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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Brooke’s living room, Ridge tells Bill that he did this. Bill answers that he is a powerful man, capable of a lot of things but controlling a helicopter from the ground is not one of them. Ridge says he saw what he saw. He knows Justin was the pilot and Bill ordered it. Bill follows that he knows Ridge is lost and confused and is looking for answers, but he is not going to find them here. Alison and Justin discuss the matter if Ridge is starting to remember. She thinks it is doubtful. Justin says Bill is not worried but he wants them to clean up any paper trail. Justin says that is what she does best. She says with no evidence and nothing to back him up everyone will think Ridge has gone completely bonkers. Bill continues his theory that if Ridge had simply texted or e-mailed them the selfie and not flown half way around the world none of this would have happened. Now he is feeling guilty and all confused. Everyone knows Ridge hates Bill and does not want him with Brooke so he could have full on amnesia and know that deep inside. So these images of Justin and the chopper is just manifestations of just how much Ridge despises him. And now he is accusing Bill of something he could not possibly have done. Bill says Ridge is not lying. He believes Ridge actually believes what he is saying about his memories but they are fake. He advises Ridge to accept that Brooke is happy with him. Then and only then will these fantasies go away. He is not being condescending; he is only trying to help him get to the truth. But he says he did not try to kill Ridge. And if he wants to fixate on him and Justin that will only get in the way of his recovery. He should be focusing on his future with Katie. He turns to Brooke and says this guy needs to see somebody professionally. Ridge says he is fine. Bill tells him to go home, get some rest and get his head on straight. He adds don’t come at him again with these accusations; he is done!

Aly tells Oliver that he could have bought a ticket. It would have been easier than being in the show. He said he had to get her attention. She says he has it now. He says she can believe in him again and he will prove it. He will take on every knight in this kingdom until she believes it. Aly hugs him and says she forgives him, but he must promise her to always tell the truth, even if he thinks she will not like it. Aly says they are still friends. Oliver admits he screwed up but he’s cared about her from day one. Aly realizes she has lost her carnation; good thing GhostDarla is over Oliver’s shoulder and hands him one behind his back. He proceeds to present it to Aly who beams. Brooke says Ridge was weird and he was so convinced that Bill was behind this. Bill says he’s confused and in pain so he really can’t blame him. He almost died so his brain is working overtime to justify all he did in Abu Dhabi. She says she knows Bill is not capable of doing what Ridge said so she does not believe that at all. Justin tells Alison that Bill is lucky to have her. She says it was a dumb prank and Bill has done worse so he is not going down. They make fun of Adele, Katie’s assistant, who was kept on but got a demotion by now pouring Bill’s Scotch. Justin pours himself a Scotch and stands before the window looking at the view, feeling pretty proud of himself. Suddenly Ridge grabs him by both hands behind his back by the collar. He says Justin dumped him in the water due to Bill’s orders and he wants him to say it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde approached Jordan and she was shocked to see him.  Adrienne overheard Lucas and Sonny talking about Abby having an affair with EJ.  Will went to EJ to find out how he could cheat on Sami with Abby.  Kate told Sami that she moved into the mansion.  Rafe and Abe talked about EJís case.  Adrienne was upset that EJ took advantage of Abby.  EJ told Will that he loved Sami and didnít mean to hurt her.  Clyde reminded Jordan how her biological father drank himself to death.  He also asked Jordan if she knew where he could find Ben.  Kate and Sami discussed what they are going to do to the mansion.  They also talked about their plans to destroy the DiMeras.  Clyde demanded that Jordan take him to see Ben.  She refused to let Clyde near her brother.  Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami.

EJ told Will that he wanted Sami back.  Will didnít believe him.  Sami and Kate told Rafe that they are running DiMera Enterprises now.  When Sami went to check on Sydney Kate told Rafe that EJ slept with Abby.  Ben met with Clyde and Jordan just as Clyde was flirting with Jordan.  Clyde warned Ben and Jordan that he wouldnít let them get away again.  Adrienne continued to badmouth Sami for the way she treated Abby.  Will arrived at home and overheard Adrienne talking about Sami.  Abby went to the police station to see EJ.  Sami heard Kate and Rafe talking about how they had slept together recently.  Adrienne apologized to Will for what she said and then she walked out.  Will ended up agreeing with Adrienne about Sami.  Abby and EJ talked about what they did to Sami and how she felt about him now.  Clyde let Jordan and Ben know that they were going to pay him back for what they did to him.  Clyde took the passports that Jordan had.  Sami didnít let Rafe know that she knew about his fling with Kate.  After Rafe left the mansion, Sami and Kate talked about how she was with Rafe.  Kate eventually wants Jordan to know about it and wants Sami to tell her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today's episode was a rerun of yesterday's which was not aired in some regions due to breaking news.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is surprised that Kelly will accompany him to a family dinner with all of his family. They discuss how they went to Summer’s wedding together. Jack asks Kelly if she wants to slow things down but she refuses. They kiss but are interrupted by a call from London. At the Underground, Billy and Chelsea sit in a booth as he tries to get some answers, but she refuses to tell him anything because she is watching Ben, who is at the bar, who is also watching them. Chelsea mentions to Billy that she needs a ride home. While Billy goes to get the car, Chelsea and Ben have a confrontation about her delving into his past. Chelsea tells Ben that he cannot hide forever. At the Athletic Club, Neil and Lauren are joined by Jill, who lashes out at Neil for marrying Hilary, who hurt the family so badly. Lauren reprimands Jill for her actions toward Neil. Jill tells Lauren that she thought about opening up another boutique. Neil interrupts Cane and Hilary, who are deep in conversation about Devon. Devon also interrupts them. Neil wants to know what is going on, but when they refuse to tell him. He says that the husband is always the last to know. Once at the condo, Chelsea invites Billy upstairs where she asks him to help her to rearrange the nursery furniture. Adam watches via the cameras that he installed in the nursery. A man asks Adam if he wants any more pictures of Chelsea and Johnny.

Once in the car headed to Chicago, Neil mentions Devon almost leaving town. Neil tells Hilary that he doesnít know what is going on with him. Lauren is quite put out when she finds out that Jill wants Colin to join their business venture. Lauren tells Jill to forget the money. Ben visits Kelly at Jabot and asks her if she knew that Billy and Chelsea are together. Ben also tells Kelly that Victoria is pushing ahead with the divorce when she returns from D.C. Jill pleads Colin’s case in being a partner. Lauren asks Cane if he would want to be a partner with Colin. Cane hesitates. Devon interrupts and gives them his opinion on this business venture. Lauren reluctantly agrees to bring Colin in as a partner. Devon apologizes to Cane for unleashing his anger on Jill and Lauren. Chelsea and Billy start to make love when an unknown man unlocks the front door and opens it slightly.

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