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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon makes fun of the scribbles of Ridge; looks like the preschool down the street. Quinn says she took it out of his wastepaper basket herself. It’s junk and apparently Ridge has lost his ability to draw. He apparently is keeping a huge secret, but she doesn’t know why. She says there is a big story here and she and Deacon are going to find out what it is. He had panic all over his face, she can feel it. There is something he does not want anybody to know. She needs to gather some information. She knows Katie and Ridge are having lunch so they can go there and try to find out what is happening to Ridge. Over lunch, Katie asks why Quinn was even at the office. Ridge says she has been released from the facility; apparently she is cured now. He says he is struggling all because of Spencer. He can’t draw or create. Katie suggests he tell his dad or Brooke but Ridge doesn’t want them to know. At Brooke’s Bill says he obviously made a very bad call ordering Ridge from the helicopter. He acted impulsively but Ridge did sucker punch him and drug her away from their wedding so he had to do something. She says he went too far. He admits he did but everyone is back to normal now and he’d like for them to focus on their future. He adds that their son and daughter just got married. They will be family for life, so all this family unity..... come on what a life it will be! Even Wyatt and Liam will be fine. Hope will see to that. He laments that she has become an exceptional young lady and he has come to admire her. He promises to never hurt Hope or anyone else she cares about ever again. That includes Ridge; he will be his new best friend. She says he does not have to be his best friend; just respect him. Bill says Ridge will be Will’s step father some day and he will be RJ’s so the Spencer’s and Forrester’s will be one big happy family. He says he will be nice to all of them, they can even double date with Ridge and Katie. In a month’s time he will even play golf with Ridge and offer him a cocktail and invite him to his poker game. So just how long can old Grumpy hold a grudge. Life is pretty damn good. Brooke says except for Hope. She has a black widow for a mother-in-law. Bill says not to worry about her. She won’t bother them again. Bill says he has changed all because of Brooke. She makes him want to be a better man. It is going to be smooth sailing from now on. He asks her to stay on this incredible journey and she agrees to marry him.

At Liam’s, Ivy and Aly are bending Liam’s ear that Hope did not know he came to their special spot at the tower. She was waiting for him but he was late because of rescuing Ivy from the Seine. They both agree that he has to tell Hope. She needs to know that he was there. It will change everything. They relive the scene over and over that Liam thought he still had a chance to get to Hope even though late but the bottom line is she did not wait. Ivy says he was not that late and Aly says Hope should have had more faith in him. Liam says he should not have been so stubborn to let Hope go to Paris alone. But what he really can’t get is that she turned to Wyatt so quickly and married him the very same day. He trusted him and let him in. He says he takes full responsibility for this. He can’t blame it on his dad or Quinn this time; it is all on him. Aly says he can see Hope tomorrow at the party and explain. Ivy says he still loves Hope so she will explain. Do not give up on Hope. He can still get her back. He says Hope may already know that he was in Paris, so maybe it does not even matter. At some point enough is enough. His own father is telling him to leave Hope alone and he’s beginning to think he is right. Bill comes back to Brooke’s with this gigantic bottle of champagne. He tells her they are going to open it at Wyatt and Hope’s party and then focus on their own wedding. He tells Captain Marx to pull out all the stops; he and Brooke are going to tie the knot. Then he tells Brooke that he loves her and he will never hurt anyone again. She is too precious to him. Katie tells Ridge that she hates he is going through this alone. Bill is getting off scott free as if nothing ever happened. Quinn, disguised in a big black hat and sunglasses is with Deacon and they manage to get a seat with her back to Ridge and she only hopes he will be a bit chatty. They overhear Ridge say that he can’t draw or design. Spencer took that all away from him. Katie says all the more reason that Brooke needs to know what Bill has done and it wasn’t just a dunk in the ocean. Ridge says no; this must be kept between the two of them. Quinn looks in triumph at Deacon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer demanded that Eve take the last offer on the table before the case started.  Eric and Kristen ran into each other at the courthouse.  Kristenís lawyer advised her to leave the court and not listen to the case.  Kristen wanted to hear what he had to say.  Aiden explained some of the terms of the settlement to Eve.  Eveís attorney advised her to take it.  Kristen walked in the courtroom just as Eric said that she raped him.  Jennifer didnít want Eve to badmouth Jack in any way.  Eve finally agreed to Jenniferís terms.

Jennifer told JJ that the case with Eve was finished.  Eve told Theresa that she took a bad settlement.  The prosecutor questioned Eric about what Kristen did to him.  The judge asked Kristen if she wanted to speak in her defense.  Kristen said no.  Eve continued to rant to Theresa about how she was ripped off.  She was determined to get JJ out of the picture.  Willís article was finally online.  Eric went to see Brady and saw Nicole at the mansion. The judge read all of the charges against Kristen.  Kristen pled not guilty to all of the charges against her.  The judge wanted to set bail for Kristen.  The prosecutor wanted bail to be denied.  The judge wanted to talk about it.  Kristen had a smug look on her face after the judge made his decision. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy still has loyalty and no suspicion of the man she believes is Luke although Ned, Michael, and all the others are determined to stop at nothing to prevent them from having power at ELQ and Michael is onto her plan and has fired her. Sonny has slept with Carly and is secretly hiding in her bedroom. Franco is suspicious when he comes home although he finds nothing. Bobbie is able to convince him that he is being paranoid and that her daughter would never cheat on him with Sonny. He is then convinced of that and apologizes for thinking the worst of Carly.

Kiki and Ava are bonding and getting along after a long time of separation. However, when Ava talks to the Luke lookalike (hers' and Julian's boss), he tells her in order to make herself useful to him, she needs to kill Michael Corinthos as he is a major problem for him and for Tracy. Hearing that, she is shocked, stunned and afraid for the first time.

Shawn and Jordan are together yet neither is trusting the other enough to reveal what their respective plans are. He believes he is doing nothing wrong working for Sonny yet has concerns believing she is helping Julian and his boss and that she's peddling drugs. She does not reveal to him what she is really doing and tells him she will make her own decisions as to what is right for her with her career and her family.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul and Christine arrive at the courthouse for Austinís trial amidst the group of reporters and their questions. Avery and Dylan argue over the fact that she is defending Austin after what he tried to do to her. Summer helps Austin get ready for his trial. Victor is on the phone outside of Summer and Austinís door when Jack arrives. Lily readies Neilís apartment for his return home. Ben sits beside Victoriaís bed when Billy arrives. Ben soon leaves but not before Victoria can thank him for helping her. Jack accuses Victor of trying to sabotage Summer and Austinís happiness. Jack and Victor visit Summer and Austin. Victor stands by Austin. Austin receives a call and goes to take it while Summer and Jack talk. Dylan reminds Avery of Austin trying to kill her. Nikki gets a call about Victoria and leaves. Victoria lets Billy know how scared she was over the baby. Billy reminds her that this is her baby. Victoria asks him if he'll still love this baby even if it isnít his. Ben meets with Kelly at the Athletic Club and tells her that his medical license will probably be revoked. Ben also tells her about Victoriaís possible miscarriage.

Kelly offers Ben hope about Victoria and her baby. Kelly encourages Ben to fight for Victoria. Victor and Billy have a confrontation outside Victoriaís hospital room. At the courthouse, Paul tells Dylan about Nikki and Victoria. Austin apologizes to Paul and asks him for his forgiveness. Paul begins to have second thoughts about testifying against Austin. Christine and Dylan both remind Paul what Austin did to him, but Paul still wants to give Austin another chance. Lily is upset over Neil and his treatment of her and how Hilary was manipulating him. Hilary lets Devon know that she will stand by Neil. This unnerves Devon and he leaves. At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Devon start to have a talk, but Victor interrupts them. Devon makes up a lie as to what they were talking about. The charges against Austin are dropped. Jack informs Kelly of the outcome of the trial. Avery and Dylan argue over the fact that she got the charges against Austin dropped. Avery gets a call concerning Phyllis.

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