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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge vividly remembers the SP logo on the jacket and the helicopter banking and dumping him out. Katie senses something and tells him to take his time; it will all come back. He says one word – Spencer. He doesn’t know how it fits in but somehow he knows it does. He is still worried about his not sketching. She says his gift will return. He doesn’t want to hide in her bedroom so they decide to go back to FC. Wyatt reads Hope and Liam a text from his mom to apologize to Liam. She is getting needed help and this will never happen again. They accept the text well and try to take Wyatt off the hook by saying he came front and center the minute he knew Liam was in real danger and saved his life. So he does not have to feel guilty for not getting her help before. Wyatt asks about Liam’s ankle and insists he prop it up elevated. While they are basking in brotherly love, Hope gives Wyatt a gift from Liam. He’s touched but confused when he sees a bow tie…..something he rarely wears. Liam says he hopes he will make an exception this once…..and wear it to their wedding. He then asks Wyatt if he will be his best man. Wyatt says he has to say this is one ugly bow tie. Liam says he wants a new beginning and this is it. Wyatt says he is all for this brotherly bonding so ugly bow tie and all he has a best man.

Moments after Hope and Liam leave, there is a knock at the door and two gentlemen looking for Wyatt. He invites them in when they mention it is about Ricardo. They have a locked steel suitcase. They explain that Ricardo suddenly died but do not give details. Just that he had no children or family and he left this for Wyatt. They open the case to reveal the blue diamond….given to someone who values it’s beauty and knows how special it is. Wyatt can not believe his good fortune. They give him a flash drive from Ricardo explaining it all. Brooke nixes a double wedding when Bill suggests it coupled with Liam and Hope. Bill quips he would love to see Ridge standing there so he could rub it in. She says that is not what they need to do. They can just get married on their own and all of them can move on with their lives. Ridge and Katie go back to the office where he tries once more to sketch. Justin walks in at the wrong moment looking for Rick. Ridge senses something and tells him to wait. Katie asks if he remembers something.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami showed Abby and Jennifer the picture of Abby and EJ kissing.  JJ went looking for Paige and ran into Eve.  They argued over Jack.  Jennifer tried to defend Abby, but Sami put her in her place.  Jennifer wanted Sami to stop talking the way she was about Abby.  Abby apologized for what she did.  Hope and Aiden prepared for the gala.  Marlena received a call from Patti Stanger saying that she couldnít make it.  Father Louie wanted Marlena to emcee the gala.  Eve wanted to give JJ a chance to tell his side of the story about Theresa.  JJ thought that Eve didnít have a right to the royalties from Jackís book.  Abby claimed that she was going to tell Sami the truth, but EJ stopped her.  Sami reminded her that she had sex with EJ in the shower.  Jennifer said it wasnít true.  Sami dropped the bomb that she saw Abby and EJ together in the shower.  JJ didnít understand why Eve wanted more than what she asked.  Eve told JJ that she needed the money so she could have surgery on her vocal chords and give Paige everything she deserved.  Marlena was very nervous about being the emcee at the gala.  Sami continued to yell at Abby when Jennifer pulled Sami away from her and told her to stop it.

JJ wanted Eve to lay off his mother.  Marlena struggled to tell jokes at the event.  Jennifer wanted to throw Sami out of her house.  Abby realized that Sami knew about their affair the entire time.  Jennifer was appalled that Sami tortured Abby.  Sami reminded Abby about everything she did for her including helping her when she thought she was pregnant.  Jennifer was shocked to find out that Abby had a pregnancy scare.  Ciara and Chase wanted to learn to waltz so Aiden asked Hope to dance. Eve wanted to call a truce with JJ for Paigeís sake.  Paige walked in and saw them together.  They assured Paige that they were going to try to get along.  Jennifer threw Sami out. Sami warned Abby that she was going to pay and that everyone will find out what she did.  Aiden and Hope almost kissed while they danced. Sami continued to torment Abby before she left.  She warned Abby that her humiliation was just beginning.  Eve let JJ know that they arenít best friends yet.  Sami arrived at Will and Sonnyís place and told them about her new position at DiMera Enterprises.  Sami also told Will and Sonny that she hopes that EJ rots in jail.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Agent Scribner from Immigration goes to Maxie’s apartment looking for Levi. He tells her that if she is harboring Levi, she will be in just as much trouble as he is in. Maxie thinks the anonymous tip came from Nathan. She and Levi glare at Nathan when he arrives home.

Lucas tells Lulu that he thinks he is in a love triangle with Felix and Brad. Lulu is horrified that Lucas still has anything to do with Brad, but she tells him not to hold back because of her. She tells him to go to the one that he really wants to be with. Brad goes to the General Hospital staff locker room and confronts Felix about Lucas. After they argue, Brad kisses Felix. Lucas arrives and sees the kiss. Brad tries to explain. Lucas says he is an idiot because he came to decide which one of them he wants to be with. Felix says he wasn’t aware that he was even in the running. Lucas says it doesn’t matter anymore and walks off.

Silas promises Rafe that Drake will pay if he is responsible. Nina feigns concern. She says that surely Sam shares Silas’ concern about Dr. Drake. Silas doesn’t think she does because she defended Drake. Sam asks Patrick if he took revenge on Rafe. Patrick tells her that he was tempted, but he didn’t. He tells her that he did everything that he could to save Rafe. She just needed to hear him say it, but she says Silas will need more convincing. Nina plants the seeds of doubt about Sam in Silas’ mind. Kiki tells Morgan that Rafe is brain-dead. Tracy asks Kiki if Rafe is an organ donor. He is. Kiki can’t believe that Tracy is already asking for Rafe’s heart. Tracy goes into Alice’s’ room and interrupts Alice about to tell Michael what Tracy is up to, and announces that she has found a heart for Alice. Michael says it will only matter if Rafe is B-Positive like Alice. Kiki tells Silas about Alice. Silas tells her that Rafe’s blood type is B-Positive. Nina tells Rafe that he is helping her to drive a wedge between Silas and Sam. Rafe opens his eyes and grabs Nina’s arm.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Avery brings Dylan home and pampers him. He becomes angry when he finds out that Leslie is representing Austin. Summer and Austin decide to get married again, this time in a church. Kelly tries to convince Jack to walk Summer down the aisle. Abby finds out that Summer and Austin got married and tries to enlist Noah and Courtney's help in convincing Summer this is a mistake. Sharon tells Nick she will talk to Summer. She helps Summer get ready for the wedding and offers to let Summer wear her lipstick. Summer recognizes the shade as the same as the one found where Phyllis fell. Sharon has flashbacks. Noah and Courtney go to the chapel but are still hesitant. Austin goes to Nick and asks him to walk Summer down the aisle. Ian and Nikki have a meeting about the lawsuit. Ian has hired David Sherman, son of Mitchell Sherman, to represent him. He is unwilling to settle. Left alone, Nikki is tempted by alcohol.

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