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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is quivering on the floor with Quinn holding the sword to his neck. She rants that she told him over and over but he would not listen. He begs her not to do this as everyone will know and she will lose Wyatt. She says he is just a random bag of blood that no one will miss. Wyatt and Hope are not weaklings like him and they will get on with their lives. He breaks away temporarily but she grabs him and he lands on the floor prone again with her bending over him with the sword this time right at his chest. She draws it back with both hands and is about to plunge it just as Wyatt barges in and calls her name and for her to stop. She tells Wyatt to leave; just meet her back home. He yells again for her to back off and he comes and pulls her off of Liam. He helps Liam to the couch. He tells his mom that she swore to him if this ever happened again that she would come to him first. Her excuse was he doesn’t understand what Liam said to her. She says she is the only one who is thinking clearly. Wyatt makes an attempt to get to the telephone to call the police but Quinn knocks it away. He says he came there to keep her from destroying herself; that is what he always does. She says she would have gone away and then he would have the life he wanted. He’s outraged that she would think that he would step over his dead brother’s corpse and claim his spoils. He doesn’t need Hope that badly. Does she think he is that desperate and pathetic. She rages that no, it’s Liam who is the pathetic one. Wyatt should have what he has. Wyatt says she is lucky. He could have had her thrown in jail but he asked Liam not to. And he listened. He asks if she is going to kill him too….because after tonight this is going to be the end of the road for one of them. He’s the one that has kept her from being put away all these years. He points to Liam and says that is his brother. He’s never had a brother. He never had anyone but her to run his behavior by, nobody to challenge that twisted world that she had. Liam is the one who made him want to be a better person; if he wanted something he had to deserve it. And all he wanted was the best for Hope but guess what, it wasn’t him. Now he’s glad Hope didn’t pick him. He would not want her to live in this crazy Quinn world that she created. He tells her to keep her secrets as he already knows too much as it is. The only person she hurt tonight was his and her life. She calms down and even puts her arms around Wyatt and says things will be fine. This isn’t the end of the world. It isn’t the end of anything. Life is not over. She says Liam is not hurt; he’s just angry. And she knows she has been terrible to him but she thinks he understands. She points out that she is a very passionate person; a strong person and sometimes feelings are so powerful they can not control them. Wyatt steels himself and says she should go to prison for this. She’s shocked that Wyatt would say such a thing. Liam is angry tonight but he doesn’t really care. Tomorrow all the little lost kittens and puppies will be the most important thing. She says she never has to see Liam again; never cross his path if that will be good enough for Wyatt. He says he can not do this anymore. He is done. Stunned, she says she is his mother. She is the one person he can never be done with. She has devoted her life to him and made sacrifices. That should be enough. She grabs the sword but Wyatt takes it away and stabs it into the couch. He tells her it is over. If she can hear anything he says tonight let it be known that life as they knew it as mother and son is over! He’s been her keeper for so long that it is making him as crazy as she is and he is done. He does not care who she is. She looks so forlorn, then runs out. Wyatt starts to go after her or call the police or something. But Liam convinces him to just let her go.

Wyatt seems undecided but Liam says again just let her go. Hope comes back downstairs and tells Brooke that she could not sleep. Bill quips all it will take is one finger of scotch and that will do the trick. Hope says she needs to tell them that Quinn Fuller has gone off the deep end. Again Bill quips the deep end is her permanent address. Hope tells them that Liam thinks Quinn may have keys to his place since she always manages to get in. His sprained ankle was because he was trying to get away from her. She wants Liam to leave and go to Paris and she wants her job back at FC and in the process she said she wanted to kill him…..and Hope too. Bill says that’s it; he is going to go talk to Quinn himself. Brooke tells him absolutely not. She doesn’t want him anywhere near that woman. She offers that maybe Liam can come spend the night in their house. Hope says he knows there is no way that Liam will let Quinn run him out of his own home. When Bill hears that Wyatt knows all of this and is probably speaking to her at the moment, he wants to talk about something much more pleasant – their wedding. Hope throws him a look and it’s clear she wants no part of this. But when Bill leaves to go upstairs, she tells her mother that she only wants her to be happy and if it is Bill, okay she will try to coexist with him. Brooke only wishes that Hope could be happy for her. She understands Wyatt’s dilemma too. His mother is fundamentally broken and he is protective of her. Hope says she agrees that Wyatt is better off without her but it’s hard to turn your back on your own mother. She says she will try extra hard to be nice to Bill as she knows it makes her mother happy. Plus he’s going to be her father-in-law so she doesn’t have a choice. Liam asks Wyatt where does he think his mother will go. Wyatt says she doesn’t know how to hide. She thinks everyone else is wrong and she is right so no need to hide. That’s why they ended up living in the warehouse. It was a stroke of genius on his part with commercial zoning laws and no neighbors. He’s so sorry for all of this. Liam says he gets it now what Wyatt has had to put up with all this time. But he saved his life. Wyatt says he knew this day was coming; he was doomed but he did not want to be alone. Liam says he is not alone, brother, he owes him his life. “From this day forward there is no such thing as alone.” He grabs him by the shoulder and gives him a good pat.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde arrived in Salem and ran into Kate.  EJ wanted Sami to represent him at the board meeting.  Maggie tried to advise Brady about being with Theresa, but he refused to listen.  Theresa eavesdropped on Brady and Maggieís conversation and was happy that he wanted to be with her.  Clyde talked to Kate about reuniting with his family. Nicole wanted to get info about EJ from Eric.  Eric didnít want to help her.  He was upset with Nicole and didnít think she really wanted to help Sami. Sami pretended that she didnít want to go to the meeting.  EJ convinced her to go to the meeting anyway.  Brady and Maggie started arguing about John and Theresa until Theresa stopped them.  Clyde wanted to surprise Jordan and Ben at home so Kate gave him Jordanís address.  Clyde didnít want Kate to say anything about him being in town.  Kate didnít want Clyde to tell how she told him Jordan and Ben were in Salem.

Theresa went off on Maggie.  Brady tried to stop Theresa, but it didnít work.  Brady had to go to work so Maggie wanted to talk later.  Eric told Nicole they could never be together not even as friends because of what she did to him.  Kate and Sami met in the park to talk about their plan.  Brady called Johns o they could talk.  Sami wanted Kate to get Stefanoís shares to he and EJ could lose power in their company.  Nicole visited EJ at the police department.  Nicole wanted to help EJ.  Kate explained that it would be harder to get Stefanoís shares because heís not in one place like EJ.  Stefano ended up calling Kate giving her his proxy.  Clyde watched Jordan and Rafe at the park.  Brady wanted to see John to talk to him about working together again.  John was suspicious of his motives.  Nicole wanted to tell EJís sided of the story.  Nicole asked EJ if he knew who brought him down.  Kate wanted Sami to sign something because she didnít trust her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny misses Olivia. Delia sees a picture of Sonny’s father and thinks it is her husband, Roger. After searching the house and not finding the incriminating recording, Ava asks Delia to search Sonny’s office. Delia stages an argument with Ava and tells Sonny that she is moving out. She goes to Sonny’s office and opens the door with the key that Ava gave her.

Nina and Silas watch fireworks together. Silas worries about Rafe. TJ and Alexis worry about Molly. Alexis and TJ are on their way to Silas’ apartment when they see Patrick. They tell him that Rafe does drugs. Patrick tells them that Rafe caused the accident that killed Gabriel and that Molly is in Silas’ car with Rafe right now. Rafe tells Molly that he intentionally ran Patrick’s car off the rode because someone put him up to it. He crashes into a barrier that the police have set up. They both have bleeding head injuries and lose consciousness. Dante and Sam catch up to them and call an ambulance. Sam tells Silas what happened. Silas calls Alexis. Kiki stays with Nina while Silas goes to the hospital. Kiki picks up on animosity from Nina and asks her if she holds a grudge against her because of her mother. Nina convinces Kiki that she doesn’t.

Olivia sits with Lulu at the hospital. Alice is in the hospital. Tracy lies to Monica that she found Alice collapsed on the floor at ELQ. Michael demands that Tracy tell him what Alice was about to tell him before she collapsed. He is distracted from Tracy when Molly is wheeled in. Alexis, TJ, and Patrick go to the hospital. Alexis, Sam, and TJ stay with Molly while Patrick goes into Rafe’s cubicle and confronts him. Dante goes in and sees what is happening and tries to escort Patrick out of the room. Patrick resists. Silas arrives and pulls Patrick away, screaming at him to leave Rafe alone. Rafe says he needs to tell Patrick something about the accident.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ian tells Mariah that she should ask Sharon if she can move in with her. Later Mariah goes to Sharon's house and tells her that someone broke into her motel room, and she doesn't feel safe staying there anymore. Victor calls Nick and tells him that Nikki was notified via court papers that Ian is suing her, so Nick and Victor decide they must discover the connection between Ian and Mariah. Nick tells Sharon that Mariah said that she grew up as one of Ian's followers because her mother left her in his care.  Sharon and Nick decide that they will let Mariah stay at their house. Later Nick tells Victor that he allowed Mariah to stay with them in order to discover Ian's week spot. Stitch continues to lie to Victoria that he has nothing more to hide from her. He didn't want to tell her that Kelly was his sister, because she ruined her marriage to Billy. He didn't want to risk ruining his own relationship with her because he had already fallen in love with her. 

Dylan tells Avery that he spoke to Sully and Paul while he was unconscious and they both told him that it wasn't his time to die yet. Christine apologizes to Nikki for the awful things she said to her while Paul was dying. Nikki understands that she was worried about losing Paul. Paul goes to visit Dylan in the hospital to thank him for risking his life to save him. Paul and Dylan also look forward to getting to know each other better. Victor tells Paul that he is okay with the fact that he and Nikki share a son.  Victor tells Paul that he has grown to respect Dylan, but he advises him to go slowly with Dylan, because he has trouble trusting people. Victoria leaves a message on Billy's phone to wish him a happy birthday. Billy and Chelsea almost find the camera in Connor's room, but Billy pulls a muscle reaching up to grab it, so he climbs down from the ladder without ever seeing the camera. Chelsea gives Billy an apple with a sparkler in it to wish him a happy birthday, and Billy thanks her for all the help she has given him while he was trying to save his marriage. After Chelsea gives Billy a massage to help his pulled muscle, they have sex even though they both think it's a bad idea. 

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