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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Ridge’s repeated urgings, Bill finally admits that yeah you bet he did it. Ridge got what was coming to him. Ridge cheap-shot him and drug off his bride and nobody does that to him and gets away with it, so he had Justin dump him. Now he wants Ridge to land this chopper. Brooke keeps defending Bill that they were getting married, so there is no way he could have planned an accident for Ridge. Katie says she isn’t sure they can still call it an accident. When Wyatt shows Ivy the big blue diamond, she says she thought it was on loan and they returned it. Wyatt says yes but when Ricardo recently died he gifted it to Wyatt. She asks what he is going to do with it and he replies let it work its magic. Wyatt has to quickly close his fist with the diamond when Liam comes back in and tells Wyatt good job at the meeting today and it’s obvious he is excited to be back at work. Wyatt says that is a huge understatement. Liam asks if he has any specific plans. Wyatt says just strictly business but he always has something in the works. And then he segues way that he needs to go show Hope this latest piece. Hope asks Deacon why he came by. He says just to check up on her and to ask about Liam. She says he’s fine. It’s kind of cute seeing him hobble around. She thanks him for telling Wyatt what Quinn was up to. He says anything to help and he wants them to see he is trying to change. Maybe her mom will see that someday too. Hope says no offense but she doesn’t think her mom wants anything to do with him. She says he is her father and Brooke knows she wants a relationship with her dad but it’s hard to even think that she would change her mind about him. Deacon shares that Bill is not the man she thinks he is. Hope says obviously she is not a huge fan of Bill’s but he has proven himself with her mom. Deacon says yes, he’s proven himself to be a jerk. Deacon has been one too but at least he knows his limitations. Bill thinks he can do anything and up until now he has. But Brooke is gonna find out very shortly exactly what he is capable of.

Brooke is still trying to convince Katie that Bill had nothing to do with Ridge’s accident when Bill comes back home. She quickly says she is not even ready yet; he came back too soon. They are still going to get married? Ridge answers he is not sure. Brooke tells him if he is still accusing Bill then he can turn around and go back home. He had a terrible accident but Bill had nothing to do with it. She saw it happen and it was one of the worst days of her life. But Bill did not orchestrate it and what Ridge is saying would be attempted murder and he would not do that. She orders Ridge to keep this to himself. She wants no more interruptions. All four of them now need to come together for the kids. She tells Bill again that she is not ready. Ridge says that is on him. He didn’t let Bill get to Catalina. Bill finally speaks up and says Ridge had him hijacked. After Wyatt leaves, Ivy makes small talk with Liam and even convinces him that her mum would love to know them all better so would he mind being in her video. He acts goofy but complies. She mentions both Wyatt and Liam being in the tabloids over Hope. She knows Hope is with him now and that’s good. She thinks he is a really nice guy and Hope’s love life is none of her concern. She is here to work and that is what she is going to do. Deacon tells Hope that she has that whole blonde mother/daughter executive thing going on….something he never accomplished at her age. She reminds him that he owned a club or something. He says yeah that’s right so maybe they are alike. She inspires young girls to live a life of meaning and he owned a club and inspired young women to other things. Hope asks if he still has a thing for her mom. He lets her in on a little secret….any guy who has been with Brooke Logan still has a little thing for her. And it used to be if your name wasn’t Ridge, then why bother as you were destined for second place but now Ridge is with Katie. She reminds him that Brooke is with Bill. Deacon says he knows but he doesn’t see that lasting. He admits he’s been working on a little something to help her mom out so they’ll have to wait and see. Wyatt comes in but says he can come back. Deacon says it is okay, he was just leaving anyway. He tells Hope that maybe her mother will appreciate his efforts and with time and a little understanding she will see that he has changed and cut him some slack so you never know what the future might hold. Wyatt and Hope go outside on the Rooftop as she has some jewels of Ivy’s that she wants to see in the natural light. He thanks her again for this second chance. She says he has a lot to live up to like topping whisking her away to Mexico and coming home with the HFTF diamond. He says that was the beginning of a great adventure for them and with success it can happen again. And he did make a promise. She says she remembers, he was going to give it to her and she is holding him to that. Slyly he says he has something that she needs to see in the natural light. It’s not for the line but something for her. Something that he only imagined her owning since he saw it. He opens his fist and presents the diamond. She gasps and puts her hands to her face. He said he told her that he would not break his promise. Ricardo gave it to him and now he is giving it to her. She says she does not know what to say. Ridge tells Brooke what he told Bill, that poetry wasn’t the only thing he learned in Paris. Both Katie and Brooke guess that it was he that was flying Bill’s helicopter and brought him down. Brooke says she is sure Bill will want to press charges, but don’t. Ridge is confused and they need to help him. Bill says he is not pressing charges. Katie wants to hear the details. Ridge says he remembers seeing Justin’s face and the SP logo. He was not imagining that. The helicopter had been on the back of Bill’s yacht. He saw him and Brooke climb into the helicopter and he gave orders to Justin to dump him. Brooke says damn it, Bill needs to defend himself. Bill says nothing to defend. It was his helicopter; Justin was the pilot and he had him dump Ridge in the water. In shock, Brooke says no he wouldn’t do that. Ridge almost died and they were all worried about him. Bill says he knows but Ridge interrupted their wedding. He drug her away. Bill was angry and he didn’t have time to think. He just knew he had to get her back with him. It was just an impulse. He told Justin to cool him off. He never thought he’d get hurt. He could swim or Justin could go back and get him. He never thought in a million years that he’d go missing. And when he was found, Bill was relieved as he had been living in fear. Bill says he was afraid. Ridge had cheap-shot him in the face while they were getting married and nobody does that to him and gets away with it. He wants Brooke to say something. Tell him that she understands.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie was at the hospital and Brady told her that he could have killed his father.  Theresa ran into Victor and he promised that he would make her pay for what she did to John.  Nicole ran into Jennifer at TCB and they talked about Eveís lawsuit.  Jennifer didnít want to keep talking to Nicole, but she did want to apologize for what happened with Daniel.  Maggie didnít think that Brady was responsible for what happened to John.  Brady told Maggie that he didnít remember what happened.  He realized that he lost control of his life.  Victor believed that Theresa got Brady drunk so she could marry him and get her hands on his money.  Theresa thought Victor was delusional. Victor wanted to make sure that Theresa was going to pay for what she did.  Nicole told Jennifer that she truly regretted what she did to Eric.  Jennifer just wanted Nicole to leave her alone. Nicole wanted to take responsibility for her actions unlike Jennifer.  Eric talked to the Bishop about his situation.  Eric wanted the case to be over. The Bishop warned Eric that there would be too much press surrounding his case and that drastic action had to be taken.  Nicole believed that Jennifer was the one who screwed up with Daniel.  Nicole reminded Jennifer that she judged her when she was the one who destroyed her relationship with Daniel.  Aiden arrived in time to hear Nicole and Jennifer arguing.  The Bishop gave Eric his instructions off screen.  Eric needed guidance before he could make a decision.  Maggie and Brady continued to talk about his problem with drugs and alcohol.  Maggie was proud of Brady for taking the first step toward his recovery.  Victor didnít want to hear anything Theresa had to say for herself. Victor said that Theresa wasnít getting any of Bradyís money.

Theresa covered up her argument with Victor by saying that he was congratulating her.  Brady wanted to talk to Theresa alone.  Theresa said she could handle Victor.  Abe ran into Victor and Maggie and told them that he wanted to question Brady about what happened to John. Victor wanted to know if Abe wanted to arrest Brady.  The Bishop met with Nicole at the church.  Nicole talked to him about how Eric would never forgive her for what she did to him.  Aiden told Jennifer that he was trying to get the case dismissed.  Brady let Theresa know that they needed to get an annulment.  Theresa lied and said she didnít remember it either.  Brady thought that he and Theresa should go their separate ways.  Theresa wanted to be friends, but he didnít think they should do that. Theresa apologized for what happened to John.  The Bishop wanted Nicole to serve as a witness for Eric.  Brady overheard Victor yelling at Abe.  Brady said he didnít need an attorney since he admitted to hitting John.  Brady wasnít sure if Abe was at the hospital because he had new information about what happened to John.  Nicole has to go with Eric to see the Vatican to present his case.  Abe told Brady that he could be charged with attempted murder.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Sonny that the helicopter took Ava to her penthouse. They try to figure out who came to her rescue. Shawn procures hospital security footage that shows Ava with Julian. Sonny concludes that Ava is going to sell him out in exchange for her life. Shawn sees that the other person on the roof is Mickey Diamond. Sonny tells Shawn to look into Mickey. Mickey and Julian escort Ava into her penthouse. Mickey warns her that he isn’t as benevolent as Corinthos is. He pulls out his gun and tells him that he wants to know what she knows about Sonny or he will kill her. Julian takes the gun and twists Mickey’s arm behind his back. He says Ava isn’t saying a word until they get some answers from Mickey. He asks if they are in the heroin trade. Mickey says they aren’t selling heroin per se. Julian realizes that the heroin is laced into the coke. He lets Mickey leave, but keeps the gun. Mickey calls Fluke and tells him that Julian says he wants out again, but that he has arranged to send Julian a message he won't soon forget. Jordan goes to Mickey’s hotel room for their date. When she finds that he isn’t there, she breaks in and starts searching. Shawn surprises her when he enters moments later. She tells him to leave. He tells her that Mickey Diamond is not the man she wants and kisses her. She slaps him. He kisses her again.

Olivia evicts Sonny. He refuses to leave. He says Carly owns the other half of the hotel and Olivia can’t throw him out without Carly’s consent. He thinks they should quit fighting and asks her to give him another chance. Tracy calls Fluke and asks him to come home for Alice, but then realizes that's not a good idea and he should stay with Dillon and Brook Lynn. Ned wants to know what she is hiding. She says she is looking into illegal organs to get a heart for Alice. She invites him to move back into the mansion.

Silas tells Patrick that he didn’t say anything to the reporter. Patrick hopes the investigation will reveal the source. Sam tells Patrick that she and Silas broke up. She assures him that it wasn’t because of what happened to Patrick. She reveals that she thinks Silas' wife is the responsible party. They ask the hospital security manager if they can see the footage from the roof cameras, but he reveals that he loaned out the discs to Sonny because something happened on the roof. Sam goes to see Sonny and says she needs to see the footage that he has to hopefully expose a liar. Nina feels triumphant in breaking up Sam and Silas. Rosalie asks whose life Nina is going to ruin next. Nina says Silas owes her a baby. Rosalie says it isn’t fair to have a baby just to use it as revenge on Silas. Nina says she really wants a baby and she wants to be with her husband after she has tortured him enough. She sends Rosalie to get some sex-enhancing pills. She crushes one and puts it in Silas’ drink.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

After some difficult emotional moments for Nikki, the trial of Ward vs. Newman wraps up with just the verdict to be announced. Stitch is forced to come clean with Victoria about accidentally killing his father. Victoria goes to The Underground for advice from Nick. Neil is called out of town on business, forcing Devon to take Hilary home, where he gets the truth from her. She does have feelings for him, but she made her choice. Billy is angry with both Jack and Kelly for keeping the truth from him. Stitch goes to Victoria's house to explains things, but she won't respond to his pleas. She just stands behind the door while he begs her to open it.

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