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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt has a visitor: Deacon. Wyatt shows him the diamond and that it is now his. It is not stolen; the diamond was left to him by the owner who passed away recently. He just inherited the Hope For the Future Diamond. Wyatt tells him that believe it or not, but it has magical powers of good luck and he’s not sure he can ever give up on Hope even though for now she has chosen Liam. He was willing to accept that challenge but Quinn’s going from meddling and annoying to out and out crazy turned the tide. Ivy is more or less expecting them to offer her an internship at FC so she is blown away that Eric and Rick say there is a big void in the HFTF line with patrons wanting jewelry to accompany the dresses. Hope says they’d like her to fill that void. She’s certainly stunned and would like to accept but says she has too many hands in the fire in Sydney. Eric tells her she could do both, jet at her disposal. She says even then she would need some help with contacts. Hope tells Liam that Ivy made a good point. Liam says it before she does. She would like Wyatt to come back to work at FC. He’s okay with that. He still has a small fraction of not wanting to trust him but a greater one that says yes. Hope calls Wyatt and asks him to come to Forrester. Deacon tells him that diamond may already be working. Rick calls Carter in and says he does not want to be in the middle of this, but he also doesn’t want any strain between them. He told Caroline so now he wants to tell Carter too. He was in the steam room the other day and Maya came in….and hit on him. Carter is incensed but Rick says he is not making this up. Maya happens to walk in and he confronts her if she came on to Rick in the steam room.

Oliver and Aly have a heart to heart and she is glad that she is able to share everything with him. She wants him to do the same. He says he does have something to tell her. Maya called him out after Ridge threatened to fire him. It’s more than insecurity. He talked to Maya round the time that he started dating Aly and Maya recorded it. It’s bad. He screwed up and no matter how it sounds, it does not change how he feels about her. And he will need her forgiveness. Wyatt goes to FC and with Liam at her side, Hope tells him they have an offer for him. They are looking for another jewelry partner and they think they have found her. She’s a Forrester but settled in Australia so it will take some doings for her to say yes but they’d like Wyatt to help ease her into it. Wyatt is blown away and says yes he will take it. He can not believe their acceptance to separate him and his mother. Liam hugs him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Will and Sonny that EJ cheated on her with Abby.  Aiden and Hope almost kissed so they stopped dancing.  Chase and Ciara wondered why they stopped dancing.  Theresa brought Brady back home.  Brady didnít realize that he and Theresa got married.  Brady told Theresa that he had no intention of getting married again because of Kristen.  He ended up passing out.  Theresa called John to talk to him about Brady.  Sami thought Will knew that Abby was with EJ.  Will explained that he didnít know Abby was with EJ.  Eric arrived and Sami told him how EJ cheated on him.  Jennifer tried to comfort Abby about Sami coming after her.  Jennifer wanted to blame EJ, but Abby wanted the blame for everything.  Abby wanted Jennifer to forgive her for what she did.  Jennifer forgave Abby.  JJ walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about.  Sami explained to Eric how she found out about EJís affair.  Hope thought about what happened with Aiden and wanted to leave the gala.  John arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to saw that Brady was in bad shape.

Brady woke up and wanted John to leave.  Abby told JJ what she did with EJ.  JJ understood because of all the bad things he did.  Will and Eric were shocked that Sami knew EJ cheated on her before they got married.  Eric wanted Sami to tell him about what happened with EJ.  Sami explained how Nick sent her the pictures of EJ and Abby together. Theresa announced to John that she and Brady were married.  John thought Brady could get an annulment.  Eric tried to convince Sami not to get revenge on EJ and Sami because she would be hurt instead of them.  Sami wanted to make them pay.  Theresa wanted John to pay her $1 million to leave Brady.  John recorded Theresa asking him for money to leave Brady.  John said Brady would hate her when Brady finds out the truth.  Hope and Aiden thought about almost kissing each other.  John and Theresa argued and he ended up pushing her.  She fell and reached for the poker.  She ended up hitting John in the back of the head with the poker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly is happy that Franco’s job at the hospital is going well. Sonny tells Carly that Ava got her mother to crack open his safe to get the recording of Ava’s admission to killing Connie. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t trust Franco and that she shouldn’t trust him either. She reveals that Franco almost told Michael their secret about AJ. Sonny says it won’t be ok as long as Franco is alive. Olivia tells Dante and Lulu about catching Ava’s mother stealing a flash drive from Sonny’s office. She says she neither knows nor cares what is on the drive. Lulu calls Olivia out on still having feelings for Sonny. Olivia says there is no going back.

Dante tells Mac that Levi spent the night in jail for trespassing. Maxie accuses Nathan of calling Immigration on Levi. He says he didn’t make the call but admits that he told Dante. He mentions that Mac wouldn’t mind seeing Levi go back to Australia either. Maxie asks Nathan if he told Mac his theory that Levi sabotaged her custody case. She decides to find out which one of them is the rat. Maxie goes to the Floating Rib and confronts Dante and Mac.

Nina imagines that Rafe wakes up and taunts her. Franco hears Nina yelling at Rafe, so he goes into Rafe’s room and asks her if she is all right. She thinks she has lost her mind. He says she is probably under a lot of stress. He tells her that he is an art therapist and that he will be working tomorrow. Silas agrees to donate Rafe’s heart to Alice if it is a match. He discloses Rafe’s cocaine use. Michael seems uncomfortable with the closeness between Morgan and Kiki. Tracy fans the fire of jealousy. Tracy prematurely tells Alice that the transplant is a go. Obrecht says there is a big problem. Rafe’s toxicology screen revealed the presence of heroin which means Rafe cannot be a donor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon sees flashbacks of the day that Phyllis fell down the stairs with a tube of lipstick. Summer keeps asking her if she all right. Austin arrives at the chapel and finds Noah and Courtney already there. Nick and Faith also arrive. Abby tells Cane, Lily, and Devon about Abby getting married to Austin, but they are getting remarried again today in church. In the foyer of the Athletic Club, Neil informs Hilary that he has a meeting to get to, but he will not say what. Abby asks Devon if he is over the woman that he was telling her about as Hilary listens to their conversation. Nikki contemplates taking a drink and even reaches for the bottle, but she pulls her hand away and leaves the room. Austin thanks Nick for arriving at the wedding. Noah asks Nick if Victor knows about this wedding. Nick doesn't think he does or he'd be here objecting to the wedding. Summer thanks Sharon for helping her to get ready for the wedding. When Sharon sees that Nick is there, she leaves them alone to talk. Mark joins Jack and Kelly in his office at Jabot and lets Jack know that he will have the arrest warrant for later that day. Nick walks Summer down the aisle with Faith as the flower girl. As the ceremony is about to begin, Jack and Kelly arrive. Neil meets with the realtor about the house that he is going to buy.

Hilary joins Devon and Abby and lets them know about Lily pushing her into the pool. Hilary hopes that Lily will find her clothes soon. Lily walks up and tells Hilary that the laundry lost her clothes. Devon goes in search of her clothes. Hilary joins him. Lily tells Abby that Devon is always defending Hilary. Nikki visits the park and Katherine’s memorial plaque and has a heart-to-heart talk with her. Summer and Jack have a heartfelt talk before the ceremony. Jack lets Summer know that he wants to help walk her down the aisle. Nick leaves Sharon’s side just long enough to be part of walking Summer down the aisle with Jack. Noah takes a picture of Jack, Summer, and Nick before they walk her down the aisle. Lily and Abby cannot figure out why both Neil and Devon are after Hilary. Lily encourages Abby to go out on a date with Devon. Abby lets her know that she is not ready for that. Summer and Austin exchange wedding vows and are married without a problem. Hilary and Devon search for her clothes. Hilary asks him why he is being so nice to her. Devon says he is leaving town for good. Hilary begs him not to go. Cane tries to talk Neil out of buying a house so quickly, because they need to wait a while. Mark arrives at the church to arrest Austin, because he has violated the conditions of his release from jail.

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