recently single and he is still processing that so she thinks Ivy’s timing is off and she should stay away from him. Ridge helps Caroline by guiding her hand while he draws the designs. He says he could not do it without her. She says the same. He tells her to remember that the woman wears the dress not the other way around. Rick keeps hounding Katie that he is behind schedule and has not seen a single hint of a design from Ridge. He needs to know if there is some reason he is stonewalling. Ridge chose to come back to work so Rick has to see those designs today.

Aly takes some jewels to Liam and proclaims that Ivy will be famous someday. He likes the sound of that. She realizes he is still getting used to being single but in the meantime she likes that he is seeing Ivy. Liam admits that being with Ivy is easy and she is fun but he is not rushing into anything with her. Aly says Ivy is family and they’d like to keep Liam around. Ivy tells Hope that she does not have to protect Liam from her. Hope says he does need a friend but he should not be rushing into another relationship. Ivy says it nicely but that it is really not any of Hope’s business since she has her own husband. What will he say when he knows she is worried about Liam’s love life? It ends below the belt when Ivy tells Hope that she is a Forrester. It is her name, it is her family business, her legacy and Hope is a Logan. This was after Hope reminded her that she was the boss. Hope gets somewhat catty when she asks if anyone saw Ivy being pushed into the Seine. Ivy takes offense that Hope might be insinuating that she fell in on her own. Then Ivy even adds that blood tells……. Hope is so much like her mother, involved with two brothers at the same time. Hope tells her that Ivy should show more respect. She was brought here to help with her line, her name. Ivy counters with yes absolutely, as much as she deserves. Ridge shows Katie the sketch he made with Caroline and infers that it just came to him. She’s ecstatic but when she asks him to repeat it, he can’t. Rick loves it though and thinks it is a knockout. Caroline gives most of the credit to Ridge and explains how Ridge guided her hand. Ridge explains to Katie that his hand was on Caroline’s and he guided her hand but it was his ideas. He can finish the collection that way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami overheard Nicole and Eric arguing over her taking a new job.  Sami wanted her to leave Eric alone.  Daniel wanted Kirsten to meet at his place to talk about John.  Nicole and Sami argued over Eric.  Eric stopped them from arguing and he and Sami walked away from Nicole.  Kayla and Daniel told Kristen and Marlena that thereís a special drug that John could get to help him.  Marlena didnít believe the drug would help John.  Daniel and Kayla found out that they only have part of the drug to help John.  Kristen wanted them to help her before she talked to Stefano about getting the other half of the drug.  

Theresa was okay with it if Brady only wanted to be with her one time.  Caroline and Nicole argued over Nicole destroying the evidence against Kristen.  Sami and Eric talked about Kristen going to prison.  Kayla wasnít sure she and Daniel should have left Marlena and Kristen alone together.  Kristen wanted Marlena to talk Eric out of testifying against her.  Brady agreed to be friends with Theresa.  Eric thought that Sami wanted him to drop the charges against Kristen because of Stefanoís threats.  Sami wanted Eric to testify against Kristen.  Eric wanted Kristen to go to prison.  Itís the only thing that heís looking forward to in life.  Kristen let Marlena know that Stefano wonít give the other half of the drug up unless Marlena talks Eric out of testifying against her.  Brady let Theresa know that John probably wonít wake up.  Marlena visited John and debated whether to talk to Eric.  Marlena ended up calling Eric so they could talk.  Sami went back to the mansion and was shocked when she saw Stefanoís portrait on the way instead of hers and Kateís.  Theresa called Anne about Brady when Kristen overheard her.  Kristen wanted to hear about Brady too.  Marlena met with Eric and told him she had to ask him something horrible.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tells Ava to stop trying to rope Kiki and him into her drama. Ava bumps into Sabrina at the hospital. Sabrina gives her attitude. Ava asks her if she has a problem with her. Sabrina looks at Ava’s pregnant belly and says yes, she does have a problem with her. She tells Ava who she is and that she knows Ava is the reason that Carlos is rotting in prison. Ava says Carlos made his own choices and that choices have consequences. Sabrina tells Ava that she suffered the consequence of losing her baby because of someone else’s choices. She tells Ava that someone put Rafe Kovich up to running her off the road and as a result, her baby died. She assures Ava that she will find out who that person was and make them pay. Silas shows Patrick the Creighton-Clark business card that he found with Rafe’s belongings. Patrick finds Sabrina and tells her that he thinks he might know who ran them off the road.

Nina lies to Silas that Britt told her that they can have a baby. Silas is surprised to hear that Britt was able to get an answer so quickly. Nina says she is glad she found her new relatives. Silas tells Nina that they haven’t discussed and decided to have a baby. She tells him that she met Ava Jerome. She goes to see Franco and they compare notes about their relationships. Franco says he is glad to hear that she was able to bring out the sunny side of “Cranky Clay.” Franco tells her that he had a run-in with Silas about her spending her time in art therapy instead of physical therapy. He says Silas got annoyed that Franco knew that she wants a baby. She tells him that she saw an Ob/Gyn and got the news that having a baby is going to be a little more difficult than she thought. Franco wonders if Nina really wants a baby given her resentment towards Silas. She says her feelings are valid and she knows what she is doing. She tells him to stay out of her business and angrily wheels out. Kiki overhears Carly telling Sonny that Franco must never know that they slept together. Carly asks Kiki to keep the secret. Kiki doesn’t know if she can. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t think Kiki will tell Franco and hurt him. Kiki sees Franco at the hospital.

Britt assures her mother that the commissioner won’t let anything happen to Nathan. Obrecht says Anna hates their family and predicts that she will kill Nathan just as surely as she killed Faison. Obrecht informs Britt that Victor Cassadine confirmed that Faison is not in Steinmauer as the commissioner would have them believe. Britt wonders what her mother’s relationship is with Victor for him to procure confidential documents for her. She asks if Obrecht had a romantic relationship with Victor and if he is Nathan’s father. Victor and several armed men go to Levi’s safe house. Victor is pleased that Levi was able to get the jewels, Maxie, and Lulu. One of the men tends to Levi’s gunshot wound. Nathan had been outside when the gas rendered everyone in the house unconscious. Victor tells Nathan that he is going to have to kill him but changes his mind when he learns that Nathan is Liesl’s son by an unknown father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley pays Jack and Billy a surprise visit at Jabot. In bed, Michael and Lauren lie both looking up toward the ceiling. Lauren offers to fix them something to eat but Michael orders her to stop treating him like a child. Cane and Lily have made love and are snuggling together when there is a knock on the door. At the Coffeehouse, Hilary has just gotten Neil a cup of coffee. She mentions about going to see the therapist, but Neil insists that he doesn’t need any help. Devon walks up and upon hearing their conversation, takes Hilary’s side. After Neil and Hilary make their exit, Natasha approaches Devon and asks him if he is on the “market.” Devon gives her a brush off before Michael joins him with some legal papers for him to sign. Abby and Victoria are having a conversation in her office when Ben comes in and interrupts. Ben and Abby exchange some few choice words. Abby gets a text that Ashley is back in town and leaves her to meet her. Victoria asks what's going on between him and Abby. Ben lets her know that Abby kissed him. Ashley asks Jack and Billy how things are going between them. Jack vows to Ashley that he will get Victoria back. At the bar at the Athletic Club, Colin asks Cane advice about business at Fenmore’s. Cane evades his question and instead asks him about his business associate and what is going on there. Lauren and Lily have a business meeting and Lauren notices how happy Lily is and asks how does she do it. Michael notices Natasha and wonders if anything is going on between them, but Devon is not interested. Ashley lets Jack and Billy know about a new cosmetic idea that she has for Jabot. Neil and Hilary interrupt them. Ashley and Neil hug before she offers her congratulations to Neil and Hilary. Ashley leaves Neil and Hilary alone with Jack while she runs into Abby in the outer office. Abby lets her know that Victoria asked her to be her labor coach. Victoria becomes upset with Ben over the things that he has done and the secrets that he kept from her.

Colin questions Cane about when her worked at Jabot. Colin, once again, asks for Cane’s help with finances at Fenmore’s. Cane questions Colin about his secret business meetings. When Jack asks him if he is considering quitting, Neil beats around the bush to keep from telling him the truth. Billy joins Ashley and Abby in the outer office. Ashley asks how things are going in there. Billy says that Jack will need her after this. Colin cannot believe that Cane will not let this go about his business meeting. Jack refuses to accept Neil’s resignation. Billy interrupts Victoria and Ben which upsets her. Victoria asks him what he wants. Billy shows her the final divorce papers and wonders why she is doing this today since it's the anniversary of the day that he proposed to her. Victoria assures him she'll never forget the day he proposed to her and she would keep it in her heart forever. Ashley breaks the news to Jack and Abby that she has come up with a new fragrance for Jabot but she wants it advertised as a mystery product. Ashley asks Jack to make her co-CEO of Jabot again. Neil gets bad news from his doctor that he may never see again. Hilary starts to cry and Neil has to console her. Michael calls Lauren and breaks his date with her for dinner by telling her that he has a desk full of work, but instead he is sitting at a table drinking coffee.

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