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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn asks Wyatt who was calling. He replies it was the Mexican police calling about Ricardo’s death. She asks why and he replies they are investigating, possible murder. She says that sounds serious. But she can’t imagine why they’d want to talk to Wyatt. He asks if she knows anything. She feigns ignorance and scoffs that she just got out of treatment, nowhere near Mexico City. But she does not want this to ruin his fabulous day that he will have with Hope. She accepted the diamond so its only a matter of time before she takes Wyatt back. As the group at FC huddle Ridge says they need to work fast to continue this while the diamond is hot. They need Hope in here. Rick calls her and tells her to call Wyatt they need him too. Ivy tells Liam that she knows he is upset. His fiancé should not be accepting jewelry from another guy. He corrects her and said he did not break up with Hope which Ivy seemed to think. Ridge tells Rick they need to make some decisions and a statement about the diamond. Wyatt comes in and says he gave the diamond to Hope so it really is up to her. She says she is going to use the diamond with her line otherwise she never would have accepted it. Wyatt tells the group that he told them this would be big. Aly hates how they are encouraging Wyatt. Donna says the news is trending like crazy. Pam says Rodeo Drive already has lookie loos. Ridge asks how long would it take to set up a display. Eric says they need to do something bigger than that. He says Thorne thinks they should bring it to Paris. Carter says they have to avoid rushing ahead and risk overlooking something. Ridge says they will cross that when they have to. Ridge tells Wyatt he started this firestorm so what is his idea. Wyatt says that should be up to the diamond’s owner and asks Hope if she is up for another adventure. She seems confused and says her head is still spinning. Wyatt says that is what they want to do - take everyone’s breathe away. He likes Thorne’s suggestion going to Paris. How about three superstars in one photo shoot? It could be the diamond, Hope and the Eiffel Tower. If they can make the jet ready he can be ready right away. Every moment they miss the buzz will start to fade. All they need is one iconic image and HFTF will be cemented in people’s minds forever. Wyatt promises them they will not be sorry. They all like it. Only Hope who is saying nothing looks unsure. Wyatt says he knows he has done things in the past that made them doubt him, but there is no mistaking his passion. They have given him a second chance and he wants to prove to them that he deserves that.

Brooke breaks away from her kiss with Deacon and asks what is he doing. He says getting through to her the best way he knows how. He asks how’s he doing. Stunned she says he can not come back and expect anything after all this time. He tells her that he hasn’t forgotten and neither has she. She says they were reckless back then. He says they were crazy for each other if she will just admit it. She said her priorities have changed and right now her main one is her daughter. He says they have that in common then. She finds a photo on the phone and says Liam is going to be extremely upset when he sees this with Hope wearing the diamond. Liam hobbles home and flops down on the couch. He gets some takeout Chinese out of the frij but then throws that aside and is not interested. Deacon tells Brooke that he didn’t come over to look at pictures on her phone. About that time she gets a text from Rick that Hope and Wyatt are going to Paris. He says Liam won’t like that for sure. Brooke says all the more reason she doesn’t understand why Hope would say yes. Deacon says Hope is a lot like her mother in that regard. She has a heart inside of her that wants what she wants. She can listen to her heart and believe and trust in it just like Brooke always did. Brooke says Hope and Liam have been through so much. She hates to see them be derailed. Deacon says she is a Logan. He’d be a fool to let her go. Alone Wyatt tells Hope that she never gave Rick a firm answer. He tells her again that Paris will be good for her and her line. He wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise. Finally she says she wants to go…..but not until she talks to Liam. Quinn’s face lights up when she calls Wyatt and he tells her that he and Hope are on their way to Paris as soon as she talks to Liam. This could put a wedge between them permanently. Hope tells Liam that she wasn’t sure that he’d let her in since he walked out on her the last time they saw each other. He says yeah he was frustrated as he wasn’t getting through to her. She says she could say the same thing. But she is willing to still talk about it. That is not exactly why she is here though. And she reminds Liam that it was a business decision to keep the diamond and Liam was the only one making it personal. She says she is going out of town and she really doesn’t want to leave things like this between them. He asks and she says Paris. Rick and Wyatt are going as Ridge wants them to do a photo shoot. Liam stiffens and backs away when he hears Wyatt is going and is sure that it was his idea. She tries to sell him again that this is not about the diamond or Wyatt. It really will empower the line and her message to young girls out there. It’s not because Wyatt gave it to her but what the diamond can do. She makes it clear that she has not said yes yet. She says she loves him and she wants them to start their life together so why not in Paris. She asks him to come with her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Jordan that Rafeís still sleeping with Kate.  Abby tried to convince Jordan that Sami lied.  Sami informed Jordan that she overheard Rafe and Kate talking about the affair.  Rafe wanted to tell Jordan about having sex with Kate, but she didnít think it was a good idea.  Daniel bound and gagged Kristen to keep her from telling her henchman that she was in the supply closet.  Jordan and Abby didnít believe Sami at first.  Jordan started to think and realized that Sami could have told her the truth.  Jordan walked away from Abby and Sami.  Abby confronted Sami about what she did.  Kate continued to convince Rafe not to say anything about what they did. Sami sent Kate a text letting her know that Jordan knew the truth.  Abby let Sami know that she could have ruined Jordan and Rafeís relationship.  Sami reminded Abby that she ruined her relationship. They argued a little more about Abby being with EJ.  

Jordan met with Rafe at the pub.  Jordan asked Rafe if he had sex with Kate while they were together.  Kristen wanted to know what Daniel did to ruin things with Jennifer. Daniel reminded Kristen that she was the one who ruined things. Daniel recapped what she did to Brady.  Abby met with JJ and told him why she had to quit working at the hospital. Jordan wanted Rafe to admit that he had sex with Kate.  Rafe finally admitted that he did have sex with her.  He wanted to talk to Jordan about what happened somewhere else.  Daniel thought that Kristen ruined Bradyís life.  Kristen believed that she was the one who could save Bradyís life.  JJ ran into Sami and he thought she was out of control.  Jordan yelled at Rafe for what he did.  Kate interrupted them and took the blame for what they did.  Jordan didnít want to hear Kateís explanation. JJ and Sami went back and forth about Abby.  Daniel wanted to bring Kristen to Salem so people could talk to her.  Kristen said Nicole was just as responsible for what happened to Eric as she.  JJ and Sami continued to argue about Abby.  JJ threatened to go after Sami if she didnít leave Abby alone.  Rafe caught up with Jordan and the park and wanted her to listen to what he had to say.  Jordan asked him if he was drunk and Rafe said drinking wasnít the only reason why he was with Kate.  Jordan told him that she didnít want to be with him anymore.  Daniel warned Kristen that she was going to prison.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nina babbles about Patrick intentionally trying to hurt Rafe and Sam’s willingness to believe Patrick over Silas. Silas says fate will sort it out and that he just wants to make peace with the situation. Nina persuades him to wait until she can walk down a flight of stairs by herself before he goes to thank the physical therapist for his efforts. Franco lets Nina hang out in his studio while she should be in physical therapy. He tells her that he used her as an excuse when he didn’t want to tell Carly where he had been. He tells her that someone caught him trying to do something behind Carly’s back. She figures out that it was the missing kid that caught him, because he kept looking at the flyer while he was talking. On the phone, Spencer tells Britt where he is. Josslyn tells Cameron that Spencer is hiding at her house; so of course, he tells his mother. While Britt waits for Spencer in the park, Elizabeth finds him at Carly’s house and takes him home.

Silas tells Kiki that he and Sam broke up and that Sam thinks Nina was actively trying to break them up. Patrick and Sam go to the Crichton-Clark Institute to get answers about Nina's physical condition. Sam impersonates Sabrina Santiago to get in. She hacks into the computer while Patrick is escorted on a tour of the facility. Patrick fishes for information about coma patients. The man tells him that cutting edge research occurs behind the door with the restricted sign. Sam is unable to get into the computer and her denial of access triggers a text message to the man giving Patrick the tour. Using a program by Spinelli, Sam is finally successful and is granted access, just as the man arrives at the desk to stop her. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to open the restricted door, but it is locked. When he gives up, someone opens it from the inside. Patrick stares with his mouth open, shocked by who he sees.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick invites Victoria to go swimming with him and Faith. When Mariah goes home, Victoria lashes out at her. Ian visits Dylan at the Coffeehouse to let him know that the judge reached a decision. At the Athletic Club, Nikki is on the phone with Michael and tells him that the judge reached a decision. Nikki eyes the booze behind the bar. Kevin asks Michael about his arraignment, but Michael just says he is due in court. Victor comes up to join Nikki and finds out that the judge reached a decision. Billy confronts Ben and Dr. Shelby in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Nikki and Victor join them and wants to know what is going on. Ben takes the file and hands it to Dr. Shelby and tells him that this was what he was going to tell him. Dr. Shelby looks at the file. Victoria blasts Mariah for using her looking like Cassie to manipulate the family. Victoria and Nick both get a call that the judge reached a decision. Mariah offers to babysit Faith while they are gone. Ian tells Dylan that he will share his wealth with him should he win the case. Dylan refuses any amount of the money. Although Kevin begs Michael to help him, Michael tells him that reinforcements are on the way. Ben tells Dr. Shelby that he isnít who he thinks he is -- he took someone elseís identity and killed someone. Ben also lets him know that he will tender his resignation.

Gloria arrives to help Kevin by coming on to Mark Harding that she needs his help in order to clear Kevinís name. Mariah babysits Faith while Nick and Victoria are gone and asks her some very pointed questions about why Nick and Sharon arenít married right now. The judge renders his decision and finds both Nikki and Ian at fault and thus dismisses the case. The Newman family is thrilled, but Ian has other plans up his sleeve to get back at the Newmans. Victoria runs into Ben at the hospital and finds out that he was asked to resign. Nikki goes to an AA meeting without telling her family. Nick comes home and tells Mariah the judgeís decision. Mariah is thrilled and hugs Nick. Nick asks her if he smells peach pie, and she affirms that it is. When Nick states that it's his favorite, Mariah says it's hers, too.

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