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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thanks to Rick’s generosity, Liam flies home with Ivy on the Forrester jet. He pulls a little pity party about not getting to Hope in time but it really wasn’t up to her to call him as she made the date and when he didn’t show, she thought it was over. And his own dad never thought Hope was good enough to be Mrs. Liam Spencer. There was always someone like Bill or Steffy in the way. He says Hope is now married to his brother and he has to move forward. He can’t keep chasing her to Hawaii, down the Emerald Coast and now Paris. Someday he will meet somebody. Ivy takes his hand and says it might not seem like it now but he is a good guy and the good guys always win out in the end. Quinn comes home to find Deacon on the laptop listening to the Ricardo video again. They cat and mouse with questions and she plays innocent that she knows anything other than Wyatt married Hope, something she always knew would happen. She missed the ceremony but she bets it was beautiful. She vows to make the best mother-in- law ever, very supportive. Deacon tells her of his little visit from the Mexican police and they are investigating that it might have been murder. And he thinks they will eventually want to talk to Quinn. She calls Deacon a con man and he says he has changed. She says so has she and he can not pin anything on her. Ricardo gave the diamond to Wyatt, simple as that. Deacon says she is pretty but she is also a lunatic and he just wonders what a person would do and how far they would go to get exactly what they want. He calls her a murderer. She laughs it off and calls him crazy.

Bill comes to see Brooke and asks if she has heard from Hope. She says no and asks if he has heard from Wyatt. He says no but he’s on his honeymoon. He’s planning him a party when he returns. Then he thinks he and Brooke should go get married. Their kids taught them a lesson. You can not sit around and take things for granted. He tells her that he will never let Quinn become between them again. Deacon shows Quinn the Ricardo video and focuses on certain words – Quintessence, mother of all diamonds, she’s yours, Fuller, captive, I’m at her mercy. Quinn accuses Deacon of fiddling with the video and making it say what he wanted. She asks what he is going to do, finger her as the murderer in this senseless case. He says if he has to he will make sure the police, Bill, even Wyatt, everybody will know what she has done. He will see to it that she goes away for a long, long time. With his back turned, Quinn goes to the box and pulls out a gun and points it at Deacon. She says he is a little too “sharp” for his own good.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ warned Kate that she and Sami would have nothing once Stefano gets them.  Kate didnít seem too worried about Stefano.  Sami found out that Will wrote an article about her.  Sami was happy at first, but was shocked when she read the article.  Clyde intended to get Kateís help to start his business in Salem.  EJ continued to warn Kate to back off.  Sami couldnít believe Will wrote the article about her.  Sami wanted to bribe the editor not to publish it.  The editor wanted to give Sami a chance to give her comments before she published the article.  Kate believed that Stefano would be pleased about what she and Sami did because it was good business.  Sami showed up at Willís apartment and thought Sonny was the reason Will wrote the article.

Sami told Sonny about reading the article.  Will told Sami that Sonny tried to talk him out of writing it.  Ben went to see Clyde to warn him to stay away from Abby.  EJ let Kate know that the companyís investors werenít happy with Kate and Sami.  Sami didnít realize that Will hated her so much that he could write a scathing article about her.  Clyde didnít appreciate being threatened by Ben.  Ben informed Clyde that he wasnít threatening him, but wanted him to stay away from Abby.  Will let Sami know that he didnít hate her.  Will explained that he tried to stop Sami from going after Abby, but she wouldnít listen.  Will thought Sami was playing the victim since she found out about EJ and Abby.  Will thought that Sami should talk to Marlena about her feelings.  Sami didnít want to do that.  She asked Will if a cover story was worth throwing his mother under the bus.  EJ saw Rafe at the pub and sat down to talk to him.  EJ asked Rafe if he broke up with Jordan because of Sami. Will said it wasnít easy for him to write the article about Sami, but people needed to know the truth.  Ben warned Clyde again to stay away from Abby.  Clyde wanted Ben and Jordan to give him a chance to prove that heís changed.  Sami let Will know that she did anything for him and he threw it back in her face.  Sami told Will that he would regret writing the article about her.  Willís editor wanted to change his article.  She wanted Abbyís name added as EJís mistress.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt goes to Nikolas' house because Brad is having company at the apartment. Spencer is thrilled to see her and asks if she and his dad are back together. He tells him no. Privately, Spencer tells her to take advantage of her alone time with his dad. When Spencer goes to bed, Britt kisses Nikolas. Elizabeth vents to Epiphany about Britt. She admits that she is hot for Nikolas. Epiphany encourages Elizabeth to go to Wyndemere and jump on Nikolas. Elizabeth isn’t going to embarrass herself in the middle of the night. The topic turns to Epiphany’s attraction to Milo. Meanwhile, Milo confides to Felix that he has a crush on Epiphany Johnson. Felix tells Milo that he wants to feel the same way and that their conversation made him realize that he shouldn’t compromise his standards while waiting until he meets the right person. He tells Milo to go find Epiphany and tell her how he feels. Milo says any guy would be lucky to have Felix. Lucas arrives at Brad’s place and says Felix is delayed. After they talk awhile, Brad concludes that Lucas doesn’t think he is good enough to have a relationship with, but he is good enough to use for sex to help loosen up Felix. Lucas says he would never use Brad as a prop. He reveals that when he told Brad and Felix that he had made his choice, he had already chosen Brad. Felix calls Brad and tells him that he isn’t coming and that Brad and Lucas should go ahead without him. They comply. Milo finds Epiphany and asks her to go out with him. She accepts.

Franco calls Carly and tells her that he is stuck in an elevator at General Hospital with Nina. Sonny delivers the pizza that Carly had ordered for Franco and herself. Carly asks Sonny if he showed up at her door to antagonize her boyfriend. He observes that Franco isn’t there and sweet talks her into letting him stay and eat the pizza with her. He tells her that Olivia made it clear that they can only be friends and that they should both move on. She tells him not to even think about trying to move on with her. He tells her that he knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what he wanted when he showed up at her door.

Nina has a tantrum in the elevator and confides to Franco that she was planning to get pregnant tonight. She says she feels like she was cheated out of her life and that every day when she wakes up she thinks about the baby that was stolen from her. Franco says he almost understands how she feels and explains that Ava Jerome led him to believe for 20 years that Kiki was his daughter. Nina says she knows that Kiki is Silas' daughter and that Ava Jerome is going to get what’s coming to her. Franco asks her if she is talking about karma or revenge. He says Sonny Corinthos might get Ava first. He tells her that Sonny won’t hurt Ava right now because she is pregnant with either his child or his grandchild. Nina says Ava and Sonny sure get around. Franco wonders what she means by that. He badgers her until she blurts out that she saw Sonny and Carly kissing.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Chris and Paul return from their vacation. Paul wants a relationship with Dylan but he says he isn't ready. Kelly is relieved when Jack comes home to say he said goodbye to Phyllis. Avery is not happy to see Jack kissing Kelly. Leslie asks Avery to write a letter on Austin's behalf but Dylan doesn't like the idea. Summer and Austin share a romantic evening.

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