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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam runs up and down the streets by the Seine mumbling and a bumbling, calling out for Hope. Quinn watches with her borrowed binoculars and calls him a drip. Such a dumb gentleman and his reward – he loses again. She chuckles, damn she’s good. Ivy finally catches up to Liam and realizes he never found Hope. She did not wait for him. Liam’s phone is dead so they decide Hope might have gone back to FI and go there. Brooke calls FI and Rick tells her that the photo shoot is the buzz and got great reviews. But he has not seen Hope nor Wyatt…..nor Liam either. Bill walks in and tells Brooke to go ahead and call him; he knows she wants to but she doesn’t have to as he is standing right there. He wants to convince her to come back to him. She asks if he has spoken to either Liam or Wyatt. He guesses it must be because of Hope. So catch him up to speed. She says before she would have said Hope and Liam could have weathered the storm, but now there is Wyatt. Hope still has feelings for Liam but she’s not so sure about him now. Sometimes you can not be pushed beyond the limits. And no matter what happens in Paris, someone is going to be the odd man out. Wyatt sits besides a gloomy Hope and asks if she is okay. She does not answer. He says she can not count on Liam. He never comes through for her. He takes her by the hand. Quinn calls so he leaves Hope for a minute. Quinn asks where he is and he replies on the Spencer jet on his way to Monte Carlo. She makes sure that Hope is still with him. He asks if there is something in particular that she wants. She says she wants him to have everything he wants. He’s in such a good position now. Make it count and take control. Then she tells him to make the most of this moment….marry Hope as he might not ever get another chance like this. Wyatt asks if Hope has anything to say about this. She repeats again, just do it. She finishes up and hands the binoculars to the waiter.

Wyatt goes back to Hope and says they will be landing soon. He hates to see her like this. She needs to put Liam aside. He treats her like there is a Hope around every corner, but with him there is not. She needs to be celebrated and loved, not like this. He says Liam is a good person but when it comes to Hope he is an idiot. She needs to just walk away. Do not put up with this disrespect and disappointment. She says it is not easy; he says he can help. They’ve done it before and now the transportation is better from the truck and trailer to the private jet to this private yacht. He kisses her hand. Liam and Ivy rush into FI to see Rick but he has no clue about Hope. Off the jet, Hope gives a little girl an autograph and a boat picks them up to take to the yacht. They marvel at the splendor. As they pull alongside, a crew is waiting for them. They are at their service for anything they want or need. Wyatt says only one phrase comes to mind…..Hope just needs to think hard. Yes she says Rock 'N' Roll baby. When Liam doesn’t find Hope at FI, Rick says she is probably furious that he blew her off…..but just hang around because she has to return. Liam calls Brooke who says she has not heard from her. But not to worry. She probably just needed a little time to herself and she will turn up. Bill is still there so she puts him on speaker phone. Liam tells him that he can not find Hope. Bill says like mother like daughter after major disappointments. But they have gotten through obstacles before and so will this pass. Brooke tells him about Liam rescuing Ivy from the Seine but she just hopes it did not cost him Hope. Ivy tells Liam that she owes him, for his goodness, his chivalry. He did not have an option. She will explain to Hope and she will understand. Rick tells Liam that this is a place he probably doesn’t want to go but Hope most likely is with Wyatt. Wyatt finds Hope on the bow and tells her to let Liam go, just let him go. Once and for all put him in the past. He says when the diamond came back into his life he immediately knew that it was meant to be hers. So he wants her to take it as his symbol of unwavering love and commitment to her. And he wants her to say right here, right now that she will marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Brady what happened in Rome.  Maxine let Jennifer know that Daniel didnít show up at the meetings.  Kristen wanted to make a deal with Daniel, but he wasnít interested.  She spotted a razor and tried to get it without Daniel seeing it.  Jennifer wanted to call Daniel, but Hope called her first.  Jennifer wanted to meet Hope to talk to her.  Eric told Marlena that he wasnít in love with Nicole and that he wanted to leave Salem because he didnít want to be known as the priest who had sex with Kristen.  Brady told Nicole how John was doing.  Sami talked to Johnny about the family and about EJ.  EJ watched them together.  Jennifer told Hope about Abby having an affair with EJ.  Sami thought EJ used the kids to get to her.  Sonny didnít think Will should submit the article he wrote bashing Sami and EJ.  Will thought that Sami deserved it because of the way she treated Abby.  Eric admitted that he hated Nicole.  Marlena wasnít so sure that he hated Nicole.  Daniel told Kristen that he dumped Jennifer.  She promised that she wouldnít see Brady.  Daniel wanted her to face Brady to see what he looked like because of her.  Kristen reached for the razor while Daniel had his eyes closed.

EJ denied putting the kids up to getting to Sami.  EJ was livid when he found out that she sold his painting for less than it was worth.  EJ begged Sami for another chance.  Hope promised Jennifer that she would try to get through to Sami.  Kristen grabbed the razor and tried to cut him. Daniel tried to fight her off.  EJ continued to ask for another chance.  Sami let EJ know that she was getting a restraining order.  Nicole walked up on Marlena and Eric while they were talking.  While Nicole waited to talk to Eric, someone mugged her.  Daniel overpowered Kristen and got the blade out of her hands.  The truck driver slammed on the brakes and Daniel fell down.  The boxes on the truth fell and knocked Daniel out.  Willís editor arrived and she wanted to read his story.  Sami went to Hope and told her that she got a restraining order against EJ.  Kristen tried to get out of the truck, but Daniel grabbed her leg before she left.  The editor approved of Willís article and wanted to use it.  EJ arrived at the station and wanted to talk to Sami.  Everyone at the station (Hope, Jennifer, Sami, EJ, Marlena, Eric, and Nicole) was shocked to see Kristen walk in the station with Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick asks Sam to help him find out who is after his family. Sam wants to know too because Rafe was her family. Patrick and Sam talk about their attempts to let go of Robin and Jason with Sabrina and Silas. Sam confides to Patrick that having never found a body or getting closure, she still sometimes feels like Jason is out there somewhere. Patrick and Sam hug.

While his men hold Robin back, Victor injects Jason with Robin’s serum. Jason’s vitals begin to rise, but then he flatlines. Robin applies the defibrillator. Victor is closing the chamber when Jason’s hand reaches out and grabs his wrist. Robin says the monitor indicates brain activity so Jason might be waking up. Victor tells his guards to remove Robin and says he will take it from there. She wants to take Jason to General Hospital so she can monitor his recovery. Victor says he is keeping Jason because he has uses for him.

Maxie tells Lulu that Mac told her that Nathan has feelings for her just in case it might change her mind about marrying Levi. Lulu asks if it does change anything. Maxie says Nathan’s feelings don’t change anything, because she doesn’t have feelings for him. Lulu dares her to look her in the eye and repeat that. Maxie looks her dead in the eye and says she doesn’t have feelings for Levi. Lulu informs her that she just said she doesn’t have feelings for the man she is about to marry. Maxie says she loves Levi because he helped her to forgive herself. Lulu says that is gratitude, not love. Felicia tells Dante and Mac that Nathan is on the Haunted Star to see Levi and that he asked her a lot of questions about her Aztec necklace. Nathan has the necklace in his hand and is about to arrest Levi when he pulls a gun on him. Levi drops the Australian accent and confirms that Nathan has been right about him all along. He demands that Nathan hand over the necklace. Nathan throws it and jumps Levi. Levi fights back. Lucy arrives on the Haunted Star to officiate. Agent Jeffrey Scribner from Immigration also arrives to ensure that the marriage is real. Levi is surprised to see the agent when he enters the room. Dante asks Levi where Nathan is. Nathan is bound, gagged, bleeding, and unconscious in the cabin. Levi says Nathan left. Lucy notices blood on Levi’s collar. He says he must have cut himself shaving. Maxie goes to Levi’s stateroom to talk before the wedding, but he has already left. She remembers special moments with Nathan before going to join the wedding party. The wedding begins. Dante can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right about Levi’s story, so he goes to investigate. He hears a noise in Levi’s stateroom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine tells Nikki that she interrupted her and Paul's honeymoon, and she should talk to Victor about the tabloid publishing parts of her journal. After Nikki almost faints, Paul calls Dylan to drive her home from the cabin. Christine tells Paul she doesn't want to sound selfish but she thinks he should be concentrating on his recovery not on Nikki and her problems. Chelsea celebrates Connor's first birthday at the park. The person watching Chelsea and Connor on video tries to leave the house but is stopped by his or her assistant who thinks it's not a good idea for him/her to leave the house because he/she is supposed to be dead, and he/she has not fully recovered from his/her injuries yet. A clown that Chelsea didn't hire shows up at the park and gives Connor a balloon. Connor says "Da-da" while Billy is holding him. Later someone is watching the events on video and rewinding it over and over again to hear Connor.

Victoria goes to her ultrasound with Abby and is happy to hear that the baby is healthy. When Victoria asks Abby to be her birthing coach, she accepts the job. Stitch is kicked out of his residency program at the hospital and could lose his license to practice medicine after an investigation by the state. Jack almost sees Victor at the clinic while visiting Phyllis, but Victor hides and Jack doesn't notice him. Jack says a painful and tearful goodbye to Phyllis. After he leaves her room, Phyllis moves her hand and tries to open her eyes.

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