Wednesday 8/27/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke helps Hope pack to move into Wyatt’s house. She tells her mother that she can’t believe that Liam was in Paris. Brooke says yeah it sounds crazy but he was there, Ivy fell into the Seine and Hope married Wyatt. That is what happened. Hope admits it is messing with her head. There is so much history there, but she is married to Wyatt now. She doesn’t know what she is gonna do. At SP Liam tries to concentrate but all he can think about is Paris and Hope slipping away. Quinn asks Wyatt if Hope is at his place moving in. He should be with her. He said she needed time with her mother. She quips as he needed time with his. She thought her presence at the party went over well with the evil Quinn back in the mix with the Forrester’s. He reminds her that it was only one party and she was only there because she is his mother. He says there is something he needs to tell her about Liam….he was in Paris. She acts surprised. He says Liam had every intention of meeting Hope at 3 o’clock but had to rescue a damsel in distress. Quinn mocks a typical Liam. He needs to be a gracious loser and go away. She says the best thing Wyatt did was get Hope out of Paris and onto that yacht. Liam needs to mind his own business and stay out of Wyatt’s. Wyatt says that makes two of them. He needs her to stay away from Liam. The truth is he would not even be married if Hope knew Liam was there. Aly confides in Ivy that she is glad Liam told Hope that he was in Paris, it will change everything. Ivy is not so sure it matters now. Hope might struggle over what did happen but at the end of the day she is still married to Wyatt. She knows Hope’s sense of morality so she hopes she honors her commitment. Aly can’t believe all of this was caused by some thoughtless stranger. She asks if Ivy knows who bumped her. Ivy says no but she thinks it was a woman. Who knew it would turn into this. Even though she told Liam to leave her and go on to Hope she knew he wouldn’t. There was no way he would leave her. Aly senses that Ivy really likes Liam and says she can tell her. Ivy admits she kissed Liam in Paris; just a friendly peck but she can’t deny she felt something. Aly says well Liam is available now, so what’s next. Ivy says there is a party on at Bikini and a lot at the office will be going. She is thinking of inviting Liam. Quinn tells Wyatt not to say that. Liam will never be half the man that Wyatt is. Wyatt tells her do not talk about Liam and do not do anything to him. He wants her to be clear about that. She replies that she may hate the little creep but she is not going to make it her life’s work to torture him. Wyatt says good, that is the last thing he needs right now. Quinn tells him not to second guess Hope. She married him. The diamond brought them back together again. He tells her the police are still asking questions about Ricardo’s death. She says total waste of taxpayer’s money. He asks her to promise him that she had nothing to do with that. She said she already promised him that. He says okay. The diamond did bring them back together but he just wanted to be sure it was the diamond and not her doings.

Deacon brings in the cat for Hope; says he missed his mommy. She holds and cuddles him. Deacon says he is no mind reader but he senses something is off here and he wants to help. Hope says there was a little mix-up in Paris, a misunderstanding on her part. She says turns out that Liam was in Paris after all to meet her. But he was delayed by a good reason; the best reason of all by saving Ivy’s life. She says she is so proud of Liam. Chivalry is not dead; he is a hero. She was so lucky to have him in her life. Ivy knocks on Liam’s door at SP and asks if she is interfering. He says no; he was finding it hard to even concentrate. She says that is because he was looking at the wrong thing. She has some photos that Oliver took that she’d like included in her layout. Liam takes them and tells her she is very talented and they are gorgeous….every bit as good as Quinn. She says Quinn may not be the nicest person in the world but she does know her way around jewelry. He says by the way; he knows what she is doing. He thinks it is very sweet of her to come here to check up on him. He thanks her for having his back and assures her he is going to be okay. Hope married his brother so you talk about moving on……Ivy says that doesn’t mean that Hope’s feelings are all resolved. She talked to Hope when the party was winding down and she knows that she is still in love with Liam. He says shoulda, woulda, coulda, she has to stop blaming herself. She did not jump in the river. It was an accident. He was late but Hope could have waited a few more minutes. She chose not to. And she was not forced but she married Wyatt. She made all those decisions with her eyes wide open and if he is to move forward he has to accept that. Wyatt tells his mother he needs to know that Hope married him out of choice and not because of her. She says Hope married him because she loves him; it’s that simple. He hopes she means that. She assures him that she wants to work her way back into the Forrester family not by scheming but proving she is a worthy person. He says he wants her in his life, as Hope’s MIL and their children’s grandmother but she has to fit in a functional way. He will not have his family be in constant chaos because of her. She says okay. Is the lecture done as she has something for him. She’s beside herself with giddy joy. She hands him a velvet pouch. He looks inside and says thanks. He tells him to go to Hope; she is his wife. Hope tells Deacon that she made vows to Wyatt and she meant them. Brooke adds that she wouldn’t have if Liam had made it there on time. Deacon says these things can happen all the time and if you can’t fix it or change it back then you just have to accept it and move ahead with the choices that she did make. She tells them thanks. She just needs some time alone. Wyatt comes home and sits with her on the bed. He says it feels good coming home to her, being married. Ivy asks Liam if he is still feeling sad. He says somewhat as Hope was such a constant in his life for so long. It’s going to feel really weird without her. Ivy says perhaps she can help him with that. At the risk of sounding terribly improper she wants to know what he is doing tomorrow night. There is an end of summer party at Bikini and she thought he might like to go. He says yeah, why not. Wyatt tells Hope that he has something for her from his mother. And not to worry it’s safe. They got married so fast they sort of skipped a few beats. He pours the contents out in her hand and it is two matching wedding bands…..pounded pewter. He slips hers on and says “with this ring I pledge my life to you.” As she puts his on, she chuckles that she commits herself to him, her husband…..from this day on rocking and rolling wherever life takes them. He says he loves her and gives her a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer overheard Theresa talking about Abby and they ended up arguing.  Jennifer put Theresa in her place about her behavior.  Clyde ran into Kate and Rafe and pretended not to know Kate.  Clyde wanted to know what happened to break up Rafeís relationship with Jordan.  Rafe was surprised that Jordan didnít mention anything to him about it.  Theresa told Jennifer that people werenít going to get over what Abby did.  Jennifer told her about her relationship with Brady.  Jennifer thought Theresa was probably responsible for what happened to John.  Theresa panicked, but quickly recovered when Jennifer said that she didnít hit John.  They continued to argue until Eve arrived at the hospital.

Rafe didnít let Clyde know what went wrong.  Clyde hoped that Rafe would be able to work things out.  Clyde wanted Kate to help him with his business contacts.  Rafe left them alone to talk.  Eve wanted to know why Theresa was arguing with Jennifer.  Theresa explained that they ended up arguing over Brady.  Eve wanted to give Jennifer a piece of her mind.  Theresa wanted her to do that for her too.  Clyde explained to Kate why he introduced himself to her when she was with Rafe.  He thought it would be good if they introduced themselves to each other in front of people so no one would suspect anything.  Eve went to Jennifer because she didnít get her royalty check.  Jordan and Rafe ran into each other at the park.  Eve thought that the scandal with Abby was why Jennifer didnít mail her check.  Jennifer became enraged when Eve mentioned Abby to her.  Jordan and Rafe started to have an awkward conversation.  Jennifer threw Eve out of her office.  Eve hoped she would see Abby so she could kill two birds with one stone.  Kate gave Clyde the name of a guy who could help him with his business.  Jordan wanted Rafe to put in a good word for Abby at the sports complex where his friend works.  Eve arrived at Jenniferís house and ran into JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco mentions Scott’s nightcap with Bobbie the other night. Scott doesn’t know what he is talking about. Carly tries to keep Sonny at arms’ length because she doesn’t want Franco to get suspicious. Sonny tells her that she will eventually realize that she is making a mistake and when she does, he will be there. Carly finds Franco in the interrogation room with Scott and comments that he had disappeared. Franco says he didn’t think it mattered because it appeared that Sonny was taking care of her. On his way out, Franco tells Sonny to stay away from Carly.

Levi’s accomplice, Jeffrey Scribner, is wheeled into General Hospital. In the cabin where Levi had been holding Maxie and Lulu, Dante finds an article about Frisco Jones' part in recovering Felicia’s Aztec heirlooms a long time ago. Nathan takes it to General Hospital to ask Felicia about it. Felicia says she already tried to contact Frisco to tell him about Maxie, but he is on an assignment and unreachable. Anna tries to get information from the WSB but is told that her clearance doesn’t include information about Frisco. Anna tells Mac and Nathan that there have been a lot of changes lately at the upper level of the WSB. Mac theorizes that Frisco doesn’t want to be found, because he is behind it. Felicia disagrees. Anna questions Scribner, who tells her that Levi’s real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia says that was that name of her fiancé.

Silas shows Nina the business card from Crichton-Clark that was in Rafe’s belongings. She claims to know nothing about it. He asks her if she knows about the $500 that was in Rafe’s wallet. She denies it. She says she hopes he finds the answers he is looking for. She tells him that she wants a baby. He says she might not be able to after 20 years in a coma. She says that either way, she wants to make love to her husband. She tells him to either take her or reject her, but to end the limbo. He takes her to bed. Patrick and Sam spend the evening together at the Floating Rib. Sam touches Patrick’s face and asks him to shave as her prize for winning at pool.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy visits Victoria in the hospital where she is wanting to make her quick exit but she is confined for the time being. Everyone sees a picture of Katherine as they await the beginning of the memorial service. Nikki pours herself a drink and gulps it down in order to calm her nerves. Jill thanks Victor for coming to the celebration. She asks about Nikkiís whereabouts. Neil, Hilary, and Devon arrive. Jill and Neil exchange some sarcastic words. Jill tells Neil to look her in the eye and tell her that. Neil tells Jill that he cannot look her in the eye because he cannot see. Jill hugs Neil as a way of apologizing to him. Billy helps Victoria to leave the hospital. Neil tells the group what caused his blindness. Victor promises to get the best doctors for him, but Neil insists that his blindness is only temporary. Nikki arrives for the celebration where Murphy reads a letter from Katherine, but he begins to cry so Michael has to take over. Katherineís letter gives them all instructions to write her a letter and then burn all the letters together. Everyone begins to write their letter to Katherine. Neil writes his letter and then asks Hilary to read it back to him. Devon listens to the letter and then rips his letter up. This alerts Lily as to why he tore the letter up.

Victoria and Billy arrive home. She asks him to fix her something to eat which he does willingly. Everyone finishes their letter to Katherine. While placing the letters in the silver vase to be burned, Victorís letter falls out. Jack starts to steal the letter but then has a change of heart and gives it to Murphy to be burnt. Murphy lets Nikki burn the letters which unnerves Jill. Jill holds the music box and is deep in thought. Neil calls for Devon to dance with Hilary. The doctor calls Victor to let him know that he just examined Phyllis and is ready to begin the treatment. When Nikki begins to stagger at the ceremony, Paul rushes to her side. Nina watches them. She asks Paul about his marriage to Cricket. Cane confronts Colin about his meeting with Kurtz. Jill comes up and tells Cane that Colin is a legitimate businessman. Nikki insists that she needs some time alone when she runs into Ben and is really sarcastic toward him. Victor joins them and wonders what is up. Victoria tells Billy that is time for him to go. Billy promises to stand by her. Jill finally realizes what Katherine has in store for her. She asks for some time alone with Katherine. Jill leaves the music box with Katherine. When Jill leaves, someone steals the music box.

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