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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon drops in again on Brooke. He says he knows she was not expecting a proposal last night but…….he wants this so bad for Hope’s parents to be reunited. He asks her to marry him and bring that family back together again. She says she has a lot on her plate and she has Ridge on her mind now. Hope interrupts and Deacon tells her about his proposal and hopes to get an answer from Brooke. She says she is also thinking over a lot of things that she did not know before. Caroline surprises Rick and comes back a day early. Both are happy to see each other. Then she wants to be caught up….like how many times has Maya hit upon him. His question is why aren’t they getting any sketches out of Ridge. Maybe there is more going on than they know. Katie goes to see Ridge at FC but he still can’t draw and the due date is getting closer. Rick comes in and says it is a problem and he hates pulling rank but he needs to see the designs now. Ridge says Rick will get the sketches when he is ready. Rick says suddenly that is not good enough. Caroline intercedes and says it just so happens that she too has been working on some couture. Rick is excited and so is Ridge and they agree to give it to the end of the day. Katie tries to intercede and says he can depend on Ridge. Rick says it’s more than that. It’s his ego too. Is he on the right track or is something else going on.

Caroline tells Ridge that she will show him hers if he will show her his. Hope tells her mother that things are so weird. She did not know the circumstances and if Liam had shown up she would be his wife now. Brooke assures her she would not have married Wyatt if she did to love him. Deacon asks if she is committed to Wyatt for sure. She says Wyatt makes her so happy. But she told Liam and she waited for him and he did not show. Brooke reminds her that Liam was saving Ivy’s life so he had no choice. She says she can not just turn off feelings for someone. Deacon says that is not wrong. He knows better than anyone, but her feelings for Liam will be different now. It’s nice to have both of her parents now to talk to; she loves them both. Rick tells Katie that the deadline was like yesterday, so if anyone can get through to Ridge’s ego it is her. He is tired of being stonewalled here and he will call his bluff. Caroline tell Ridge that he is the design God. She has this special connection to him through her aunt and his designs always depicted that. She shows him some sketches. He likes them a lot but reminds her that less is more with couture. Some need some changes. She asks for his help. They put their heads together. Ridge tells her to sit down and he gives her some ideas and suggestions. He won’t draw it for her and tells her it is her dress so design it for the woman she is making it for. He takes her hand and puts it over hers and the pencil but he is trembling. He tells her not to worry about that. Then with her hand guiding it he proceeds to make a beautiful change. She says they make a very good team.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla let Marlena and Eric know that John belonged in a long-term health care facility.  Brady went to see Kristen and called her a b*tch.  He wanted to talk to her.  She tried to flirt with Brady, but he didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Sonny wanted to make his marriage work with Will.  Will wasnít sure they could work it out.  Sonny explained that he wanted to work things out with Will and that Will wasnít a loser.  Marlena asked Eric if he could stay in Salem.  Eric wanted to put some distance between his problems.  He decided he would stay if Marlena wanted him to do it.  She said she did because they all needed him.  Brady warned Kristen to stay away from his father.  Kristen wanted to know what happened between Brady and John the night of the accident.

Eric wanted Kristen to pay for everything she did to hurt the people he loves.  Brady and Kristen continued to go back and forth until she said she could help John.  Sonny continued to try and make things right with Will.  Sonny asked Will if there was anything he could do to make things right with him.  Will said no.  Brady wanted Kristen to plead guilty if she really wanted to help.  Kristen told Brady again that she was sorry and wanted to explain things to Brady.  Will finally forgave Sonny for everything and they made up.  Marlena went to see Kristen and was surprised to see Brady there.  He warned Kristen to stay away from John or she was going back to jail.  Brady left so Marlena could talk to her.  They argued over what Kristen did to Brady, Eric, and John.  Brady ran into Theresa and they ended up making love.  Marlena said she would kill Kristen if she went near John.  Kristen informed Marlena that she wants to save John.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly thinks about having sex with Sonny. Sonny tells Morgan and Michael that Dante located Maxie and Lulu. Michael tells them that he had dinner with Ava and Kiki. Morgan doesn’t envy Michael's position of having to be nice to Ava because he is with her daughter. Michael reveals that he decided to accept Ava’s invitation because he wanted to see the place where Carlos Rivera shot AJ. At Pentonville, Carlos confides to Sabrina that Ava was the person who made the order to run Sabrina off the road as a message to Carlos to tell him what would happen if he didn’t take the rap for her crime. Sabrina believes that Ava has to pay for killing AJ and Gabriel.

Silas tells Kiki that he had a run-in with Franco about Nina. Kiki assures Silas that nothing is going on between Nina and Franco. She wonders if Silas is recommitting himself to his marriage or having rebound sex with Nina. He says a part of him still loves Nina. Ava nearly trips over Nina’s wheelchair. Nina says she recognizes Ava from a picture of her with her legs wrapped around Nina’s husband, even though her youthful glow is long gone. Ava apologizes to Nina for her having to find out through sordid pictures that her husband was dissatisfied with his marriage and having an affair. She tells Nina that she didn’t get Silas anyway. Nina says Ava got Silas’ child. Ava warns Nina to leave Kiki alone. Nina observes that it isn’t as if Ava doesn’t have a spare. Ava tells her not to worry because this one isn’t Silas’. Nina says her good friend, Franco, yet another man in Ava’s wake, told her that Ava doesn’t know who the father is, but that she has narrowed it down to a college-aged kid and his father. Nina says she is jealous that she isn’t in the middle of a paternity mystery because that would mean she is pregnant. She tells Ava that she and Silas are having sex again and that they will have a baby just like Ava’s. She grabs Ava’s belly. Ava tells Nina not to touch her. Nina feels sorry for Ava’s child for having to endure a parent with such a bad attitude. Nina goes to Silas’ office and lies that Britt told her that they would have no problems conceiving. Ava asks Franco about getting the recording from Carly. He tells her to leave him out of it because Sonny is not a threat to his relationship with Carly. Kiki goes to Sonny’s office just in time to overhear Carly telling Sonny that Franco must never know that they slept together. Sabrina goes to work and runs into Ava.

Levi prepares to move Lulu and Maxie to another location despite his boss’ timetable, but he is too late; the PCPD have the house surrounded. Levi goes to the door with Lulu at gunpoint and threatens to shoot her if they don’t back off. Maxie works on loosening her ropes while Levi is distracted. Levi demands a helicopter, $100,000, 2 pairs of handcuffs, and some duct tape for the women’s mouths to shut them up. Levi says he will release Maxie when he is safely on the helicopter, but Lulu is going with him because she has value where he is going. Nathan sneaks around to the back of the building to go in through another entrance. Dante shoots Levi in the shoulder. While Dante and the other officers are inside the house with the women and Levi, a canister is thrown into the house emitting smoke that renders everyone unconscious. Armed men in gas masks go in, followed by a mystery man. Nathan watches from the back window.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the warehouse, the police and Mark intervene between Nick and Clarence while Sharon checks on Mariah’s condition. Mark tries to get Nick and Sharon to leave, so they can handle this situation but they both refuse. Nikki is terrified by Ian's visit. She tries to call the guard but Ian shows her that he gave the guard an injection. At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Avery still argue over the fact that Joe, Avery’s ex, called. Dylan wants to know what he wanted. Avery explains that he saw on the internet that he joined into a law partnership with Michael. Kelly is finishing putting up her things when she sees a name tag of Phyllis’. She shows it to Jack. Victor is surprised when Phyllis opens her eyes but doesn’t say anything. Dr. Cutler comes in to examine Phyllis but doesn’t give Victor much hope of her ever talking again. Paul is in his office at the police station when Mark brings Clarence and sits him down in Paulís office. Paul warns him of the charges against him if he doesn’t cooperate. Clarence refuses to stray from the path. Sharon tries to talk to Mariah but she is still too groggy to comprehend what she is saying. An officer announces that the ambulance is there. Mariah asks Nick to help her to the ambulance. Jack offers his apologies to Kelly for still having Phyllis’ things there. Kelly tells Jack that she has a meeting but she will be back. Jack calls Avery to stop by. Avery and Dylan argue over the phone call, and she offers to show him who the call was from. Avery kisses Dylan bye. The police tell Nick that Ian is gone. Ian reminds Nikki of her past and what they could have had together if she hadn’t kept the secret from him about Dylan. When Nikki gets a call from Dylan, Ian orders her to answer it but give Dylan no clue as to what is going on as he holds up the syringe toward her face. Nikki is very evasive to Dylan which makes him very suspicious. Dylan leaves Crimson Lights.

Avery arrives at Jack’s and finds out from him that Kelly is moving in with him. Jack shows Avery some of Phyllis’ things as they reminisce about her and her life with him. Dr. Cutler tells Victor not to get too excited over Phyllis opening her eyes. Ian attempts to drug Nikki when Dylan barges in and stops him. Ian makes a run for it. Dylan goes after him much to Nikki’s regret. Nick and Sharon stand vigil at the hospital while a nurse gets Mariah situated in a room. As Sharon and Nick visit Mariah, Sharon lets her know that she is her mother. Mariah doesn’t believe her, but Sharon goes to great lengths to explain everything about her birth. Later, Mariah turns away from Sharon and tells her that she needs to rest. Dr. Cutler assures Victor that Phyllis will make a full recovery. Kelly comes back while Avery and Jack are discussing Phyllis and her life. Later, Kelly and Jack pack up Phyllis’ things. Dylan walks into the Coffeehouse with blood all over his shirt. He quickly pulls it off and stuffs it into a bag along with some other stuff. Avery walks in, sees the blood, and wonders what happened.

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