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The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/18/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn holds the gun on Deacon and tells him that he is making a serious mistake by threatening her and listening to a message from the grave that he pieced together. He says he wants her nowhere close to his daughter. She calls his suspicions absurd and says she and Ricardo go way back and she would never hurt him. He takes umbrage of her calling him a moron as she is the one holding the gun and acting crazy. She puts it down and says she’d really rather work with him not against him. She would never do something to jeopardize Wyatt and the diamond. They argue back and forth. He thinks she has an answer for everything. She interjects that if she could get Brooke for him who he has been pining away for years, that would make them allies. He thinks about that.

Bill tells Liam that things are different now. The competition is over; wedding vows have been exchanged and Wyatt and Hope are honeymooning on his yacht. Liam says Hope was there. He saw her but fate or someone intervened, so Wyatt was there. Bill says yes that is who Wyatt is, and Liam isn’t. Liam says he gets it, lesson learned. Bill says Brooke wants Hope happy and he knows Liam too would have made her happy if things had turned out differently. On the yacht, Hope and Wyatt sip champagne to their good future and stroll along the deck, and kiss….and kiss….and kiss. Quinn pours a drink and joins Deacon and says it is now or never. They can make this happen. They will be in-laws. Deacon covers his ears. She belongs with Bill and his adrenaline and Deacon belongs with Brooke. They can toast to that. He says that was a good speech but a big IF. She says Bill has major temper management so they need to work on that. They can both have what they want and she is offering him that chance. She tells him to delete that video and all the copies. It is dangerous. They could be a formidable team but they have to act now. Bill says there are no do-overs. Liam is not to mention Paris to Hope. He is expected to accept this marriage and move on with his life. Bill is even going to throw them a party. Liam adamantly says no. Bill says yes there has to be peace in the family. This IS the way it is going to be. Hope thinks back to the Liam no show and Wyatt coming along and sitting with her on the park bench. Without a word, she takes his hand and follows. Alone Liam flashes back to happy times with Hope as he packs up all her pictures to put away. His eyes tear up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ walked up on Sami and Kate while they were talking.  Kate thought EJ was going to represent Kristen, but he said he wasnít helping her.  EJ told Kate that he hoped that she gave what he said some thought.  After EJ left, Sami wanted to know what he meant.  Kate told her that Stefano was going to have them killed.  Eve wanted Theresa to stir up trouble for Paige and JJ or she was going to the police about what she knew about John.  Kate tried to downplay Stefanoís threat against her and Sami.  Sami told Kate that a scathing article was written about them.  Sonny told Will that he should have thought about what he did before writing the article.  Will was upset that Sonny didnít back him on the article.  Theresa went to see Paige.  Will apologized for getting upset with Sonny over the article.  Kate wanted to try to stop the article from coming out.  Kate wanted to make the author pay for writing it.  Sami told Kate that Will wrote the article.

Theresa made it seem as if she was happy that Paige and JJ were together.  EJ saw Abby and Ben kissing.  They wanted to leave, but EJ wanted to talk to Abby.  Sami explained to Kate why Will wrote the article about them.  Kate and Sami prepared to do damage control.  Kate warned Sami that Stefano will get someone to kill them if heís humiliated.  EJ told Ben that what happened wasnít Abbyís fault.  EJ wanted to be able to be around them without things being awkward between them.  Sami gave a board member a headís up about the article.  The board member hoped that Sami and EJ reconciled because it would be easier to deal with if they were back together.  Sami lied and said they did reconcile.  Kate went to Willís apartment to talk about the article.  Kate couldnít believe that Will would be deceitful.  Will informed her that he learned from Kate, Sami, and Lucas on how to be deceitful.  Will apologized for Kate being involved in his article.  EJ arrived back at the mansion and noticed Sami acting strangely.  He wanted to talk about it, but she didnít.  Sami hoped that the article didnít ruin things for them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felicia and Lucy take Mac to the hospital to have his gunshot wound treated. They tell Elizabeth what happened. Elizabeth thinks they should call Nikolas and tell him that his sister has been kidnapped. Britt kisses Nikolas. He admits that he still loves her, but also admits that there might be something brewing between Elizabeth and him. She says she doesn’t care about that; she wants to sleep with him, no strings attached. Elizabeth calls and interrupts them.

The Coast Guard works with the PCPC to locate Levi. Dante and Nathan find Captain Quint, the same charter boat owner who was going to transport Heather Webber when she was a fugitive, but his boat is gone. He says they threw him overboard and headed northwest – towards Canada. The Coast Guard liaison relays a message from a plane that they spotted the boat, but that it was sinking. Mac calls Anna. She tells him that the boat sank. He relays the information to Felicia and Lulu. Levi and Scribner take the women to a cabin.

Franco badgers Nina until she blurts out that she saw Sonny and Carly kissing. Franco starts punching the elevator door repeatedly. Nina stands up to stop him. He asks her why she wants everyone to think she needs a wheelchair. She doesn’t want to say and asks him not to tell anyone. He says he doesn’t have anyone to tell anyway. He says he is going to murder Sonny. Nina suggests that he talk to Carly instead because if he does something to Sonny, Sonny’s men will kill him before Sonny’s soul leaves his body. The elevator doors open; the repairman has fixed it. At Carly’s house, Sonny tells Carly that he is going to save her from herself. She tells him to respect her decisions. He says he wants to be more than friends. She tells him that she is immune to him. He kisses her. She tells him that she can’t let those impulses mean anything because she is with Franco. She tells him to go, then asks him to stay. She kisses him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, standing vigil over Neil, Hilary and Devon discuss Hilary wanting to tell Neil that she was going to leave him for Devon. Brian visits Neil in his hospital room to help him to cope with his blindness. Neil insists that he doesn’t need any help. Abby and Victoria are having lunch at the rooftop pool when Victoria comes face to face with Ben. Victoria tells him that she asked Abby to be her coach in the delivery room and she is back at work with Victor. In the park, Chelsea and Billy discuss her designs. They discuss Connor getting a soccer ball for his birthday. Sharon tells Nick that she has a meeting at Jabot and leaves him alone with Mariah. Mariah goes downstairs shortly after Sharon leaves. In watching Mariah, Nick has a flashback of Cassie. Mariah asks Nick what is going on, but he refuses to tell her. Abby reminds Ben that he is a murderer and that is why Jenna left him and went half way around the world. Neil insists to Brian that he doesn’t need a seeing-eye dog nor does he need any therapy. Billy lets Chelsea know about his new line of eye shadow for Jabot. Billy start to kiss Chelsea when Victoria walks up.

A nurse at the hospital mistakes Hilary and Devon as husband and wife. Brian insists to Neil that he needs help and asks him where his cell phone is. Sharon goes home and lets Nick know that the meeting was cancelled because Neil was hurt. Sharon notices the pictures on the table and asks Nick if he was thinking about Cassie. Sharon tells Nick that she had a talk with Mariah and somehow they bonded. Sharon notices that Nick is preoccupied and wonders what is going on, but he refuses to tell her. Abby reminds Ben that he's been lying to Victoria all along. She advises him to walk away from Victoria, but Ben refuses. Victoria lets Billy know that she is once again working for Victor. While visiting Neil, Devon makes up a story about what Hilary was going to tell him about her missing engagement ring going down the drain but the plumber got it out. Neil kisses Hilaryís hand. Devon watches as Hilary helps Neil get dressed. Victoria watches as Billy walks away with Chelsea. At home, Mariah hears a noise in the kitchen and thinks it's Nick. She goes downstairs scantily dressed and finds Sharon there. Victoria begins to have pains.

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