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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge sits at his desk at FC but is still unable to sketch. He laments to Katie that it is in his head but his hand won’t cooperate. Katie tells him that drawing isn’t all that he is and it will come back with every bad sketch he makes. Brooke calls to see if he has anything for her for the buyers. He says he does not do graphics. He’s the designer. And it’s quiet now so she does not have to come in today. Deacon tells Quinn that she can try but he’s not going to knock Bill out and drag him here. She says she did not ask them that. He won’t have to dirty his hands; someone else will do all the lifting. Ridge will do it for free. She asks if he ever gets tired of being homeless or jobless. Surely he wants a real life. He’s a sad case. They are the missing link to what Ridge wants to make a happy family. Deacon shows up at Brooke’s. Reluctantly she says there is something they need to talk about so she allows him in. She tells him that she and Bill are planning a dinner party for the wedding couple…..and as father of the groom Deacon will be invited. She is just asking him to be respectful of Bill. She brushes off his advances. He tries to guilt her by throwing Hope into the mix of how she would feel if Brooke chose him and not Bill. He says he remembers everything about her even the way her hair smelled so don’t blame him for not getting over her.

Quinn shows up at FC as Pam, Charlie, Oliver and Aly are creating a medieval song. Pam tries to stop her but Quinn but she says she is there to see Ridge and brushes past her. She startles Ridge and he says he is calling security who will want to talk to her. She assures him that she is not here to cause trouble or even ask for her job back. Quickly she says she is in a facility and now as an outpatient and her doctor suggested she make amends with those she hurt previously. And certainly while it wasn’t planned, none more so than Ridge. She spies a bottle of pills on his desk. He notices her looking and quickly puts them away. He asks her who in the hell does she think she is. She is annoying him and trying to get into his head, taking up his time. She picks up some crumpled up, thrown out papers and Ridge snaps at her to leave that alone. Pam comes in and reminds Ridge that he needs to meet Katie for lunch. Charlie says he will show Quinn out the door. She leaves but then remembers she left her purse and needs to go back. Without Charlie seeing her, she grabs her purse and bends to pick some papers out of the wastepaper basket. Ridge meets Katie for lunch. He tells her about Quinn so that’s why the murderous look on his face. He thinks Quinn really wants him to muscle Bill out of Brooke’s life again. They touch upon his sketching and he says he is a designer and this is only temporary; he will design again. Quinn goes back to the loft and tells Deacon these are baby steps. This is a joint venture and they both have something to win and something to lose. Quinn says she does not exactly know what was going on but Ridge was a mess. He had pills and he was sweating and he had designs thrown all over the place, mainly in the wastepaper basket. She unravels the papers and smiles. This is pathetic. He’s lost it; the world’s most famous designer and he can not draw anymore!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige thought that Eve talked Theresa into talking to her about JJ.  Paige also told Eve about the call she received from Stanford.  Paige thought Eve had something to do with that too.  Eve admitted that she called Stanford for Paige.  Paige told Eve she was staying in Salem for her and not JJ.  Hope and Aiden talked briefly about her thinking that something more was happening between him and Jennifer.  Hope thought that Aiden purposely allowed her to think that something was happening between them.  They talked everything out and they became uncomfortable and walked away from each other. Nicole arrived at the station to give Kristen a piece of her mind.

Brady talked to Victor and Maggie about wanting to go after Kristen.  Aiden met with Jennifer and told her that Hope thought they were more than friends.  They talked about that a little bit more before they started talking about the case.  Maggie showed up and they stopped talking.  Eve tried to call Stanford again, but admissions would only talk to Paige.  Nicole recapped what Kristen did to Eric.  Kristen reminded Nicole that she was the reason he wasn’t cleared sooner.  Eve’s lawyer called her and said he needed more money.  Maggie told Jennifer that she and Victor would pay Eve the majority of the money.  Jennifer wanted an insurance policy.  Kristen’s lawyer and a cop interrupted Kristen and Nicole’s argument.  Jennifer and Aiden went to Eve with a settlement that she had to agree right away.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alice wakes up and thanks the Quartermaines for helping her. Alice tells Michael about Luke and Tracy’s plot to take over ELQ. Michael fires Tracy. Tracy says she is going to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Michael invites her to do so. Olivia finds Ned at the hospital under the pretense of checking on Alice. She tells Ned that she told Sonny that she was pretending to be with him so he is off the hook. Ned doesn’t want to be off the hook and asks her out. Rosalie finds Silas, frantically telling him that she can’t find Nina. He tells her that Nina is stuck in an elevator. Nina and Franco are released from the elevator. Silas tells Rosalie that if she makes one more snarky comment, he is going to fire her. Morgan runs into Rosalie. She reveals that she is in trouble with her boss. She tells him that she is going to get the last laugh. He wonders what she has up her sleeve. She changes the subject and asks about his friend in the hospital. He tells her that Alice got a new heart and is fine. She asks him about Ava and Sonny. He says it is still difficult but he is beginning to believe that they will get through it. He asks her how things are between her father and her, recalling that when she hit him in the head with her phone, she said she threw her phone after an argument with her father. She says she doesn’t want to talk about her father, but she’d like to talk about other things if he’d like to go out for a drink with her.

Kiki visits Ava for her birthday. She is surprised that Ava is living with Julian after she had been living with Sonny to be protected from Julian. Ava says even the worst families come together when they need to. Kiki says she just observed that with the Quartermaines. Kiki tells her mother that things are better than ever between Michael and her, but she is living with Morgan as roommates. Ava says she wasn’t aware that Kiki was unhappy at her father’s house. Kiki throws Ava for a loop when she reveals that Silas’ wife moved into the apartment with them. Kiki says Silas and Sam broke up. She says that in her observation. Nina wants to be back together with Silas. Kiki says Nina told her that he is over Ava’s affair with Silas that produced her. Ava laughs and tells Kiki that there is truth to the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Silas hears Franco telling Nina that he will not tell Silas her secret. Silas asks Nina what the secret is. Her cover story is that she has been skipping her physical therapy classes to take art therapy classes to deal with deep seated issues about her lost life. She admits that she isn’t dealing with her situation as well as she pretends to. He wants to help her get through it. He tells her that they will figure out a way for her to do both physical and art therapy.

Carly and Sonny make love in her bed. Carly feels guilty about being a liar and a cheater. Sonny says he doesn’t feel badly about what happened. Franco arrives home and yells for Carly, saying they need to talk. Carly tells Sonny that he has to hide, but he refuses. Carly tells Sonny that if Franco sees him, he will go straight to Michael and the police and tell them that he killed AJ. Franco sees the candles and wine glasses on the table. Carly comes downstairs and tries to hug him. He holds her at arm’s length and tells her that he knows what happened between Sonny and her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael and Lauren finally find alone-time, but they find it hard to make love so they just stay in bed cuddling until they have to return to work. Billy takes Neil's place at a meeting for Chelsea's clothing line, and she explains to him her creative process for her designs. Victoria has pain and thinks she is losing the baby but everything is okay and she is kept overnight for observation. Stitch calls Billy to tell him about Victoria's scare because he thinks Victoria needs Billy's support.

Sharon finds Mariah in a sexy nightgown waiting for Nick. After a heated agreement between her and Mariah, Sharon throws her out of the house and tells her that she doesn't want to see her again. Nick talks to Sharon's former best friend Grace who tells him that the nurse that helped with Cassie's delivery was Helen, who made sure the delivery was quick and wouldn't let anyone, not even Sharon see the baby. Nick leaves a message for Sharon that he has to go out of town on urgent business.

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