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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Bikini the music is hopping and the drinks are a flowing. Carter is having fun dancing with various girls. Maya looks bored but is watching Rick. Liam tells Ivy that he is glad he came. Carter praises Liam for saving Ivy’s life but Rick says it cost him in the end. Bill tells Brooke that he regrets his part in this but will do whatever he can to help Ridge recover but there is no way he is going to lose her over this. She says he really has no idea what he has done. Bill says on the contrary, he knows what he has done, what Ridge did and what it has done to them. She says that is no comparison to what it has done to Ridge who can not draw now. He says they do not need to put their lives on hold; Ridge will recover and be all right. He tells her that he will not give up on them. She is the only woman for him and he’s the only man for her (oh really Bill?) Quinn walks in on Deacon and says Brooke is always there with him but there is no way she will marry Bill after this. He reminds her that she forgave him for throwing Ridge from the helicopter. She says yes but that was before she knew the damage it caused. He says she doesn’t get it. That could all change. Ridge could wake up tomorrow and all of this could be history. Quinn agrees that is true so the reason he needs to move on Brooke now. He wants to be a family but it is almost too good to be true. She says it can happen and it will. They can have what they have always wanted….a sense of belonging. Bill is relentless. He is probably with Brooke now so they have to work fast. The longer they wait will give Bill time to get her to marry him. Then Wyatt and Hope will lose their chance to have a true family. He says he is on it. She says good, their children are depending on this, having two parents in their lives. She says she has paved the way so now he needs to go do his part and be with Brooke. Make it happen. Brooke laments to Bill that Ridge feels alone and lost and Katie or any woman will not solve that problem. He says they will get through this; just let him spend the night. He kisses her and she returns the kiss. Then she says she wishes it were that easy. He says it is. They can begin their life together tonight. He is sure Ridge will be fine and it is not the end of the world. She says it is to Ridge. And it’s more than that. She knows it still hurts Katie to see Bill with her. She knows Katie is in love with Ridge but it is complicated. Again he says he is not giving up. It is not an option. Maya admires some jewelry that Ivy is wearing. She tells her she saw the shipment of gems this morning; absolutely gorgeous and they will be true Forrester talent. Ivy says they are very expensive way above what she has done before. She says she may be a Forrester but she is still working her way up. Maya says she knows the feeling. She asks if Ivy knows she and Rick used to be an item. She made a mistake in letting him go. Ivy says well that ship has sailed since he is married. Maya answers yeah, for now. Liam joins them and says he is going outside for some air. He asks if Ivy would like to go. She says yeah. Outside he says he really needed this. She says no one knows that better than she does. He tells her he was doing tech support when he found out who his dad was and he moved him into management. She jokes that now he is running the company. He says no, nobody runs Bill’s company but Bill Spencer himself. He wants to know about her family. She says she comes from a great home and now she is here. John Forrester is her dad. That’s Eric’s brother and he is her best friend. She says she has some best friends back home. Liam says it looks like she is close now with Aly. She admits that Aly is the best; sort of like this guy who just saved her life. She puts her hands on his.

Bill pours himself a drink and when he looks up there is Quinn. He asks what in the hell is she doing there. She says it is part of her therapy. She has to make amends to people that she has hurt and he is one of them. He says if she is here to apologize, not interested so get out. She tells him she is sincerely sorry for what she did to Liam. He says only that she tried to kill him. She says she knows and she realized she needed help and checked herself into a facility and is undergoing outpatient therapy today. She realizes an apology will fall short on Liam but she truly hopes Bill will accept her apology for sending the selfie to Ridge. He says wow, she does have a lot to apologize for. She says at least they have a happily married son and a beautiful DIL. Bill grumbles and another son that is miserable. She says Liam will be fine; she will see to that. She wants to make amends to him too but not talk about it right now. They should be celebrating. They need to give it another shot at being a family. He thinks she means the two of them as partners. She says oh no, just the family they never had. It would mean so much to Wyatt. Oliver catches Maya staring at Rick. He tells her don’t. Rick turned her down once and he is married. Maya says he is a Forrester. With a glass of wine in her hand Brooke opens the door and it is Deacon. He asks if he missed the party. She replies that she thought it was Bill, he was here earlier. He asks if he can come in. Then he notices she was doing the old drinking in the dark routine. She says she was only trying to make sense of everything. He is sorry he had to lay it all on her. She says he was just the bearer of bad news. He says but she needed to hear it. She tells him that Bill just wants her to run off and get married. But she and Ridge had this connection and when he is hurting she is hurting too. She calls herself Brooke Collateral Damage Logan, always picking the wrong men. She says it is easy to talk to him and she had forgotten that. She says she thinks she’s had too much to drink, sitting here alone and yammering on and on. Deacon says he could listen to her yammer all night and into the morning too. She tells him that he should probably go. He says what and leave her with her friend from Napa Valley, he doesn’t think she should be alone. She says she is okay, just a little disillusioned right now. He tells her to forget about Bill. He’d like to talk about them. It’s only a matter of time before Hope will make her a grandma…..sexiest grandma on the block. She laughs and he says they can take the kids to the amusement park and to the beach. It’ll be great for both of them. She can ride the Ferris wheel. Or she can stay at the bottom with the ice crème cones. She chuckles again and says it looks like he has it all mapped out. He says he knows there are a few glitches like Wyatt has a whackjob for a mother but he figures with his devastating charm and her giggle they can neutralize that. Coming closer he says he misses her; he misses her smile; he misses her body. And he knows she misses him too. He tells her the moments that he’s been with her are the best in his life. Nothing else comes close. He says he loves her. He loves everything about her and he wants to make love to her so bad that it is killing him. He kisses her until she breaks away. Maya walks up to Rick and says hey he looks alone. He says the same to her. What a coincidence. He tells her there are a lot of eligible men in here. She says they are not for her. She misses him…..especially at night. Liam sighs and again says this is good. He has to get out and find a way to move on with his life. Ivy says maybe she could help him with that. She leans over and kisses him. He smiles. Bill tells Quinn that she might want to think about checking herself back in. She tells him she is not there to pressure him. She knows how he feels about Brooke but he seems really frustrated. Does Brooke want another apology….. because that is not what Bill does is grovel. Still holding Brooke, Deacon asks which does she want to go with, the slap or the wine in the face. He doesn’t really care as the kiss was worth it. She says they have always been good at this but it’s gotten them into trouble. He says not this time. She is smarter. He says he wants to give her something. He wants to give Hope something. He tells her that he loves her; always has. She has to know that. He says he wants to be the man that she deserves. He will do anything to make that happen. This is their time, right here, right now. Ridge is gone and forget about Spencer. He can be the man she wants him to be. He knows he can make her happy. They can be parents together and really love Hope and Wyatt and support them. He says their daughter is married. Maybe they should be too. He asks her to marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami saw something about Stefano on her phone while she was having lunch with EJ.  Abby thought about EJ and couldnít finish kissing Ben.  Will was still upset with Sonny for getting him the job.  EJ wanted to know what Sami saw, but she left the pub.  Ben asked Abby what was wrong when someone knocked on the door.  T was the one who opened the door for Ben and Abby.  Will and Sonny went back and forth about the article.  Will inferred that he had a job and Arianna.  Sonny reminded Will that he had him.  Victor confessed to Maggie that he owns TruVista.  Maggie was upset about it.  Will put himself down about how he acted when he realized he was gay. Will continued to tell Sonny that he was a screw up.  Will couldnít get over the fact that Sonny and Victor got him the job at the magazine because everyone hates him for nothing.

Victor explained why he suggested the article for Will to write.  Maggie yelled at Victor when Sonny showed up.  Sonny took the blame for everything.  Sami showed Kate the message she received about Stefano being back in Salem.  Julie ran into EJ and wanted to give her a piece of her mind.  Julie understood what happened between Abby and him.  Kate wanted to get a confirmation that Stefano was returning to Salem.  T understood why Will wrote the article.  Maggie still blamed Victor for Will getting the assignment. Julie gave EJ a Buddha so he could calm himself down after what happened with Abby.  Maggie finally understood why Victor helped Will.  She did warn him not to do something like that again.  Abby was going to explain why she walked away from Ben when EJ showed up at the club.  EJ walked out and Ben understood everything.  Ben went after EJ and Abby tried to stop him.  Sami and Kate found out that Stefano was going to be back in Salem tomorrow.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina visits Carlos in jail and tells him that her baby died. She tells him that Rafe Kovich intentionally ran them off the road because someone told him to. Carlos remembers Ava’s threat and says it makes sense now. Sabrina wonders what he knows. He tells her to stop asking questions or she could end up dead too. She asks him who he is trying to protect her from. He names Ava Jerome. Ava frets over that to do about “Not Luke” since she didn’t kill Michael. She tells Fluke that she thinks it is a better idea to use Michael to get to ELQ and then eliminate him later. She tells him that she will get him the evidence that will bury Sonny, but that it will take a little time. Julian warns her that Fluke won’t wait long. Despite the threat Sonny poses, Ava goes to find Franco to persuade him to help her.

Silas tells Franco that he doesn’t want Nina’s art therapy to interfere with her physical therapy. Franco finds it hard to contain his amusement, knowing that Nina doesn’t need physical therapy. Franco tells Silas that when he was stuck in the elevator with Nina, all she talked about was wanting a baby with Silas. Nina goes to Britt to find out if she is pregnant. Britt tells her it’s too soon to know if she got pregnant last night but that she would be happy to run some tests to determine Nina’s health status. Nina asks Britt if she has any children. Britt tells her that she once gave birth to a baby but that she had to give him up because she had stolen an embryo to hang on to a man. Nina tells her that she doesn’t think she is a bad person and that she understands that people will do desperate things to get what they want. The tests Britt run indicate that Nina is already in early menopause and cannot conceive. Nina tells herself that one way or another, she is going to have a child. Ava gets to the hospital and trips over Nina’s wheelchair.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that after he and Britt almost had sex, he told her that he still has feelings for Elizabeth. He admits that he has never stopped being in love with her. He tries to kiss her. She pushes him away. She tells him that Britt may be willing to sleep with him knowing that he has feelings for Elizabeth, but that she, Elizabeth, has too much self-respect to make the same offer. He says he wasn’t going to ask her for sex. They talk about how they are always back and forth between each other and other people. Nikolas gets very frustrated with Elizabeth. She tells him to leave. Britt and Nikolas run into each other at the police station.

Lulu gets Levi’s phone and calls Dante. An officer tries to do a GPS trace. Dante reveals that Levi’s real name is Peter Harrell and that his father tried to steal Felicia’s jewels back in the ‘80s. He says Felicia, Frisco, Luke, and Laura were all somehow involved in the event. Levi returns to the cabin and takes the phone from Lulu. Maxie and Lulu tell him that they know his name and who his father is. He tells them that they don’t know anything and assures them that what goes around comes around. Maxie concludes that Levi kidnapped her because he blames her parents for his father’s fate. To annoy Levi, Maxie tells Lulu about the day she met Nathan. Levi decides that they need to move on to another location in case the police got a trace. He mentions having a boss. The police already have the house surrounded.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott mansion, Jack carries Kellyís luggage into the house but she stops him and asks him if he wants to postpone her moving in. Jackís cell phone rings and it is from Summer inviting him to lunch. Kelly wonders to herself if Jack intends on telling Summer and Austin that they are moving in together. Jack and Kelly arrive at Summer and Austinís apartment. Summer hugs Jack hello. Austin lets Jack know that Summer wants to take him to visit Phyllis in the hospital. Summer apologizes to Kelly for being so hard on her at the start but that now her mind has changed since Kelly has been so supportive of her and Austin. Summer is surprised when Jack announces that he and Kelly are moving in together. Summer tells Jack that she introduced Austin to Phyllis and asks him if he told Phyllis about him and Kelly. Summer becomes upset over the news and suddenly runs upstairs. Austin follows her. After Jack and Kelly leave, Summer begins to cry again that Jack didnít meant a word of it when he told her that he would not give up on Phyllis. Jack and Kelly return home to the Abbott mansion but he tells Kelly that he wasnít prepared for the look on Summerís face. At the Athletic Club, Ben asks how Victoria and the baby are. Abby lets him know that Billy was there for Victoria and the baby and that everything is fine. When Ben starts to leave, Abby grabs him and kisses him passionately. Ben pushes her away but Abby explains that she only wanted to know why Victoria was so interested in him. Abby sees Tyler in the dining room and he congratulates her on her new boyfriend. Abby reveals to Tyler that she and Ben cannot stand each other. Later on Abby and Ben meet each other at the Coffeehouse and Abby sarcastically tells him that it had taken him long enough to get there.

Over the phone, Sharon calls Ian sick and not very predictable. Nick reminds her that Clarence is the key to finding Ian and Mariah. At the ranch, Nikki starts to pick up a glass of vodka when Victor comes up behind her. Victor asks her if the ceremony for Katherine was too much for her. Nick and Sharon arrive at the ranch and lets Victor and Nikki know that they donít know anything new about Ian and Mariah. Victor offers his manpower to find Ian and Mariah. Nikki and Victor argue over the fact that Sharon has a secret that could still hurt Nick. Later Nikki goes to an AA meeting and sits and listens to the others recount their lives' stories. At the police station, Paul has Courtney pose as Sharon for the money drop. Mariah and Ian argue over the fact that he drugged her but he explains that he did it for her. Nick and Sharon arrive at the storage unit but not before Ian and Mariah are already married. Nick grabs a crowbar on Clarence. Nikki gets a surprise from Ian Ward. Victor visits the hospital in Georgia where Phyllis is and encourages her to wake up. Phyllis opens her eyes.

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