Tuesday 7/15/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/15/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter heard it from Rick but he confronts Maya and asks if she came on to Rick in the steam room. She admits that yes she did. He doesn’t want to hear that it didn’t mean anything. She says nothing happened. Carter says only because he is happily married to Caroline. So Oliver’s plan worked and he’s in. He doesn’t deserve all of this and she did. Carter sees that she is jealous, pea green. And that she settled for him. Carter tells her the wedding is off. She says they can work through this. He says Rick turned her down, now he is too. Oliver tries to explain to Aly of why he was talking and Maya was recording without his knowledge. That was stupid but everything he ever told Aly was real. She tells him never to call her Miss F again. She told him things about herself and her family and he was just playing games with her. He tells her again that being with her makes him happier than with anyone else. He tells her to trust him. She tells him to stop. He says he doesn’t want to. He wants them to put this behind them and move on. Wyatt wants to be sure that Hope wants him back at work and that she doesn’t feel like she owes him. She admits both. It is just a job and he would be perfect for it, but at same time they do owe him for him saving Liam’s life. Liam says they spent so much time not trusting each other so imagine how much easier it is going to be all working for the same cause. Wyatt says Liam is putting a lot of faith in him. Liam answers that is what brothers do. Wyatt says he can not believe this miracle. Seems like only yesterday that he was cleaning out his office and now he is coming back. And his good luck all started with the diamond but what she is giving him is even more priceless than that. He said he would give it to her someday but she deserves better than that.

Aly wants to believe Oliver but she can not tell if what he is aying now is true. He as her first love; her first kiss but there won’t be any more. They can be friends but nothing more. She can not trust him. He declares she can. He is sorry that she is upset but give him another chance and he can prove that it is real. Aly says that he has to be her knight in shining armor or she can’t be his Miss F anymore. Liam tells Wyatt that times change and now he is putting his trust in Wyatt to be around Hope and that he is not going to be hitting on Hope and trying to come between them. Getting along will take some getting used to but it feels right. Just don’t let him down. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami ended up putting her foot in her mouth when she told Eric that she suspected that EJ knew he was raped.  Eric was upset that she didnít want to say anything about it until EJ cheated on her.  Sami said that she only suspected, but didnít know for sure.  Abby wanted Jennifer and JJ to talk to her about Eve so she could take her mind off of her problems.  Theresa panicked when she knocked John out.  She wiped her prints off of the poker and put it in Bradyís hand.  Brady woke up and passed out on the floor.  Brady dropped the poker so Theresa put it back in his hand.  Theresa called out to Henderson so he could see John and Brady on the floor.  Eric continued to advise Sami not to get revenge on the DiMeras and to focus on her kids.  She said that she planned to think of her kids and that no one would stop her from making the DiMeras pay. Jennifer, Abby, and JJ talked about the case until Abby had to leave.  She wanted to talk to someone before Sami spread what she did.  Theresa told Henderson that John didnít have a pulse.  Sami went to Ben to talk about Abby.  Abby had a run in with Eve at the town square.  

Theresa lied to Abe and said Brady hit John with the poker.  Brady and John were admitted in the hospital.  Brady regained consciousness and wanted to know what happened to John.  Eric went to Jennifer to talk to her about what Sami did to Abby.  Eric felt that Sami was wrong to approach Abby the way she did.  Abby continued to rip into Eve about her annulment and about her going after the money from her fatherís book.  Eve put Abby in her place, but Abby couldnít handle it.  She ended up slapping Eve.  Abe told Brady that John was in surgery.  Brady stormed off to find out what happened to John.  JJ arrived and broke up the argument between Abby and Eve.  Ben didnít understand what Sami was saying to him.  Sami told him that Abby had sex with EJ.  Henderson told Brady what he saw.  Brady asked Theresa what happened so she gave her version of the story.  Sami wanted Ben to know the truth about Abby.  JJ reminded Eve about the problems she caused his family.  He informed Eve that she wonít get what she wants if she keeps going after his family.  Brady wanted to know if Theresa saw him hit John and if he killed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Levi accuses Nathan of calling Immigration on him. Nathan says Levi probably made the call himself since anonymous calls are his M.O. Maxie is at the Floating Rib accusing Mac and Dante of calling Immigration. They deny it. Levi and Nathan find Maxie at the Floating Rib. Maxie tells Nathan that he is back to being her prime suspect. Levi asks to check Nathan’s phone log, which happens to have the immigration number on it. Nathan doesn’t know why it is there. Maxie believes Nathan reported Levi. Dante and Lulu don’t think so. At a nearby table, Julian wonders what choice Lulu asked Lucas about. Lucas tells him about Felix and Brad. Brad accuses Felix of messing things up for him and Lucas. Each of them thinks he would have been Lucas’ choice if he had not seen them kissing each other. After a hard day at work, Felix & Brad go to the Floating Rib for a drink, only to have Lucas come to the wrong conclusion again when he sees them together.

Carly promises Sonny that Franco will never attempt to tell Michael that Sonny shot AJ. Sonny says the secret isn’t safe as long as Franco is alive. Sonny confronts Franco when he returns home. Franco perceives that Sonny has already mentioned killing him to Carly. Sonny says he is going to trust that Franco won’t say anything, but if he does, he will kill him then. Franco asks Carly how she could tell Sonny about it. She asks him to stop antagonizing Sonny, because she doesn't know how long she can keep protecting him.

Shawn runs into Jordan at the Metro Court. He mentions that her blue dress reminds him of a night they spent together in the past. Mickey Diamond arrives for his dinner engagement with Jordan. Shawn thinks he knows of Mickey. Sonny meets Shawn at the Metro Court. Shawn watches Mickey and Jordan. He takes it upon himself to go over to their table and tell Mickey to remove his hand from Jordan’s. Jordan and Sonny intervene to diffuse the escalated situation. Mickey asks Jordan if she and Shawn are involved. She says they are just friends. He says he has lost his appetite and invites her to go to his room, but wants to keep things professional. He tells her that if she wants to move up in the business, she will have to keep him happy. Sonny asks Shawn if there is something between him and Jordan. Shawn insists that he is only concerned for her well-being, because she is TJ’s mother. Sonny tells Shawn that Franco knows too much and will eventually have to be eliminated, but not yet.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Neil asks Cane what he is not giving Hilary. Cane asks Neil not to move so fast in buying a house for him and Hilary. Neil explains to Cane that he wants to give Hilary a home that she hasnít had. Lily joins Cane and Neil and is quite put out when she hears them discussing Hilary. Lily lets them know that Hilary went with Devon to the laundry room to look for her missing clothes. Devon and Hilary discuss putting his family first. Hilary lets Devon know that through her research she found out all about the trouble he was in when he was a child. Devon tells Hilary that he knows she has feelings for him. At Sharonís, Victor asks Mariah how she got involved with Ian Ward and how she came to move in here with Sharon and Nick. Victor wonders how Nick feels about this. Mariah tells Victor that by her living here she may be able to find out Sharon’s secret. Victor doesn’t want to work with her anymore. Mariah doesn’t want to work with him either. At the church, Mark attempts to arrest Austin for violating the conditions of his release from jail. Jack and the others voice their sentiments that Summer and Austin love each other and Mark doesn’t have a case against Austin. Mark reluctantly drops the charges against Austin. Victor questions Mariah about her relationship with Sharon. Neil attempts to tell Lily about the house that he is buying for him and Hilary, but Lily doesn’t want to hear it. Hilary tells Devon that his infatuation with her will wear off in time. Hilary starts to pass him, but she almost falls. Devon catches her. They begin to kiss and make out in the laundry room. Hilary and Devon are kissing passionately and partially undressed when Cane catches them together. Hilary and Devon part quickly.

Jack and Kelly congratulate Summer and Austin on their marriage. Faith, Sharon, and Nick arrive home to find Victor waiting for them. Faith tells Victor that she was a flower girl in a wedding but before she can tell Victor whose wedding, Sharon sends her upstairs. Victor and Nick go outside to talk. Mariah tells Sharon that Victor has been asking her about the secret. Sharon tells Mariah that she had a breakthrough at the wedding. Victor wonders how Jack could have permitted Summer to marry Austin. Nick and Victor discuss Mariah and Ian. Mariah asks Sharon what she can remember about the secret that she hid away. In his office at Jabot, Jack and Kelly discuss how Phyllis would have reacted to Summer marrying Austin. Jack thanks Kelly for standing by him through all this. Cane rejoins Hilary and tells her that he knows what is going on between her and Devon. Cane advises Hilary to set Neil free if she has feelings for Devon. Neil lets Lily know how drunk Devon was during their wedding reception. Neil wonders if he could still be grieving over Esmerelda. Lily tells him that she tried to fix him up with Abby. Devon walks up to join them and announces that he is leaving town. Neil advises him that that is poor choice.

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