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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Deacon and Katie that it was Bill. Justin was flying the chopper and Bill gave him the orders to kill him. He’s going to put him behind bars. Brooke asks Bill when they are leaving for Catalina. He says he is taking the helicopter over there now, make the arrangements and will come back and get her. He wants to get married today with no interferences and no surprises. Justin calls and Bill speaks with both he and Alison. He tells Justin to get over to the hanger and make sure all is ready when he hits the tarmac. Wyatt is at his desk and he pulls the box with the blue diamond out of his messenger bag. He quickly tucks it back inside when Hope and Liam come in. They welcome him back on his first day back at work. He asks Liam if he is offering him good luck. Liam says he has his support. Hope says he might be a little nervous since he now is basically alone. He pats the bag and says technically he is not alone. She asks if Quinn knows he is back. Wyatt says no. He just wants her to focus on getting better. They get around to work and he says he can’t wait as there is a lot he things he can do with a talent like Ivy’s. At that moment she comes in and hears this and is flattered that he likes her work. He says he has done a little research here and there. She says the same and she is sorry to hear his mother is no longer here. She hopes she will be back soon but until then she is extremely grateful for Wyatt’s help with her line. Hope tells her that she is used to designing to just sell perhaps in one boutique but now her line could be seen worldwide. Wyatt says he has the facilities ad the people that can run things smoothly and he will be handling that end of things. Alison calls Deacon and says she found an opening in her schedule if he’d like to get together. He suggests the sooner the better but she needs to wait a bit and tells him her boss is getting married today. He’s on the way now to the hanger to get the helicopter. Deacon tells Ridge that Brooke and Bill are getting married today. Bill is out of the house so this is his opportunity to go tell Brooke what Bill has done. Ridge says he has a better idea. He’s going to the scene of the crime. Deacon shows up at Brooke’s and asks if she can’t put a smile on her face when she sees him. He asks if she has plans. She says she is just very busy. He says he will just cut to the chase. Whatever she is thinking about him, she is wrong. He doesn’t want her to have any regrets. But she will if she doesn’t get Spencer out of her life. She says she is in a hurry and she is not going to stand here and discuss this with him. He stops her from closing the door and says she is wrong about Bill too.

Liam hobbles back to the office just as Bill is about to leave. He says he has been to Forrester’s and Alison had told him that Bill wouldn’t be in today. Bill says he’s not. He is getting ready to go to Catalina. He and Brooke are getting married today. Liam is delighted and gives his old man a big hug. Bill tells him to keep this to himself; he wants it to just be him and Brooke. Ridge goes to the hanger and sees Justin as he gets out the SP jacket to put on. He turns around and Ridge sucker punches him in the face and Justin falls on the floor, out cold. Hope tells Wyatt looks like he and Ivy got off to a great start. He says yeah, he can get along with just about anybody under the right circumstances. She likes his work and he likes hers. Hope says good because she does not want there to be any awkwardness and especially between them. Wyatt says there is none. All he feels now is a big old sappy grateful attitude, big waves of it. He says he has been given a second chance and he’s not going to waste another moment wishing it were different. He says he is just gonna appreciate everything around him. She wishes him good luck. When she leaves he takes the diamond out of the bag again and says he has all the luck he needs right here. Deacon tells Brooke that Bill is trying to make it look like Ridge is crazy but he is not. Brooke says Ridge is confused. He had a horrific accident but Bill was not responsible and nobody is going to prove otherwise. Bill climbs aboard the helicopter and slaps Justin on the shoulder and says take him away. Its taken a while to get here but now Forrester can’t stop them. He’s always in the driver’s seat and Forrester was no match for him. As they take off, we see the pilot’s face and it is Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami admitted to Caroline that she still loved EJ even though she hates him.  Sami explained to Caroline how she looked at the picture of EJ and Abby over and over until the pain went away.  Caroline wanted Sami to let go of her need for revenge, but she refused to do it.  Clyde let Kate know that he did research on her.  He also told Kate that Rafe didn’t belong with his little girl.  Rafe and EJ ran into each other at the town square.  They talked about EJ’s affair and that he wouldn’t leave Sami.  Caroline tried to convince Sami that EJ was sorry.  Caroline reminded Sami that she cheated on Shawn.  EJ ran into Jennifer.  Caroline continued to warn Sami that she shouldn’t give up on EJ.

Rafe met with Kate to tell her that Jordan’s going to tell him about her past.  Rafe wanted to tell Jordan that he had sex with Kate.  Jennifer wanted to know what EJ was thinking when he seduced Abby.  She continued to berate EJ for being with Abby.  Allie gave Sami a photo album of her wedding with EJ.  Sami was surprised by the album and thought about EJ.  Jennifer was happy that Abby was finished with EJ.  Jennifer also couldn’t wait to see what Sami was going to do to him.  Clyde met up with Jordan so they could talk.  Clyde wanted to make things right with Jordan and Ben.  Jordan didn’t believe him.  Jordan wanted Clyde to go back home, but Clyde won’t leave until she and Ben pay back what they owe him.  Rafe wanted to know why Kate helped Sami take over DiMera Enterprises.  Kate said she helped Sami to pay Stefano back for what he did to Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny takes Ava to General Hospital for a prenatal exam. They run into Morgan, but he doesn’t want to talk to him. Mickey Diamond goes to the hospital and watches Ava with Sonny and Morgan. Mickey introduces himself to TJ as Bob Masacotte from the DEA and says he has questions about Jordan’s prior conviction. TJ says he wasn’t in contact with his mother during that time. Jordan tells Anna that Julian almost told her who their boss is, but then he changed his mind because he doesn’t trust her. She tells her that the heroin was news to Julian too. She says sleeping with Mickey Diamond might be a better way to get to the boss. Jordan calls Mickey to arrange another date.

Lucy and Bobbie agree to tell Scott that he has to choose between them. Scott leaves without answering. Julian tells Alexis that they just spent their last night together, because he isn’t going to stand in the way of her relationship with her daughter. They agree to resume sneaking around instead of breaking up. Ava offers a nurse $1000 to use her phone. She calls Julian and asks him to get her out of Sonny’s house. Julian goes to the hospital and offers the same nurse $1000 to distract Sonny while he goes into the exam room to talk to Ava. In the park, Rosalie yells at her father on the phone for standing her up and then throws her phone into the bushes, accidentally hitting Morgan in the head. They chat while she applies ice to his head. She gives him her phone number.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Anita walks into Chelsea’s condo without even knocking. Chelsea reminds her to knock from now on. Chelsea tells Anita in a round about way that Ben is a killer. Anita is totally surprised. Ben calls Victoria to ask to accompany her to her doctor’s appointment to find out who the father of her child is. Billy visits Victoria to welcome her home and to also accompany her to the doctor’s appointment, but Victoria tells him that Ben is going with her. Kevin visits Dylan at the coffeehouse and runs into Ben of all people. Ben finds out that Dylan is having to testify for Ian against Nikki. Kevin asks Ben if he ever testified in court. Ben watches Kevin as he sits down at a nearby table. Paul is on the phone talking to a reporter about Nikki’s trial, about Dylan being his son, and also about Ricky. Christine walks in and asks Paul to stop putting Nikki first but instead start putting himself first. At the Athletic Club, Michael and Nikki discuss her upcoming hearing facing Ian Ward. Michael asks Nikki if she is sure that she wants her entire life on display for all the world to see. Nikki tells Michael to use the journal, so she will win against Ian. Billy is optimistic that he is Victoria’s baby’s father. Anita cannot believe that Ben is a murderer. Anita begs Chelsea not to tell Billy that Ben may murder again. Chelsea insists that Ben will not hurt her. Chelsea still insists on telling Billy the truth. Billy accuses Victoria of trying to cut him out of his child’s life, but Victoria insists that she would never do that. Victoria tells Billy that the divorce is going through no matter what the outcome of the paternity test.

Leslie walks into the Coffeehouse and finds Dylan behind the counter and Ben outside on the phone. Leslie offers her help to Dylan concerning Ian Ward. The bartender at the Athletic Club offers Nikki a drink, but she refuses. Instead she gets up and leaves. Christine urges Paul not to go to the hearing but when he insists on going, she agrees to accompany him. Outside in the squad room, Paul apologizes to Kevin for ruining his lifestyle. Mark comes out and finds Kevin there. He reprimands him for being there at all hours. Michael walks in and wants to know what he is up to. Kevin refuses to give him any answers. Ben and Victoria meet for lunch. Victoria is upset that she could not accompany Nikki to the trial. Billy visits Chelsea to let her know about his meeting with Victoria. Billy insists to Chelsea that if this child is his, then he wants to be a part of the child’s life. Chelsea states that she knows where she stands with him, but she likes it the way it is. Nikki thanks Dylan for meeting her before the trial. Nikki insists that if she could have done things differently, she would not have had children. Paul and Christine join them. Dr. Shelby looks for his missing name tag. Kevin uses Dr. Shelby’s name tag to gain entrance into the hospital computer and finds interesting info on Ben Rayburn. Billy finds the school album and sees a picture of Ben Russell. He questions Chelsea about it.

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