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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam rants that he doesn’t know how Wyatt thinks sometimes. Giving Hope the diamond was so uncool. She says he wanted her to have it for the connection to her line. Liam says this gesture is more than about her line and if she keeps it she will be sending Wyatt a message. Surely she has to get that. He hates that he let his guard down. She begs him to please not let this get in the way of their just now becoming like brothers. He says he knows. It’s because he was the one to reach out. Wyatt saved his life and proved he is not like his mother. They were supposed to have an understanding and already Wyatt is being inappropriate by giving her the diamond. And that doesn’t even make any sense why Ricardo left Wyatt the diamond in the first place. They barely knew each other. She says they bonded over the diamond. Liam says okay then that is a reason enough that Wyatt should keep the diamond. He wants Hope to text or send an e-mail to Wyatt and give the diamond back. Aly tells Ivy she is sure Hope will do the right thing and give the diamond back to Wyatt. Ivy says it won’t be easy. What woman could resist a piece like that. Aly says believe her Wyatt is no prize. He is sneaky and underhanded with manipulations when it comes to Hope. Wyatt walks in and tells Aly it always warms his heart to know he has her support. He tells Ivy she can’t believe everything Aly says as she can’t stand him and is not exactly objective. Most people think he is a pretty nice guy. Ivy asks if that includes Hope. He says he thinks she will give him a good recommendation. Aly follows and for good measure they can follow that up with Liam’s thoughts. Wyatt says in case she has missed it he and his brother are getting along well these days. Rick comes in. Wyatt says he’s glad they are all here as he wants them to be a part of it. Wyatt says it is a press conference and the press is on their way. Rick is not sure he likes that without some assurance of what it is about. Wyatt says it is a surprise but if Rick will go with him on this he assures him he will not be sorry. Wyatt says it is the next evolution for HFTF and for Hope. Rick says again in front of his group. He does not like going into this PC blind. Aly makes a smart report like this isn’t the first time Wyatt has done something questionable. Wyatt reminds her that was in the past. Maya wants a clue. Wyatt says he has found a way to put HFTF back on the map but bigger than ever this time. Oliver says it is risky. Wyatt says he is that confident that it will be the next big step. But he tells Rick that if he is not onboard he will plug the plug right now; just tell him. Rick tells him to go ahead but do not make him sorry that he agreed to it. Wyatt says great today is going to be a big day for their team.

Brooke answers the door and it’s Deacon. She tells him Hope is not here. He says he is there to see her. He wanted to make sure she was okay. She lets him in. He says it feels pretty nice to be able to talk to her without Bill being around. She says she was completely blindsided by this. Bill only wanted to teach Ridge a lesson and that’d take about twenty minutes. Deacon says little boys have bigger toys only they are not make believe any more. Deacon knows what Bill has done and says he bets he did not go away quietly. She says she does not want to be rude but she really doesn’t want to discuss this with him. He says he knows they have a complicated history and he doesn’t expect them to be best buds right out of the box but he can dream. Hope holds the diamond for Liam to look at more carefully and explains this is not just any diamond but the HFTF diamond. It has special powers. He must feel it. She knows for a fact that it has MAGIC! The second they paired it with the line everything took off. People were completely under it’s spell and now it’s come back to them. He argues that Wyatt is using it for power to get her to look in his direction again. She says that is not the way she wants him to see this. He says but that is how it is. And shame on him for believing Wyatt could be any other way while he makes his big move. Hope reminds him there was no way that Wyatt knew Ricardo was going to die or leave him the diamond. Liam says but the minute it did fall out of the sky he brought it directly to Hope. He tells her that she has to give it back… The only person who should be giving her a diamond is him. She tells him again this is not a commitment. It is not a promise made, otherwise she would not be accepting it. This is business. This diamond represents the most success that the line has ever seen. Liam asks if she’d like to hear what he sees when he sees the diamond. He sees her and Wyatt splashed over everything….and he knows Wyatt sees it that way too. And that is what Wyatt is counting on. If she accepts this she is sending him mixed signals. He does not think she wants to do that. Her phone rings and it is Wyatt. He says he is in the showroom and needs her there right away. She tells Liam and he thinks that is great. It will be the perfect opportunity for her to give the diamond back. If she doesn’t Wyatt will see it as a sign of encouragement and they will be right back where they started….back to a place they do not want to go again. He says his brother is an operator and he’s proving it once again. He knows this diamond has meaning to Hope but if it weren’t so important he would not be asking her this. She shakes her head yes, okay she will give it back. Deacon tells Brooke that a lot has happened between them, some not so good, things he is not proud of but he wants her to know that he’s not that man anymore. She says it seems like he is trying. He says he wants his daughter to be proud of him and say to people that is her dad. He looks at her and is humbled and can not believe he had anything to do with creating that amazing woman. But whatever they went through it was worth it. He asks if she has heard about Wyatt’s latest. She is afraid to ask. He fills her in on the diamond and now Wyatt is the proud owner and he has given it to Hope. Brooke is speechless but says Hope will not keep it. Deacon doesn’t know why not. And he knows the stone has magical powers. It has a mind of its own and where it wants to be. And that is Hope. It keeps going to her and that is where it wants to be. Hope and Liam are surprised when they go to the showroom and see all the hubbub. Wyatt greets her and won’t give her details but says to stay right there. Wyatt slips his jacket on and takes the stage. He welcomes them all here and says they will skip the pleasantries as he knows they are dying to know why they are here. He says he is extremely happy to announce the return of Hope and the HFTF diamond. The audience gasps and flashbulb go off. He explains that Ricardo passed away and willed him the diamond. He calls Hope up on stage. She looks at Liam and he sort of makes a gesture to go ahead. Hope hands Wyatt the diamond and Wyatt holds it up; more flashbulbs go off. He tells Hope that he promised her that he would give this to her one day so now it is hers. All she has to do is take it. The emotions are mixed…..Wyatt is grinning ear to ear, Liam is glowering, Hope looks confused and most in the audience are oohing and aahing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted Kayla to make a choice between Abby and the donation for the hospital.  Kayla wanted Sami to rethink her plan of revenge, but she refused to listen. EJ and Abby talked in the park.  EJ apologized for hurting her.  Abby assumed that EJ wanted to get back together.  Brady called Daniel, but Kristen hung up the phone when Daniel tried to call out to him.  Daniel warned Kristen that he wouldnít get away with what she did, but she didnít agree with that.  EJ assured Abby that he didnít want to get back together.  Abby told EJ they would never get back together.  EJ and Abby talked about Sami a little more before she left.  Kayla wanted Sami to let Abby quit instead of firing her.  Sami agreed to that, but wanted Abby to sign an agreement admitting to the affair and that she can never work at Salem University again.  Kayla was ashamed of Sami for what she wanted.  Kayla walked away and ran into Jennifer.  Kayla dropped the bomb that she has to fire Abby.  Jennifer went in the pub and called Sami a monster.

Kristen texted everybody on Danielís phone to let them know what he was doing.  Kristen wanted to text Jennifer.  Daniel didnít let on that he and Jennifer were on a break.  Abby and Kayla met at the hospital.  Jennifer wanted Sami to leave Abby alone, but that didnít work.  Nicole advised Brady to let things go.  Kristen hooked through Danielís phone and realized that he broke up with Jennifer.  Abby realized that Sami wanted her fired.  Kayla explained that Abby had to resign or Kayla had to go to Anne about her.  Kayla also explained that she had to admit what she did.  Kristen wanted info about Theresa.  Daniel gave her a hard time about helping her.  Abby went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis and Sam break the news to Molly that their house burned down. While Jordan is holding Mickey Diamond at gunpoint in his hotel room, Julian kicks in the door and shoots Mickey. He tells Jordan about the fire and assures her that Molly and TJ are all right. She tells him that she came to Mickey’s room to talk business and that things got ugly when he wanted to make it about pleasure. She says he has a plausible story so they should trade guns for the ballistics report. When Anna gets there, Jordan tells her that Mickey invited her there to confirm his suspicion that she is an agent, and he got the information he was looking for from her digital recorder. Anna assumes Jordan shot Mickey in self-defense. Jordan reveals that Julian shot Mickey, but that she couldn’t blow her cover so she got rid of him. Jordan answers Mickey’s phone. She tells Anna that the person sounded like Luke Spencer. Anna says that isn’t possible. Julian goes to Sam’s house to make sure that everyone is ok. Molly accuses Julian of being responsible for the fire. Julian tells Sam and Alexis that he made sure that the person who was responsible is out of the picture.

Ned overhears Tracy on the phone saying that no one else in the family can know that Alice is dying. He tells her that she can’t keep it a secret and that if she won’t tell Alice, he will. Morgan takes Alice’s favorite wrestler, David Otunga to see her. While Mickey is being wheeled through the hospital, Tracy overhears an attendant say he is brain-dead.

Nathan sees Nina standing up in Silas' house. He puts her into her wheelchair and advises her not to try that unless her nurse is with her. She tells him that Silas and Sam broke up and that she is going to try to get her husband back. He tells her about the Maxie and Levi drama. She concludes that Nathan loves Maxie. He says he lost his chance because Maxie is going to marry Levi. She advises him not to give up. Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Lulu says no. Maxie says she is tired of people second guessing her judgment. She says she doesn’t know where she would be without Levi. Lulu relents and agrees to be Maxie’s matron of honor. She says she still hopes Maxie will come to realize that Nathan isn’t trying to sabotage Levi; he is only looking out for her because he cares.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

On the rooftop at the Athletic Club, Lily is on the phone trying to locate Devon when Cane comes up to join her. Lily tells him about not being able to find Devon. Laughing, Devon and Hilary come home unaware that Neil is there along with a policeman. Neil hurries to Hilaryís side and wants to know where they've been. Both Devon and Hilary explain to Neil where they were all night. When Hilary asks Neil about his trip to Hong Kong, he tells her that he cancelled it. At the penthouse, Victor brings Summer a belated wedding gift and is introduced to Austin. Austin explains to Victor that he will take full responsibility for shooting the Chief of Police. Victor is impressed that Austin is willing to take responsibility for his actions. At the Underground, Nick asks Sharon what she remembered. Not wanting Nick to know, she insists that she only remembers bits and pieces but she hopes that Mariah can help her to put the pieces together. Mariah asks Sharon how she thinks that she can help her regain her memory. Austin leaves for his job as Summer and Victor sit down on the sofa. Victor tells Summer to open her present. Summer is surprised that it is pearl necklace. Victor says he gave Nikki one on their wedding day and also to Victoria on her wedding day. Abby arrives at the rooftop and sees Cane and Lily deep in thought over Devon. Abby tells them that hers and Traciís relaxation day was cancelled because she had a run in with Tyler downstairs when she saw him with a woman who turned out to be a model. Neil asks Devon why they were out on that stretch of road. Hilary tells him that Devon took her for a ride and they ran out of gas. Neil gives Devon a hard time over buying a ďlemonĒ and suggests he get rid of it. Mariah advises Austin on how to tend bar and whom to serve. Austin is quiet and Mariah picks up on his sudden change of attitude. She soon realizes that it is due to Summer and her sudden dislike of her. Sharon is upset that Nick doesnít want her to work with Mariah in order to regain her memory. Sharon accuses Nick of only giving Mariah a job to appease her. Sharon tells Nick that she should go and visit Phyllis in order to fill in the spaces. A nurse sits beside Phyllisís bed and talks to her. Victor and Summer discuss how Phyllis isnít responding to anything. Victor finds out that Daniel has power of attorney over Phyllisí estate. Victor soon leaves.

Sharon gets a call from Jack and leaves Nick talking to Mariah. Nick accuses Mariah of trying to sabotage Sharonís recovery. Sharon returns and tells Nick that Jack wants her to fly to Chicago. Lily and Cane talk about a possible match between Abby and Devon. Lily tries to convince Abby to give Devon a fighting chance. Summer arrives at the Underground to give Austin some encouragement on his first day of work. Summer and Sharon talk and discuss Phyllisí fall down the stairs. Victor is on the phone when Abby joins him and accuses him of trying to run Tyler out of town, so it wonít be so difficult for her to get over him. Abby makes him promise that he will not interfere. Victor tells her that he wonít. As Hilary and Neil kiss, she sees Devonís face instead of Neilís. Hilary pulls away and tells Neil that she cannot do this. Cane and Devon are discussing Hilary when Lily comes downstairs and catches them. Lily lets Devon know that she has the perfect girl for him. Austin messes up on a drink. Mariah refuses to serve Summer a drink since she is underage. Mariah lets Summer know that she doesnít have to worry about her trying to snare her husband, because she has eyes on someone else. At home while eating ice cream straight from the carton, Nick and Sharon discuss Phyllis' fall. He tells her about the DNA test. At the hospital, Phyllis begins to move her little finger.

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