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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope gets ready for the photo shoot of her life. She meets with Wyatt and press gal, Eva. He says once she gets this diamond baby on her, she will have nerves of steel. Quinn is straining her neck on the plane to listen or see what Ivy and Liam are talking about – the special spot in Paris that he is going to meet Hope. Ivy says some girls get all the luck, then Hope will know that he has a future planned with her. He says thank goodness no more Wyatt or his crazy mom. She chose the diamond for the shoot but she is choosing a future with him. Brooke comes into the office early. Says she could not sleep just thinking about Hope and the diamond shoot. Aly says she can’t wait until Hope sees Liam. Brooke is surprised and knows nothing about it. Aly says he is to meet Hope after the shoot at the tower so all he has to do is get there today on time. Liam and Ivy get off the plane and a still disguised Quinn is last. They have a car at the airport and get inside while Quinn waits around and finds an opportunity to grab a parked moped in front and takes off after Liam’s car. Liam is nervous; the traffic is terrible, he just wants to get there as fast as he can. Luckily Quinn can even get up on the sidewalks and bypass the traffic.

Hope’s photo shoot goes well with her looking absolutely gorgeous in several different gowns highlighting the diamond necklace. Then she takes questions and answers that it will be shown in Paris, Milan, Brussels and London. They ask about Quinn and Wyatt says she needed a break, he didn’t. They ask him about Ricardo’s death. Wyatt skirts that by saying if there is an investigation he is sure it is because he was loved by so many. Afterwards when Wyatt and Hope are wandering through the Trocadero gardens, she says she had no idea that Ricardo’s death was being investigated. Again Wyatt laments that he is sure they are just being as thorough as they can be. He says they should go celebrate. She says he knows she can’t. This is her special spot right here to wait for Liam. Wyatt looks around and no Liam. He says he doesn’t think he is coming. Hope says yes he is. She takes off the diamond and hands it to Wyatt. She says it is his and she can’t keep it. Without a word he reluctantly walks away. Hope waits anxiously while Wyatt stands under a tree and watches her without her seeing him. At the last minute when it looks like he will be late, Liam tells the cab driver to drop off the bags at FI. He and Ivy jump out and start running up the stairs to get to the Bridge by the Seine River. Quinn is not far behind on foot also. All are literally running as fast as they can. Liam sees the Eiffel Tower and he’s out of breath but continues toward it. Ivy catches up. They see Hope on the other side of the river and she tells him to go on, she will stay behind and give him time with Hope. She rests a bit by sitting on the ledge of the bridge. She is taking a selfie. Quinn smiles and walks slowly up to her and gently pushes her. Ivy goes splat in the water below. Liam hears it and turns around and comes back. He sees Ivy. She is not drowning and tells him to go on, be on time. He looks at Hope, he looks at Ivy. What to do?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige told Eve that she wasnít going to Stanford.  She wanted to stay in Salem to save her mother some money.  Eve refused to let Paige leave Salem.  Eric told Nicole that he blamed her for why he refused to be a priest.  Nicole didnít understand why Eric blamed her for why he wonít be a priest.  Marlena talked to Theresa, what happened to John.  Theresa acted as if she didnít know anything.  Eve and Paige continued to discuss Paigeís plans.  Eve thought JJ was the reason Paige wanted to stay in Salem.  Daniel thought Kristenís henchmen had found them.  Kristen warned him that her henchmen will find her and get him for that.  Kristen told Daniel that he could leave so he didnít have to stay with her.  Daniel let Kristen know that she would pay for what she did.  Kristen wasnít worried about him.  Eve was determined to talk Paige into going to Stanford.

Nicole stood up to Eric about everything that happened.  She didnít understand why he couldnít forgive her.  Daniel moved Kristen somewhere else. Kayla met with Brady and Marlena and told them that John might have to go to a long-term facility.  Kristen egged Daniel on, and he tried to choke her.  Daniel wanted to talk about what she did to Eric.  Eve went to Jenniferís house to talk to JJ about Paige.  She warned him that she wasnít letting anyone stop her daughter from going to Stanford.  Daniel and Kristen continued to argue about Eric.  Eric was prepared to live with hate in his heart for the rest of his life.  JJ and Paige talked about her plans.  Kristen blamed Marlena for stealing John away from her.  Paige told JJ that sheís staying in Salem.  Kristen thought she still had a chance with Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava tries to convince Franco to get the recording from Carly. Franco tells her that he doesn’t need her help to keep Sonny away from Carly. Franco and Nina discuss Sonny staying away from Carly, or not. Nina remembers seeing Sonny kissing Carly and asks Franco if he is sure Carly and Sonny aren’t involved. He asks her what she knows. She says she doesn’t know anything. Carly goes to Ava’s penthouse and tells her that they are going to get a paternity test. Ava refuses. She says the instant she sets foot outside of the penthouse, Sonny’s men will grab her so she isn’t leaving until she delivers the baby. Carly is angry that Ava is letting Morgan suffer with the uncertainty. Ava tells Carly to worry about her own relationship. Sonny explains to Morgan that Ava goaded him into doing something and then once it was done, she was the only person he could talk to about it. He says Ava set a trap and he walked into it. He says he moved Ava into his house to keep her from running, not because he wanted anything to do with her. Morgan says it doesn’t fix things, but he does appreciate Sonny telling him. Morgan goes to check up on Alice, who is recovering from the heart transplant.

Nathan goes to Maxie’s apartment to declare his feelings, but Mac informs him that Maxie is at the Haunted Star preparing for her wedding. Nathan tells Mac about his feelings. Mac tells Nathan that Maxie doesn’t know what she wants and that she is just trying to prevent Levi from being deported. Mac says something is off about the way Levi tells everyone what they want to hear and makes them think his ideas are theirs. He says the latest thing is that Levi is pandering to Felicia’s Aztec heritage. Mac tells Nathan that it isn’t too late to tell Maxie how he feels. Nathan says crashing a wedding isn’t his style. Felicia tells Maxie and Levi about trading her Aztec necklace for the reporter's single-lens reflex camera that she has in order to protect a friend. Levi says he is going to go try on his tux. Felicia tells Maxie that she can still call off the wedding if she isn’t ready for it. Maxie wishes everyone would stop second-guessing her and that she wants to marry Levi. Felicia gives Maxie her Aztec ring and tells her to give it to Georgie when she gets married.

Dante wrestles with the report that states the boss of the Jerome organization sounds like his father-in-law, Luke Spencer. Lulu tells Dante that she got the go-ahead for implantation. They decide to do it when it feels right. Nathan goes to work and relieves Dante. He tells Dante and Lulu to have a good time at Maxie’s wedding and that he only wants her to be happy. The photographer with whom Felicia traded the necklace for the camera goes to the PCPD to report that someone broke into his house, hit him over the head, and stole his Aztec necklace. Nathan takes the report. Mac goes to the Haunted Star and tells Maxie that she is getting married without having all the information. He says she needs to know how Nathan feels about her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine and Paul enjoy their vacation at the cabin, but he wants to find out what is going on in Genoa City while Christine has him doing a jigsaw puzzle to relax. Paul insists that Christine hid his phone from him, but she denies it. Devon and Hilary are distracted thinking of each other and wondering if the other is going to be at the bar. Neil tells Hilary that he wants to combine his business trip to Tahiti with a honeymoon for them. Hilary isn't sure she can get the time off in January to go on a honeymoon. She heads off to work and gives Neil a kiss, saying she loves him. He tells her that he will call her later with some details about her surprise. Nikki sees Devon at the bar and decides not to drink her martini. Nikki calls Victor and leaves a message for him then she calls Paul but then decides to go to the cabin and talk to him.

Ashley's meeting with the Abbott clan gets postponed because she needs more time to work on her project. The Abbotts decide to spend time catching up with each other. Jack informs the family that he loves Kelly and has decided to let go of Phyllis and move on with his life and have a relationship with Kelly. Once Abby and Traci leave, Billy tells Jack that he and Chelsea are friends with benefits and he is being careful not to hurt her. Chelsea sees Stitch at the park and tells him that she isn't sorry she revealed his past, but she is sorry that he can't be a doctor anymore. Chelsea also admits to Stitch that she is in love with Billy and she risked losing him to Victoria by revealing his secret, but she did it because the truth needed to come out. Neil and Cane head to Neil's new house which Cane tells him needs a lot of work. Cane warns Neil that he needs to get some electrical problems fixed quickly or they could cause a fire . Devon and Hilary meet at the bar and decide they can't hide their feelings anymore. Hilary tells Devon it is best that she tell Neil the truth, so he won't blame him for her mistake. Nikki tells Paul that Ian leaked her diary to the tabloids, and she doesn't know what to do. Christine isn't happy when she returns to the cabin and sees Paul holding Nikki as she cries. Avery thinks Dylan should go back to therapy, but he insists he is fine. Later he has a nightmare about the war. Neil gets an electrical shock when he tries to fix the lights in the new house and then is knocked unfocused by the shock.

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