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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Try as he might, Ridge can’t put a sketch to paper. Katie tells him to take his time; it will come back. All he can think of is the SP logo and a tiny part of a man’s face piloting the chopper. Ridge tells Katie that he and his dad built this company and if he can’t design then he is nothing. Justin hands Bill some contracts concerning FC and says something odd happened over there today. He ran into Ridge and he can’t describe it, but he gave him a look. Bill says so he gave him a weird look. The dude is weird so that is par for the course. Justin says he said nothing but hey you and then he left. Bill scoffs and says Ridge had been groggy for weeks so this means nothing. Justin says as long as he does not remember he was piloting the chopper and dumped him for a drink. Oliver chases after Aly to catch up with her. She runs into an empty office and starts talking to her mother. She says Oliver is not who he appears to be. He was just using her to keep his job. He denies it so she doesn’t know what to do. He was her knight in shining armor. But she can not just forget what he did. Darla says but she also can not forget her heart either. Pam finds Aly. Pam is all dressed for the Medieval Knights. Charlie comes in and temps Aly with getting some succulent chicken and some jousting that will make her feel better. Oliver runs into Carter in the hallway asking if he has seen Aly. Carter asks if he knows about the recording. Oliver says yes and it means nothing. Carter says for the record he is sorry Maya is messing with him too. Maya looks at some of Oliver’s shootings when he comes back and asks if she has seen Aly. Maya says no but she is looking for her too. Oliver says its too late. He’s already told Aly everything about the tape… it started, who started it, how he really feels, she knows it all. So that hammer that Maya has been holding over his head has just gone poof. Maya says so has his relationship with Aly. He says not yet. He is going to find her and make it right. Maya says Aly may be young but she is not foolish. She will never believe him again. Maya says she guesses they both lost their shot at a Forrester. Justin says they are not out of the woods yet so does Bill have a plan. Bill pours his drink and says they do not need a plan. They just need to be cautious. Justin answers there are only two possibilities – either Ridge gets his memory back or he doesn’t….and the way he looked at him today he thinks he is getting it back. Bill tells him he is being unrealistic. Ridge isn’t likely to remember every little detail and certainly not the SP logo. Justin says if it happened to Bill that he knows he’d be like a pit bull trying to find all the answers. So will Ridge…..his worst enemy. And if he starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together it will lead to Bill and to him and they need to do something about that. Bill says it was a surprise for Brooke so there never was a flight plan so therefore there was no helicopter therefore Justin could not have been in it. And the only ones who know about this is the two of them. And it’s going to stay that way.

Ridge tells Katie that it is a waste of time; he can’t come up with anything. He bemoans chasing half way around the world like some comic book hero all for nothing. He should have buckled up. He remembers that is what he was doing helping Brooke buckle up when the helicopter banked. He grabs his phone and says he is going to get some answers. He calls Kyle and asks about the helicopter. Kyle explains that there was no helicopter to pick him up. That pilot never left the helipad. Ridge tells Katie he’s getting closer. It wasn’t his helicopter that picked him and Brooke up. Charlie is trying to whisk Aly and Pam out of the office when he runs into Oliver who wants Charlie to help him find Aly. Charlie bumbles and fumbles and says he and Pam are late and he can’t. Pam tells Aly that she has to go with them as she needs this. And if she stays Oliver is sure to find her. But just as they get on the elevator Oliver sees them in costume and knows where they are going. Carter tells Maya that he hopes she did not ruin it for Aly and Oliver like she did for them. Charlie, Pam and Aly settle into their seats although Charlie has to keep telling a very down Aly to cheer up and get into it. Oliver pulls back the curtain and sees them. Ridge tells Katie what he was just told. There had to be another helicopter, and he keeps seeing the logo SP and wonders if Bill is somehow behind all of this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted to see John, but Daniel wouldnít let him.  Theresa wanted to know if John was going to make it.  Daniel explained Johnís condition when Marlena arrived at the hospital.  Sami visited EJ in jail, and she let him know that she confronted Abby about the affair.  EJ tried to apologize to Sami, but she still wanted revenge.  Marlena demanded that Daniel tell her about Johnís condition.  Theresa wanted to make sure that Brady didnít remember what happened to John.  Theresa ended up telling Brady that they got married.

Abby told Lucas that she slept with EJ and that Sami knew about it.  Lucas was understanding about her sleeping with EJ.  EJ continued to explain why he was with Abby.  Marlena was upset with Brady for what happened to John.  Theresa lied and said that what Brady did was self-defense.  Lucas met with Kate and she let it slip that she knew about EJ and Abbyís affair.  Daniel asked Brady if he was sure that he hit John.  Kate explained to Lucas that Sami wonít let the kids get hurt because of EJ and Abby.  Sami told EJ how she plotted and planned to get him.  Abe told Theresa that her story doesnít match up with the forensic report.  Theresa lied and said that she only moved John to check his pulse.  Brady overheard Theresaís conversation with Abe and thought she lied.  He thought Theresa was trying to cover for him. Theresa told Daniel that she and Brady were married.  Daniel wasnít so sure that Brady was the one who hit John.  Abe asked Theresa if Brady was the only one who touched the poker because there were two sets of prints on it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan and Michael are angry that Tracy told Alice about Rafe’s heart prematurely. Morgan helps Kiki blow off steam by throwing things and then massages her shoulders. Michael asks Tracy if she is trying to get into Alice’s room because of what Alice was about to tell him about Tracy. She assures him that it can wait. She goes in and breaks the news to Alice that she can’t have Rafe’s heart. She assures Alice that she will find another heart for her but in return she needs Alice’s silence about what she knows. Michael picks up Morgan and Kiki at the brownstone to take them to the hospital. He gingerly asks Morgan about how he and Kiki are getting along under the same roof. Morgan wonders if Michael is suggesting something he isn’t saying. Michael and Morgan go to Alice’s room just as Tracy is asking Alice if they have an agreement. Understanding Tracy's threat, Alice doesn’t rat her out.

Elizabeth tells Sam that Silas doesn’t need to personally disconnect Rafe’s tubes. Sam tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t know what Silas needs anymore and that she should ask his wife. Sam tells Elizabeth that she and Silas need to talk about his belief that Patrick intentionally let Rafe die. Silas tells Nina that he heard her having nightmares about Rafe. She says it’s terrible that Dr. Drake intentionally nicked Rafe’s blood vessel. She tells him not to worry about her and that they will get through it together. Nina tells Rosalie that she imagined that Rafe talked to her and she had nightmares about him because if it hadn’t been for her, he would still be alive. Rosalie says she has never seen an ounce of remorse from Nina before. Nina points out that the difference is that Rafe never did her wrong, and he didn’t deserve this. She is tempted to tell Silas everything. Rosalie warns her that if she does that, she will lose everything. Molly has a memory of the accident in her sleep and wakes up with a start, unable to remember what Rafe told her. She wants to go see Rafe. Alexis tells Molly that Rafe is gone. Molly wants to be there when they turn off Rafe’s life support. Sam tells Silas that Rafe’s heart can’t be used for Alice’s transplant because heroin was in his toxicology screen. Silas doesn’t understand how he didn’t see how much pain Rafe must have been in. Sam says she didn’t see the signs either. He says he had convinced himself that Rafe’s senseless death would save someone else, but now it won’t. Kiki joins Sam and Silas in Rafe’s room. Molly, TJ, and Alexis go to Rafe’s room. Kiki, Sam, Molly, and Silas say goodbye and then Silas turns off the machine. They stay with Rafe until he flatlines. Molly is sad because she lost both Rafe and her father abruptly. She wishes she could remember what Rafe was trying to tell her in the car. Rosalie and Nina go to Rafe’s room so Nina can come clean with Silas, but the mood turns when Nina sees Silas holding Sam.

Elizabeth tells Felix that Rafe is making her think about Jake. He is surprised that she can work. She says she can’t do anything to anger Dr. O. She reveals that Britt helped to get her rehired. Felix says Britt was probably just trying to make herself look good in front of Nikolas. Britt stands in for Alice at summer camp. Nikolas helps her. Josslyn hits Britt with a water balloon. Spencer pays her for the favor with a candy bar. Britt takes off her wet T-shirt. Nikolas takes off his too-tight T-shirt and gives it to her. Elizabeth and Felix go to camp to pick up Cameron and see Nikolas and Britt together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is thrilled to see Paul and Christine back at work. Dylan dreams of Austin trying to kill Avery and shooting Paul. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill and Colin celebrate. They discuss the scam that they are pulling on the insurance company. When Esther walks in, Jill quickly pulls her blouse together to hide the necklace. Esther wants to know what is going on. Michael and Lauren discuss how Phyllis would have reacted to Summer and Austin’s wedding. Lauren discusses with Michael about opening up another boutique. Nikki and Victor arrive to talk to Michael about the hearing that is soon coming up. Esther asks Jill what she is up to, but she refuses to give her any information. Lauren walks in complaining about the doorbell not working. Lauren finds out that Jillís necklace was stolen. Lauren wonders how that could have happened, but Jill isn’t worried since the necklace is insured. Dylan tells Avery about his dream about her and Paul. Ian visits Sharon with a bunch of flowers as a way of thanking her for befriending Mariah. Sharon asks Ian what he wants. Esther asks Jill about the necklace being stolen and if he police was notified. Jill tells Esther sarcastically to call the police.

Ian arrives at the police department to talk to Detective Harding about the assault on his life. Michael takes Nikki into a room so they can talk. Nikki shows Michael her journal and tells him to use it in the trial. Paul sees Nikki talking to Michael unaware that Christine is watching him, watching Nikki. Paul finds out that Ian is suing Nikki and is going to get Dylan to testify for him. Ian and Victor exchange a few choice words in the corridor of the police station. Ian lets Victor know that their lives are entwined. Sharon visits her psychiatrist and reveals to her that she is beginning to remember things. Lauren tells Jill about the opening of another boutique in the hotel and asks her to sponsor it. Colin walks in and tells Lauren that they could use the insurance money. Jill has reservations about going into business with Colin. Paul and Christine argue over Nikki and the way that things turned around since he found out that he and Nikki had a child. Victor lets Ian know that he sees fear in his eyes.

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