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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam to go ahead and toast the new bride. Liam, obviously, very annoyed marches past Hope and goes straight to Bill across the room and stands there as if to defy him. Bill says again that he can do this. Liam turns around but still can not say a word. Finally Wyatt speaks up and says he is glad he came…..everyone is. Rick says Wyatt and Hope were a huge success along with the diamond in Paris. Quinn says Hope is not wearing the diamond. Hope tells them no, she accepted it for the line not for herself and it is in Paris right now and will make the rounds in Europe before coming back to the boutique. Quinn makes a toast and says she hopes it brings as much success to her line as it did to her personal relationship. Brooke tells Hope again how happy she is for them and welcomes Wyatt into the family He gives her a kiss on the cheek. The other Logan sisters, Katie and Donna, come over also to congratulate them. They tell Wyatt he better be on his toes as they will be watching to see if he is the ideal husband. Hope thanks her mother for inviting Deacon. Brooke says she knew she would want him here. Hope goes toward Deacon and he welcomes Wyatt. He says he can’t believe he is just coming back into her life and now she goes and gets a husband. Hope tells him how much it means to have him here. A girl always needs her dad. He gives her a hug. Wyatt says he should go see his mother. Quinn tells them that she can go if it makes them uncomfortable. Hope says no, this is an entire family party, she is welcome. Quinn says she has been working very hard and she is going to be a great mother-in-law. Bill interrupts and tells them that Brooke wants to make a toast. As he walks off, Quinn touches him on the arm and says she won’t bite…. unless he wants her to. He lets her know that he is only tolerating her. With Liam looking on like a sick puppy, Brooke makes a glowing toast to the happy newlyweds. Ivy tells Liam that he has to tell Hope now. He looks at the happy couple beaming at each other and that pretty well seals the deal. Maya seeks out Rick a few times and asks how it is being alone with his wife away. Finally he tells her just because things did not work out with her and Carter doesn’t mean the rest of them are unhappy who they are with. Guess that told her off!

Wyatt comes up to Liam ad says their dad should not have put him on the spot like that, so he just wants to thank him for even coming. Wyatt says it is sort of a relief without all the back and forth and now that Hope is his wife he hopes Liam can accept it and someday even support it. Liam doesn’t say a word and Ivy doesn’t take her eye off of Liam. Wyatt asks everyone to raise their glasses again and he’d like to thank him for putting aside their differences today for them and how much that means to him. It has brought them all together and that is something that Hope is so good at. He gives a toast to Hope for choosing to spend a life with him. Again Liam and Ivy just glare. Hope says she wants to say this is exactly how she pictured starting her marriage with friends and family. Quinn catches Deacon looking at Brooke and sidles up to him and says he needs to put a stop to her and Bill right now. Katie tells Ridge that it looks like Brooke has forgiven Bill again. Maybe she wouldn’t if she knew Ridge could not draw anymore so he needs to tell her. Deacon finds Brooke in the kitchen and says he can’t believe she is still with Bill. She says it should not surprise him. They were almost married once and he is trying to change. Deacon says that is not true. There is something she needs to know. Bill is still hurting people that she loves. Brooke won’t listen until Deacon lays it on the line. Something happened more than Ridge just falling into the water. He can no longer draw. There won’t be any more designs. The greatest passion this man has in his life is completely gone. Carter asks Hope if she has any pictures. She says yes but they are upstairs on her phone. She will go get them. Ivy and Aly take this opportunity to corner a moping Liam and tells him now is his chance to find Hope alone. They will keep Wyatt occupied and distract him. Liam takes off upstairs like a bullet. Wyatt is a little suspicious or surprised when Aly and Ivy sit by him and want to hear everything about the photo shoot, the wedding and even the honeymoon. Hope picks up her phone and Liam walks in and closes the door. She turns around and says he should not be here. He grins and says she should not be married. Quinn tells Bill that she is so proud of her son and to think they created him years ago. Bill says and despite that he turned out all right. She says she does not have pink hearts coming out of her eyes but she does care for him and there is nothing she would not do for him. He tells her do not let this little family get together fool her, Brooke is the only woman for him so accept it. His life is with Brooke. Ridge finds Brooke still in the kitchen and asks if she is all right. She says not really. She just heard something ridiculous. She can not believe he lost his ability to design. He wants to know who told her that. She tears up when she realizes it is true and Bill took that away from him. Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t know why he can say that to her. She was there, she waited for him and he wasn’t there. So he really doesn’t get to tell her who she should marry. She says it was humiliating. When that clock struck 3 o’clock, she looked for him, she waited for him, she made excuses for him and she really didn’t expect to be let down like that. He thinks about it for a minute and finally says he was there. He was on the bridge and saw her. She says no, he was not there. He says he was there. He flew to Paris just as they planned to make her his wife. She shakes her head. She is dumbstruck.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady tried to no avail to get a specialist to help John.  Anne was ecstatic when she found out that Abby was EJís mistress.  Jennifer and Abby worked on a strategy to make Abby look better in the press.  Daniel went to Jenniferís house once he found out about Abbyís affair.  Sonny and Sami argued over Abby.  EJ and Will argued about his article.  EJ reminded Will that Lucas went to jail for a crime he committed.  EJ let Will know that he could still go to jail for shooting him.  Sonny tried to convince Sami that EJ seduced Abby.  Sami didnít want to hear what Sonny had to say in Abbyís defense.  Marlena arrived at the DiMera mansion as Sami told Sonny that Will was the only one who could have written the article because heís the only one who they would have talked to about everything.  Will wanted EJ to get out of his apartment.  The prosecutor tried to convince the judge to deny Kristen bail. Kristen wanted to speak in her defense.  Will continued to believe that Sami was the one that revealed Abbyís name to Zoe.  EJ reminded Will about everything Sami did for him.  Will said that EJ and Sami were the ones to blame for the article coming out.  If they hadnít told anyone, Will wouldnít have written it.  Kristen assured the judge that she wasnít a flight risk.

The judge set bail for Kristen at $1 million. Brady told Theresa that there was no hope for Johnís recovery.  Brady also told her about the annulment papers.  Marlena wanted to help Sami out.  EJ continued to warn Will about his story and how it would affect everyone.  EJ finally walked out of the apartment.  Marlena was there to listen to Sami for a while before she left the mansion.  Later on, Marlena went to Will to find out why he wrote the article. Will snapped at Marlena for questioning him.  EJ and Abby ran into each other at the town square.  They talked about the article.  Marlena wanted Will to explain why he wrote the article about Sami.  Will was upset that no one praised him for writing the article.  Kristen had an ankle monitor put on her.  Kristen knew where she wanted to go.  Anne went to Jenniferís house and they argued about the article.  Abby went to willís place to see him.  Sami realized that the board members are panicking over the article.  Sami asked EJ for his help.  Kristen found Brady in the park.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Ava shares with Julian their boss's edict that she kill Michael Corinthos. She admits she was wrong to want to know who the boss was in the first place. She finds it hard to believe that Luke Spencer would change so dramatically into a ruthless crime boss. Julian informs her that their boss might look like Luke, but he is not. He doesn't know his true identity. Ava is torn as to whether to hurt Kiki by eliminating her boyfriend or defy their boss and risk him killing her daughter in retaliation. She calls Kiki and invites her and Michael over for dinner.

Carly goes to Sonny's office to tell him again that they cannot have sex again or risk Franco spilling the beans to Michael about Sonny killing AJ. Sonny doesn't believe that Carly truly wants to be with Franco and urges her to admit she's wrong, but she sticks to her guns and pushes him off when he grabs and kisses her again. When she tries to leave, Sonny blocks her way and insists that she will end things with Franco.

Nina is not happy when Sam goes to Silas' home and reluctantly leaves them alone to pretend to go to Physical Therapy. At the hospital with Rosalie, she rants and raves about the injustice of her not having a child while Ava is having her second. When Nina tells her that Ava doesn't even know who her baby's father is, Rosalie recalls meeting one of the candidates in the park. Nina flies off the handle when her nurse suggests she may not be able to get pregnant but then realizes she can get a baby another way. Silas lets Sam take Rafe's phone to investigate who was calling him around the time of the car "accident."

At his home, Patrick confides in Sabrina the real reason Robin left her family. He doesn't think he's been a good friend to Sam by not telling her that Jason was alive. Sabrina counsels him not to hurt Sam by telling her that her husband was alive but is now dead. Sam arrives to tell Patrick that she has not found out yet who set Rafe up to running him and Sabrina off the road.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon pays Victor an unexpected visit to let him know that Mariah tried to seduce Nick, and it is all Victor’s fault for bringing her to town in the first place. Nick demands answers from the doctor who delivered Cassie. Billy visits Chelsea and finds out that she is leaving town for awhile to visit Forrester Creations in Los Angeles. Summer and Austin visit with Phyllis in Atlanta. Victor reminds Sharon that she is keeping a secret from Nick. Chelsea reminds Billy how much he still loves Victoria. Austin lets Phyllis know about his mother’s death and that he married Summer for all the wrong reasons. Summer is hurt by Austinís confession but he assures her that he does love her more than anything. Victor accuses Sharon of being crazy. The doctor reveals to Nick that Sharon was pregnant with twins.

Chelsea assures Billy that she will be back in a week or two or maybe longer. Austin tells Phyllis how much he loves Summer and how she has changed his life. Nick cannot believe his ears that Mariah is Sharon’s daughter. Nick opens the door and in walks an FBI agent. The doctor becomes upset because he thought that this was only between him and Nick. Nick admits he lied. Sharon realizes how she was used by Victor. Victor asserts that he will not stop until he finds out her secret. Sharon leaves his office in a huff. Nick goes home and finds both Sharon and Mariah gone. Sharon comes home and into Nick’s arms exclaiming how glad she is that he is home. When Nick asks about Mariah, Sharon says that they need to get her back.

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