Tuesday 8/26/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope that the party is over and it’s time to go. Liam speaks up and says he was in Paris. Hope wants to know if Wyatt knew. He says only just now when his dad told him. But it does not make a difference. And that Bill told him that Liam was going to keep it to himself. Maybe she can grab a few things until he can properly move her into his place. Hope looks at Liam and he sort of nods his okay. Wyatt tells him he is sorry it had to go down this way. Liam says had to. Wyatt says yes, he thinks he always knew it would. And that wedding reception down there is something Liam can not change. Liam says he knows Wyatt has been waiting for this day….not the wedding but to rub his face into it that he won the girl. Liam complains that Hope could have waited five or ten more minutes. Wyatt asks why, only to be disappointed again when she thought his no-show meant she was not worth it and he didn’t care enough. And it was just another big disappointment from Liam. Wyatt says he knows he was second choice. He knows she still loves Liam but he never made her happy and Wyatt does. Hope is waiting. Liam asks if he is sure about that. She’s probably chewing off her foot right now trying to get out of this marriage. Wyatt will not be able to keep her. Wyatt says he knows Liam is hurting right now but he will respect this marriage. Liam is adamant. He wants to know how Wyatt makes her happy. He only has one trick – a big shiny surprise, whisking her away to a tent on the beach in candlelight, dinner, a necklace and a diamond the size of Gibraltar. Wyatt says yes that was a promise that he kept. Liam says now he can not outdo himself any more. He is finished. The world has showered all the good fortune on him they had to give so there is nothing left for him. Hope will see him as the double crossing little boy who stabbed his brother in the back and stole his life. He continues that damn it, they were supposed to be brothers. They were supposed to love and respect each other and be the men they never were growing up. Wyatt says he was. He even made fun of him like a brother does; looked up to him like a brother does. Maybe he even loves him like a brother does but he doesn’t know how to handle this grievance right now. Does Liam notice how everything happens TO him, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Dad gave Liam a job, a name, a title and a house and he managed that all very nicely. But all he had to do was open up his hand and there it was. And he comments that the night he came upon Quinn holding the knife to his neck, he realized this is what it had come to…..someone he had bullied, and insulted and treated with contempt and didn’t want to take it anymore. But to Liam it was just some psycho who was attacking him for no reason. Just like everything else that happens in his life for no good reason! Liam asks if for one brief second that night did Wyatt considering letting Quinn do it. Wyatt says no. He needs him in his life as a brother. They can be friends too and he’s Hope’s family now too. But what he will have to accept is that what is done is done. Wyatt asks if he ever thought about calling Steffy while in Paris. Liam tells him do not go there. What’s the matter winning isn’t as fun as he thought it would be. Wyatt says he knows Liam always thought this was a competition, but it wasn’t about who was the better man but rather who would show up no matter what.

Downstairs Ivy tells Hope that it was all her fault. She could be married right now but it would be a different wedding. Hope says it is okay. She is glad Liam saved her from the river. Ivy says there is such a thing as an annulment. Hope just looks at her. She tells Ivy that she waited and waited. Why didn’t Liam at least call and let her know he was coming. Quinn overhears this. Ivy says by time he knew both their phones were water logged. And now that she thinks about it is more like she was pushed than just falling in. Hope wonders who would do something like that. Bill continues to argue with Brooke in the kitchen. He says he is sorry but he can’t help but being skeptical about Ridge. He has seen him in his office drawing. Brooke says no, he would not let them see his drawings as he is too ashamed. Bill says this is the guy who chased them half way across the world to keep them from marrying. And now she wants to give him a free pass. He lost his memory partially and it came back. It is safe to assume his drawing ability will too. But if it will make her feel better he will fly in the best specialists in the world. They can discuss this more on the jet as it is ready to take off. It’s even possible that Ridge has an ulterior motive. He hates Bill so if he can blame this impediment on him, he would be happy. She says it’s Bill that has lied to her not Ridge. He says she is the first woman in his life that accepted him like he is and did not want to change him. She cries that she does not want to change Bill, she just wants to respect him. She thinks he better go. She does not want to continue this conversation. She has to help the caterers clean up. Bill says he is not going anywhere without her. His pilot is waiting. The rest of their lives is waiting for them. She says she knows but she can not give up who she is just for him. She can’t go with him. Ridge just told her what it cost him and now Bill is expecting her to just walk away with him and get married. He says she has forgiven him before. She says she loves him but she can not give up all that she is just to suit him. He says okay they will wait. They have waited before and it was not over and it won’t be now. He walks away. Quinn and Deacon overhear him calling the captain and tell him the wedding is postponed. They can barely contain their glee. Quinn asks Deacon what is he waiting for; go to Brooke alone in the kitchen now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will confronted Sonny about getting him the job at the magazine.  Abby went to Sami and slapped her.  Sami warned Abby that she picked the wrong day to mess with her.  Kristen was in Johnís room when Daniel grabbed her.  Abby backed down from Sami.  Abby told Sami that she was the one who released her name.  Sami admitted to leaking her name.  Daniel was shocked that Kristen made bail.  He threw Kristen out of Johnís room.  Brady talked to Marlena about his conversation with Kristen.  Will was upset with Sonny for getting him the job.  Will blamed Sonny for ruining everyoneís lives.  Sonny reminded Will that he was the one who wrote the article.  Sami let Abby know that she sent the article to Chad.  Abby got under Samiís skin when she said Mr. Chin wanted to talk to her.  Abby knew that Mr. Chin was the most influential board member.  Brady assured Marlena that he would protect her and John from Kristen.  Daniel told Kristen that she was going to pay for what sheís done. Kristen wanted to thank Daniel for bringing her home to Salem.  She said that was an idea that was even better than what she could have thought.

Kristen thanked Daniel for giving her another chance with Brady.  Daniel wasnít fazed by what she said.  Sonny continued to put Will in his place about what the article did to Abby.  Will got upset and stormed out.  Abby showed Sami her phone to let her see Mr. Chinís number.  Sami wanted to know what Abby wanted to keep her from talking to him.  Abby wanted Sami to leave her and her family alone.  Abby threatened to tell Mr. Chin everything if Sami didnít back off of her.  Daniel told Kristen that she was going to end up going to jail.  Kristen assured Daniel that she wasnít going anywhere.  EJ went home and saw Sami packing a box for the kids.  He was about to go upstairs and Sami assumed he wanted her to go up to bed with him to get his help.  Marlena found Will and she gave him advice about his fight with Sonny.  EJ didnít want to be back in Samiís bed until he can get back in her heart.  He just wanted a chance to prove himself.  Sami asked EJ out for lunch to help her deal with the board members.  EJ assured Sami that she wouldnít regret it.  Kristen thought about taking pictures of Johnís x-rays.  She was talking to someone about Johnís condition.

GH Recap Written by Christine

At GH, Carly had a flashback to the night she spent with Sonny. She asked Franco on a date to make up for not telling him she and Sonny had sex. Franco felt he was the one who should make amends, but he agreed to the date. At the Floating Rib, Tracy walked in. She had harsh words for Ned and Olivia, until Ned told her that Lulu was kidnapped. Franco and Carly walked in and overheard Ned and Tracy. Julian went to Sonny's office and suggested that they call a truce to keep their families safe. Sonny refused because he didn't approve of Julian's business tactics and because he was confident the Jeromes wouldn't last long. Julian told Sonny he tried to warn him, and he left. Olivia touched base with Sonny about Lulu's plight. They decided to go to the police station for answers. Lucy went to the PCPD to get an update on the search for Maxie and Lulu. She ran into Scott. They talked about their daughter, Serena, then Lucy asked if he'd chosen between her or Bobbie. She was dismayed when Scott admitted he hadn't made a decision yet. Anna called Scott and updated him on how the search was going. Carly and Franco arrived at the PCPD. Scott told them that Scribner had been shot and might die, which would make it harder to find Maxie and Lulu. Olivia and Sonny showed up a short time later. Franco chatted with Scott, in private, about Scott's love triangle. Franco mentioned Scott and Bobbie's recent nightcap. Scott asked “What nightcap?” Carly asked Sonny to use his resources to try and find Lulu, but he thought it was best to stand back and let Dante take the lead. Ned urged Tracy to reach out to Luke. She did, but Luke didn't answer her calls and texts, prompting Ned to question Luke's level of concern for his daughter's safety.

Dante and Nathan searched the cabin. They found Scribner inside bleeding from a gunshot wound. Scribner had refused to hurt Maxie and Lulu, so Levi shot him and took the women away. Scribner was taken to the ER, and Dante and Nathan found a clue – an old article on Frisco with his picture circled. Ava had Michael and Kiki over for dinner, so she could poison Michael. Ava professed her desire to protect Kiki. Michael felt the same way. Ava changed her mind about killing Michael when he told her how he reacted to Luke trying to force himself on Kiki. Ava was outraged at Luke's behavior and upset that Kiki kept this from her. Kiki explained that she didn't think anyone would believe her. Ava knocked the poisoned dish from Michael's hands and covered by saying it was a reaction to finding out what Luke had done. Kiki didn't want Luke to target Ava, so she asked her not to confront him. Julian returned, and Ava feigned exhaustion, so Kiki and Michael left. Ava now believed Fluke had plans for Kiki and wanted Michael dead so he wouldn't be able to interfere. She decided to confront Fluke. Julian wouldn't let her. He thought that Ava would have to give Fluke the recording ASAP to make up for disobeying his order to kill Michael. Ava didn't think she'd be able to convince Franco to help her get Carly's recording as long as he thought Carly was faithful to him. On the way to visit Alice, Kiki and Michael discussed the odd way Ava knocked over Michael's dessert away. Finding Alice asleep, poor Michael had to settle for cafeteria pudding.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill reads the letter from Katherine. Colin comes in to console her. At the Newman ranch, Nikki also reads a letter from Katherine. Nikki eyes the bottle of vodka on the bar. Victor comes in to join her. At the Coffeehouse, Avery joins Dylan to try to make amends because of Austin’s trial and the outcome. At the police department, Kevin is joined by Michael and Lauren and they discuss the possibility of Kevin leaving town and Chloe wanting a divorce. Paul and Courtney discuss Ian Ward and his whereabouts. At Sharon’s home, she lets Noah know that Mariah is her daughter. Noah is surprised by the news. Nick visits Victor and Nikki and lets them know that Mariah is Sharon’s daughter. Victor asks how could this be. Nick tells Victor and Nikki that Mariah is Cassie’s twin. Colin tries to console Jill over the fact that Katherine had not left her a big fortune. Jill shows him the necklace that she hid under her blouse. Murphy and Esther arrive for the celebration of Katherine. Michael asks Kevin if he is still considering leaving town. Paul comes out of his office and tells him to run a search on Ian Ward and Mariah. Sharon tells Noah about her having twins. Nick fills Victor and Nikki in on the fact that Sharon had twins. Nick lets Victor and Nikki know that the only thing he is interested in is bringing Ian Ward to justice and bringing Mariah home. Jill packs the music box to take to the celebration. Murphy tells Jill that there is something he needs to do at the celebration. Michael and Lauren arrive for the celebration in the park as they look at the picture of Katherine.

Kevin arrives for the celebration and gives Murphy a hug. Kevin tells them that he wishes he had more time with Katherine. Sharon thanks Noah for his support as he leaves. Nick lets Sharon know that Mariah was supposed to meet Kevin the night before but she never showed up. Everyone gathers for the celebration for Katherine. Ian and Mariah visit a storage building where he gives her a drink. Paul and Nikki tell Dylan and Avery that Ian has Mariah who is Sharon’s daughter. Victor visits Nick and Sharon at home and lets them know that he will help to find Mariah. When Sharon gets a call from Ian, she asks how Mariah is. Ian tells Sharon to follow his instructions if she wants to see her daughter again. Ian looks at Mariah, wearing a wedding dress and asleep in a chair.

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