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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Liam that his mother would never hurt Hope; she adores her. Liam says that is only when she is with Wyatt. With him it is a different story. Wyatt says his mother was angry. Liam brings out the worst in her. Hope begs Wyatt to do something. He has to get her some help. Liam says only Wyatt knows what she might be capable of. Wyatt can’t believe they are serious but they say he has to confront his mom to find out for sure where her head is. Wyatt keeps saying she may be acting crazy but she is not a killer. He’ll be the judge of that. He will talk to her and she will listen to him. And if it comes to it that he will call the police on her himself. He still thinks they are making way too big a deal with this so he wants to handle it. Meantime dial it back a little and stay away from her and don’t flaunt their relationship. He says he is sorry. He never meant to put them in this position. Hope says they know it is not his fault. As he is leaving, Wyatt says he told her over and over to leave them alone but he will lay down the law and take her to task and she will listen. She will not be a danger to them. Brooke tells Deacon that he needs to go. Deacon says he knows Brooke does not trust him, but cut him some slack. He needs to be with his daughter and he owes her that much. Brooks asks him not to do this to her again. He says this isn’t all about Brooke. He gets that she is with Spencer now. Bill starts down the stairs and sees Deacon and asks what is he doing here. Deacon smarts is that any way to treat an old war buddy. Bill asks Brooke if Deacon broke in. Deacon says he is not here to start anything. He is here about his daughter who is involved with Bill’s son. Bill tells him to stay out of it. Bill gruffly says he is not here for his daughter. He’s working some angle so what is it, money? Deacon says again he is there to support his daughter unless Bill has a problem with that. Bill says he has a problem with Deacon being around anybody that he cares about. Brooke says their daughter is happy and secure now and she does not need Deacon in her life so stay away from her and from Brooke too. Bill says Deacon heard her so beat it, convict. Brooke tells Bill that she has seen a little change in Deacon, nothing major as he is still a con artist. Bill says the change is part of the con. She reminds him that he had a big part in the Italy scene too. He says he has regretted that and said it over and over. He regrets getting involved with Sharpe. Brooke better listen to him as Deacon is a cancer and needs to be cut out of their lives for Hope’s sake. Brooke tells Bill that Deacon is not in her life, but if her daughter wants a relationship with her father, then she has to trust her.

Deacon returns to Quinn’s as she is working on the piece…actually it is finished, she just keeps taking it out and polishing it. Deacon wants to see what she has been working on. She asks how his day was. He says he went to see Brooke. She quips that must have been uncomfortable for Brooke. He says she wants nothing to do with him, and Bill was there. Quinn says that must have been unpleasant for Deacon then. He says he is all about Hope as he is her father, but enough about that. He wants to see the piece she has been working on; they are roomies, no secrets. She says they had an arrangement and he sort of bailed on that. He reminds her he is still on the job. She says a lot of good it did as Hope and Liam are tighter than ever. It looks like she will have to handle it herself. She holds up the sword. He says damn, it’s beautiful and she made it? She retorts that it is a very special assignment. He says somebody must be paying her a bundle, this thing is killer. Quinn says that’s the point. And it has an edge. He asks if she is going to hang it on the wall. But it’s more than art. She could do some serious damage with that. He can’t get her to say who she made it for, but he’s a lucky guy. He knows it’s a guy as it is not the sort of thing a housewife would use in the kitchen. She wraps it up neatly and says she has to go. She’s keeping a promise to someone. He tells her to stay out of trouble. Bill tells Brooke they are not going to let that loser ruin their 4th of July. They can go out and watch some fireworks or start their own indoors. Liam asks Hope if she’d like to go out and watch the fireworks. She says he is limping too much and needs to sit down and she will just go for now. He has to be exhausted so just get some sleep. Wyatt comes back to the factory and only finds Deacon. He is surprised that he already knows his mother. Deacon says they met in a bar but it’s not like what he thinks. She was nice enough to give him a roof over his head for a while. Wyatt wants to know what he really thinks of her and Deacon says she is a real piece of work. Wyatt offers him a drink as he has a ton of questions for him. Deacon says he can’t, but he is worried about Quinn. Something is going on and he’s worried about her. She went out but not alone….not a who but a what. He points to Wyatt’s necklace, it was just like that. But it was not a piece of jewelry. It’s the real deal, deadly, sharp as hell. And she said she had to keep a promise to someone. Wyatt says no, and brushes past Deacon to go. Hope comes home and Brooke says Deacon had been by wanting her to support him with Hope. Hope says she knows the two of them have issues but he asked for her forgiveness and she gave it to him. She motions to Bill just like Liam forgave him for all Bill did in Italy. Deacon is her dad and she’d really like to believe him when he says he loves her and wants to be part of her life. She is giving him that chance and it would mean a lot if they would too. Liam is checking all the windows and doors and locking up when Quinn comes blustering in. Liam yells at her to get out. She says she will shortly. He wants to know what she wants. She says she asked him over and over to be gone but he hasn’t listened. And now he’s even gone and told Wyatt and Hope. He says she is damn right and next he is going to tell the police. She says no that she doesn’t think so. It’s Independence Day and after today Hope and Wyatt will be free of him at last. He’s about five inches from her face and says she is insane. She says he drove her to it. He tries to control Hope and her family; he’s a coward who can’t compete with Wyatt so he lies and lies some more. She looks at his foot and mocks that if it hurts….then kicks him in it and he falls to a quivering mass on the floor. She tells him not to worry. It will all be over soon. She pulls out the sword and holds it in front of his face. She says this is the Spencer sword….the one that he is not manly enough or worthy to wear. As he is shivering, she holds it to his throat and says she warned him but he did not listen. Now he’s going to pay the price….live by the sword, die by the sword.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige was appalled when JJ told her about his relationship with Theresa. Adrian went to Will and Sonnyís place to offer her support to Will.  Abby and Jennifer briefly talked about EJ being arrested.  JJ explained to Paige that being with Theresa almost ruined his life.  He promised that he wouldnít be that stupid again.  Eve arrived while JJ was talking to Paige.  Abby went to Daniel to talk to him about Jennifer.  Abby wanted to tell Daniel that heís the only one who could help Jennifer with her problem.

Jennifer met Ben at the park.  Abby didnít tell Daniel what happened with Jennifer.  Jennifer spotted JJ at the park and wanted to talk to him about Paige and Eve.  Theresa told Caroline about Eveís back in Salem.  Eve wanted Paige to have the best summer of her life.  Daniel was on his way to pick up Parker and thought about Jennifer.  Abby talked to Ben about EJ and Sami. Eve visited Theresa and told her that sheís suing Jennifer. Theresa told Eve that Daniel is Jenniferís boyfriend.  Theresa was shocked when Eve spoke of their relationship in the past tense.  Jennifer ran into Daniel at the park.  JJ wanted to know if it would be a problem that he was with Theresa.  Paige said she was okay with it.  Daniel wanted to help with Jenniferís problem.  Jennifer was more concerned with their relationship than her problem.  Eve and Theresa continued to talk about Jennifer and Daniel.  Daniel had to get Parker so he and Jennifer didnít talk about their relationship.  Eve and Theresa were excited about Jenniferís year being ruined.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH aired a rerun of the April 24, 2014 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon comes home and finds Nick wearing a red, white, and blue hat. Nick declares that he will wear it all weekend. Nick shows Sharon the pic that Faith drew of them as a loving, happy family. Nick informs Sharon that Dylan is slowly improving. At the cabin, Jack is stunned to find out that Summer has married Austin. At the hospital, Kelly catches up with Ben and asks him if he is still talking to her after she had told Jack that they were brother and sister. Ben knew it would come out. Kelly asks Ben if he talked to Victoria yet. Ben tells her that he was busy saving Dylanís life. Kelly advises Ben to talk to Victoria and tell her everything. Victoria visits Billy in his office to let him know about Paul and Dylan. Billy asks why she is really there. In the babyís room, Chelsea hears a buzzing noise but doesnít quite know where it is coming from. The buzzing suddenly stops. Victoria lets Billy know that they are still connected because of Johnny and because of their love for DeeDee. She tells him that the divorce is still going through. Billy reveals to Victoria that Ben and Kelly are brother and sister. An argument erupts between Billy and Victoria over this news. Jack asks to talk to Summer alone, but she refuses. Jack accuses Austin of only marrying Summer because of her trust fund. Austin denies the accusation. Jack, after thinking a few minutes, realizes that Summer only married because she would be a lead witness in Austinís upcoming trial. Sharon tells Nick that there will be no wedding and no marriage. Courtney surprises Noah with a visit and finds him with his shirt off. She tells him to freeze and not put his shirt back on. Noah obeys. Courtney comments on the condo and the scenic view and how Devon must have paid a fortune for it. Victoria is overwhelmed by the news that Ben and Kelly are brother and sister. Victoria and Billy begin to argue and she tells him that she will not go flying into his arms over this news. Kelly reveals to Ben that Jack saw them hugging. Ben declares to her that she told him that she loved him but she denies the accusation. Ben declares to Kelly that he has to tell Victoria the truth.

Summer declares to Jack that there will be no divorce. Austin lets Jack know that the wedding had been all Summerís idea. Victoria interrupts Ben and Kelly and asks Ben if he his motherís pick. Billy visits Chelsea and remarks on the dress that she is wearing. Chelsea asks him, sarcastically, what he knows about fashion. Billy reveals to Chelsea that Ben and Kelly are really siblings. Chelsea starts to tell him what Kevin told her, but Billy doesnít want to hear it. Summer and Austin visit Nick and Sharon and find Courtney and Noah there. Summer reveals to them that she and Austin are married. Noah pulls Summer aside for a talk. Victoria asks Ben what else he is keeping from her. Chelsea tells Billy about the buzzing sound upstairs in the nursery.

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