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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Bill gets settled in the chopper, he makes a list on his Iphone to get to Catalina, set up and go back ad get Brooke. And the best part, no Smidge this time to screw things up. Forrester, what a joke, no wedding crashers this time. He looks for his seat belt, there is none. The pilot holds it up and asks if he is looking for this. Ridge turns his head around and says guess Bill thought the only thing he studied in Paris was poetry. Katie arrives at Brooke’s and asks what was the big urgency. Brooke says Deacon was over and badmouthing Bill and she needed a break. She tells Katie that she and Bill are going to Catalina and getting married today. She wanted her to hear it from her first. Katie says this is kind of sudden and wonders if it was Bill’s idea or Brooke’s. Brooke says Bill sprung it on her but it is something they have been talking about. Katie says she wants Brooke to be happy but she isn’t sure that Bill is who she thinks he is. Doesn’t she wonder why he is rushing into this now that Ridge is getting better and closing in on the truth. Brooke offers that Katie is being obsessive and that can be dangerous. Ridge is not well and Katie knows that. Bill is not a killer. Katie says okay. She will talk to Ridge but Brooke has to do one thing for her – put off the wedding at least for today. Just for a day or two until they can sort this out. Brooke says no, there is nothing to sort out. They would be married right now if it weren’t for Ridge. She knows Ridge thinks that Justin was piloting the chopper but that is too farfetched. Katie says no more so than Ridge falling out of the helicopter. If they are not running off to get married, then one or two more days won’t hurt. Brooke reminds her that Bill doesn’t want to wait. Katie thinks that is a big red flag. She says Brooke thinks she knows Bill but perhaps she doesn’t. He is capable of many things, maybe even murder. Brooke says this is all wild speculation and she is not going to be part of it. She is marrying Bill today. He had nothing to do with Ridge’s accident. Katie says Bill broke Deacon out of prison so he could go to Italy and ruin Hope’s wedding so he’s capable of many things. If she doesn’t believe that then she doesn’t now the man she is marrying. Brooke says Katie is too late. Bill is already on his way to Catalina to make arrangements. He’s the man she loves and he has changed since he has been with Katie. At a quick meeting at FC, Hope introduces Ivy to Othello, their director of music. Carter joins and says he is late because they got hung up on Wyatt’s new contract. Surprised, Aly asks if Wyatt is coming back to work. Eric speaks up and says Wyatt’s company will be producing Ivy’s jewelry designs for HFTF. Maya tells Eric that is a great choice. Aly asks Liam if he is fine with this. He stammers that he and his brother have found a new appreciation for each other. Wyatt adds that Hope and her family have been kind enough to give him another chance. Eric says they should all be grateful and that is why he wanted to see them all today….they’ve been through a rough patch with Ridge’s accident, Liam’s near tragedy and other developments he is aware of. He thinks this calls for a new beginning. They are a team here. He wants all of them to work as a team and that means supporting each other and more importantly respecting each other. They all agree. Eric says they had two stellar quarters but the challenge will be to keep the momentum going. He has every confidence that Wyatt and Ivy will fill that gap that Quinn left. But make no mistake, there is a gap and he is getting more and more phone calls about Quinn. He asks Wyatt how she is….and to know that none of this is his fault. Wyatt says she is getting the help she needs. Rick says it is still a problem and Carter adds they have kept it in the house but there is no guarantee that it will stay that way. Eric reminds them that if it gets out it could hurt the line. Maya adds and that will only make Ivy and Wyatt’s job more difficult. Aly adds this is not going to be a popular opinion but shouldn’t they be cutting all ties with QAJ including Wyatt. That would make the most business sense. She tells Wyatt that it is nothing personal but he has to know he is a liability to the company. Wyatt admits that if this goes public it could cause a scandal. Hope says they have weathered those before. Eric says yes they have and they need Wyatt. He has proven himself and he is sure that he and Ivy will make a good team. Maya says good point and she could not agree more. Eric says they need to move on and refocus. Rick says more than ever they need a great marketing angle. Carter says like the HFTF diamond, that was huge. Wyatt says he is confident they can get that success again. Eric asks Carter if Ridge has signed off on Wyatt’s contract. Carter says no, he is not in the building. All are aware that neither Ridge nor Brooke are there.

Bill tells Ridge to get his chopper back on the ground. Ridge asks the “stallion” if he is nervous. Bill says yes he is. He is sorry that Ridge spent more time at his parades with Fabrice than he did with brushing up on his Helicopter 101, so get the chopper back in the hangar. Ridge says not in the flight plan. Every time Bill says that, Ridge pushes the throttle to make the chopper recklessly go up and back, around and around. Bill tells him that he is crazy. Ridge says all he wants is for Bill to admit that he gave the orders to dump him in the water. Bill tells him to go to hell. And to put this chopper down before he kills both of them. Ridge gives him another jolt and says Billy is trying his patient; just admit it was Justin taking his orders. Liam tells Hope that Aly made a lot of sense and she was not saying it out of anger. Hope says she knows. They will have to deal with Quinn whether Wyatt works there or not. She says she is proud the way he stood up for Wyatt. He says he knows; it was the way he always pictureed it and all it took was mutual trust. She says now that Quinn is out of the picture they can build on that. And he agrees that Wyatt and Ivy will make a good team. It seems he has some really big ideas and wonders if he has said anything to Hope. Hope relies no and Liam wonders what he is up to. Wyatt and Ivy look over some jewelry and she says she hopes she can accomplish just half of what his mother did here. He says she will and hopefully without all the drama. He thanks her for the nice things she said about Quinn. Ivy says Quinn was an artist and all of them are entitled to be a little wacky. He says she is being very kind. She says he has a little bit of that in him too…like running off to Mexico with Hope and then getting Ricardo to lend him the blue diamond….very swashbuckling. She says she heard about Ricardo’s death and wonders what will happen to the diamond now. Wyatt asks what she would do it with it if it were hers. She says they would come up with something amazing. She’d work this whole blue line….working with sapphires, topaz and aquamarine. Then he could work his magic on Hope and get her to go blue for a couple of collections. He thinks it over and asks if she can keep a secret. She says yeah. He retrieves the diamond and says for her eyes only for the moment….the HFTF diamond. Alison finds Justin on the floor just as he starts to get up. He says he was decked by Ridge Forrester. Katie tells Brooke that she can stop Bill. She can call him with some of excuse that he is not feeling well. Brooke tells her to stop this. There is no reason to postpone the wedding. Sometimes Bill goes to extremes but nothing like what Katie is trying to say. Katie says she does not want to believe it either but she knows his history. She saw the lengths he would go to get her to Abu Dhabi in the first place. And once he got her there, he was not going to let her slip through his fingers. Nothing or no one was going to stop that wedding. But Ridge did so he wanted payback for that. After making a few more attempts of rocking the helicopter with Bill holding on for dear life, Ridge says Brooke is gonna know the truth so shall he tell her or will Bill. Bill finally says yeah he did it; you bet he did. So put this chopper down and he will tell Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara refused to go on vacation with Hope.  Ben told Abby that Jordan is his sister.  Jordan confronted Clyde about wanting to get the money back.  Rafe talked to Kate about what she did to Stefano.  Sami wanted to talk to EJ.  Ben told Abby what his real name is.  Abby wanted to know how Clyde found them.  Ben was determined to find out.  Sami talked to EJ about what happened between them.  EJ wanted Sami to give him another chance.  Ciara wanted to go to New Orleans.  Hope and Ciara talked about missing Bo.  Jordan and Clyde continued to argue about the past.  EJ asked Sami for another chance when Johnny mentioned Abby.  Ciara told Chase and Aiden that she and Hope were going on vacation.  Sami didn’t want to forgive EJ and wanted to make him, Stefano, and Abby pay.

Ciara invited Chase and Aiden to go to New Orleans.  Aiden and Hope quickly said no.  Kate didn’t think Rafe should tell Jordan about their one night stand.  Will showed up at the DiMera mansion and warned Sami to back off of Abby.  Sami reminded Will about what Abby did to her.  Will tried to make excuses for Abby.  Jordan thought that Clyde would never leave her and Ben alone.  Sami was upset because she thought Will was taking Abby’s side.  They continued to argue about Abby.  Will ended up calling her a slut for cheating on Rafe.  Sami slapped Will for calling her out.  Will warned Sami to leave Abby alone.  Sami intends to destroy Abby’s life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick tells Anna that Obrecht fired him. Nina tells Silas that she will take care of all the arrangements for Rafe’s funeral. Nina hides out in Franco’s art therapy studio to avoid going to physical therapy. Her list of people to get revenge on falls out of her purse. Franco wonders what it is. She says it is just a list of people her husband knows so that she won’t forget. He doesn’t believe it for a second, but he gives it back to her. Carly arrives so Nina leaves. Franco thinks Carly is jealous of Nina. Sam tells Silas that Patrick got fired because of him. Silas repeats that he had nothing to do with that reporter and asks her when she stopped trusting him. She says since Nina showed up. She observes that they hardly see each other. He observes that she is filling in the gaps with Patrick. Sam candidly tells him that she thinks Nina is sabotaging their relationship, because she wants him back. She says the problem is that Silas still has feelings for his wife. Sam ends the relationship. Silas tells Nina that he and Sam ended things.

Mickey Diamond approaches Alexis on her way to get Molly. He introduces himself as Julian’s business associate. She tells him that Julian is out of that business. Molly tells Alexis that she isn’t going to her house; she is going to Sam’s house. Alexis says she and Julian broke up. Molly agrees to go home with Alexis. Sam tells them that she and Silas broke up.

Julian sneaks into Ava’s exam room at the hospital and tells her that she has to give up the information she has about Sonny before her rescues her. She tells him that Sonny killed AJ. He takes her to the helipad on the roof. Mickey Diamond is up there. He says he has eyes everywhere. He says the boss still wants Ava dead, and he isn’t going to botch the job like Julian did. Julian says Ava is the only one who has the proof that can neutralize Sonny for good. Sonny and Shawn get to the roof after the helicopter has taken off.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

The trial of Ward vs. Newman begins and Nikki is worried about her reputation as she reads from her journal. Phyllis' doctor calls Victor, concerned because Summer is visiting. Summer tells Phyllis about Austin and her new bond with Jack. Stitch plans to take Victoria to her appointment for the paternity test. Meanwhile, Billy finds out Stitch's secret and confronts him in front of Victoria.

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