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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After sleeping on it, Ridge tells Katie that he is more convinced than ever that Bill was behind the helicopter dump. She says he knows what he is saying, potential attempted murder. She says Bill has many character flaws and being a jerk is one of them. But she wants him to be 100% sure that he saw Justin and the SP jacket on while he was piloting the helicopter. Ridge says he is not making this up and he realizes the consequences of it as Bill will go away for a very long time. So he has been struggling with it, but yes he is sure that Justin was piloting and Bill gave him orders to dump him in the ocean. She says okay then they just have to prove that Bill chartered a helicopter in Abu Dhabi. He has a lot of money and he is usually willing to spend that money to cover his tracks. So she will help him prove it. Brooke has breakfast with Bill and says she can’t believe that Ridge is still accusing him of masterminding this horrible accident. Bill says Ridge has never been objective when it comes to him. They are getting married and what does Ridge get – his bell rung. She says she never expected them to be friends but to accuse him of this is going way too far. Bill says he is going to keep good thoughts and perhaps this cloud will lift before Ridge goes further with any more slander. He checks with someone on the phone and Brooke manages to get it out of him that it is Catalina and he’d like to make arrangements to get married there today. Alison gives explicit orders to Adele to keep Bill’s liquor cabinet fresh each day; no half filled bottles. Just be creative. Deacon surprises Alison by showing up. He calls her beautiful still and ends up charming everything out of her that he wants. He asks if she will give him a hug and she does. While looking around Deacon is amused by a large model of a helicopter, Bill’s helicopter. He proposes to Alison that they take the chopper and fly over for a romantic view of the city. She says as much as she would like that, they can’t as the chopper isn’t here. Next thing you know she is telling him that it is on Bill’s yacht and still in the Middle East.

Adele brings a briefcase full of papers for Katie to look at but nothing proves that Bill ordered a helicopter. Katie tells Ridge to sit and not be so nervous. He says it is just too darn frustrating not finding the answers they hoped for. He hates to see that smirk on Bill’s face, but he’s going to find the answers and bury him. No one makes a perfect crime so they just need to find the mistake. Deacon arrives and tells Ridge that he has something he might find very interesting. He can look all he wants but he will not find any records. They don’t exist but there is a reason why. Ridge tells him to spit it out. Deacon says Bill has his own helicopter. He keeps it on the back of his yacht. So there never was a record of a flight plan. That’s the helicopter that Ridge was dumped from. Brooke tells Bill that she likes fun and she trusts him explicitly so just lead the way to their wedding and she will follow. People just do not know him like she does. He is an amazing man, so thoughtful, gentle and so generous. He’s a lot more than people give him credit for. He says he does not need the world’s validation; just hers. She says he has it till death they do part. He confesses that he is a flawed man and still makes mistakes and errors in judgment but he wants her to know that he’s working on it to be worthy of her. He never wants to lose her. Deacon tells Ridge now all he has to do is find out where this yacht is docked. …..winner, winner, chicken dinner. Ridge thanks Deacon and says this is the proof they need. Katie admits Bill has been lying to them all this while. Ridge says Bill Spencer is now officially out of business.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was out of jail and had a run in with Kate at the mansion.  He warned her that he and Stefano werenít going to let her and Sami get away with what they did.  Kate wasnít worried.  Jennifer was upset that Daniel was spending time with Eve.  He didnít understand why Jennifer was upset.  Jennifer explained how sheís involved in a lawsuit with Eve.  Sami got a shock when she ran into EJ at the mansion.  He tried again to get her to change her mind about ending things with him.  Daniel tried to explain to Jennifer that nothing happened with Eve.  He was upset that she didnít tell him about Eve.

Daniel reminded Jennifer why they are on a break.  EJ begged Sami for another chance.  Sami wondered if he could live with what she did to him.  He said he could live with it.  Sami didnít believe him and thought she would be destroying a liar.  Caroline walked in on Sami yelling at EJ.  Eve ran into Daniel and he wondered if it was really a coincidence that she met him.  Daniel questioned whether Eve knew that he was involved with Jennifer.  Daniel didnít like feeling used.  Sami didnít understand why her family wouldnít have her back when it concerned EJ.  Sami wanted EJ to pay, but Caroline thought she still loved EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie announces that she is going to marry Levi. Mac is horrified. Felicia says she is happy for them but wonders how they are going to do it if Levi is being deported to Australia. Nathan concludes that the deportation is the reason for the marriage. Mac says he knows the marriage won’t work because Maxie has done it before when she married Patrick’s brother, Matt, to keep him from going to jail. Nathan says Immigration will notice the similarity. He tells her that she could face up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for marriage fraud. Levi asks for Mac and Felicia’s blessing. Mac says, “No way in hell!” He calls Levi out on trying to corner them in front of Maxie. Maxie says she is marrying Levi with or without their blessing.

Scott wants to talk to Anna about Rafe’s drug use. Anna tells him to go ask Julian. Julian confronts Jordan about selling heroin. Jordan says she only knows about cocaine. She tells him to ask Mickey or their mysterious boss. She tells him that if they are both out of the loop, then maybe they’d better start trusting each other. Lucy goes to Scott’s hotel room. Bobbie answers the door wearing a bathrobe. Bobbie informs Lucy that she has been with Scott ever since Lucy rejected him and that it is too late to change her mind now. Lucy says Bobbie can’t compete with her. Bobbie slaps her. Scott returns to find the two women brawling on the floor. Lucy leaves. Nikolas and Britt go to the Metro Court to get Spencer, but they don’t find him. Britt suggests that Nikolas use his Locate My Phone app again, but it doesn’t work. Britt tries to text Spencer with no luck. Spencer has left a note for Nikolas under a chair. Nikolas calls Anna and gives her the note. Olivia informs them that security footage shows Spencer hailing a taxi.

One of the reporters at the press conference, with a tip from Nina, asks Patrick why he admitted to wanting to kill Rafe. Obrecht ends the press conference. Patrick knows it could only have come from Sam. Sam thinks Silas leaked it. He denies it. Sam wonders if Silas told Nina. Silas tells her that she doesnít seem to have a problem with believing what Patrick says, but she canít extend the same courtesy to him. He doesnít appreciate being attacked. She says betraying her trust is unforgivable. Obrecht fires Patrick when he admits having been tempted to kill Rafe.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea comes downstairs holding the handkerchief that Adam had given to her on their wedding day two years ago. Kevin visits her and says he knows now who Ben is. Victoria and Ben have a happy reunion. Victoria tells him that she made an appointment to find out who the father of her child is. At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor have dinner before he leaves for his business trip. Nikki is deep in thought about the upcoming court trial concerning Ian Ward. Victor begs her not to beat herself up over this. Abby and Kelly argue over the fact that she didn't tell anyone that she and Ben are siblings. Traci walks in and reprimands Abby for all her questions. Jack assures Billy that he will be part of his child’s life. Billy reminds him that Ben didn’t fight for his child. Jack thinks that maybe he couldn’t fight for his son. Kelly walks in. Nikki tells Victor that she is not unhappy about their life together and their children. Nikki wishes that she could go back and relive the past and maybe make a few different decisions. Ben tells Victoria that he will be here for her no matter who the child’s father is. Kelly asks Billy how many times Victoria asked him to leave this situation alone but he refused. Billy assures her that he is leaving it alone now. When Jack leaves the room, Billy asks Kelly what is going on with Jack. Kelly tells him that Jack is upset over Summerís marriage to Austin. After looking at the computer screen, Chelsea asks Kevin why Ben changed his name from Ben Russell to Ben Rayburn. Victor leaves for his business trip leaving Nikki alone in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Nikki is deep in thought as she remembers past conversations and she eyes the liquor behind the bar. She gets up from the table and quickly leaves the dining room. At dinner, the Abbott home is extremely quiet until Abby begins to question Kelly about her family dinners with Ben. Traci reprimands her for her questions. Abby turns the conversation on Austin and wants to know about his life.

Chelsea and Kevin find out that Ben is using a dead man’s name. Victoria asks Ben how he deals with being away from Max. Ben lets Victoria know that Dr. Shelby has nominated him for the position of Chief Resident. Billy tells the family about Delia’s untimely death and that things would never be the same. Nikki arrives at Victoria’s but almost falls in the door. Victoria and Ben help her to the sofa. Ben leaves them alone to talk. Kevin confronts Chelsea about wanting to help Billy and Victoria and what would happen to her. Chelsea tells Kevin that this is hers and Adam’s two-year wedding anniversary. Victoria tells Nikki that Ben hopes this child is his. Victor visits the hospital where Phyllis is.

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