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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge throws the sketch pad down on the desk and draws a few circles but clearly is frustrated because he can not sketch a gown. Eric tells Brooke that it’s good to have Ridge back. He’s almost like his old self. She says yes, barreling in and taking charge. Katie listens but doesn’t quite agree. She says it has been a confusing time for him but it helps with the support of his family and colleagues. She tells Brooke they need to be careful as she doesn’t want to treat Ridge like he is going to break. It’s frustrating. Basic things are not coming back to him and she wishes she could help. Eric walks in while Ridge is still drawing his circles. Eric says he is wasting no time; that’s good. He casually asks what he’s working on. Ridge is quiet and Eric asks if anything is wrong. Ridge tries to go back to his sketching and remembers some earlier times when he did. He grabs his pad and abruptly leaves. Rick sits at the Sky Lounge and Caroline joins him. He quips that he is waiting for his gorgeous wife so no need for her to hit on him. She quips too bad he didn’t tell Maya that before she stalked him in the steam room. She brings up Ollie’s recording and Rick says he knows he said he would give Ollie time, but he’d really like to get it out in the open. The more time Ollie spends with Aly the more hurt she will be. Caroline tells Rick that given a choice between Maya and Oliver and who to believe that she would pick him every time. Oliver confronts Maya and says she secretly recorded him and then played it for Rick and let him get blindsided. She says she was looking out for Aly. Oliver says he thought they were friends, now he can never trust her again. He’s gotten to know Aly. She is so sweet and fresh and he’s crazy about her; in fact he loves her. Maya says then he should have nothing to worry about. He says Caroline is married to a Forrester and he is dating one and Maya is just plain jealous. She says he is a player and she is not convinced his feelings are real. She even accuses him of making her last photo shots bad so he can replace her with Aly. At that moment Aly walks in and Maya leaves and tells Oliver to let her know when he wants to re-shoot. He tells Aly her timing was perfect. Forget about Maya; he just wants to make sure she knows how he feels about her and never question that. She assures him that he is her knight in shining armor.

With Caroline’s prodding, Rick says he will give Oliver the time he needs but he better not give him reason to fire him. Brooke tells Katie that she is sorry for every harsh word she said to her. She is glad they are acting like sisters again. She realized that even more so when Ridge was missing as life can change so quickly and never is as it is promised. Katie too says she thinks they should put the past in the past and move forward as sisters. Brooke makes the first move and they hug. Eric tells them that Ridge is missing; should they be worried. Katie tries to make light of it even though they came in together and he left her here. He just needed to clear his head. She borrows Brooke’s car to drive home. Ridge charges into his bedroom, locks the door and flops in a chair with pad and paper in hand. But 5 or 6 pages later wadded up and on the floor, he is no further along than when he started. He snaps the pencil into and throws down the pad. Katie knocks on the door several times and demands that he open the door. She sees the look on his face and the pile of papers on the floor and immediately goes to him and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was about to be announced as the CEO when Kate reminded her that she needed her votes.  Sami had to read the letter Kate gave her to the board members.  Eve went to Danielís place to tell him that he couldnít be her doctor anymore.  Aiden showed up at Jenniferís place to talk about her case with Eve.  Eve explained that Theresa is her half sister and thatís why he couldnít be her doctor anymore.  EJ asked Abby to use her discretion with the police.  Abby didnít want to lie for him.  They continued to talk and then Abby realized that he didnít want anyone to know she hired a hitman to kill Nick.  Sami read to the board that EJ wanted Kate to be co- CEO with Sami. Clyde went through Jordanís things.  Eve told Daniel that she got a new doctor.  Aiden discussed the lead that he found in Jenniferís case.  EJ and Abby continued to argue about their situation. 

Eve wanted to go out with Daniel for a drink since he wonít be her doctor anymore.  The board members welcomed Sami and Kate and the new CEOs of DiMera Enterprises.  Abby finally agreed to keep quiet about everything.  Kate and Sami agreed to be partners.  Jennifer invited Eve over so she could make the lawsuit go away.  Sami went to the police station and told EJ that sheís the new CEO of the company.  Clyde broke into a box and found Jordanís fake ids.  Jennifer wanted to split the profits from the book 50/50.  Eve didnít think that was enough.  Sami told EJ again that she and Kate were elected the CEOs.  EJ didnít understand what she did.  Sami told EJ that she did to him what he did to Abby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Levi goes home from the police department and finds Nathan and Maxie handcuffed together on their sofa and accuses them of playing sex games. They explain. He tells them that he was almost deported because his visa has expired. He says Diane Miller got the police to kick him loose since Morgan Corinthos was too busy with a family emergency to make a statement and the arresting officer, Nathan, was MIA. He gloats that the police never ran his name, so they never found out about the visa problem. Nathan says he is obligated to report it now that he knows. Maxie asks Nathan to stay silent until Levi gets his visa renewed. Nathan agrees. Levi finds the key. Nathan removes the handcuffs.

Jordan meets Anna in the park. Anna asks her if she has made any progress in finding out who Julian answers to. Jordan says Julian was about to tell her when some character named Mickey Diamond came into the gallery and announced that he speaks for the boss and that he has been following her ever since. She says she looked into him and found nothing. Anna says she will check with the WSB. When Anna leaves, Mickey appears behind Jordan and asks her what she was talking about with the commissioner. She tells him that the commissioner gives her a hard time every time she sees her. She suggests that they go back to the gallery and talk business. He suggests that they talk over dinner instead. Julian goes to be with Alexis at the hospital. He assures her that Molly’s situation is not the same as Rafe’s. He is shocked to hear that Rafe does drugs. Anna runs into Julian at the hospital when she goes to check on Molly. She tells him that Alexis is adamant that he is out of the business, but that time will tell. Dante tells Lulu about everything that happened with Rafe in the emergency room. He feels guilty about spooking Rafe and for questioning Molly too soon. She is surprised to learn that Patrick is performing surgery on Rafe while holding a grudge.

Rosalie tells Nina to knock off the pity party and focus on the fact that Rafe knows she can walk and that she has it in for half the town. Nina hopes Rafe dies on the table. Silas is concerned that Patrick won’t do right by Rafe because of his personal feelings. Sam tells Silas about Patrick saving Jason when he didn’t think his life was worth saving. Silas says Patrick blames Rafe for the death of his son when he should really blame him, Silas, because it was his car and Rafe shouldn’t have had access to it. Sam discloses that Rafe has been doing drugs and that Alexis, TJ, and Patrick know about it. He demands to know why no one told him just as Rosalie wheels Nina into the hospital to overhear it. Silas tells Nina that he just found out that Rafe was on drugs and that Drake knows. Epiphany makes small talk with Patrick about performing surgery on the person that ran him off the road. He says Obrecht made him do it. His inner self says Obrecht did him a favor because no one will blame him when he kills Rafe on the table. Patrick protests that he is a doctor and that he took an oath. Epiphany asks Patrick if he is all right because he is standing there, frozen. Patrick returns to reality and tends to Rafe’s bleeding. Afterwards, Patrick goes to Silas and Sam to report on the surgery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the hospital, Paul remembers a conversation that he had with Nikki years earlier about a child and what would happen if it had been his. Christine walks in and notices that Paul is troubled about something. At the Newman estate, Nikki is asleep and dreaming about Paul and how he would have reacted if he had known that he was the father of her unborn child. Nikki wakes up startled, and Victor asks her if she was having a nightmare. Devon gets a towel to put around Hilary after Lily pushed her into the pool. Hilary lets him know that she deserved it. Lily watches them together and cannot understand why Devon is helping her. At the penthouse, Chelsea remembers her night with Billy and their lovemaking. Victoria comes out of her doctor’s office at the hospital and runs into Ben. Ben says how much of a ďbabyĒ that Dylan is. Victoria says she is there about the paternity test. Ben gets all enthusiastic about the possibility of him being a father, but Victoria says that she will have the paternity test when she comes back from seeing Reed in Washington. Neil finds Cane and Lily at the pool on the rooftop. He inquires about their vacation. Neil looks around and when he doesn’t see Hilary, he asks Lily if they saw her. Maddie lets him know that Lily pushed Hilary into the pool. Neil becomes angry with Lily and wants to know why. Devon takes Hilary to a hotel room and proceeds to go out and buy her some new clothes. Chelsea is on the phone with Kevin and tells him that from now on he should let her know whatever he finds out about Ben Rayburn instead of telling Billy. Nikki tells Victor about the talk that she had with Paul years earlier concerning a child. Christine gets a call from Nikki to talk to Paul but Christine hangs up on her. Nikki is all upset. Christine and Paul discuss the child that they were planning to have together until Paul found out that Dylan was his son. Christine blames Nikki for telling Paul that Dylan was his son so that is the reason why Paul doesn’t want to have another child. Neil reprimands Lily for her treatment of Hilary and tells her to grow up and be a mother and a daughter. Victoria visits Billy to let him know that she will be going out of town to visit Reed in Washington. Billy tells Victoria his plans for Johnny’s room. She asks to see it. At the hospital, Chelsea bumps into Ben and an argument erupts between the two about why Chelsea is delving into Ben’s past and what is in it for her.

Billy remembers the lovemaking between him and Chelsea. Victoria wishes him a Happy Birthday and asks what he wished for. An argument erupts between Nikki and Victor when he tells her that she is pushing herself too hard. Devon once again tells Hilary that he has feelings for her. Neil knocks on the door. Neil lashes out about Lily pushing Hilary into the pool. Lily tells Cane that Hilary deserved to be pushed into the pool. Devon voices an apology about what happened downstairs. Billy and Victoria discuss the paternity test that she will have done. After arguing, Chelsea asks Ben for a ďtruceĒ, but then she asks about him and Kelly being brother and sister. Nikki visits Paul and tells him that if she had known that the baby was his, there would have been no way she would have given it up. Victor overhears her. Chelsea visits Billy but he is cautious about letting her in since Victoria is upstairs. Chelsea gives him back the sock that he left at her place. Chelsea lets it slip about their lovemaking just as Victoria comes downstairs. Devon reprimands Lily for pushing Hilary into the pool and tells her to not let it happen again.

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