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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt faces Hope and asks her to look at what this diamond has done and what it continues to do as the biggest story in the fashion business. What is greater, though, is what it is doing for them. Just look into the stone and she can see the future for them. He wants her to marry him right now. The Captain can do it right here. Liam checks in with Ivy who says her room is nice. He thanks her for sticking around. And he says his phone is still dead. But he tried to call Hope from a landline and she was still not answering. He hates to think of her just standing there waiting and waiting for him. She says he would have made it if someone hadn’t pushed her in the water, so she will explain that to Hope. Liam hopes so as Hope will think it was all over since that was their agreement. So he just has to find her. Deacon returns to Brooke’s office and says he hates to be a pest but he just heard from Wyatt. Hope and Wyatt are moving on so it sounds like the big blue rock is doing it’s trick and Hope may have left Liam. Wyatt tells Hope that Liam sent her a message loud and clear at the Eiffel Tower when he was a no show. Now Wyatt is sending her one of his own with no pain attached. He wants a life with her. He wants to give her what she’s never had, a partnership with no conditions, no vacillations or neuroses. He wants her to marry him right now in this moment. He knows it is crazy impulsive but this is a floating chapel. He tells her and it wasn’t just the diamond. It was him and her and her message. She was loved by the world in Paris. Even Liam could see that and that is why he didn’t show. This is their moment and she can put all of that behind her….embark on a future that will not disappoint her he promises. All she has to do is say one word. She says yes. Brooke tells Deacon that she has seen him twice today. He says when it comes to her, it’s not enough. He tells her to relax, Hope is a big girl and she has two guys chasing after her. Bill calls and wants to come over. She says no, just tell her on the phone. He says his son and her daughter are getting married. She thinks he means Liam but he says no, it’s Wyatt. He knows it will be difficult for Liam but he will have to find someone else. Brooke tells Deacon who is getting married. He sees her look and says Wyatt is a great kid; he made it on his own. And just think about the diamond he gave her. They are gonna be fine together. Wyatt is slick but he loves her. He’ll treat her well just like Deacon would Brooke. He tells her the two of them made the most beautiful thing in his life. He says the fact that she went back to Ridge was a mistake and just forget about Spencer. He says he can be the guy she would be proud of. Their daughter is married now and it would be great for her to come home and see her parents together. A guy can dream and he has been dreaming of her for a very long time.

Captain Marx calls Bill and says his son has requested the yacht for a week and he assumes it is all right with him. Bill says yes Wyatt has cleared it with him and he thanks the captain for getting the boat ready so quickly. Captain Marx says it was needed as there is going to be a wedding. Liam still chases around trying to get Hope on the phone. He says again he must find her as he knows he blew her off or that is what it will look like to her. This will give her the ammunition she needs. Before they head out, Bill calls. Liam says they were just leaving to find Hope. Bill says that she is not in Paris. She is in Monte Carlo on his yacht. She is with Wyatt and they are getting married. Liam is almost knocked over. Bill says he knows he is disappointed but in a situation like this someone was bound to get hurt. Liam says he has to go and turns to Ivy and says Hope is getting married. Hope looks around the deck and says it is beautiful; Wyatt has thought of everything. The captain says when he awoke this morning he had no idea what this day would hold. He asks if Wyatt has any words for his bride-to-be? Wyatt tells Hope that he never thought about getting married before or committing forever, no way. And then he met her. Just look at that horizon. They do not know what is on the other side. Side by side they can do anything. She brings out the best in him and always will. See there it is that smile. He wants to bring many more into her life. That’s his promise to her. She giggles that she can not believe they are doing this. From the very first day she met him it was clear that he was impulsive and spontaneous and she was so drawn to him. She loves that the pushes her to do things she would not normally do. She thanks him for letting her see the world through his eyes. He really takes life and just dives in headfirst. He tells her to dive in with him. He knows this is for the rest of their lives, it’s big….a leap of faith but they are ready for it. She takes off the necklace and hands it to the captain. Without a word she heads to the stern. Wyatt does not know what to think but he follows her. She climbs upon the railing and holds out her hand to him. He joins her, they join hands and he says leap of faith. They jump overboard with a big splash. The crew follows and the captain pronounces them husband and wife. Their first married kiss is them laughing in the water.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone at the police station was shocked to see Kristen back in Salem.  Daniel told everybody how Kristen kidnapped him.  Anne told Theresa that she shouldnít have signed the annulment papers.  Theresa claimed that she as ready to move on with her life.  Sami called Brady to tell him about Kristen, but he left his phone at the mansion.  Roman was shocked to hear that Kristen was back.  Nicole said that itís Samiís fault if Kristen gets off.  EJ wanted to talk to Kristen about what she did.  Nicole and Sami started arguing over Kristen and EJ.

Brady thought about Kristen when Theresa showed up.  EJ let Kristen know that he couldnít help her because of his situation.  Kristen knew about EJís affair with Abby.  EJ said he wouldnít help her.  Kristen said she would help him get Sami back if he helped her.  Eric told Sami that he went to the Vatican.  Nicole showed up and Sami assumed that Nicole didnít help Eric.  Hope, Roman, and Marlena talking about Kristen.  Marlena wanted to question Kristen, but Hope wouldnít allow it.  Theresa asked Brady how he was doing.  Brady let her know that the annulment wasnít done yet.  Eric let Sami straight about why heís not going to be a priest anymore.  Nicole also let Sami know what happened.  Nicole put Sami in her place about EJ helping Kristen.  Nicole said Sami was dead if Kristen walked.  EJ refused to help Kristen.  EJ let Kristen know that heís helping EJ.  Kristen threatened to destroy EJ if he turned on her.  Once again EJ refused to help Kristen.  Jennifer went to visit Daniel at the hospital.  Jennifer wanted to take care of Daniel.  Sami and Nicole continued to argue until Sami had to leave.  Daniel didnít change his mind.  He still didnít want to be with her right now.  Marlena found Brady and told him that Kristenís back in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia is excited by the news that Dante and Lulu are planning to have another baby. Britt notices the Falconeri file. Nikolas invites Britt to have dinner at Kelly’s with Elizabeth and him, but Britt declines. Britt calls her mother and complains that she isn’t keeping Elizabeth busy enough. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas would get back together with Britt if she proves to be a better person. He doesn’t know if he will always wonder if Britt is scheming behind his back. He says it is probably for the best that Elizabeth decided to get off their rollercoaster ride to be with Ric, and that he will always have her back when she needs a friend. She says they both know it isn’t that simple and that she chose Ric because she was scared.

Sonny tells Olivia that he is happy that she is happy with Ned. She admits that there is nothing between her and Ned and that she was just trying to make him jealous. She admits that she cares about him too much to take pleasure in hurting him. He asks her if that means she is going to give him another chance. She says no because his lifestyle doesn’t mesh with the life she wants. She says their relationship was always going to end this way, regardless of what happened with Ava. She tells him that he needs to find someone who gets him and can be a part of his world. Carly dreams about Sonny kissing her. Lucas asks her what kinkiness with Franco jolted her awake. She’d rather talk about what’s going on with him, Brad, and Felix. He tells her that he wants to date them both until he decides to make a commitment. In the general hospital locker room, Franco wonders what the awkwardness is between Brad and Felix. Felix explains that Brad has already dated both him and Lucas and that Lucas has suggested a three-way. Franco thinks a three-way would be awesome for them. Felix says he is old fashioned and that the moment has already passed. Brad tells Britt about the three-way option. She says she won’t judge his tactics and hopes he ends up with Lucas. Lucas finds Brad and Felix at the hospital and asks them if they are both free tonight. Britt goes to Kelly’s and joins Elizabeth and Nikolas at their table, saying they should make it a threesome.

Dante finds Nathan beaten, bound and gagged in Levi’s stateroom. Nathan tells Dante that Levi is a fraud and that he targeted Maxie before they met so he could steal Felicia’s heirlooms. Maxie hesitates when it is her turn to say her vows. She thinks about the conversations she had with Mac, Felicia, and Lulu. She tells Levi that she can’t do it. He persuades her to proceed with the wedding. Nathan interrupts by announcing that he is placing Levi under arrest. He aims his gun at Levi and announces what Levi is up to. Levi pulls out his gun and holds it on Maxie. Hearing Levi’s American accent, Maxie tells Nathan to take the shot and risk hitting her. Levi tells Felicia to hand over her earrings or he will shoot Maxie. Felicia gives him the earrings. Dante, who has been observing unseen, comes out and tells Levi to drop the gun. “Agent Scribner’ grabs Lulu and tells Dante that he had better drop his. They are at a standoff with Nathan holding a gun on Levi who is holding a gun on Maxie and Dante holding a gun on Scribner who is holding a gun on Lulu.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin gets divorce papers from Chloe, but he refuses to sign them and tells Michael he will have Chloe declared mentally incompetent in order to stop the divorce. Noah thinks Detective Harding likes Courtney -- that is why he treats her so badly at work. Courtney sees Detective Harding at Nick's club and tells him she is happy with Noah, and Detective Harding introduces Courtney to his girlfriend. Jill gets a letter from Katherine telling her that she wants her to throw a party on the anniversary of her death. Colin continues to get threats from the people to whom he owes money, but he makes it clear to them that if they hurt Jill, he will be very angry and hurt them.

Lauren struggles to get some romantic time with Michael as they once again get interrupted by work. Lily blames Hilary for Neil's accident since he was fixing up her dream house. Cane tells Lily the accident was his fault, and Hilary didn't know about the house because it was supposed to be a surprise from Neil. The doctor tells Neil's family that he just has some burns but no internal injuries and should be okay. Devon and Hilary agree not to tell Neil the truth until he his recovered from this accident. Neil wants to see Hilary when he awakens. When she is by his bedside, he tells her that he can't see her.

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