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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells his crew that he had doubts about Wyatt but this Paris trip looks like it is coming together just fine. Aly pleads for Oliver to go along as photographer but Rick says Ridge insists on using a local guy. Maya tells Rick that certain people around here are against her but Rick can always count on her. She implies that if Hope doesn’t show up, she can go to Paris. Liam has doubts about going to Paris and still doesn’t want Hope to be manipulated by Wyatt. She keeps saying she loves him and begs him to come to Paris with her. He argues back that she needs to cancel the trip and give back the diamond before this publicity gets more out of hand. She gets it – he thinks she is being duped. She does not see it that way. Her work is important to her. He tries to convince her that she agrees to a decision that Wyatt wants and then he tries to make her think it was her idea. She grabs her wedding ring and says she is taking it to Paris and for one last time he can put it on her finger. Charlie and Pam discuss the possibilities of Wyatt being involved in Ricardo’s death and then swimming with the tuna fishes.

Wyatt comes back to the loft to get a few things to pack. He encounters Quinn who is interested in all that is going on. …….how the press accepted this, did Hope wear the diamond. Wyatt tells her she is to stay completely clear of Liam. Don’t even think about him as this is the way it always starts over little things and escalates. She should check back in with her doctor. They discuss more that he is not with Hope now. And he did not give her the diamond to try to change her mind. He calls Hope to see if she is about ready and if she needs a ride to airport. She says no and she is still going to Paris. Liam objects to Hope taking the phone call although he initially told her to, it might be important. She tells him to forget Wyatt. He just needs two days. Clear two days and meet her in Paris, 3 P.M. day after tomorrow at their special spot at the Eiffel Tower. This will be after the shoot and publicity and she will even consider giving Wyatt the diamond back. This is what they need. The last words she tells him is that she loves him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Sami talked about Jordan finding out about Rafe.  Sami let Kate know that she had a better chance of being with Stefano again before she would have a relationship with Rafe.  Rafe ran into Ben and found out that Jordan talked to Sami.  Rafe left TCB to look for Sami.  Abby and Adrienne talked about what happened to Abby.  They didnít know that Clyde was listening to them talking.  Sonny wanted Victor to talk to Ms. Browning so Will wouldnít write the cover story about EJ and Sami.  While they were talking, Sonny realized that Victor was the reason why Will got the cover story.  Will pumped EJ about his side of the story.  Sami thought that Rafe was with Kate because she cheated with EJ.  Kate assumed that Sami thought Rafe was in love with her (Sami).  

Kate let Sami know that Rafe wonít take her back.  Rafe wanted to make things work with Jordan.  She was upset with Rafe and didnít want to hear what he had to say.  Victor denied having Will do the cover story, but he didnít see why Sonny wanted to stop him.  Adrienne went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami. Adrienne didnít approve of what Sami did to Abby and ripped into her about it.  Sami warned Adrienne that she wasnít done with Abby.  Will got EJís side of the story and recorded what he said.  Adrienne tried to convince Sami not to go after Abby.  Sami implied that Justin and Kayla had an affair.  Adrienne panicked when Sami showed her the envelope.  Rafe tried to explain to Jordan that he still loved her and wanted to work things out.  Jordan didnít want to hear what he had to say.  Adrienne called Will and told him how Sami made Abby resign.  Jordan confronted Kate about her sleeping with Rafe.  After talking to Adrienne, Will was determined to write the article to stick it to Sami.  Rafe went to the mansion to see Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt waits for Spencer in the park, but he doesn’t show up because Elizabeth has found him and returned him to Nikolas. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Cameron revealed that Josslyn was hiding Spencer. Spencer is annoyed that Josslyn betrayed his trust and that Cameron went tattling to his mommy. Britt goes to Wyndemere and pretends to be relieved that Spencer was found. Nikolas invites Elizabeth, Cameron, and Emma for lunch. He wants Britt to stay as well, to show his gratitude for her help in getting him through the ordeal, but she has to go because a patient is in labor.

Carly goes to GH to tell Franco that Spencer Cassadine was found hiding in their house and asks him if he knew about it. Nina insinuates herself into their conversation to say Franco would never withhold information about a missing kid. She and Franco later try to find out each other’s secrets. Brad and Felix fight over Lucas again. Lucas says they both can have him. Carly goes home and is surprised to see her brother in the foyer wearing a towel with two men, two bottles of wine, and two Knots Landing DVDs.

Patrick runs into Robin at Crichton-Clark Clinic. He is furious to learn that she has been an hour away from home this whole time and didn't care enough to visit. She wants to know how he found her. He tells her that he wasn’t there looking for her; he is there helping Sam find answers about Silas Clay’s wife’s stay there. He adds that he is helping Sam because she was there for him when he needed her, when Robin was not. She tells him that he needs to find Sam and get out of there immediately. Sam is caught accessing the computer at the front desk. William identifies her as the woman who was there several months ago with Silas Clay. He wants to know why Dr. Drake is really there. Patrick takes Robinís key card from her and goes into the restricted room while she chases after him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Austin and Summer discuss their life together until he tells her that his trial has been moved up to next week. This saddens Summer. She is extremely upset over Austin’s upcoming trial. They hug. Summer suggests to Austin that they leave town tonight before he has to go on trial. She suggests all kinds of different jobs that they could do. Austin listens to her but then tells her that they need to stay here and let him take responsibility for his actions. Summer is surprised that Austin would not want to go away with her. Lily and Mariah clash at the Athletic Club over her resemblance to Cassie and her living with Nick and Sharon. At the Newman home, Nick lets Sharon know that Faith wants them to be married. Nick asks Sharon if she would she ever consider marrying him again. Nick leaves her alone, sitting at the table.

At the Underground, Nick talks to Mariah about her helping Sharon to piece together her memory to remember her secret. Nick notices Mariah’s dress and throws her a shirt to put on before the customers start arriving. Devon begins to open up to Abby about his feelings. They stray to the conversation of Abby and Tyler and what happened between them. In looking at Devon, Abby realizes that he is not over Esmerelda, but then she realizes that it is not Esmerelda that he is hung up on. At the Athletic Club, Hilary and Sharon sit at a table and discuss how fantastic Hilary feels about her life is but Sharon calls her a “liar”. Hilary confronts Sharon. Neil joins them and tells Hilary that he has a surprise for her. Hilary thinks that he is taking her on a long-awaited honeymoon. Neil will not tell Hilary what her surprise is. Lily joins Cane at the bar and rants and raves about Hilary dumping a drink on her. Cane doesn’t want to hear it.

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