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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet, Rick tells Wyatt that he knows this is a terrible time for Thorne and Taylor to go on vacation, but Felicia has done PR before and she knows how important this shoot is. She will do fine, just trust him. She will deliver the goods. Aly and Ivy are handling all the overflow of phone calls when Liam drops by. He says he knows Hope is not there. She is on a plane going to Paris with Wyatt and the diamond. Both girls sympathize with Liam that Wyatt made the move on his girl. They think it is time for him to make a move of his own. Maybe he needs to go to Paris and give Mr. Fuller a taste of his own medicine. He admits Hope came to see him yesterday and she did invite him to come to Paris and be there after the photo shoot. Aly says that is the most romantic city in the world and should count for something. He needs to call Hope and tell her that he is coming and that should wipe that smug smile off of Wyatt’s face. Liam admits also that he has this box at his house with the rings in them and Hope took hers. That is why she wants him to meet her in their special spot in Paris. Aly says he has to go, do not disappoint Hope or himself. This could work out better than he could ever imagine. Wyatt sits by Hope on the plane and she says there is something she needs to tell him. He knows it is something about Liam and how he took the news. Hope says she could not leave it like it was when Liam walked out on the PC. Wyatt says she did not kowtow to him but did what was best for the line. She says yes but she did not do what was best for the relationship with her fiancé. She takes her ring out of her purse and looks at it. Wyatt shifts gears and says they are heading to Paris and now is not the time to talk about Liam and his passive-aggressive behavior or what he did yesterday. He says that he loves her so damned much and he’s proven himself by always being there for her, unlike Liam who was not yesterday. She believes Liam has a reason to be upset but she knows that Wyatt knows she would never kick him or the diamond out of her life. He says his word to her means something and she can not say that about Liam. So let him have his feelings. This diamond is hers, not his and it is her line, not his. Wyatt says the diamond is going to work it’s magic again for them. And with the most beautiful woman ever with the most beautiful diamond ever, it can’t miss. He takes her ring and places it on the table besides them. He says they need to focus on the photo shoot, not that. She tells him that she will gladly wear it for the photo shoot. But she is sorry then she will have to give it back, she has to. Wyatt says they are not having this conversation. When he gets back to L.A. he may have to have a little talk with his paranoid brother. She says he might get a chance before that. Liam is on his way here. She invited him and she hopes when she leaves Paris she will be wearing his ring. Disappointment sets in on Wyatt’s face. She explains that actually she was on her way to returning the diamond just before the press conference. Then she walked in and saw all the reporters and Wyatt called her on stage and presented it to her and she could not say no at that very moment. She says she is so sorry but she can not accept a diamond, not one like this from another man….and especially if that man is Liam’s brother. She knows she should not have let this go as far as it did. Wyatt asks how they left things. She said she hoped Liam would show up but doesn’t sound like he gave her a definitive answer. She admits he needs time to think. Wyatt scoffs that if he wanted a future with her he’d be on that plane in a shot. Maybe he is trying to teach her a lesson. She says no, their relationship is not like that. He wants to know what will happen if Liam does not show. She doesn’t believe that will happen. Wyatt says this diamond has brought so many together in the past and he is counting on that again.

Ivy tells Liam that she is so disappointed as her work papers did not come through or she would be on this trip in Paris. It’s always been about the bling for her. Liam says it shows how much she likes her job; FC is lucky to have her. She returns the compliment and says it is just like Hope in being lucky to have him. He’s one of a kind, so strong, honorable to a fault and gentleman in every way. He thanks her and says he wishes his brother saw it that way. She says that she knows he loves Hope but that she, Ivy, would never accept a diamond like this when she knew it would upset Liam so much. But they grew up in different parts of the world with different mothers so maybe Hope is more like Brooke than anyone realizes. But having said that she sees how much he loves her, so go to Paris and have a future with Hope….prove to Wyatt that neither he or the diamond can ruin things between Liam and Hope. Wyatt and Hope walk around Paris and end up at the Eiffel Tower. Wyatt can’t believe she is back to that – wondering if Liam is going to show up or not. She should not be living her life like that. She says she is positive, Liam will be here. He will show up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to Victor to get some info from him about the companies that Kate and Sami sold to him.  EJ wanted the contact numbers of the people he worked with before.  Sami went down memory lane with Rafe about how they met.  For some reason, Sami thought Rafe was at the mansion to be back with her.  She was wrong because he didnít want that.  Kate and Jordan started arguing about Rafe.  During their argument, Jordan slapped Kate.  EJ continued to convince Victor to work with him.  Sami got upset with Rafe when she realized he didnít want her.

Rafe wanted to know if Kate told Sami about their affair.  Sami let Rafe know that he was the one who told her.  Sami told Rafe that she overheard him talking about it with Kate.  Rafe thought that Sami told Jordan about it because she wanted him back.  Sami denied the accusation.  Sami reminded him that she wanted to let him down easy.  Rafe hoped that Sami would be happy for him the way he was for her. He stormed out of the mansion.  Victor agreed to work with EJ.  Victor did warn EJ that he had more to lose than heís lost so far.  Jordan met with Ben and they talked about Rafe.  Ben wanted to know what he did.  Jordan told Ben that Rafe just had sex with Kate.  Rafe found Jordan and Ben together at the park.  Ben punched Rafe in the face.  Kate went home and saw Sami.  Kate wanted to know if Sami was having second thoughts about going after EJ.  EJ walked in the house and heard Kate ask Sami that question.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam asks William at Crichton-Clark about Nina Clay’s condition. She offers to pay him if he helps her. He wants more than money in return. She knees him in the groin. Patrick takes Robin’s key card and goes into the restricted room where he finds the cryogenic lab and demands to know if the body in the chamber is Jason. She says it is Stavros Cassadine in the chamber and that Jason is dead. He wants know why she hasn’t come home if Jason is dead. She says she has chosen to stay to complete her research. He says the only thing left to do is divorce her. She says she still loves him and always will. He tells her goodbye and bids her good luck with her corpses. Patrick and Sam run into each other outside the restricted door.

Alexis goes to Ava’s penthouse to ask Julian if he killed Mickey Diamond in retaliation for bombing her house. He says yes, and he will kill anyone who tries to harm his family. She asks him why Jordan Ashford confessed to the shooting. Shawn questions Jordan about Mickey’s shooting. She assures him that she is fine. He tells her that he knows she wants him as much as he wants her. She admits that she feels something for him. They strip down and get it on in the middle of the gallery.

Olivia takes food to the hospital for the Quartermaines. Sonny reaches out to support Michael and Morgan about Alice. Morgan doesn’t want to talk to him. Sonny tells Michael that Ava isn’t living at his house anymore. Michael relays the message to Morgan. He advises Morgan not to give up on their father and to give him a chance. When Olivia sees Sonny, she kisses Ned. Ned tells her that he was happy to oblige.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick tells Sharon that Mariah lied to her and her mother is alive. Sharon understands that Mariah has had a bad childhood and asks Nick to give her another chance and let her keep her job and let her stay with them at their house.  Nick tells Mariah that she can stay at the house and keep her job, but he wants to know if she is hiding anything else from them.  Mariah tells Nick she has no more secrets to keep. Nick finds out the name of Mariah's mother and starts researching her on the internet. Mariah meets Kevin at Crimson Lights and they share their troubles with each other. They discover they like to read the same books.  Kevin decides that the police are not doing enough to seek justice, so he decides to fight the battle against evil doers and seek justice and bring honor for victims of crime. 

Michael and Lauren are very worried about Kevin, but he tells them he is okay, so they head home to have a romantic day and celebrate their empty nest. Lauren is surprised when Michael falls asleep before they begin their romantic evening. Billy almost persuades Victoria to have ice cream with him and Johnny, but Stitch arrives. Victoria is so disappointed to see Billy and Stitch arguing that she cancels Billy's visit and leaves the park with Johnny while Billy and Stitch are still arguing with each other.  Sharon overhears Victor and her therapist talking at the Athletic Club and fires her therapist and tells Victor to stay out of her life. Victor gets a call about Phyllis's experimental treatment and promises the doctor he will soon get approval from Phyllis's family for her to undergo the treatment. 

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