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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he knows she waited, but he was there. She argues that he wasn’t. He repeats she had on a blue dress and was beautiful; he saw her. She answers angrily if he was there, then he should have come to her. Meanwhile the groupies have Wyatt pinned on the stair steps wanting to hear all the details of the wedding and honeymoon. He tells them people are starting to leave so he should go find Hope. They try to convince him to stay and Bill saves the day by coming by and says he needs a word with Wyatt. He says there is something Wyatt needs to know and he didn’t want to say it in front of Hope. Bill says that Liam was in Paris. He just didn’t get to Hope in time. Wyatt says he is wrong. It’s the whole reason she married him. Bill quickly describes how Ivy fell into the Seine and of course Liam is a good swimmer and had to rescue her. So Wyatt says he is married to Hope now because Ivy fell into the river. Bill tells him not to say that. Wyatt says but it is true. If Ivy had not fell in the water and Liam dove in, he would have been in Hope’s spot on time and they would be married now. Bill says none of that matters now. Wyatt says of course it is when Hope finds out. Bill says she doesn’t have to know. Wyatt says yes because he is not keeping any secrets from Hope. Bill tells him, okay, he and Hope are married. Wyatt knows how Hope is. She will honor her vows and he had a conversation with Liam and he is not going to be a problem. He expects Liam to respect the marriage. Hope continues to question Liam of why he was not there. He admits he was angry with her at their last conversation and he was not sure he would come. Hope says she wasn’t sure either but she had faith in them. And that it was even more painful when he did not show up. She utters that it seemed so simple to her – 3 o’clock, Eiffel Tower, be there or not. And when he didn’t, she knew his decision. He says except that she was wrong. He did everything he could to get to her but when he did she was gone. Quinn asks Deacon how did it go. He says Brooke did not believe him at first but she knows the secret now and she is pretty torn up. Quinn chuckles. Deacon tells her not to do that. This is not fun for him. He actually cares how Brooke feels. She says she understands. That is why they are doing this. He cares for Brooke like she cares for Bill. It was fun seeing all the families together. And now that Ridge’s secret is out, who knows what might develop.

Brooke approaches Ridge and says whatever caused this, whatever happened they will fix it. Designing is his passion. She says he is an artist. He’s just blocked, it’s normal under the circumstances. She asks if he has been struggling alone and he replies that Katie knows. Brooke says he should have come to her and not been ashamed. He says other things like names came back to him but this one thing has not and he doesn’t think he will ever design again. He scribbles things down but they don’t look like anything. His mind doesn’t seem to be able to tell his hands what to do. Katie walks in and Ridge tells her that Brooke knows. Katie says she is glad she knows what he has been struggling with. Brooke tells Ridge he will get through this. He is Ridge Forrester, a great designer. He is not going to lose that. Bill walks in and asks when did the party come in here. Wyatt starts up the stairs and of course the girls are dogging him. He says he knows they have been trying to stop him from going upstairs to see Hope. He will tell Liam they did a good job. Hope asks Liam to explain how this happened. He says Ivy was with him. They landed, they got a cab but the traffic was snarled so they got out and started running. She says she had her phone; he could have called. He retorts that he didn’t think he had to. He could see her across the way. He could picture her smile when they reunited in Paris. Then he heard Ivy scream as she had fell in the water. Hope continues……and Liam jumped in to save her, of course. Liam says it was past three then and all he could do was run and hope that Hope would still be there but she wasn’t. Bill says look at the three of them, so serious. This is supposed to be a wedding party not a funeral. Ridge takes Katie by the arm and they leave. Bill wants to know what is going on. She obviously must have told them that he and Brooke were getting married and it didn’t go well. But they will come around. Meantime everybody is leaving so they should just go to his jet and fly to the yacht. She’s not budging. She says Ridge just confirmed something. He hasn’t been the same since he fell. Bill asks her not to get back to that. He says he knows Ridge was struggling and it took a while to recover but he is back to his old self. And he has apologized for his part in it. Brooke says that is just it. He is not his old self. He can not draw….his gift is gone, all because he fell out of a helicopter. Hope tells Liam she is not surprised that he jumped in to help Ivy. But he must understand that doesn’t change her perspective. He was not there; Wyatt was and he could see how upset she was. Suddenly Liam coming seemed very ridiculous. Liam says he showed up but admits he was late; now she knows. Wyatt walks in. He takes one look at Liam, then to Hope and says the party is over, come on honey.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami expected EJ to help save the company.  EJ told her that things wouldnít have been as bad if Abby werenít named in the article.  Abby went to Will to ask him about the article he wrote.  Roman let Marlena know that Kristen made bail.  Kristen found Brady in the park.  Sami admitted that she gave Abbyís name to ZoŽ.  EJ let Sami know that she could have destroyed the company.  EJ was looking forward to Sami asking for his help so he could turn her down.  Abby yelled at Will for writing the article.

Kristen wanted to explain things, but Brady said that he hated her.  She tried to plead with him to forgive her, but he didnít want to listen to her.  Kirsten wanted to make things right with Brady.  EJ didnít want to help Sami. Lucas made some calls and found out that Victor owned TruVista.  Lucas went to Will to find out what happened.  Abby talked to Sonny about knowing Will wrote the article and not warning her about it.  Sonny admitted that he got Will the job.  Sami wanted EJ to change his mind and help her.  EJ wanted to know what she would do for his help.  Brady reminded Kristen about the things she did.  Sonny asked Abby not to say anything to Will about him getting Will a job.  Abby was appalled that Sonny wanted her to keep quiet about that when they didnít keep her name out of the article.  Lucas told Will that Victor owned TruVista.  Sami lied to a board member about things being fine with them.  Abby realized that Sami told the editor her name.  Abby stormed out of the club.  Brady told Kristen how things went downhill for him because of what she did to him.  He also said he hated himself for the way he treated John.  He told Kristen that she was as dead to him as his father.  Lucas left Willís place and ran into EJ.  Lucas confronted him about what he did to Sami.  Lucas also told EJ that Victor owned TruVista.  Abby went to the mansion and slapped Sami.  Kristen went to see John at the hospital.  Kristen realized what she wanted to do.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ava concludes that in order to keep Kiki safe from hers' and Julian's notorious boss (the Luke Spencer look-alike), she has to carry out his instructions of killing Michael Corinthos, even though she does not want to do that. Julian convinces her she has no choice just like he found out the hard way when he tried to "cross" their boss. So she invites her daughter and Michael to dinner with a secret plan to poison him without their knowing. Michael doesn't eat very much, however, because her apartment is where his father, AJ, died. At the end of the meal, Ava brings out the poisoned chocolate mousse for Michael.

Dante and Nathan try frantically to find out where Levi and Scribner took Maxie and Lulu, but they come up with nothing. Dante goes to Sonny for help. The two young women are with their captors at some abandoned cabin, alive and well. Lulu succeeds in getting a hold of a gun but gives it up when Levi points his at Maxie. Then he finds a lead through Coleman, but when he and Nathan go to the cabin, it's empty.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick tries to calm Sharon’s ruffled feathers over what Mariah trying to seduce him, but he states that Mariah is her daughter. Sharon doesn’t believe him at first, but then Nick tells her that he did some investigating and found out from the doctor that she did indeed have twin daughters. In her hotel room, Ian tries to calm Mariah down as she tells him what she did to precipitate Sharon throwing her out. Devon bumps into Hilary at the Athletic Club dining room. She needs to talk to him. At the apartment, Neil refuses Lily's help when she attempts to help him get seated on the sofa. When the doorbell rings, Neil tells her that he will get it. Jack and Kelly visit him to discuss business but Neil lets them know that he cannot see the designs, because he is blind. Jack and Kelly are both stunned by the news. Colin meets with Kurtz in the park to discuss the money that Colin owes them. Neil fills Jack and Kelly in on what happened to him at the house. When Nick reveals to Sharon that she had twins, she doesn’t believe him. Mariah lets Ian know that Sharon threw her out of the house. Ian defends Sharon’s actions. Ian starts to tell Mariah the truth but then has second thoughts. Kurtz issues his threats toward Jill. Cane walks up and wants to know what that was all about. Hilary and Devon arrive home to find Jack and Kelly there with Neil and Lily.

When Cane asks Colin what is going on, he refuses to tell him. Hilary announces that it's time to eat and helps Neil to the table. In trying to get some salad, Neil knocks the bowl off the table which unnerves everyone. Neil tells everyone about the renovations on the new house. Lily is surprised that Neil wants to still keep the house. Ian points out Mariah’s strong points to her, in order to lift her spirits. Mariah lets Ian know that things are over with Sharon. Nick tells Sharon all about Grace and Helen. Sharon realizes that she did indeed have twins and begins to regret what she did to Mariah. She vows to find her. Lily and Kelly leave Jack alone to talk to Neil. Neil lets Jack know that he has come to use his other senses since he is blind. Cane tries to get Colin to tell him what is going on, but he refuses to tell him. Devon receives a call from Jill concerning the remembrance for Katherine. Neil lets Devon know that he also is attending. Nick and Sharon arrive at the Athletic Club and ask Lily for help. Sharon and Nick are disappointed when they find out that Ian and Mariah are gone. Cane listens to Colin and Kurtz talk and realizes what is going on.

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