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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Brooke it is almost like Christmas morning. They could have lost Ridge but he is coming back to FC today just like it used to be. He would have given Ridge more time but he says he is ready and they have to trust him. Ridge is getting dressed and can’t wait, although Katie tells him that he doesn’t have to rush if he needs more time. He wants to get on with his life….their life. Brooke checks with Katie and tells the group that they are on their way so they need to take their positions. Eric thanks her for pulling this all together. They all wait outside as Ridge drives up, leaves the car with the valet and starts to enter the building. They have a big Welcome Back sign and one by one Rick, Caroline, Carter, Maya, Pam and her lemon bars, Carter, Thorne and Aly hug him. Inside he says he knows it is going to take time to put the pieces of the puzzle together but he knows he can with the help of this beautiful woman by his side and their support. Bill, Hope and Liam visit Liam the next morning after his attack. Wyatt fixes Liam’s necklace and puts it back on him….the least he could do. Bill can not believe they let that lunatic go. Hope says live by the sword, die by the sword so a restraining order is the least he can do. They joke about Wyatt stabbing the chair, that was not Quinn. He quips well she was not playing nice so he had to take her toys away from her. Bill says he is sorry, this is Wyatt’s mother but she is a lunatic. There is a knock at the door and Wyatt says he called someone who might shed some light on this. They are all surprised to see Deacon. Bill is non too happy and says he made it clear before that Deacon is not welcome so he needs to quit popping up. Deacon says he came back to be close to his daughter and has nothing to do with Bill. Bill says okay just so he knows there is no reward in this but what did happen and what can he tell them. He scoffs when Deacon says he was at a bar…..and met Quinn who paid him no attention until she found out he was Hope’s dad. She was nice enough to offer him a place to stay and while he was there he kept seeing her working on this very secretive project and it involved a blowtorch. But she finally let him see it but was still evasive. Then she left with it and he knew it was not good. Wyatt says that is when he showed up and he found out about the sword and came straight to Liam’s. Liam says it’s kind of funny. He is alive right now because of Hope’s father, his brother and a chance encounter in a bar. He thanks them both. Bill says hugs and kisses all round but he hopes they are not all buying into Deacon’s BS. He is just trying to worm his way back into Hope’s life. She can make her own decisions but she knows how her own mother feels and she does not need this street trash back into her life trash. Trouble follows him everywhere he goes and this hookup with Quinn is just the latest example. Deacon starts to object; this was not a hookup with Quinn. Hope adds that she is glad as Liam would not be standing here today if Deacon had not known. Wyatt adds they did not see Quinn or look into her eyes. He got through to her and knows she will not be back. And Liam says he is the proud owner of a large sword that he will be taking with him everywhere. Bill says let that be a reminder to all of them just how crazy Quinn really is.

Wyatt gets a phone call from a Doctor who tells him not to worry but Quinn checked herself into a mental health facility last night. She loves Wyatt and will be in touch when she can. He relays the message to the others and Liam says he is glad as he would not want Wyatt to lose his mother. Bill comes over and puts his arms around them and says they are beginning to sound like brothers and everything is okay. Later Liam asks Wyatt if his mother has ever done anything like his before. Wyatt says not to this extreme and when it happens he does not know what to do or how to help her. Liam admits that he spent a lot of time lumping the two of them together and that was a mistake. Hope goes to Wyatt and says he has proven that. He wishes them both the best. As he leaves, Liam stops him and hobbles over and gives him a big hug. Ollie kisses Aly just before she gets a call and has to go. He is left with Maya who says she thought he was avoiding her earlier. He says yes he was. He knows about the recording. Caroline tells Eric that she is glad Ridge is back but it was kind of fun being the great Eric Forrester’s go to gal with his couture line and she could get used to that. Ridge enters his office and looks around at the sketches and designs. He grabs a drawing pad and pen and starts first with left hand, then right hand. He makes a few circles. A tear falls as he realizes he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and John argued over Theresa.  Brady wanted John to leave Salem if they were going to get along.  Clyde watched Jordan and Rafe at the park.  Nicole tried to get EJ to tell her his side of the story.  Kate and Sami talked about their plans.  Kate brought up why EJ slept with Abby.  Sami got upset so Kate tried to calm her down about it. John wanted to help Brady get sober, but he refused his help.  EJ assumed that Nicole used his situation to get Eric back.  Sami justified that EJ only slept with Abby because she kicked him out of her bed.  Kate gave Sami an envelope with a document on DiMera stationery so she could give it to the board members.  Kate assured Sami that they would both get everything they want.

John tried to reach out to hug Brady, but Brady threatened to hit him if he came near him.  EJ reminded Nicole about all of the people she pushed away over the years.  EJ also told Nicole that she only wanted to help him to get back in Ericís good graces.  Nicole became enraged while listening to EJ and told him that he deserved Sami. The board meeting at DiMera Enterprises was under way.  Kate read the letter that said that Stefano wanted Sami to be CEO of DiMera Enterprises.  Sami pretended to be shocked by the announcement.  Brady hooked up with Theresa and wanted some coke.  The board members felt that Sami wasnít the right person for the job.  Sami defended herself against the board about what she did for the company.  Clyde got into Jordanís apartment and saw a picture of Jordan and Ben.  EJ called Abby so she could see him at the station.  EJ warned her that she might be questioned by the police and that she should use discretion.  Abby refused to lie for him anymore.  Sami was able to convince the board that she could be CEO. Kate asked if there was anymore business to take care of during the meeting.  Kate expected Sami to mention the envelope she had.  Sami didnít mention it.  One of the board members granted Sami the position as CEO.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly isn’t sure that she can trust Franco after catching him in the process of telling Michael that Sonny shot AJ. He assures her that he will be better. He tells her that Dr. Obrecht gave him a job in exchange for the “Egg Salad Sandwich” painting. He says he will be facilitating Art Therapy for patients.

Monica tells Tracy, Michael, and Morgan that Alice’s heart attack revealed an underlying heart problem and that her only hope is a heart transplant. Molly opens her eyes and asks about Rafe. Molly’s doctor says she has a concussion and minor abrasions and that she will be fine. Dante asks Molly to tell him everything she remembers. She recounts the events beginning with finding Rafe in Silas’ garage until Rafe’s admission that he caused Patrick’s accident, but she can’t remember that Rafe did it intentionally. Rafe tries to tell Patrick, but he has a seizure. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident and needs surgery. Dr. Obrecht tells Patrick to do the surgery even though it is Patrick’s day off and he has an emotional attachment to the case. She tells him that Dr. Marucci is on leave and that even if she calls him in, he would never make it in time. Silas doesn’t trust Patrick to provide proper treatment. Sam asks Patrick to save Rafe the way he saved Jason. Silas tells Patrick that he will regret it if he even thinks about taking revenge on Rafe with his scalpel.

Jordan and Shawn run into each other while they are jogging. Shawn gives her a hard time about working at the Jerome Gallery. She tells him that he has no right to say anything to her until he stops counting Sonny’s coffee beans. She threatens to tell TJ the truth about how his father died. Shawn reminds her that they both betrayed Tommy and tells her that she isn’t going to say a word to TJ. Delia goes into Sonny’s office with a key that Ava stole and looks for the incriminating recording. Ava tells her where the safe is. Delia cracks it open and finds the flash drive. Olivia goes to Sonny’s office before Delia gets out. Olivia calls Sonny and tells him to come to his office. Sonny calls Shawn and tells him to take Delia back to New York. Delia tells Shawn that if anything happens to Ava, both he and Sonny will pay. Sonny goes home and takes Ava’s phone away. He dangles the flash drive in front of her and tells her that she will never have it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Chelsea wake up lying in the floor after making love. Jack brings Kelly breakfast in bed after a night of making love. Jack thanks her helping to deal with Summer’s marriage to Austin. At Crimson Lights, Austin and Summer share breakfast. Courtney walks in and interrupts them. Summer gets up to talk to Courtney. At the rooftop pool, Cane and Lily take the children swimming. In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil and Hilary are having breakfast together. Hilary tries to persuade him to go on a honeymoon but he stalls her. Neil wants to know why Hilary is in such a hurry to go on a honeymoon. Devon joins Cane and Lily at the rooftop pool. Lily senses that something is wrong and asks Devon if it's about a woman. Jack and Kelly discuss Summer and her sudden marriage to Austin after all the things that he did. Jack wonders how Phyllis would have handled this situation. Anita comes back and catches Billy with his shirt off. Billy quickly makes his exit leaving Chelsea alone with Anita. Anita voices her opinion on what a catch Billy would be with him being an Abbott. Chelsea tries to stall her by not giving her a straight answer about her and Billy. Chelsea insists that this will never happen again. Summer defends Austin to Courtney. Austin makes his exit so Summer and Courtney can talk. Lily asks Devon if he is seeing Esmerelda again but he denies it. Neil senses Hilary is afraid and wonders what she is afraid of. Neil declares his love for Hilary and promises that they will be together forever.

Devon tells Cane that they had a surprise reception for Neil and Hilary at Jabot and he attended. Cane asks Devon about his plans for the future and if he would consider going back into the music business. Hilary confesses that she is afraid that she will lose everything that she has now, and all of her little girl dreams will be crushed. Jack walks in and finds Billy sitting at his desk with his feet up on the desk. Jack asks what is going on. He also wants to know who the woman is that he was with the night before. Billy pretends that it was a mistake. Jack reminds him that he and Victoria are separated and she is filing for divorce. Austin walks in to talk to Jack. Jack introduces Austin as Summer’s husband. Billy issues a warning to Austin that he had better not hurt Summer. Anita and Chelsea find out via the internet that Ben Rayburn is dead. Chelsea wonders who Stitch is. Billy runs into Kelly at the Athletic Club and asks her why she didn’t tell him that she and Ben are brother and sister. Austin tells Jack that if he goes to prison he will divorce Summer.

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