Thursday 7/3/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells a frightened Liam to go to Paris, be with Steffy but leave Wyatt and Hope alone. He asks what is she going to do, poke him a bunch of times with his sword necklace. She grunts that she will kill Hope too before she sees her with him….live by the sword, die by the sword. Hope is about to leave for work when she is seen by Bill and Brooke. He says it is still hard to think about finding Ridge; he could have died. Hope says he is doing okay; Katie is taking good care of him. Brooke says all because of Quinn because she can’t face reality. When she can’t get what she wants, she goes nuts. Bill tells Brooke that he gave Liam the day off so he can ice his foot and keep it elevated. She coos that she could be persuaded to play hooky too. She says he did not technically cheat on her since she was supposed to marry Ridge that day, but he did keep it a secret and Quinn used it to her advantage. Bill says she tired but it did not work. Wyatt is going over inventory when Quinn slips in. He grouses a bit about certain new pieces not being in the catalog. She says she has been a bit preoccupied. He says she told Hope that she did not go to Liam’s and he wants to make sure that is true. He says Liam went to the hospital so what did she do to him. Quinn scoffs that it is a sprained ankle. And Wyatt should have seen him hobbling around on his crutches; it was pathetic. And Liam blamed her…the spineless wimp trips and falls yet it is all her fault. Wyatt says he wants a straight answer from her; as honest as she can be. She says if she wanted to hurt Liam, he’d have more than a sprained ankle. She admits she went over there to talk some sense into him, that’s all. He says she did what she always does. She overstepped and interfered. That is why Hope chose Liam. So she is done, he wants her to stay off their property and out of their lives. He makes her promise never to go over there again and she does. She says she only did this for him. He’s the man that Hope should be with, not Liam.

Hope drops in to see Liam and he says the swelling is down some. He is not taking the pills as he wanted to keep a clear head. She says she has no meetings this morning so she could stay and play nurse. He tells her about Quinn’s last visit and how she threatened to kill both of them. Hope says that Quinn is making no sense. He says because Hope is thinking logically and Quinn is way past that now. Hope says that Wyatt says that this mother is not dangerous. Liam says Wyatt is not even speaking to his mother now so he does not know all that is going on in her head. Liam says Wyatt wants to believe his mother would not do something like that but he is not willing to take that chance. Hope calls Wyatt and asks him to come over. She tells Liam that Wyatt has to do something as Quinn must be stopped. Deacon sneaks up on Quinn and says her son could not get away fast enough. She tells him not to make her regret letting him stay here. She says she and her son are going through a bad time right now but all of that will change soon. Deacon says with her help whether Wyatt wants it or not. She says he has lost his confidence. Right now he does not think he can compete with Liam. He says he did not hear her give Wyatt a little pep talk because he does not want her involved. She says somebody has to fix this and if Wyatt won’t, then she will. She points out to him that he is the last person to be giving her parental advice. He says he knows he is not the Father of the Year. He admits he has made mistakes with his kids but he has learned from them and if she would get down off her high horse, maybe she could too. She scoffs that he abandoned his children and the only person he cares about is himself. She says she does not care about herself, only her son’s happiness matters to her now. Wyatt joins Hope and Liam and says he just found out that his mother was here last night. But they need to dial it back a little. She did not touch Liam’s ankle and he told her to stop coming over. Liam says Wyatt doesn’t understand. Quinn has always been delusional but it’s really dark now. He doesn’t think she even cares what Wyatt wants anymore. This isn’t just getting him and Hope back together but getting rid of anybody who makes him unhappy. Bill tells Brooke there is no reason they can not continue and get married, small and simple. She says she wants the entire family there and she will start working on it right away. Bill says so it is a wedding or a family therapy session. While he is out of the room, Deacon comes by, surprises Brooke. He says he is back in L. A. and wanted her to hear it from him. He says he is between jobs and is staying with a friend. Brooke says she can not offer him anything and she does not want him to be bothering Hope. She’s at a good place in her life, happy and secure. Deacon says he does not expect anything. He has changed….at least his attitude. And that means owning up that he was a real jerk in the past. He’s determined to fix that and not be bad news to everyone in his life who has known him. And that includes Hope but he can not do that with Brooke in the middle. He’d really like to earn that right. Wyatt can’t believe they called him over just for this. He maintains that his mother is overbearing but she is not physically dangerous. Liam repeats again that Quinn said he had to give Hope up or she is coming after both of them. He doesn’t want to go to the police but he will if he has to. Hope says Wyatt must speak once more to his mother. They need to know for sure if she is capable of murder. Quinn gets the locked tool box and gently takes out the large sword, polishing and cleaning it with a certain gleam in her eye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ thought that Stefano was behind his arrest.  Sami thought Kate could be helping Stefano.  Hope thought someone wanted EJ to get caught.  Rafe thought that Hope assumed he wanted EJ to get caught.  Rafe thought Hope assumed he wanted to stop the wedding.  Rafe and Hope continued to talk about who set EJ up.  EJ and Sami talked about how they were going to beat Stefano.  EJ assured Sami that he would get out of jail.  Hope got another anonymous tip.  Sami called someone and asked about the tip.  Roman and Marlena talked about EJís arrest.  They were worried about Sami and wanted to be there for her.  

Rafe went to EJís cell to taunt him.  EJ wanted to know who helped him.  Sami flashed back to spending time with EJ.  She thought about recording EJ going in the safe. Sami took the passports out of the safe.  Sami found the evidence of her, Kate, and Gabi at the river.  She also found the evidence of Will shooting EJ.  Rafe let EJ know that someone did tip him off.  He wouldnít tell EJ who it was though.  Hope had a warrant to search the mansion and found the passports that Sami took out of the safe.  Sami went back to the police station to tell him that Hope found the passports.  EJ said he didnít do it.  Rafe and Hope wondered who wanted to stop him from going to his stockholderís meeting.  Sami warned EJ that no one would be at the meeting for him if Stefano gets his way.  Hope and Rafe continued to talk about Stefano setting EJ up. Hope didnít think everything added up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis bullies TJ into telling her that Molly went to talk to Dr. Clay because Rafe has been doing drugs. She awkwardly makes conversation while waiting for Molly to return. TJ informs her that he and Molly haven’t had sex yet. Rosalie escorts Rafe to the car in the parking garage and tells him to drive off as fast as he can. He says he doesn’t like what she and Nina are doing to his uncle. She suggests that he stop wasting time and get on the road. Before he leaves, Molly arrives. He keeps begging her to get out of the car, so he can leave but she insists that she won’t let him drive. Dante kicks in Silas’ door. Nina is on the floor with a bruise on her face. She tells Silas and Dante that Rafe did it to her. Silas wonders where Rosalie is. Sam wonders why the door is locked, if Rosalie went after Rafe. Nina suggests that it latched by itself. Rosalie returns to Silas’ apartment and says she was unable to catch up to Rafe. Silas blames himself for not giving Rafe enough of his attention. Sam and Dante go after him and find him sitting in Silas’ car. Rafe turns on the ignition. Sam yells for Molly to get out of the car. Rafe takes off with Molly still in the car. Dante holds Sam back. Molly wants to know why Sam and Dante are after Rafe. He says he killed Dr. Drake’s baby. She tells him that he should turn himself in. Dante almost catches up to Rafe. He tells Sam that the entrance to the interstate is barricaded. Sam calls Patrick with an update, but she ignores Silas’ call. Rafe floors it. Molly encourages him to let Alexis help him because he is a new driver and it was an accident. He says it wasn’t an accident. Molly doesn’t notice when TJ tries to call her. Rafe reveals that someone put him up to running Patrick off the road. Distracted, Rafe runs into the roadblock.

Emma asks Patrick if he and Mommy are getting a divorce. He says he thinks so. She asks him if he is going to be with Sabrina again. He says they won’t be like they were before. Elizabeth thanks Britt for helping to get her job back. Nikolas and Spencer arrive to take Elizabeth to the fireworks. Britt calls her mother for help. Britt tells Spencer that if his dad marries Elizabeth then Cameron would become his brother. Elizabeth is suddenly called upon to cover someone’s shift, so she can’t go to the fireworks. Spencer asks Britt to go with them. Elizabeth sees Nikolas, Spencer, Britt and a picnic basket on the elevator. At the park, Britt reminisces with Nikolas about last year’s Fourth of July celebration – the day they met, while Spencer shares his popcorn with Emma. At Spencer’s urging, Nikolas puts his arm around Britt to keep her warm while they watch the fireworks.

Nathan and Maxie walk home through the park handcuffed together. Nathan says the whole situation is Levi’s fault. They each admit to having some responsibility for the situation. She tells him to stop blaming Levi for standing up for his convictions. He asks her if she is really opposed to having new places to have tapas and buy more beautiful blue shirts that match her eyes. She asks him if he is saying he thinks her eyes are beautiful. She keeps bringing up what Levi said. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, because Levi clearly has too tight a grip on her. She sarcastically says Nathan has the grip on her, referring to the handcuffs. He tells her that the difference is that they have a grip on each other. They stop walking to watch the fireworks. Nina reminisces about fireworks past. Silas opens the window so she can see the fireworks and sits beside her. She lays her head on his shoulder.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki tries to talk some sense into Paul, but he refuses to listen to her. Ben offers Avery encouragement over Dylan and his condition. Austin assures Summer that he doesn’t want to ruin her life any further, but she refuses to listen to him. Summer gets a call from Jack but chooses to ignore it. In Jack’s office, Abby offers her congratulations to Neil on his marriage to Hilary. In the elevator, Hilary and Devon discuss the feelings he has for her, but she doesn’t return the sentiment. Hilary lets him know that he needs to forget what happened in the park the night before her wedding. As Devon starts to kiss Hilary, she backs up against the button on the elevator which makes the doors open while Neil is standing there. Jack tells Abby about Summer and Austin and the fact that she imagines herself in love with him. Nikki tells Paul that she knows how he feels about Dylan. Paul still sees through them and realizes that they are hiding something from him. Avery questions Ben about Dylan’s recovery. Dylan dreams that he sees Sully at the foot of his bed and has a conversation with him. Sully beckons Dylan to join him as he holds out his hand to him. Dylan and Sully discuss Avery. Dylan also dreams of the war and Sully being injured. His blood pressure begins to spike as he thrashes about. Abby tells Jack that Summer isn’t a child anymore.

Hilary tells Devon that there was never an “us.” Devon lets Hilary know that he is in love with her. Neil asks Hilary and Devon what has been going on, but Hilary makes up some excuse that she is having her name changed, Neil tells Hilary that he is worried about Devon and needs to talk to him, but she begs him to spend tonight with her so they can celebrate. Paul wonders what life would have been like if he had known that Dylan was his son. Paul demands to know what is wrong with Dylan. Nikki tells him to rest and she will find out. In the park, Hilary lets Neil know that she wants to start a family as soon as possible, but Neil stalls her because they need time to be together. Abby finds Devon drinking on the roof of the Athletic Club. Abby finds out that Devon is in love with a woman who is married to someone else. Jack visits Summer at the cabin and is shocked when he sees Austin there with her. Jack is also shocked when he finds out that they are married.

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