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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie holds Ridge and tries to comfort him by saying he is a brilliant designer and it will all come back in time. He’s not so sure. She says she will not let him think like that. He just came back to work too soon; just let it come and ease into it. He is afraid it is gone. Brooke makes excuses for Ridge and says he won’t be at this meeting; he needed some time. He’ll be at the top of his game soon. Hope catches them up on what Quinn did to threaten her and Liam. Wyatt saved the day so all is fine but she is glad Quinn is gone from the company. Eric agrees; good riddance as she was responsible for Ridge’s missing too. Eric tells them about Ivy, a jewelry designer, who is his brother’s daughter. They want to bring her in and see if she can fill the void of Quinn. Rick surprises them by opening the door and there she is. Eric welcomes her to L.A. and she hugs all of them, glad to be here. With Justin at his side, Bill tells Allison to get rid of any reminders of Katie. He doesn’t want anything to remind him that she was once sitting in his chair. He tells an employee who asks that the daycare is closed. He gives her money to put her kid in another daycare. He tells Justin and Allison they can all go back to being miserable, no more free lunches for all and now they can make some real money again.

Hope sees Ivy’s designs and thinks she has great potential. Eric says he thinks FC could benefit with her aboard. They have not offered her anything. They did not want to scare her off. Rick tells Hope she has good instincts and he asks if she will give Ivy a chance. Katie has Ridge sit down and relax, just think about his family, his children, let any thoughts come into his head. He’ll eventually remember all the fashion shows, all his triumphs, it will all come back……come back…….come back. Suddenly he bolts upright and remembers the desert wedding and punching Bill and running off with Brooke and entering the helicopter…..and seeing the SP logo on jacket.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Theresa went to Vegas.  Brady was so intoxicated that he passed out.  Eve was determined to get her money from Jack’s book.  Eve and Jennifer continued to argue over the book.  JJ overheard Jennifer throwing Eve out of the house. Sami kept getting digs in about EJ being with Abby.  Sami told EJ that she saw the footage of him with Abby in the shower.

Theresa wanted to take Brady home since he passed out. Sami laughed at EJ when he wanted to work things out.  Sami let EJ know that she has everything now.  EJ realized that she set him up.  He begged her to wait so he could explain, but she left.  Jennifer talked to JJ about the case.  Eve talked to Paige about wanting to get her money.  Eve also wanted to talk to Paige about why she’s with JJ.  Sami showed up at Jennifer’s house to see Abby.  Eve continued to get Paige to open her eyes to JJ. Eve told Paige that JJ tried to have Theresa arrested.  JJ wanted to help Jennifer with her problems with Eve.  JJ called Paige and she asked him if he tried to have Theresa arrested.  Paige got mad and hung up on him so he went after her.  Sami wanted Abby to look at wedding photos with her.  Brady was still passed out and Theresa grabbed his hand.  He and Theresa had on wedding bands.  Jennifer arrived at home and saw the pics Sami showed Abby.  Sami showed Abby and Jennifer a pic of Abby and EJ kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie and Nathan argue about Levi. Nathan says she and Levi are both lucky that the Quartermaines are too busy to press charges. Lulu tells Maxie that her surgery was a success and that she will be able to carry a child. Maxie tells Lulu that Levi spent the night in jail for no reason thanks to Nathan. Lulu says trespassing is a reason. Nathan tells Dante that he is angry about Maxie. He tells Dante about arresting Levi for trespassing and accidentally handcuffing himself to Maxie. Dante laughs and says Maxie must have had Nathan distracted. Maxie tells Lulu about the handcuff incident. Lulu says it almost sounds romantic. Nathan tells Dante that he is pretty sure that Levi interfered with Maxie’s custody case. He mentions that Levi is in the country on an expired visa. Dante says he doesn’t think Maxie will be with Levi much longer. Agent Scribner from Immigration goes to Maxie’s apartment looking for Levi.

Morgan worries about Alice. He and Kiki have a moment. Alice wakes up. Monica tells her that she has a heart condition and needs a transplant. Alice tells Michael that she has to talk to him. Patrick tells Silas and Sam that Rafe is brain dead. Nina eavesdrops. Silas accuses Patrick of intentionally letting Rafe die or killing him. Silas, Sam, and Kiki go to see Rafe in the ICU. Kiki tells Morgan that Rafe is brain-dead which Tracy overhears. Sam asks Patrick if Silas is right that he did it intentionally.

Felix wakes up at Carly’s house after getting drunk last night. Brad shows up at the door with coffee for Lucas. Felix leaves. Brad kisses Lucas. Lucas pushes Brad away. Lucas admits that he still has feeling for Brad but doesn’t know if he can ever trust him again. Felix goes to work and sees that Patrick is distraught. Patrick tells him that he lost a patient. He reveals that the patient is the person that ran him off the road. They discuss whether they should tell Sabrina or not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Victor overhears Nikki telling Paul that if she had known that the child she was carrying was his then she would never have given it up. Paul looks toward the door and sees Victor. Sharon comes home to pick up Faith to take her swimming. Faith invites Mariah along but Sharon has reservations about it until she voices her opinion that she would like to accompany them. Sharon offers to buy her a bathing suit but Mariah refuses. At Jabot, Jack and Nick discuss Summer’s sudden marriage to Austin. Jack lets Nick know that the marriage is legit. Summer and Austin are at the pool. They discuss his upcoming trial and that Jack feels that the marriage is just about getting Summer’s money. Victor lets Nikki and Paul know that Dylan will soon be released. Ben orders Ian out of Dylan’s room but Dylan insists he can handle this. Ian puts all the blame on Nikki for all of their heartache through the years. Nikki walks in and orders Ian out of her son’s room. Victoria, Billy, and Chelsea discuss their trip to Australia to dig up dirt on Ben but then she finds out that Billy and Chelsea slept together. Billy lets Victoria know that this is none of her business. Victoria tells Billy that she will be taking Johnny with her to Washington to visit with Reed so that he and Chelsea can have more time together. After Victoria storms out, Chelsea blames herself and tells Billy that their friendship is over. Jack tells Nick that Austin dropped by his office to let him know that if he goes to prison, then he will divorce Summer. Victor and Ian have a confrontation in the corridor of the hospital.

Nikki tells Dylan that Ian is suing her for emotional distress. Ian says he didn’t come here to cause any trouble. Victor tells Ian that he is pushing his luck and orders him out. Victor walks back into Dylan’s room and lets him and Nikki know that Ian will not be bothering them anymore. Victor urges Nikki to come home to rest. Sharon and Faith join Summer at the pool. Sharon notices something amiss with Summer and wants to know what is wrong. Summer lets her know that she is worried about Austin. Sharon offers Summer comfort and moral support. Austin visits Paul to say, “I’m sorry,” but Paul lashes out at him for all the trouble that he caused everyone. Dylan walks in and wants to know what he is doing here. Jack looks at a pic of Summer as he talks to Christine on the phone and asks for her help. Dylan asks Paul what Austin wanted. Paul lets him know that he just wanted to apologize for everything. Billy starts to take a drink but Chelsea stops him. Chelsea admits that she has feelings for Billy, but where would she be if he decided to get back together with Victoria? Chelsea tells Billy this is good-bye. Victoria meets up with Ben at the rooftop pool and lets him know what happened between her, Billy, and Chelsea. Ben asks Victoria if she is through with Billy, then why is this bothering her so much? Victoria becomes angry and pulls off the wedding band only to see the tattoo of a wedding band on her ring finger. Mariah and Ian meet at the bottom of the stairs at the Athletic Club, Sharon interrupts them before they can say anything further. Ian thanks Sharon for befriending Mariah. Nick also joins them. Nick asks Ian to drop the lawsuit against Nikki. Summer lets Faith know that she got married. Austin joins them. Faith lets Austin know that he belongs in jail. Jack joins them and tells Summer that Austin paid him a visit and told him that he would divorce her if he went to prison. Jack urges them to end this now. Victoria tells Ben that her marriage to Billy is over. Billy lets Chelsea know that he doesn’t want this to be goodbye as he kisses her.

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