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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam contemplates what just happened. He laments to Ivy that he was there, late, but there yet Hope married Wyatt. He is not sure how that happened. He doesn’t understand but he should have been smarter and known. This is all on him. Ivy says he has every reason to be upset at Hope and Wyatt but it isn’t his fault. He says he should be Hope’s husband, not Wyatt. He had the most phenomenal girl right there but lost her….maybe because of the diamond. A Mexican police lieutenant knocks on the warehouse door and speaks with Deacon. He says he is there to talk to Wyatt Fuller about the death of Ricardo. Deacon invites him in and asks a few questions of why a death would be investigated. The lieutenant says Ricardo was poisoned by arsenic that is associated with certain gemstones. Ricardo was a seasoned gemologist so it’s highly doubtful he accidentally poisoned himself. They think someone else was involved. He admits that neither Wyatt nor Quinn is known to have been in Mexico at the time. But Wyatt did receive the diamond so Deacon can surely see why they need to cover all bases. He will be back to see Wyatt later. Deacon thoroughly searches the loft and finally uncovers the laptop and the video Ricardo made for Wyatt when he left him the diamond. Viola, Deacon thinks he has something that it would be on Quinn’s computer.

Oliver gives Aly some flowers and they are cooing to each other when Pam and Charlie break in to give her the bad news. Hope got married all right but not to Liam, it was Wyatt. Aly says it was always Hope and Liam but circumstances kept them apart. Charlie says maybe it was just meant to be as the diamond always wins. Aly says the diamond is a curse. Pam says like it or not looks like Hope moved on and Liam will have to too. Liam roams the streets and has flashbacks of he and Hope in happier times. Ivy finds him and says his chivalry saved her so do not find fault in that. She wants to thank him again. She kisses him. He’s shocked and a little embarrassed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told Brady that Kristen was back in town and he wanted to have it out with her.  Sami though EJ was helping Kristen with her case and was livid.  EJ wanted to tell her that he wasnít helping her.  Sonny asked Will if it was a good idea to blindside Sami with his article.  Will thought Sami deserved it because of the way she treated Abby.  EJ told Sami that he refused to help Kristen and wanted to work with the prosecution to bring Kristen down.  It didnít help Sami warm up to him.  Rafe met with Kate at the pub and talked about Jordan.  Brady arrived at the station and demanded to see Kristen.  Kristen called Stefano to help her.  Kristen told Stefano how Daniel is the reason why sheís back in Salem.  She also told Stefano how EJ betrayed her and that she was going to get revenge on him.  EJ wanted to work things out with Sami.  EJ believed that the companyís investors would find out that they split up if he moved out.  Will hoped that his article would be a wakeup call for Sami. 

Rafe assured Kate that whatever happened with Jordan wouldnít be her fault.  A police officer threatened to arrest Brady if he continued to see Kristen.  Clyde saw Kate at the pub and they talked about how she met him.  She didnít want Clyde to tell how she was the reason he was in Salem.  Later on Clyde met with somebody who brought a truck to Salem so they could continue with business.  Clyde knew who would help him get his business going.  Sami met with Willís editor and found out that an article was written about her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Levi holds Maxie hostage. Agent Scribner reveals himself as Levi’s accomplice and takes Lulu hostage. Dante tells them to take the jewels and go, but leave the women. Levi says he isn’t going to risk being followed. Felicia points out that she gave him the jewels willingly so no crime was committed; therefore, the police have no reason to go after them. Mac demands that they let the girls go. Levi shoots Mac. Levi and Scribner leave with their hostages.

Carly remembers Sonny’s kiss. She receives a text from Franco saying no one will come between them and feels guilty. Olivia stops by Carly’s house to apologize for going off on her in the restaurant the other day. She says she and Sonny called a truce but that they are never getting back together. She predicts that Sonny and Carly will get back together. Sonny thinks about kissing Carly. Milo tells Sonny that things haven’t been going so well for him since he left the organization. Sonny offers Milo his old job back. Milo says his love life is even more abysmal. He says he has fallen for someone that his father won’t approve of. Sonny advises Milo not to let anyone come between him and what makes him happy. He advises Milo to confess his feelings to the woman and not to worry about his father. Milo gets a call to deliver a pizza to Carly as one of his side jobs. Sonny convinces Milo to let him make the delivery.

Obrecht formally introduces herself to Nina. Nina says she is aware that Obrecht is her aunt and that she is aware of her misdeeds. Obrecht says at least she didn’t poison her child to kill her grandchild the way Magda/Madeline did to Nina. She confronts Nina about her deceptions about attending physical therapy. Franco happens by and takes the blame, saying he has been doing art therapy with her while she should have been in physical therapy. Obrecht says it is wonderful that Nina is participating in art therapy but that she must also attend physical therapy if she expects to get better. Franco and Nina get stuck in the elevator. When they ring the emergency bell, Obrecht informs them that they will be stuck for the night.

Lucas asks both Brad and Felix if they are free tonight to hang out. Unfortunately, they can’t hang out at Carly’s house, Sabrina is expected back at Felix’s place, and Britt is staying with Brad. Lucas suggests getting a room at the Metro Court, but Felix observes that Carly will find out about it. Brad says he will make sure Britt doesn’t come home so they can hang out at his place. Britt joins Elizabeth and Nikolas at Kelly’s and dominates the conversation. Elizabeth accidentally-on-purpose knocks over Britt’s shake into her lap. While Britt goes to the bathroom to clean up, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he is getting sick of her and Britt’s bickering. She asks him to ditch Britt so they can talk privately. After a desperate call from her daughter, Obrecht calls Elizabeth into work, leaving Britt alone with Nikolas. Britt tells Nikolas that Brad wants the apartment to himself so she needs to find a hotel for the night. He offers her a room at Wyndemere until Spencer goes back to school. Lucas texts Carly to let her know that he is spending the night out. When Lucas arrives at Brad’s, he relays Felix’s message that he is running late. Felix is stuck at the hospital trying to find a working elevator. An elevator opens and Milo gets out. Carly calls Franco and tells him that they have the run of the house. He tells her that he is stuck in an elevator with Nina at General Hospital. Carly answers the door to the pizza delivery and finds Sonny holding the pizza and smiling.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Christine try to enjoy their honeymoon but continue to argue about Nikki and what Christine thinks is her constant need to lean on Paul instead of Victor for support. Paul and Christine's honeymoon is interrupted by a reporter who wants to ask Paul questions about the tabloid article. Paul and Christine decide its time to go home and get back to reality. Victor tells the tabloid publisher that he will make sure his paper is shut down if he keeps printing stories about Nikki. Nikki struggles to hang on to her sobriety and almost takes a drink, but Victor walks in and wonders what she is doing with the glass of vodka he poured for himself.

Nick worries that Sharon is getting too close to Mariah and is using her to replace Cassie. Nick tries to find out more information about Mariah's family by casually asking her questions and pretending that he trusts her. Sharon goes to Cassie's grave to remember her and tell her about Mariah. Sharon tells Cassie that Mariah could never replace her but she wants to make sure that Mariah has the future she would have had if she had lived. Hilary feels guilty about Neil's accident and puts an end to her romantic relationship with Devon and tells him that she is going to be with Neil. Dr. Shelby consults with an eye specialist and tells the Winters family that Neil's blindness could be permanent.

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