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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Katie that he doesn’t want to take a break. He keeps seeing things like Justin’s face and the SP logo; he knows Bill and Justin have something to do with his accident. There was a second helicopter and somehow Bill did this to him. And he can not let him get away with that. Katie says Bill has done some terrible things but this she can not believe as it would be attempted murder. He wants to go confront him now and she wants to be sure and sleep on it. He says he is going with or without her. Bill and Brooke cuddle and he says he’d do it all over again if he had to just to be with her. He goes on and on about an impromptu wedding and she won’t even have to leave the couch. She’s flattered but says he has nothing to worry about. She has no doubts and is not going to change her mind and has never been more sure about him. Aly is in a sullen mood at Medieval Nights and even Pam can’t bring her out of her funk. Oliver goes backstage and ends up in the knight’s dressing room. He hears that one of the knights, Travis, is late and they will have to go on without him. Oliver is able to slip into the clothes and onto his steed and enters the ring where the jousting is going on. As the Yellow Knight he heads straight to the front row where Pam, Charlie and Ally are sitting. Even GhostDarla has shown up for the event and tells Aly just to enjoy herself and all will be fine. Oliver comes forward and takes off his helmet and Aly sees who it is as he throws her a carnation and she catches it. She perks up but suddenly is replaced by a frown on her face as the real Yellow Knight tries to pull Oliver off the horse. Oliver finds himself in the middle of a joust yet has little besides his sword to defend himself and finds himself quickly on the ground with a sword at his throat. Aly flies out of the stands and into the ring and begs the King to spare this knight – out of love. This is not an actor but her boyfriend. The King declares that the Yellow Knight be saved. Oliver takes a bow to a rousing applause by the entire audience as Aly beams at him. Katie and Ridge come right into Brooke’s home and says Ridge needed to see them. Bill says it is a good time as they were just discussing the wedding plans. Ridge wastes no time. He says he has been struggling with some ideas and there is one thing he knows for sure what Bill did. Justin was flying that helicopter and it was no accident. Bill made that happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Days was pre-empted.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie kicks Nathan out of the apartment. He tells her to think about who would have taken his phone to call Immigration and leave an incriminating phone number in his phone’s memory. Levi thinks about when he did it, but he vehemently denies it. Nathan says he is going to prove that Nathan is up to no good. Maxie tells Levi that she will go to Australia with him if he gets deported.

Elizabeth and Felix crash Britt and Nikolas’ conversation and volunteer to be counselors too. Britt calls her mother to ask her to call Elizabeth in, but Obrecht can’t allow her to work longer than the double shift that she just finished. Felix leaves so that Elizabeth will have time alone to make a move on Nikolas. Spencer tries to make Emma jealous by pretending to have moved on with Josslyn, but it doesn’t work. He stages a competition with Team Britt against Team Elizabeth and Nikolas as the referee. Britt’s team wins, but Elizabeth gets the sympathy attention from Nikolas. Spencer disappears, or so it seems. Nikolas goes looking for him, leaving Elizabeth alone with Britt.

Nina plans to come clean to Silas, but he isn’t interested in hearing what she has to say at that moment. Rosalie observes that Silas is even more self-absorbed than Nina is. Obrecht offers her condolences to Silas who rejects her offer and says it is her fault because she allowed Drake to operate. He threatens to go to the press. She tells him that doing that will only make his nephew’s drug use public. She tells him to take time off to grieve and come back to work whenever he is ready. Silas goes to the roof. Sam follows him. Nina gets out of her chair and follows them to eavesdrop. Sam advises Silas not to attempt to battle with Obrecht because he will lose. He asks her if that is really her concern or if she is trying to protect Patrick. They argue about Patrick. Anna apologizes to Patrick for the department’s inability to identify the driver that caused his crash. She says she would have liked to know the reason that Rafe drove Patrick off the road. He says she will never know now, because of him. Anna asks Patrick if it is true that he and Robin are getting a divorce. He confirms it. Anna doesn’t understand why Robin left home so soon after returning. She thinks Robin needs Patrick’s help. Patrick says he has tried really hard to persuade Robin not to go, but her loyalties are not to her family. Anna asks Patrick if there is something that he is not telling her. Obrecht interrupts their conversation to tell Patrick that they will have to make a preemptive statement to the press before Silas Clay makes his defamatory accusation. Felix sees Rosalie with the empty wheelchair blocking the stairwell, so she sits in it to hold it for her boss. Nina returns to Rosalie and reports that what she heard Silas and Sam discussing has given her the ammunition she needs to break them up for good. She is going to leak to the press what Sam revealed about Patrick being tempted to kill Rafe and then Sam will think Silas told the press. She hears Obrecht talking to Patrick about the press conference.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon searches for answers about the secret she's keeping. Kevin informs Chelsea that Stitch is using a false social security number then calls Chloe and leaves a message that he's letting her go. Stitch and Billy argue at The Underground. Chelsea arrives to tell Billy what she learned from Kevin but changes her mind when Stitch reminds her that she would lose all hope of happiness with Billy. Traci comes to town with news of her finalized divorce. After failing to get information from Sharon's psychiatrist, Victor calls a doctor about a pill to reverse a coma.

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