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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Wyatt stroll through Paris. They sit on a bench with the Eiffel Tower in background. He tells her these are truly icons, her and the Eiffel Tower and they are going to truly take Paris by storm. She looks over her shoulder and says yes it is a trip they will never forget. He seems to sense what she is thinking and asks if she really thinks Liam is going to show. Liam is at Spencer’s and Alison hands him his first class tickets on commercial since the Spencer jet is out of the country. Pam surprises Ivy by saying it is here – her work permit to stay in the states. She can now go to Paris. Aly tells Oliver that Paris would have been fun but she is okay; she’d rather be there with him. She says besides Rick and Hope are in Paris and her dad and Taylor are on vacation so somebody has to be in charge around here. Oliver says then he is dating the boss and he kind of likes that. He says the showing will be live streaming so it will be sort of like they are in Paris only they aren’t. There is a lot riding on this photo shoot. The whole world is watching. Felicia verifies to Rick that the shoot is on lockdown, everything is set. So now they just need Hope and Wyatt. Right on cue, they stroll in. Hope introduces Felicia to Wyatt who says he is happy to see her again. They are unbelievably excited about tomorrow and Wyatt just hopes there are no distractions. Liam calls Ivy and says he just wanted her to know that he is taking her advice and will be flying to Paris. She’s happy; says she wishes she were going but her work permit just came through a little too late. He says no; he is heading to LAX right now so he can get Alison to get her a ticket too. She says he can fax her the details and she will meet him at the airport. Quinn calls Wyatt to see how the day is going. He says not that well. Hope invited Liam to meet her there. He’s not here yet. She says he just gave Hope the diamond so Wyatt can’t lose the girl and the rock too. He says forget what he just said and whatever she does, just stay away from Liam. He wants to be clear on that. Quinn smiles and says yes loud and clear. When Hope asks, Wyatt fibs and says it was only someone from his warehouse and he did not want to deal with it right now. Hope thanks Felicia for filling in for Thorne and pulling this together so fast. Wyatt says the diamond has been magic in the past and it will again in Paris. There is no telling what kind of magic it is capable of.

Pam helps Ivy pack. Although she is not going, Aly is delighted to hear that Ivy is going and meeting Liam and that he is going to be with Hope in Paris. They say goodbye and the last thing Aly tells Ivy is to make sure Liam gets to Hope. As Liam drives off from the parking lot, Quinn is hiding behind another car close by. She is disguised all in black with sunshades and a scarf around her head. Aly gushes to Oliver about how dreamy it is that Liam is going to Paris. Oliver says he likes Liam but he is not lucky in the good luck department. It is always one thing or the other with him. Aly tells him to bite his tongue. Nothing bad is going to happen in Paris. She has a lot of faith in them and she is going to plan a party for them when they get back. Felicia brings up Ricardo and why he left the diamond to Wyatt who is not a relative. Hope jumps in and says Ricardo knew how much Wyatt appreciated the diamond. Felicia also asks if Quinn had known Ricardo for long… Wyatt might say his mother was instrumental in him getting the diamond. She doesn’t want to make Wyatt uncomfortable but she asks where his mother is now. She heard she attacked Liam. Again Hope jumps in and says Quinn went through a really bad time but she is seeking help and they are all glad she has taken that step. Oliver has Aly close her eyes and he guides her to a seat where he has displayed a gorgeous romantic French dinner…..since they could not go to Paris he brought it here. He says Liam is not the only romantic one. She says he will always be her knight in shining armor. Liam boards first but is waiting for Ivy who soon joins. Both are bubbling over about this trip. Just behind them is Quinn in her disguise reading a magazine. Ivy tells Liam that she thinks he is making the right decision. He laments yeah once he got over his huge ego, making this decision was easy. He says Hope has no idea he is coming. They have this special place and are to meet at 3 P. M. close to the Eiffel Tower. Hope has her ring and he has his and he plans to put it on her and they will be married in Paris. Quinn frowns at this. Hope and Wyatt stroll again along the Seine River. They are gushing about tomorrow but then he stops and tells her to do him a favor and not let Liam ruin this adventure for her. He always does. It’s always complicated with him and always will be. If he doesn’t show up then get out with her dignity still in tact. Just cut Liam loose. He scoffs that he has already given her the diamond and he doesn’t want to take it back. She would never have to wonder where she stood with him. She means everything to him. He states that if Liam doesn’t show up, he wants to make Hope his.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe understood that Ben wanted to hit him.  Sami had second thoughts about going after EJ.  Sami blamed herself for EJ cheating on her.  Kate thought Sami should stop blaming herself for what EJ did.  Kate also believed that Sami deserved a man like EJ if she kept blaming herself.  Eric doubted whether he should be a priest.  He told the Cardinal that he hated and loved Nicole.

The hearing between Jennifer and Eve began.  Aiden wanted the case to be dismissed.  Rafe tried once again to explain why he was with Kate.  EJ wanted to talk to Sami, but she didnít want him to touch her.  The Cardinal was willing to respect Ericís decision.  He made his decision off screen.  The judge didnít want to dismiss the case.  She did warn Eve and her attorney that they have their work cut out for them.  Eve wanted to talk to Jennifer after the case.  Jennifer thought that Eve wanted to settle the case.  Jennifer wasnít willing to do that because Eve turned down her generous offer.  Eve thought that they should think about the kids, but Jennifer didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Sami yelled at EJ when he tried to reach out to her.  He didnít understand why she was so upset with him.  Sami checked on Sydney so EJ asked Kate what she said to Sami because she seemed ready to take him back and changed her mind.  Eve and Jennifer told Paige and JJ (separately) about the case.  Jennifer thought things would be better for JJ when Paige goes to school.  Jordan told Rafe that Kate was the reason why Sami told her about their affair.  Rafe let Jordan know that Sami overheard them talking.  Jordan explained that Kate and Sami are working together so she was the reason why Sami told the truth.  Jordan realized that Kate wanted to destroy them and she did.  EJ told Kate that he heard Sami talking about possibly wanting him back.  Kate assured him that Sami was finished with him. EJ warned Kate that she would regret what she did to him.  Eric told Nicole that he wasnít going to be a priest.  JJ told Jennifer that Paige is the only one he wants and that he loves her.  Jordan told Rafe that she should have left town when she had the chance and she stormed off.  EJ met with someone to try and get his company back.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis concludes that Jordan took the rap for shooting Mickey to protect Julian. Therefore, Julian must still be in the business. He admits that he is but insists that it shouldn’t change anything. They make love and she breaks up with him, because her family’s safety has to be her priority.

Sonny makes a deal on the phone. Carly sees him and they discuss their boys. Nina watches them and records their interaction. Sonny tells Carly that she doesn’t really love Franco and that she just needs to wake up. To that end, he kisses her. She tells him he can’t do that because she is with Franco and he is still in love with Olivia. He reveals that Olivia has apparently moved on, because a little while ago, he saw her kissing Ned Ashton. She tells him that Josslyn hid Spencer Cassadine in her room the whole time he was missing. Sonny observes that Josslyn is just like her mother. Mickey Diamond’s sister, Selma, goes to the hospital and tells Alice that she would like her to have Mickey’s heart. Selma Diamond finds Sonny and tells him that the fake ID he provided her worked and that everyone believed she was Mickey’s sister. He addresses her as Renata and pushes some cash into her hands. She says he already does so much for her family. She says he did a good thing by saving that lady and that his sons, particularly Morgan, were relieved.

Patrick and Sam run from Crichton-Clark when the alarm goes off. Sam tells Patrick that she almost got into Nina’s medical records, but William busted her. He doesn’t mention Robin. Robin tells Victor Cassadine that she lied to Patrick and that he wants a divorce. Victor says he is more concerned about what Patrick might tell Sam. Victor tells Robin that he would hate to have to arrange for Patrick and Emma to have another accident. She tells him that the first accident was unnecessary, because she was already doing everything he asked. Robin asks Victor how he knew Rafe Kovich. He says that doesn’t matter, but says all he needed to do was dangle the possibility that Rafe’s mother might still be alive for him to do everything he asked. He says the important thing is that now the boy is dead and there is no one else to tell the tale. Molly tells Silas that Rafe told her that someone put him up to running Patrick off the road. Silas relays the information to Nina, who seems to already know. Robin tells the cryogenically frozen Jason that when she revives him, they can together get revenge on the Cassadines and ensure their families’ safety.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is surprised that Victoria is working at Newman-Chancellor again. Victoria explains to Nick that she needs to work to keep her mind off her troubles. Nick tells Victoria that Sharon caught Victor talking to her therapist about her, and then Sharon fired her therapist. Nick advises Victoria to keep her guard up with Victor. Victoria advises Nick to keep his guard up with Mariah because she reminds her of Adam. Hilary and Devon run into each other at the park, and they admit that they love each other and neither of them wants to break Neil's heart. Devon gives Hilary the name of a bar on the outskirts of town and tells her that if she meets him there, he will know that she wants to be with him. If she doesn't come, he will leave town to get over her so that she and Neil can be happy together.

Ian sees Nikki and Faith at the Athletic Club and shows her a tabloid headline that says her diary reveals that she gave her son up for adoption. Avery shows Dylan the same headline. He is very angry but assures Avery that he will keep his anger at Ian under control. Reporters ask Nikki questions about Dylan at the Athletic Club and upset Faith who wonders why Nikki gave her Uncle Dylan away. Dylan later explains to Faith that he had a wonderful life with the parents who raised him and that was because Nikki loved him very much. Michael and Avery manage to get the tabloid to take the article off their website. Ian tells Dylan that he thinks Paul leaked the excerpts from Nikki's diary to the tabloids. Dylan controls his temper with Ian, but once Ian leaves the coffeehouse, Dylan takes out his anger on some dishes and anything he can find to break. Nick is ready to do anything it takes to get rid of Ian. Nikki heads to a bar and orders a martini.

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