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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope to pick any closet or drawer. This is their home now. He has to leave for a little bit. He kisses her then sneezes and she realizes his allergies are really that bad and getting worse. Bob Barker thanks Liam for the series on animal shelters; it was a winner. Liam thanks him not only for the interview but for pointing him to the rescue shelter too. Bob says he knew Liam would be impressed and with that exposure many more pets around the world will be neutered and spayed and that makes him so happy. Rick and Oliver, Maya and Carter get ready for a photo shoot. Oliver tells Carter it must be hard to work together now. Carter muses that he’s over it. The best thing you can do with a mess like that is move on and leave it behind. Rick says Caroline is out of town so he won’t be coming to the Bikini party. Maya coos that doesn’t mean he has to stay home. Paris was a huge success so they should celebrate. Carter agrees and says Rick can hang out with him. Deacon drops in on Hope. He offers to help her unpack but really wants her to help him. He says things have been better between he and her mother. Brooke invited him to Hope’s party but she sort of kept her distance like she was testing him. Hope says maybe that is a good thing. He says maybe but he is having a hard time reading her. She has put up this wall and he is hoping Hope can help him with breaking that down. She’s really glad that he came to her asking for help. She wasn’t sure what to expect. He says the truth of the matter is that yes he needs a job and some extra cash but he would never come to Brooke about that. He states that he will never be as wealthy as Bill Spencer but that isn’t what Brooke saw in him. She thought she could believe in and depend on Bill and it didn’t turn out that way. But he is that guy and he’s going to prove it. Something happened to Ridge when he hit that water. It left him incapacitated. He can’t draw. All his life he has been an artist and designer and Bill took that way. Ivy tells Aly that technically she said yes for Liam, but yes he is coming to the party. Ivy says then it’s a date. Ivy says she does not consider it a date but at least Liam won’t be sitting on the couch alone tonight. Aly says he will be the envy of every guy at Bikini. Liam tells his secretary that he’s busy and doesn’t want to bother right now. Wyatt walks in and says it will only take a minute. He’s only dropping Boo’s things off….the whole kit and caboodle. He’s not living with that hairball. Liam says Hope will not stand for this. Wyatt says he’s allergic to cats…….and anything that reminds her of Liam. And besides he can use the company with all those lonely nights. Deacon tells Hope maybe this is all wishful thinking. She says maybe not as they have been spending more time together. He says yes with Hope as they are family. That is their connection as parents but they are not family and they could be. Ridge is now out of the picture and with Katie so this is his and Brooke’s chance. Bill slips in to see Brooke who is not ready for any intrusions. She shows him some lovely designs by Ridge. They tell a story of his evolution of an artist and as a person. He definitely had a true gift. She says Bill destroyed that so thanks to Bill that Ridge and FC may never be the same.

Outside Liam catches up with Bob Barker to give him his packet he left behind. Wyatt is right behind and tells Liam that they are not done. Just because he is not some stupid animal over doesn’t mean that he is going to keep the cat. Bob Barker asks who Wyatt is….and calling Liam some stupid animal lover. Wyatt asks why does he care who he is. Bob says animal lovers are not stupid and he does not like remarks like that. Wyatt says oh he is sorry, he meant animal wacko. Liam tells Wyatt not to be a jackass. Bob says maybe a pet would be a good thing, make him happy. But just remember to help the pet population and have your pet spayed or neutered. Wyatt calls him wacko one more time. Bob says that’s it and proceeds to pummel him with four left hooks across the mouth, one by the left, punches him in the gut and then over the head as Wyatt doubles over. While on the ground, Bob shoves him with his foot and Wyatt rolls over and over down the hill. When he lands he says really? Bob says he still has it, Wacko. At the Bikini the place is grinding to the music with drinks flowing. Rick tells Carter he almost didn’t get in. There are so many paparazzi outside. Carter says yes now Forrester in on the map with his leadership. Rick orders some drinks. Soon Oliver and Aly walk in. She just hopes Liam will be able to join them. Ivy tells her it is not a date, it’s just a party. Soon Liam joins them and he mentions he likes Ivy’s hair. And that she might just be right. This may be just what he needs. Hope tells Deacon she wishes she could tell him where her mother’s head is at right now. But he will have to be that man that she wants to come back to. He wants to know if Hope thinks he can be that guy. She says she does. He says yesterday at the party and then when they were here he got the whole picture of what it would be like if they were a family. He says he wants that more than anything. Hope hugs him and says he has to tell her mom how he feels. He says he has. She says do it again. Just be honest with her. If he loves her then she needs to know. Bill asks Brooke what he can do to fix this. She doesn’t know. He says he knows she wants to forgive him. She says yes she does. She loves him, but she doesn’t know how to minimize this situation. What will happen if Ridge never draws again. What will happen to the business, his family, Ridge himself. She asked herself all night if she could be with a man who did that to Ridge. She doesn’t think she has a right to be happy under those circumstances. Bill rants that Ridge came and drug her away from their wedding and he is not going to let him or anyone else come between them again. Bill says she is still wearing his ring because she knows they will get through this. Ridge will recover and they will get married as no other outcome is acceptable….she is the only woman for him and he’s the only man for her. She turns away and we have a picture of Bill on one side and Deacon on the other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa warned Paige that she should wait before being with JJ.  Sami wanted to go out to eat with EJ.  EJ thought she wanted people to see them together.  She cleared things up by saying that she wanted to go out to eat.  They ended up going to the Brady Pub when Roman saw them together.  Roman hoped they were talking about getting a divorce.  Aiden saw Hope at the park.  She had a leg cramp so he helped her.  She seemed upset when he tried to make her laugh.  She eventually calmed down when he was about to leave her alone.  Ben and Abby were trapped in the supply room and made the most of their time in there.  Abby prepared food for them and Ben provided the drinks and they had some fun.  Theresa took Paige out to eat so she could continue to advise her about waiting to be with JJ.  Eve went to Jennifer’s house and ran into JJ.  She noticed JJ’s guitar so they got on the subject of music.  They quickly bonded over music and she started to sing.  

Maggie went to Daniel’s office and warned him about Eve.  Daniel assured Maggie that he wasn’t interested in Eve. Maggie let Daniel know that Eve hurt Sarah when they were younger.  Daniel assured Maggie again that he wouldn’t fall for anything that Eve did.  Abby made the mistake of talking about Clyde and Ben snapped.  Eve told JJ that she and Jennifer will never get along, but she wanted things to be different with JJ.  Eve left after her conversation with JJ. Theresa was adamant that Paige make JJ wait because he will move on to someone else.  Paige didn’t believe JJ was like that.  Theresa ended up leaving the restaurant.  Aiden confessed to Hope that he was attracted to Hope.  She was nervous and reminded him that she’s married.  Aiden was thankful that she’s married.  Hope tried to empathize with Aiden by talking about him missing his wife, but he said that wasn’t it.  After her lunch with Paige, Theresa went to Eve to tell her that she saw Paige with JJ.  Eve was upset when she thought that Paige got Theresa to lie for her.  Eve was determined to put a stop to Paige’s relationship with JJ.  Aiden opened up to Hope about how bad his marriage was before his wife died.  Sami and EJ bonded over Johnny’s message to them. They ended up getting along for a while. Sami received a text message and she was upset.  Ben and Abby made up and they kissed.  Abby ended up thinking about making out with EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina returns to work and asks Felix about his relationship with Lucas. He tells her about the almost threesome with Brad. Brad and Lucas wake up together. Brad is afraid Obrecht will fire him for being AWOL for 2 days. Lucas is sure Britt will have some sway with her mother. Britt walks in on them. She tells them about Lulu’s kidnapping. Lucas freaks out and tells Britt that both Lulu and Maxie are his cousins. Nikolas goes to Dante and Lulu’s loft looking for Dante, but finds Elizabeth with Rocco. Elizabeth is surprised that Britt isn’t with Nikolas. Nikolas confirms that he and Britt were on the verge of having sex when Elizabeth called about Lulu, but that he told her that he still has feelings for Elizabeth.

Anna tells Dante and Lulu that the elder Peter Harrell stole Felicia’s jewels in 1984. She presumes that Levi, whose real name is also Peter Harrell, is the son of the elder Harrell. Anna reveals that the WSB has frozen her out, so she can’t get any information from them. Levi tells Maxie and Lulu that the jewel theft was personal. Maxie tells him to let Lulu go if that is the case. He says Lulu is just as much a part of it as Maxie is. He goes on a rant about Felicia being a faithless liar who makes promises but then changes her mind when Frisco Jones shows up. He reminds Maxie that her mother chose Frisco over her. Maxie and Lulu get their hands on Levi’s phone. Lulu calls Dante.

Sabrina tells Felix that she learned someone intentionally ran her and Patrick off the road that night. She swears that she is going to find out why. He tries to dissuade her from trying to play detective. She goes to visit Carlos in jail. Felix tells Brad that there are no hard feelings. Nina fantasizes about stabbing Silas with a butcher knife. Silas thanks her for giving him the push that he needed to get back together with her. She wonders if they made a baby. He prefers to be realistic about the odds. She tells him that she just wants to get back everything that she lost. She tells herself that she wants to hate Silas but the sex was incredible. Cousins Nina and Britt finally meet at the hospital because Nina has chosen Britt to be her obstetrician.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery arrives at the Coffeehouse to check on Dylan who assures her he is fine. Avery has a surprise for him. At the Newman ranch, Sharon is frantic that Ian has not gotten back in touch with her. Mark tries to calm her down but with no luck. At the police department, Gloria joins Kevin to see how he is doing. They discuss the divorce papers that he just received from Chloe as well as Mariah. Jill and Colin arrive at the park and see that the music box is gone. Jill is surprised. Colin hugs her to comfort her. Jill is taken aback when she sees Michael and overhears him on the phone. She naturally assumes he is having an affair. Sharon gets a call from Ian who gives her instructions if she wants to see Mariah again. Sharon tries to keep him on the phone so the call can be traced. Gloria asks Kevin why he is thinking about leaving town. At the Athletic Club, Jill wonders who the woman is that Michael has been seeing. Jill breaks the news to Lauren who doesn’t believe her. Avery asks where Michael is. Jill naturally assumes that Avery is the woman Michael is seeing. Michael arrives and breaks the news that he and Avery are law partners. Jill is ashamed of her actions and apologizes to both Michael and Avery.

Ian tells Sharon that he wants one million dollars for the return of Mariah. Dylan gets a call from Nick that he needs help. Once at the ranch, Nick fills Avery and Dylan in on what Ian wants. Mariah wakes up and wonders why she is wearing a wedding gown. Ian refuses to tell her anything. Nick comes up with a plan to catch Ian. Clarence arrives and Ian tells Mariah that they are getting married. Avery gets a call from her ex-husband.

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