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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge continues to hold Justin in a chokehold by the neck, wanting him to admit taking orders from Bill to dunk him in the water. He just wants Justin to tell him he was following Bill’s orders. He’s after Bill, not Justin. Brooke admits to Bill that maybe it is time for Ridge to see someone professionally. Katie barges back in to find the truth. Bill says he did not try to kill Ridge so he will leave them at that. Brooke says she wants to believe in Ridge but he is struggling right now. The picture he has in his head is just that, a picture. Hope walks in and Brooke fills her in that Ridge thinks Bill is responsible for his accident. Deacon also just barges in and says he can believe that. Brooke says he can not just walk in here any time he wants to. Katie says this is lovely but they are sort of in the middle of something. Deacon says he knows he has been a louse in the past but he’s trying….gotta be careful who you play nice to in a bar or you might run into a whack job. Bill has a way of having others do his dirty work for him….before he says more he says he did not come here for this. Bill interrupts Ridge and Justin pulls free. Ridge says he has no proof yet but Justin tried to kill him at Bill’s orders. Then Bill will lose his business, his family and Brooke. Bill tells Justin that Ridge does not have jack on then. Alison even backs this up, it never happened. Hope wonders what will happen if Ridge is correct and Bill is responsible. They thought Deacon had left but he walks back in just in time to hear this. Maybe he can help. He is a man of many talents and he has a huge soft spot for the Logan women. So what’s the plan? Brooke says she and Bill are in love and going to get married. He could not do something like this. Deacon thinks back to a time in Italy with Alison. He tells Brooke maybe there is something he can do. Katie says Deacon has no connection to this so what can he do. Deacon calls Alison and asks if she still has a soft spot for bad boys as he is as bad as he can be. He wants to come see her when she is least expecting him.

Bill comes home and asks Brooke if Katie still has her doubts about him. Brooke tells Bill that yes this is tearing Katie up, but she is trying to cope. He says Ridge is still at it because he came by the office and accosted Justin. He tried to extract a statement of guilt out of him. Bill is trying to be patient and understanding but it is running pretty thin and.....she knows - he will push back. Bill says Ridge can't go running around with all these accusations. It was bad enough that he got in Bill's face but now Justin's too. Brooke says he was very calm and rational to Ridge and she hates to ask this, but......she says she needs the truth, the absolute truth from Bill. Did he try to kill Ridge? He looks her right in the eyes and says no, he did not try to kill Ridge. A tear rolls down her cheek as she sighs and gives him a hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric asked Nicole not to report what Sami was going through.  Nicole agreed for Eric, but she wanted to repair their relationship.  Eric didnít want to do it.  Eve ran into Theresa at the hospital.  Theresa ended up telling Eve that she got married.  Theresa was worried about what happened to John and wanted Eveís support.  Eve only wanted to know what trouble Theresa got into so Theresa didnít tell her.  Theresa wanted her to leave.  Hope and Abe questioned Brady about John.  Daniel told Brady that John slipped into a coma. 

Nicole wanted Ericís forgiveness.  Brady checked on John when Theresa walked in the room.  Brady wanted to know if Theresa told the truth about what happened.  Hope and Aiden ran into each other when Abe walked off from Hope and they talked about the gala.  Hope thought about the near kiss that they had.  Brady wanted to know if Theresa was covering for him or if she told the truth about what happened.  Abe met up with Hope again and they talked about Theresa.  They werenít sure why Theresa was acting the way she was. Nicole called Eric out for not forgiving her, but asking for a favor.  Brady wanted to go to a meeting and make some changes.  Brady also told Theresa about Johnís condition.  She was happy to hear it.  Eric and Nicole started to argue again and Nicole was about to slap him.  Eric grabbed her hand and they were about to kiss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spencer has checked himself into the Metro Court under the name of Ronn Moss and says his parents will be there soon. He texts Britt to find out if his absence is helping to bring her and Nikolas closer, but Nikolas’ attention is on Elizabeth instead. Nikolas wants to call the police, but then he remembers he has the Find My Phone app. Britt calls Spencer to warn him before she and Nikolas go to get him.

Anna accuses Obrecht of throwing Patrick under the bus with her press conference. Sam tells Patrick to stay calm at the press conference and not to let the reporters get to him. Nina has a plan to break up Sam and Silas. She is going to let slip at the press conference her knowledge that Patrick admitted to wanting to let Rafe die on the table, assuming that Sam will think Silas revealed it. She points Silas in Sam’s direction while Sam is being hugged by Patrick in sympathy for her loss. Silas gets angry when he hears Patrick telling Anna that Sam is in his corner. Nina gives the incriminating information to a reporter. During the press conference, one of the reporters asks Patrick why he admitted that he wanted Rafe dead.

Felicia and Mac disagree on the probability that Nathan called Immigration on Levi. Lucy goes into the Floating Rib sobbing, having just found out that Rafe died. She feels like she let him down. Felicia suggests that Lucy call her daughter Serena so that she can connect with family. She says Serena is angry with her because of the breakup with Kevin. She admits that she misses Scott. Making sure Mac is not nearby, Felicia says Lucy should talk to Scott. Lucy goes to Scott’s hotel room. Bobbie answers the door wearing a bathrobe. Dante agrees with Nathan that Levi probably made the call himself. Nathan goes to the Floating Rib to talk to Mac. Maxie tells Levi that she is going to Australia with him. He says that isn’t possible because if he goes back to Australia, he will go to prison for breaking into a pharmaceutical company to free the lab animals. Maxie has an idea. She and Levi go to the Floating Rib where she announces to Mac, Felicia, and Nathan that she and Levi are getting married. Anna goes back to the station and tells Dante that Rafe Kovich was using cocaine and heroin, so they have to ramp up their investigation and get a handle on the drug trade.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman home, Traci and Abby prepare for a family dinner. Summer and Austin have had a swim at the rooftop pool. Summer reminds him that they are really married. Abby and Traci try to figure out who to sit next to whom. The maintenance man walks over to the sofa and startles Chelsea as she looks up. Ben finds Dylan cleaning tables at Crimson Lights and reads him the riot act for working after he had major surgery. Avery also walks in and is upset to see Dylan working. Kelly tells Jack that Ben is a murderer and proceeds to tell him the whole story. When Summer mentions children, Austin gets the wrong idea and thinks that she is already pregnant, but she assures him that she isn’t. When Jack hears the rest of the story about Ben being a murderer, he wants to tell Billy, but Kelly begs him not to.

Ben talks to Leslie’s husband, who lets him know that he is up for an award. Leslie stops by Crimson Lights to let Avery know about the judge deciding not to change the venue of Austin’s trial. Dylan becomes upset that everyone is trying to help Austin. Both Jack and Billy get a call reminding them about the family dinner. The maintenance man nods at the camera so Adam can see that everything is planted in the chest drawer. Traci assures Abby that another man will come along who will be just perfect for her. Kelly arrives at Jack’s home, but Abby starts to slam the door in her face until Jack shows. Summer and Austin also arrive for the dinner. Leslie assures Dylan that Austin has rights. Billy arrives at the dinner and asks what he missed. Jack refuses to give him an answer. Chelsea finds the engraved handkerchief stuffed behind the chest drawer.

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