Friday 8/1/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

About as forceful as he can, Wyatt tells Liam this was a promise he made Hope a long time ago about giving her the diamond and he’s only fulfilling that promise. Liam says even though he knows how Liam feels. Wyatt says it is not about his feelings at all. Liam says Wyatt made a promise to him too. He trusted him and now he pulls this. And how he even came in possession of that diamond is ridiculous. Aly and Ivy continue to gossip and Ivy says where she comes from you don’t accept jewelry from one man while engaged to another. Aly convinces her to go listen in while Wyatt is talking. He just can’t brainwash Hope again. Liam turns to Hope and says she is playing right into Wyatt’s hand. Surely she can see that. She tells him she knows it may look that way but it’s just good for Forrester. Liam says this is not about her line. This is about trust. And if she respects him then she will give Wyatt back the diamond and tell him never to walk through those doors again. He’s told Wyatt about boundaries but clearly he needs to hear it from her. That yes, he is fired. Hope says this is not grounds for dismissal. Liam rants that it is beyond what is appropriate. He tells Wyatt that this diamond is what brought them together and the whole world knows that. And yet she does not see a problem with that. She tells him firmly that she is not going to fire Wyatt and she is keeping the diamond. Liam says one word – okay and storms off. Tears well up in Hope’s eyes. They let Liam pass but then Aly goes into the room and storms at Wyatt that he just couldn’t let this pass. He’s luring Hope again with the diamond and hurting his own brother. Wyatt gets a phone call. Aly says if he needs to go somewhere she needs to talk to Hope alone. She tries to convince Hope not to let Wyatt manipulate her again. Bill tells Brooke that he made a mistake. He admits that. Deacon mocks him for groveling. Bill tells him surely there is a license plate he needs to go make. Brooke tries to quiet Deacon so she can listen to Bill. Bill says he doesn’t want to say anything in front of this loser but he will as long as she hears it. He screwed up, he knows it and he learned from it. They are worth fighting for and they can’t throw away what they have. It won’t be easy; he’s not easy but they love each other and have to get past this. He says he didn’t realize how dangerous it would be for Ridge. He saw an opportunity and took it. He regrets that it hurt Brooke. Deacon says he is just hurt that he got caught. Bill tells the convict to shut up. Deacon claps his hands and says it is all show and a fake; all for Brooke. He’d throw Ridge out of a helicopter now if he thought she would not find out. He’d say anything to make her forget what he did. Bill tells mug shot to shut up. He doesn’t expect her to forget just forgive and move on. She reminds him that she was in pain and yet he said nothing. He says only because he did not want to see the look on her face that she has right now. He tells her that he loves her and he hopes that is enough. She says she needs time. Deacon pipes up that she doesn’t want to deal with Bill right now. Bill cups her face with both hands and says he will never give up on them. When Bill is gone Deacon asks Brooke if she is even considering going back to him as he is not going to change. If so, then consider him too. She says what they had was over a long time ago. He says he wants her back. She says she is sort of in the middle of something and she could make a list of all the things Deacon has done wrong over the years. He agrees but says he is trying to do better and be a good dad. Brooke says okay and she is not interfering. Whatever choice Hope makes about him is her own. He says he wants them to be parents. She says Hope is an adult so the time for that is past. Deacon says he never thought she would ever leave Ridge but now that she has do not go back to Bill but come to him. He surprises her with a kiss. Not sure how to respond she pulls away. Ivy follows Liam out to the Rooftop. He says he just needed some air; he feels like with this diamond he is cursed. She tells him maybe this happened for the best. At least he is not married to Hope when this happened. He says he lost his fiancé and a brother and the life he wanted for himself and he walked out on them. Nothing good is coming from this. Wyatt goes to the warehouse loft and announces he is there. Quinn slowly walks out and says she was not sure he would come. He closes the door and says no way she could have been released that soon. She replies that she checked herself in. He says it hasn’t been that long so don’t tell him that everything is all right; She tells him to relax she is still in treatment. She says she missed him and she hopes he is glad to see her too. He says it hasn’t been that long ago that she freaked out and he’s supposed to believe that all is okay. She admits she had issues. And she is working on them. She knows what she did was wrong. She hates that she lost control and the danger she put Liam in. She is ashamed but she is so much better in treatment and she will never go down that dark path again. He admits that she can’t. She promises she won’t. With hesitation he says he believes her.

Quinn wants to know if she missed anything; fill her in. Wyatt says okay; first the bad news. Ricardo died. Quinn acts surprised and asked if he was sick. Wyatt says not as far as he knows. The good news – he was in Ricardo’s will and…..Quinn jumps up and says the diamond? Wyatt says yeah and he’s already given it to Hope. She thinks that is fantastic even though she knows Hope is still with Liam. He tells her Liam flipped out but Hope did not give back the diamond. He says he’s not sure the diamond has super powers but hey it drove Liam away. It really is priceless. Quinn remarks on all the times she tried to help Wyatt drive Liam away. When all they had to do was wait and Liam would do that all by himself by screwing up again. He told her to let that be a lesson to her. Everything always works out okay in the end. His phone rings. It is Lt. Barragan from the Mexico Police Department. Wyatt asks what is going on. Quinn can hear his part of the conversation. The Lt. asks if Wyatt knew Ricardo and if he will be in town the next few days as they would like to talk to him about the death. At first they thought it was accidental but now they are looking into murder. Hope tells Aly that Liam is over-reacting and it’s not fair. Wyatt is not doing what Liam thinks he is doing. And then he just left after all this time of them working so hard to get back together. And now it feels like she is losing him. Aly begs her to not do this. Do not push Liam away. She can change her mind. Hope says she has separated her personal life from her professional one and this is all for marketing but Liam can not see that. Aly say well now she is putting her professional life before her personal one and that is just crazy. She feels like this diamond is jinxed; it’s bringing Hope bad luck. Like Wyatt and his mother and if Hope makes this choice she is only going to be asking for more trouble. Liam tells Ivy that he can’t believe it has come to this…..if she only knew what they have been through. She laughs and says she has in the tabloids. He says something is always getting in the way. She says Steffy. He says yeah and his dad, Wyatt, now the diamond. She agrees that is it disrespectful of Wyatt and she totally agrees with Liam about that. He wishes Hope felt that way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel grabbed Kristen when she went back to the hotel room.  He knocked her out and tried to leave when someone called out to Kristen.  Rafe walked in on Jordan and Clyde talking.  Jordan introduced Rafe to Clyde.  Clyde called Jordan Tammy Sue and Rafe was confused.  Sami and Kate talked at the pub.  Kate wanted Sami to do something for her when she saw Jordan.  Sami didnít want to do it.  Sami thought they had bigger fish to fry.  Rafe wanted to know about Jordan, but he had to leave.  Daniel put Kristen in a supply closet so they could hide from her henchmen.

Sami and Kate continued to talk about Rafe until Sami left.  Clyde went to TCB to talk to Ben.  Ben was upset about his visit.  Daniel turned his back on Kristen and she ended up hitting him with a pail.  Daniel managed to get the upper hand again and pinned her to the floor.  Eve went to Maggie to get her to convince Jennifer not to go through with the lawsuit.  Maggie didnít want to help Eve.  Kate and Rafe ran into to each other at the pub.  Kate advised Rafe not to tell Jordan about them yet.  Abby talked to Jordan about being fired because Sami was upset that she slept with EJ.  Sami saw them together.  Maggie refused to help Eve and threw her out of the mansion.  Daniel tied Kristen up and gagged her.  A henchman called out to her and she tried to scream.  Ben didnít want to give Clyde any money.  Clyde threatened to break him like he did before.  Kate didnít think that Rafe should tell Jordan about their affair.  Jordan gave Sami a piece of her mind when she talked to Abby.  Abby told Sami to back off.  Sami ended up telling Jordan and Abby that Rafe and Kate are still having sex.  Kristenís henchman was about to open the door to find her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt almost tells Nikolas the truth about her knowledge of Spencer’s disappearance. Brad suggests that Britt call Spencer and tell him to come home. She reveals that she doesn’t know where he is. Spencer spies on Franco at Carly’s house. He reveals himself to ask Franco why he is going after his uncle, Sonny. Franco recognizes him as the missing child in the news. Spencer says it wouldn’t be in Franco’s best interest to make the call reporting it. After twisting Franco's fingers, Spencer gets him to agree to keep each other's secrets.

Julian goes to the gallery and finds Sonny sitting there. When he pulls out a gun, Sonny's goons point theirs and take away his weapon. Sonny asks Julian why he is suddenly protecting Ava when he recently wanted her dead. Julian says Ava promised him something that will help to take him down. He reveals that he knows Sonny killed AJ Quartermaine. Ava video calls the boss from Julian’s computer and is surprised to see Luke Spencer. She strikes a deal to be the person who replaces Mickey Diamond in his organization.

Patrick goes to Samís place to check on her after hearing about the fire. Sam tells him that she saw the footage from the roof when she was talking to Silas and saw someone listening from the door, but she couldnít see who it was. She guesses it's Nina because she doesn’t believe she is really wheelchair-bound. She says she isn’t going to let Nina get away with what she is doing to him. Patrick adds what she is trying to do to Silas. Silas wants to know what happened to him last night. Nina says he had a lot to drink. He thinks it is something else because he can hold his liquor. He remembers that Sam was going to tell him something. After playing some strip poker, Nina reveals to Silas that she can stand for a few seconds. He is suitably impressed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Faith goes downstairs dressed as a bride and tells Nick that she may be the flower girl at his and Mom’s wedding. Nick lets her know that they can be family without getting married. At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Billy that she likes being with him and that is why she hadn’t told him about Ben’s secret. Jack lets Kelly know that he is feeling guilty about Phyllis. Colin and Jill have lunch at the Athletic Club dining room and discuss taking a trip to the West Indies. Mark arrests Kevin for fraud and for stealing Dr. Shelby’s name tag. When Ben begs Victoria to trust him, she says that he took a human life which was his father. Victoria refuses to trust him. Ben tries to explain to Victoria that his father was a bad man but she feels he still didn’t have to kill him. Ben gets a call from Dr. Shelby to meet him at the Athletic Club dining room. Chelsea gives Billy the file on Ben. Jack and Kelly discuss his connection to Phyllis and what they meant to each other in the past. A doctor puts earphones on Phyllis in hopes of helping her to wake up as the camera shows a picture of Jack and Summer on a nearby table. Colin mentions buying Jill a dress from the boutique for their trip, which Jill knows she will be paying for as well as the trip to the West Indies. Jill and Colin kiss. Michael and Kevin talk about Kevin stealing the name tag of Dr. Shelby in order to gain some personal information about Ben. Billy takes a look at the file on Ben and knows that this could ruin his career.

Nick and Faith have a tea party as they discuss marriage and family. Victoria surprises them with a visit. Victoria lets Nick know that she hasnít taken the paternity test and doesnít plan to. She insists that this baby is hers. Nick tells her to forget about the test and to just enjoy this baby. Dr. Shelby congratulates Ben on being named Chief Resident which surprises Ben. Kurtz gives Colin back the fake diamond necklace and gives him twenty-four hours to pay up his debt. Michael confronts Kevin over why he did what he did concerning Ben and his secret. Billy thanks Chelsea for the information that she gave him on Ben, but he doesn’t know what to do with it. Colin quickly hides the necklace when Jill rejoins him at the table. Jack tells Kelly that he will have to leave her to go to Georgia to let Phyllis know about them. Dr. Shelby and Ben are celebrating when Billy joins them.

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