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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is waiting for Liam; Liam sees her on the other side of the river. Ivy tells him to go. Quinn comes along and pushes Ivy off the railing into the Seine. Liam hears her splash and turns around. He looks at Hope, he looks at Ivy needing help. Aly is on the internet thinking good thoughts about Hope and Liam, finally. She goes on and on about Hope’s message and how much it means to her. So many people tried to keep them apart but they are meant to be….an incredible reunion. And Quinn is far away unable to touch them this time. Liam will always be Hope’s knight in shining armor. Oliver says just like them. Quinn is at an outdoor café and wishes she were closer to watch Hope. She spies a guy who leaves his binoculars unattended for a minute and she grabs them. Wyatt is still standing underneath the tree so he can keep eyes on Hope. He hopes for Liam not to show. Deacon knocks on the door at FC and brings in coffee and donuts for Brooke. She frowns but tells him quickly get in before Pam sees these store bought things. She fills him in that today could be a very big day for their daughter. Liam is on his way to Paris to meet Hope. She does not think there is a chance that he won’t show. Deacon deducts that Brooke prefers Liam over Wyatt. She says just that she thinks Liam is more Hope’s type. She likes Wyatt fine but she’s glad that Quinn is not in Hope’s life any more. Deacon says yeah he did not know how much trouble Quinn could be when he met her. But thank God she is getting treatment and is not interfering with their daughter’s life anymore. He glances at his watch and says it is past 3 in Paris right now so something big could be happening. Brooke says yes finally Hope and Liam together.

Liam pulls Ivy out of the Seine and they lay exhausted in the shallow water on the beach. She tells him that she is fine so go find Hope. He runs off and scooting through the crowds almost in a panic. Quinn looks through the binoculars and mocks Hope by saying she looks worried that Liam isn’t going to show and doesn’t love her after all…..well not as much as Wyatt. Quinn glances at her phone and sees it is past 3 o’clock, doesn’t bode well for Liam. Hope too looks at her phone and no messages from Liam. Fairly close to their sacred spot Liam spots a young blonde lady from the back and is sure it is Hope. He goes up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder and turns her around. She is not Hope and she looks at Liam like he’s some creep and runs off.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden asked Jennifer out on a date.  Jennifer thought he needed a beard because he’s an eligible bachelor now.  Kayla asked Hope how things were going with Bo.  Hope let Kayla know that she still loved Bo.  Daniel and Kristen were on a truck.  Kristen wanted to see Brady at some point.  Daniel got heated when Kristen brought up his relationship with Jennifer.  Kristen told him that she would never give up on Brady.  Adrienne talked to JJ about whether it was a good idea to keep seeing Eve’s daughter.

Marlena thought about John.  JJ is okay with being with Eve’s daughter and told her that Jennifer and Abby were okay with it too.  Eve was sure that Theresa knew what really happened to John.  Marlena stayed by John’s side and hoped that he would wake up.  Hope and Aiden had an awkward moment at the police station.  Eve warned Theresa to stay away from Brady and his friends in case she slipped up.  Theresa thought that Eve was trying to go after Brady.  Brady told Maggie that he wanted to make amends with Daniel.  Kristen told Daniel that she used to be a nice person until Marlena ruined her life.  Eve warned Theresa to stay away from Brady, but Theresa walked away from her. Kristen told Daniel that she wasn’t going back to Salem.  Daniel had different ideas about that.  Brady called Theresa to the mansion so they could have their annulment witnessed by a notary.  When Eve went home she tried to convince Paige to go to Stanford, but Paige wouldn’t change her mind.  When Paige walked out of the room, Eve said JJ was done with her daughter.  Theresa warned Brady to watch out for Eve.  Daniel let Kristen know that they were going to Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac tells Maxie that the reason Nathan doesn’t want her to marry Levi is that he has romantic feelings for her. Maxie wonders why Mac felt it necessary to tell her that. He says he wanted her to know in case it affects her decision to marry Levi. He asks her if she thinks there is something between Nathan and her. The photographer who traded his camera for Felicia’s Aztec necklace reports the necklace stolen. Nathan takes the report. Levi has the necklace at the Haunted Star. Felicia ropes Dante into helping Levi get into his tux. Dante stops at Levi’s room door, tells him that he doesn’t like him and isn’t going to help him with his tux. He adds that if Levi does anything to hurt Maxie, Dante won’t leave enough of him to bury in the Outback. Nathan goes to the boat and asks Felicia questions about her necklace, discovering that she told Levi the name of the photographer that she traded with. He goes to Levi’s room and finds the necklace. Levi pulls a gun on Nathan.

Patrick doesn’t want to talk to Robin when Emma is Skyping with her. Both Robin and Patrick tell Emma that she is not the cause of their divorce. Silas tells Sam that Molly said someone coerced Rafe into purposely forcing Patrick’s car off the road. Sam says she and Patrick didn’t hear about it from Molly or Alexis because they were out on a case until late last night. Silas gets jealous. Sam calls Patrick, who agrees to stop by. Sam is jealous when Silas checks in with Nina. Sam and Silas agree that whoever forced Rafe to do that is also responsible for his death. They wonder if he made a deal to settle a drug debt. They lament that neither of them saw that Rafe was in trouble. Patrick asks Sam to help him find out who wanted his family dead. Victor threatens another mishap like the one last spring if Robin doesn’t step up her game. She says she worked all night and came up with what she thinks is a viable formula. He insists upon trying it on Jason right away.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer and Austin celebrate Christmas early and Austin gives Summer a wedding ring which he bought with money from selling his camera. Summer is happy about the beautiful ring but tells Austin she bought him a special lens for his camera which he sold. Victor is told that Phyllis's condition hasn't changed, but he is confident that she will respond to the experimental treatment. Victor is happy to hear that Daniel accepted a grant that he arranged for him to go work at an artist colony in Europe. Jack says goodbye to Kelly and promises that after he goes to Georgia to visit Phyllis and tell her he has fallen in love, they will finally be able to put their past behind them and move on to a future together. Ian tells Sharon to protect Mariah from her mother and ask Nick to be a father figure to Mariah. Nick tries to find out more information about Mariah's mother but is unable to get her to talk to him about her mother. Mariah is determined to get Nick to fall in love with her.

Cane and Lily are happy that the club made a huge profit this quarter and plan a romantic celebration. Hilary worries about telling Neil that she made a mistake marrying him because she is in love with Devon. Neil isn't returning her calls so Hilary asks Cane where Neil could be. He takes her to the house Neil bought for her. Cane and Hilary are shocked to find Neil unconscious on the floor. Cane calls an ambulance and then Lily to tell her to find Devon and head to the hospital because Neil has been hurt.

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