Monday 7/28/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he screwed up. He should have been honest with her. He’s embarrassed to say he was scared. He never meant to hurt Ridge. He never meant it to go this far. Ridge says he means he never thought he’d get caught. Bill says Ridge needed to be taught a lesson. He reacted impulsively. He tells Brooke he is sorry and promises her that nothing like this will ever happen again. He wants her to say something. She asks why did he have to do this? He says he had to punish Ridge for taking her away. He wanted him to pay. She says Ridge could have been killed and all Bill was thinking about was himself. He almost killed R.J.’s father. He argues that she knows he would never intentionally hurt the father of her son. Ridge says those are just empty, meaningless words. Brooke can not trust him, she can not forgive him and she certainly can not marry him. Ivy is outside on the Rooftop still taking video on her phone. She comes across Hope and Wyatt just as Hope hugs Wyatt for showing her the diamond. Ivy quickly puts it away and goes back inside. Hope tells Wyatt that she doesn’t know what to say. She says she is sorry. She just got carried away. He says it was just a hug; they didn’t break any rules. She can’t believe Ricardo left him the diamond and it’s really his. He says no, it’s hers now to keep forever. She keeps looking and gushing at it but says it is too much. He says the diamond belongs with her. It’s meant for her. It’s supposed to be in their lives. It’s worked wonders for them before and he thinks it will do it again. She says she would not feel right accepting this as Ricardo gave it to him. He says because he trusted that he’d know what to do with it. She reminds him that she is with Liam now. He says he knows and he is not naïve enough to think this will change anything. He just thinks it feels right and as far as he is concerned it has always belonged to her. He can’t keep it and wear it, just not his style. They laugh about him giving it the justice that it deserves and he says only she can do that. Aly tells Liam that she admires his confidence. Most guys would not want their girlfriend to work with their ex boyfriend. Ivy slips in and hears this. Liam says yeah well he and Wyatt have a new understanding and he’s turned over a new leaf and is starting to respect Liam’s relationship with her. Aly says Liam may trust Wyatt but she thinks he is more like his dad than he realizes. Liam says sure he will always be a little wary of Wyatt but it was Quinn who caused the damage and Wyatt actually defended him. Ivy asks if he is okay with him now. Liam says yeah, he does not think he will be a problem with his and Hope’s relationship. And he trusts her so he is okay with their working relationship. Liam leaves and Aly tells Ivy that they have to find her a boyfriend. Ivy says she will be busy and have no time to date. But she understands Oliver is pretty nice. Aly says yes tho they went through a rough patch lately but they worked it out. Aly tells Ivy it’s good to have someone around her own age. Hope is cool but always so busy. Ivy says she hasn’t had much chance to get to know her either…..but very pretty and every bit a Logan. She’s learned from the master; the great Brooke Logan. Aly says Hope and Brooke are very different. Ivy can’t be sure, but it must be nice having two guys fighting over you like Liam and Wyatt unless she is planning to torture them just like Brooke did with Aly’s dad and Uncle Ridge and Eric. There is appropriate behavior and then there is Brooke’s behavior. Aly assures her that Hope is not like that. Hope is a good person. Just look at what her HFTF message says about being honest and decent and staying true to yourself. No one does that better than Hope. Ivy says she does believe in the message but she thinks maybe Aly is idealizing Hope a little too much. She’s not sure she is living up to her own message. Aly wonders why she said that. Ivy says she has something to show her. She shows her the video and says she did not mean to take it. Bill tells Brooke that he was really scared but he had to come clean and he wanted her to hear it from him. Dumping Ridge in the water was the only way he could fight back; the only way he could get Brooke back. She wonders what he would have done if Ridge hadn’t been found; what Bill would have done then. She knows when someone crosses him that he strikes back….hard and he doesn’t care about the consequences. And that scares her. He says he deeply regrets what he has done. Katie laughs and says she wishes she could count the times that he had said that he would never do something again. She has spent years of hr life listening to his lies and manipulations and she does not want that for Brooke.

As Hope is still fighting with herself about the diamond Wyatt says this is nothing compared to what she has given him. She has given him love, a job, a purpose. Just think of this as a reminder of all the great times they have had. This is what they can accomplish together. This is her diamond. No one else should have it. It is rare and unique and should belong to someone equally so. It’s only right that the two most precious things he has known should be together. She says she can’t accept the diamond just about the time that Liam hobbles out and asks what they are working on. Hope puts the diamond in her pocket. They manage to make light of the conversation especially when Liam tells them he’s been in Ivy’s video and they better watch it as she will be after them next. Her mum is a huge fan of the tabloids and the three of them. Wyatt wonder who she is rooting for, him or Liam. Hope says well she will be disappointed with the gossip when she finds out that now she is with Liam. Wyatt says and he is alone. Liam jokes that he always has his jewelry. Ridge tells Brooke to take Bill’s ring off and kick him to the curb. Bill rants to Ridge to let her think for herself. Ridge says he does not want him near RJ. Bill says he does not want anything to happen to RJ and if he could change things and go back he would. Brooke says that is just it, he can not go back. He admits he made the wrong move but he will not pack up and go until Brooke tells him to. Ridge knew who he was dealing with and is not devoid of blame either. He knew there’d be payback. The difference is that Bill acted on impulse whereas Ridge planned the whole thing out. So yes he screwed up but Ridge is not exactly squeaky clean either. Ridge says he has heard enough. He does not want him near his son and Brooke does not want him here either. He tells Brooke to tell him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe told Brady that the DA decided not to press charges against him.  Victor thought Brady should be happy, but Brady was still worried about John.  Nicole saw Daniel at the hospital and they ended up arguing over Eric.  Eric told Roman and Marlena that heís going to Rome.  They talked about that for a little while before Marlena asked Eric to say a blessing for John.  Roman watched the expression on Marlenaís face when Eric gave the blessing.  Eve called Theresa and wanted a favor from her. They argued about it before Theresa ended the call.  Roman told Marlena that she was still in love with John.  Victor warned Brady now to let Theresa get money out of him.  Eric and Nicole bumped into each other.  Eric asked her if she talked to the Bishop.

Nicole said she would help Eric.  Roman left Marlena alone so she could spend time with John.  Eve went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Theresa.  Victor put her in her place about the lawsuit.  Brady met with Theresa in the park and they talked about John as well as the annulment.  He wanted to get it as soon as possible.  Theresa didnít think that he should rush into anything.  Later on, Eve showed up at Theresaís place and they started to argue again.  Anne also showed up at Theresaís place to talk.  Theresa made Eve leave her place.  Anne asked Theresa why she was so worried about Johnís condition.  Eve overheard the conversation between Theresa and Anne.  Daniel arrived at the hotel for his conference.  Daniel didnít see the man standing in his hotel room.  Daniel was hit in the head.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia vents about Sonny to Ned. She says Sonny won’t move out of the hotel unless Carly agrees to the eviction. She spots Carly in the dining room and asks her to kick Sonny out. Carly says no. Franco thinks it’s a great idea. Carly says it’s between Sonny and Olivia. Olivia says she should have known that Carly would take Sonny’s side, because she always does and the reason is that she will always have a thing for Sonny. She warns Franco that Sonny and Carly will always be there for each other and the rest of them are just temporary dance partners. Franco tells Carly that it’s no big deal that another person said there is a magical connection between her and Sonny. Sam asks Sonny if she can see the footage from the hospital roof because it might expose Nina Clay as a liar. When they watch the video, they see the roof door open a little during her conversation with Silas. Even though she can’t see who is there, it proves that someone eavesdropped on their conversation. Sonny advises Sam not to let Nina get away with it. Nina drugs Silas’ drink and gets him on top of her on the couch. Sam stops by to tell Silas what she saw on the video, but Silas doesn’t answer the door because in his drugged state, Nina convinces him that he is hearing things. After a few tries knocking, Sam opens the door with her key and sees Silas and Nina on the sofa, kissing.

Julian tells Ava that he wouldn’t be surprised if his boss retaliates. Mickey Diamond tells Fluke that Julian is talking about leaving the business again, but not to worry, he is having a message delivered right now. A hooded man goes to Alexis’ house and puts a time bomb in her mailbox. Mickey opens his hotel room door and finds Jordan and Shawn inside. Jordan tells Mickey that Olivia let her in and that apparently Shawn followed her and that he pushed his way in when she opened the door. He tells Shawn to leave. Shawn says he will go but warns Mickey that he will answer to him if anything happens to Jordan. Mickey sends a text message to Julian wishing his family a good night. Jordan places a bug on the back of the headboard when Mickey isn’t looking, but he finds it and confronts her. The bomb in Alexis’ mailbox goes off.

Julian asks Ava for details about Sonny shooting AJ. She tells him that AJ secretly recorded the entire conversation on his cell phone and the recording was transferred to a flash drive. She reveals that the problem is that Sonny has the flash drive. He asks her what she is leaving out that would explain why Sonny would keep a recording that incriminates him. She says her confession to shooting Olivia is also on the recording. She tells him that she doesn’t know where Sonny hid the recording after she almost had it once before, but she is willing to bet that Carly kept a copy too. Julian says Carly would see them coming from a mile away. Ava thinks there is another person that Carly wouldn’t see coming – Franco. She makes a call and tells Julian that it is all taken care of. When Franco gets on the Metro Court elevator, two men with guns kidnap him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Jack finally tells Kelly that he loves her, but she still blames him for ruining Ben’s life. At the Underground, Nick blames Billy for what Victoria is going through with Ben and her finding out about his past. At the Abbott home, Ben begs Victoria to let him in, so he can talk to her. He also tells her that he still loves her. Ben begs her to give him a chance. Nick puts all the blame on Billy for delving into Ben’s past when she didnít want him to. Sharon walks in and asks Mariah what is going on with Nick and Billy. Cane and Lily walk in and also want to know what's going on with Billy and Nick. Devon tells Hilary that they ran out of gas. Hilary orders him to call a tow truck. She reminds Devon of all the times that they were stuck together. Devon tells her that they should be stuck together. Jack assures Hilary that he would never manipulate her. Kelly again reminds him of what he did to Ben. Victoria accuses Ben of lying to her over and over again when she asked him for the truth. She wants him to leave her alone. Nick and Billy continue to argue over the ways that Billy repeatedly hurt Victoria. Nick tells Billy that Victoria doesn’t need him. Lily cannot get over how much Mariah looks like Cassie. Ben comes to see Dylan but he is deep in thought over the things that happened that day. Dylan informs Ben what happened during Nikki and Ian’s trial. Ben opens up to Dylan that he is not Ben Rayburn. He took a dead man’s name in order to cover up the fact that he was a murderer.

Mariah watches as Sharon and Nick kiss. Kelly lets Jack know how hard Ben had it trying to rebuild his life. Ben explains everything to Dylan about his past. Dylan cannot believe his ears that Ben would keep this from him. Billy arrives at Victoria’s but finds the babysitter there instead. He finds out that Victoria had an appointment. At the hospital, Victoria hears that her doctor just left for a week’s conference in Vancouver. She asks the doctor to do the paternity test for her, but she wants to control the outcome. The doctor is surprised. Ben refuses to answer Dylan when he asks him to deny these accusations. Jack reminds Kelly again that he loves her, but she is still upset with him. Lily and Cane walk in and encounter Jack as he's leaving. Lily goes over to talk to Kelly and finds out what happened between her and Jack. Lily urges Kelly to go after Jack. Devon and Hilary still are stranded beside the road. Sharon tries to talk to Dylan but he refuses to tell her anything. In a flashback, Sharon remembers when Phyllis fell down the stairs. Kelly joins Jack in bed and tells him that she loves him. Nick fixes Mariah a sandwich and cuts the crust off just like he does for Faith.

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