Tuesday 7/29/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he hates seeing her this way. Bill is just playing with her emotions. She needs to tell him it is over for good. Bill tells Brooke they are far from over. He never meant to hurt Ridge, just teach him a lesson. Ridge tells Brooke again to cut him loose. He’s not worth it; never was. Bill defends himself by saying he used all his resources to find Ridge. Katie speaks up and says he made Ridge doubt himself and made them doubt him too and that’s the worst of it. Bill asks Brooke for five minutes alone and then he will leave if she still wants him to. Brooke tells Ridge and Katie to go on home, she will be okay. Bill thanks Brooke for giving him this time. She says don’t; he has no idea what she is going to say. Liam joins Hope and Wyatt on the Rooftop and asks what is going on. Before Hope can say a word, she is tracked down and told she is needed back inside. Ivy shows Aly the video she made that accidentally caught Hope hugging Wyatt. She says she feels terrible. She is not this kind of person. Aly is shocked. She says Hope is back with Liam and she would never put him through that. Ivy has no other explanation then why Hope is hugging Wyatt unless he gave her the diamond. She saw the hug and the way Hope looked at him. Liam asks Wyatt how it is going with Ivy. Wyatt says he has noticed how cute she is but no office romance. That usually doesn’t work out. Hope is taking longer than Liam thought so he says he is going to track her down. Wyatt tells him fine go be with his lady. Under his breath he says while he till can.

As Hope finishes up, Deacon drops in and says he can’t stay away from his beautiful daughter. He finds that she is distracted. He says he knows his track record really sucks at being a dad but he’s trying to change that. He encourages her to tell him what’s on her mind. Slowly she tells him something very unexpected happened. It involves the HFTF diamond. Deacon says he knows about the power of the diamond and Wyatt showed it to him. It’s everything they all say it is and a lot more. She brings it out of her pocket and says Wyatt promised her that he would give it to her some day but now that he has…….Deacon is shocked to hear that he actually gave it to her and encourages Hope to keep it. They banter back and forth how appropriate it is and Hope says not for an engaged woman to accept a diamond from another man. Suddenly they are interrupted by Katie and Ridge. Katie explains that Ridge took Bill on a little helicopter ride. Deacon hopes he sang like a bird. Ridge says eventually he did. Hope is surprised of course that Ridge can even fly a chopper. Deacon wants to know how Brooke is. Surely she has kicked Bill to the curb. Ridge says not yet and it worries him. Brooke won’t let Bill touch her. She says she thought she knew the man she was about to marry today. He valued family above everything else even business. So he could not have done those things that Ridge said he did. She knows in the past that he has done some questionable things, hurtful things but she never knew he could be so intentionally cruel. Perhaps even a murderer Bill says he is no murderer. Brooke bellows then he’s a damn liar. They all stood there in that suite scared to death for Ridge and Bill stood there and acted like he knew nothing. He says he was wrong. He does love her more than anything in this world. He says he let this consume him but he will never keep anything from her again. He begs her to please not let this derail their plans. Say she will understand and forgive. Finally she says she will search her heart for forgiveness but this reckless anger that he has she can not take it. She can not possibly marry him now or anytime soon. She says he lied tot her and betrayed her. He says they can not let this or anything tear them apart. Aly tells Ivy that Wyatt should not be upping the stakes. Hope has made her choice and it is Liam that she wants. Wyatt is just using the diamond to get Hope back. Hope looks at the diamond fondly and is still looking when Liam hobbles in. She doesn’t hide it. She brings it out and shows him and says Wyatt gave it to her. Liam thinks it is a replica until she says no, that Ricardo passed away and willed the original to Wyatt and now he has given it to her. Liam says damnit, damnit, damnit, Wyatt lucked out and he’s already using it to his advantage. He should have anticipated this. He says she knows she can’t keep it. She has to give it back, like today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami met with Anne to talk about hospital policy.  Abby explained to Will how she and EJ ended up having an affair.  Abby seemed a little upset when Will asked her about her feelings for EJ.  Abby denied having feelings for EJ.  Kristen was the one who tied Daniel up.  EJ went to Willís place and ran into Sonny.  Sonny blasted EJ for being with Abby.  EJ reminded Sonny about everything he did for them, but that didnít change Sonnyís opinion.  Marlena was upset that Brady hurt John.  Brady thought that Marlena hated him just as much as he hated himself.  Kristen wanted to talk to Daniel, but he had to remain quiet.  As soon as she took the scarf off his mouth, he yelled for help.  Kristen slapped Daniel.  Sami didnít want Anne to tell anyone about their meeting.  Eve wanted to know why Theresa was so nervous about John.  Eve realized that Theresa had to save herself.  Marlena let Brady know that she didnít hate him.  Brady explained what happened to his life because of Kristen.  Kristen refused to let Daniel leave the hotel until she was ready for her to leave if she let him leave.

Sami met with Kayla at the pub.  Sami told Kayla that she turned the evidence against EJ over to the police because he had an affair with Kayla.  Kayla didnít believe that Abby did that, but Sami confirmed the affair.  Eve wanted Theresa to donate blood for her in order for her to keep quiet about John.  Kayla couldnít believe that Abby slept with EJ. Sami wanted Kayla to fire Abby.  Daniel reminded Kristen about what she did to Brady and Eric.  Daniel saw the expression on Kristenís face and wondered if she knew about what was going on with them.  Kristen wanted Daniel to fill her in on the details that she didnít know, but he refused to help her.  Kristen called her henchman back in the room.  Kayla didnít want to fire Abby because sheís a good worker and didnít think it would help Sami feel better about what happened.  Sami demanded that she fire Abby or she wouldnít give the hospital the donation for the childrenís wing.  Will arrived home after talking with Abby and told Sonny that he planned to neutralize Sami since she wants to continue to hurt Abby.  EJ saw Abby and followed her to the park.  Since Daniel refused to help Kristen get the information that she wanted, Kristen ordered her henchman to punch him.  Brady called Danielís phone and Kristen answered it and listened to Brady talk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam opens Silas’ door with her key and finds him with Nina, kissing on the sofa. She apologizes to Nina for the intrusion and leaves. Nina tells Silas that it is a good thing that Sam saw them to eliminate any confusion on the matter. She tells him that she is his wife and she wants to spend the night with him. He says he doesn’t feel like himself and that it wouldn’t be fair to her to do it like that.

Julian receives a text message from Mickey wishing his family a good night. A bomb goes off in Alexis’ mailbox. Julian goes to Alexis’ house and tries to get through the fire, but he is thrown by an explosion. An EMT revives him and says that anyone who was in the house is already gone. Alexis sees him crying on the ground. She wonders what happened to her house and tells him that she took Molly, TJ, and Danny to Sam’s house, because Danny couldn’t sleep without his truck. Sam is terrified for Danny when she gets to Alexis’ house and sees its charred remains. Julian asks Sam to take care of Alexis. A firefighter tells Sam that a suspicious explosion caused the fire. Shawn tells Sonny that when he went to Mickey’s room, Jordan was there planning to sleep with Mickey. Sonny says Shawn should do whatever he needs to do, but to remember that they have to go through Mickey to get to the Jeromes. Mickey finds the recording device that Jordan had attached to his headboard. He plays the recording in which she identifies herself as an agent. He says he is going to kill her. Shawn returns to Mickey’s door, but decides it is none of his business and walks away. Jordan is a trained agent and is able to kick the gun out of Mickey’s hand and pick it up herself. She tells him that he can go to jail or he can give her the name of his boss. He says he will use his one phone call to contact the boss and tell him about her. Julian bursts into Mickey’s hotel room and shoots him.

Olivia gets drunk at the Metro Court bar and tells Carly that she is going to kick Sonny out, with or without her. Ned takes Olivia to his room to calm down and sober up. She sees that Sarah McLaughlin dog rescue commercial and calls the number. Ned takes the phone and tells her that she can adopt as many dogs as she wants when she is sober. She says he is a good guy. Carly tells Sonny that Olivia asked her to evict him and that she said no. She says Franco didn’t like that very much. Sonny doesn’t care what Franco likes. She reminds him of how Franco reacted the last time he felt threatened by Sonny. Carly says Franco will keep his mouth shut. He reveals that Ava escaped, but is essentially a prisoner in her own penthouse so she is powerless. Two men kidnap Franco on the Metro Court elevator and take him to Ava. She tells him that she wants Carly’s copy of the incriminating recording. He says Carly didn’t keep a copy and that even if she did, he doesn’t see a reason to help Ava. Ava says the reason is to get Sonny out of both of their lives. She tries to evoke his jealousy to convince him to help her. He says he isn’t going to risk his relationship with Carly to get back at Sonny. She says she is confident that he will change his mind and has her men escort him out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick looks at a pic of the family as Sharon comes downstairs and puts her arms around him. Nick turns on her and tells her that he and Faith are moving out. He cannot do this anymore. They will never be a family. Sharon wakes up with a start and finds Nick sitting on the couch beside her. Sharon hugs him. Victor is on the phone making travel plans. He also calls to have his car ready to go to the airport. Nikki interrupts and asks him if he will ever learn. At the Athletic Club, Abby sees Tyler talking to a woman and naturally assumes that he is seeing someone else. Abby confronts him about the woman. Mariah is behind the bar at the Underground when Austin walks in and asks if the manager is there. Sharon tells Nick that when he finds out the truth, it will hurt him. Nikki tells Victor that she heard him on the phone making travel plans, but he denies the accusation. Victor finds it surprising that Jack would go along with Summer marrying Austin. Summer calls Austin to tell him she is back in town and also to inform him about the new apartment. Austin says he is looking for a job. Austin pushes back the job application and tells Mariah that he might as well forget about the job. Mariah wonders why and asks what had did, but he declares it's none of her business. Mariah tells him that she will tell him her story if he will tell her his. Tyler lets Abby know that the woman to whom he was talking to was one of the models from the photo shoot on the roof. Upset, Abby goes to the roof to meet Traci, who has a day of relaxation planned for them. Abby takes a large drink next to Traci. Abby lets Traci know about her confrontation with Tyler downstairs and about the woman. Traci tells Abby to relax and enjoy the day. In the dining room of the Athletic Club, Tyler joins Leslie at a table. He tells her about his run in with Abby. Leslie blames Mariah for all of Tyler’s trouble with Abby. Nikki pays Summer a surprise visit. They discuss Summer’s marriage to Austin. Mariah and Austin are talking when Nick walks in and wants to know what he is doing here. Nick lets Mariah know that this is Summer’s husband and that he shot the Chief of Police. Mariah tells him that he shouldn’t put that on his job application. Austin starts to leave but Nick tells him that he will grant him an interview. Mariah is surprised by Nick’s sudden change of heart toward Austin.

At the hospital, Sharon has a flashback outside the lab door where they do blood work to test the paternity of a child. After the interview, Nick gives him a job which surprises Austin. Summer and Nikki discuss Austin and his upcoming trial. Nikki asks Summer about her wedding. Summer says that Sharon helped her with the wedding. Victor meets with a doctor to see if Phyllis could be included in his treatment program, but the doctor would need the consent of the family if he could get the funding for the trial tests. Victor agrees to supply the funding if Phyllis can be included. The doctor agrees, but he will need the consent of the family. Excitedly, Austin comes home with flowers to tell Summer that he has a job, but he finds Nikki there who is less than friendly to him and warns him not to hurt anyone else she loves. Summer is surprised when she finds out that Nick gave Austin a job at the Underground. Sharon visits her doctor and attempts to be hypnotized but she fails to go under because something seems to be blocking her efforts. Sharon tells the doctor that she had a flashback earlier that day. Nikki runs into Sharon at the hospital and thanks her for helping Summer and giving her moral support. Nikki also apologizes for Victor using Mariah to hurt her. Leslie gets a text that Austin’s trial has been scheduled. Sharon comes into the Underground and tells Mariah that she had a flashback. Nick walks in and wants to know what she remembered.

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