Wednesday 7/2/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/2/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver hears Rick ask if that is his voice on the recording where he said that the Forrester’s are incredible people and he could be apart of it. Yeah he’d put up with Aly if she liked hanging out with him, no harm. Rick says it sounds like he is using his niece. Oliver says that was a private conversation recorded months ago and he barely knew Aly then. He didn’t decide to fall in love with her but he did. Rick is not sure he is convinced. Oliver reminds him that Ridge was not a fan of his or his work. He appreciates Rick handling that but things got pretty shaky. He was angry and jealous and felt like a failure. So yes he sounded hard and cold in that conversation like a guy who didn’t get hurt but hurt other people instead. But he was attracted to Aly for a lot of reasons and none of this was planned. He says he understands if Rick has to fire him but please do not use the recording to hurt Aly. It will only put her back there in that rage where she was most of her life. Rick agrees and says he has told Maya that too, but he will be watching Oliver. Wyatt asks Hope what is it that Liam is afraid of. She says his mother and her craziness. Wyatt admits that Quinn is single-minded and manipulative but not physically dangerous. He says he has been isolating himself from her until she stops leading his life but he will talk to her again. She says she has no right to expect that of him. He says she can ask him anything at all any day of his life whether he spends it with her or not. Oliver calls Aly and she says she has telepathic powers as she was hoping he would call and he did. He says they had fun tonight and he wants her to know how much she means to him…..never forget that. Meanwhile Aly is writing in her diary that tonight was like being in love. She asks her ghost mother how will she know. Darla says if it is not love she will know right away. If she thinks it is she needs to know herself.

Deacon tells Quinn that apparently his daughter is no marshmallow and that little crack Quinn had made about him was not called for. She doesn’t want him to see her work, saying it will jinx a work in progress. He tries to get her to admit that she was at Liam’s. She asks why and he says maybe revenge. Quinn says she will get that when Hope dumps him. Deacon doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon. Quinn says he should get a job and not freeload off the women in his life. He sets her straight that she is NOT a woman in his life. She says fine, go sleep on the street or better yet go pick up another worried mother in a bar. Deacon reminds her that she is out of beer. She wonders how that is her problem. He says she is the woman of the house and thought she’d like to know. She snarls that this isn’t a house. This is a live/work space….but maybe he is not familiar with that middle word work. He answers that he thinks he is earning his keep while deciding if he will support a relationship between his daughter and her son. She wonders if Hope will even listen to him. Deacon says judging by her little visit which he overheard Hope trusts him more than he does Quinn right now. Quinn says that she is going out. He quips to remember to bring back the beer. He meanders around the place and spies this rather large locked tool box. He gets it out and a hammer and considers breaking the lock or at files and picking it, but resists. At The Bikini Hope orders a veggie burger to go. She calls Liam who said someone drove him home. His nerves are shot and because of the awesome pain pills he’s pretty wiped out for the night. She tells him that she went to see Quinn and she said she was not outside Liam’s house earlier. Liam quips that she is so trustworthy that they should believe her. She asks if he is sure he really did see Quinn. Liam says ask him again after eight hours of sleep. Hope tells him to call her if he needs anything. Wyatt walks to Hope and tells her that if she runs and she chases her and she accidentally falls and hits her head heaven forbid could they start over. He swears he is not stalking her. He says he comes here every now and then just to see who is hanging out. She says she will let him know if she feels nervous. He says actually he was hoping to see her tonight since Deacon had stopped by his house. Guess he wanted to see the other man in Hope’s life, the problem man. He did not want her to hear about it later and he not have told her. He says he has been a lot of that lately, not saying what needed to be said when it was needed. She says that is funny since she just came from Quinn’s. She asks if he is curious why she saw Quinn tonight. Wyatt says no, he is trying to distant himself from her. Hope tells him Liam is on crutches and how he got there. He tells her that he knows she thinks he will get over this….meet someone else, get married, have kids and have a happy home life. And maybe that is a possibility for his future but he hopes not….’cause he will never stop wishing it were her. Maybe he will just focus on his career. He’s got a good business head and lot of experience for his age and he could get on magazines, hopefully ones that Liam doesn’t publish. But no matter what he accomplishes, it won’t make up for losing Hope. He just can’t figure out what to do with his life with that one failure. Suddenly Quinn is inside the house. Liam on crutches backs away inching further and further away from her. She accuses him of running to Hope as the gnat, the spineless vertebrae that he is. She pushes him back on the couch. Liam wants to know what she wants. She says to give Wyatt his job back. Liam says he has no control over that. And with Quinn’s track record, Hope won’t have control either. Quinn tells him to let Wyatt and Hope be happy….go to Paris, be with Steffy, go to work in the New York offices, just leave Hope alone. He jokes what is she gonna do, kill him with a bunch of little stab wounds. She grunts that she will kill Hope too before she sees her with him. Remember….you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami pictured EJ being with Abby before she said her vows.  Hope wanted to know about Aidenís family.  Hodges told Rafe that EJ was wanted for tax evasion.  Sami passed out during the ceremony.  Rafe didnít have a problem arresting EJ.  Jordan wanted to talk to Rafe when he was about to leave.  Clyde called Kate to check on Jordan and Ben.  Kate wondered if he changed his mind about coming to Salem. Lucas wondered if Sami faked fainting to get out of marrying EJ.  Aiden changed the subject when Hope wanted to know about his family.  Clyde said he wanted to surprise Jordan and Ben.  Sami denied faking her fainting spell.  She said she wanted to marry EJ.  Sami read her vows to EJ.  Jordan wanted to tell Rafe about her past, but he couldnít hear it yet.  Rafe couldnít arrest EJ yet because there was a problem with the warrant.  One of the priests told Hope and Aiden that they needed an MC for the gala. EJ and Sami got married.

Sami thanked Abby for everything she did and wanted to repay her.  Lucas and Sami talked after the ceremony.  Lucas was still suspicious of her fainting.  Abby wanted to leave, but Sami talked her into staying.  Giselle showed up while Roman and Marlena bonded.  Marlena appeared jealous.  Sami wanted EJ and Abby to dance with each other.  Rafe showed up at the wedding with Agent Hodges.  Rafe arrested EJ.  Sami gave Abby her bouquet and told her she was next.  Sami left to be with EJ.  Lucas and Kate found out EJ was arrested. Lucas went to get the kids.  Kate congratulated Sami (to herself) on what she did.  Sami was upset that Rafe ruined her day by arresting EJ.  Clyde had Kate investigated.  He planned on going to Salem to see his kids.  Marlena was able to get an MC for the gala.  Sami continued to yell at Rafe for arresting EJ.  Rafe walked away.  EJ believed that Rafe had help getting him arrested.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan cuffs himself to Maxie when she squirms to keep him from handcuffing her. She finds herself on top of him when she tries to reach his phone. He tells her that he has a spare key at home so they head there. Ned asks Alexis to look at Tracy’s annulment papers. Before she even looks at them, she says she thinks Tracy is working with Luke and pulling a fast one to get back into ELQ. She says she will check to see if the annulment papers were ever filed. Alice calls Michael to tell him what Tracy is up to, but she experiences chest pain and passes out on the floor. Michael and Morgan rush over to ELQ. Morgan attempts CPR until the paramedics arrive. The paramedics are able to get a pulse and transport Alice to General Hospital.

Molly tells TJ about her visits from her mother and Rafe. She says Rafe was acting strange, but he apologized for ratting them out. TJ doesn’t buy it because he saw Rafe too, and he was a jerk who punched him. He reveals that Rafe was doing drugs. Molly thinks she should help Rafe. TJ thinks that’s a bad idea. She decides she should tell Dr. Clay. When she can’t reach Silas by phone, she asks TJ to hold their fireworks viewing spot while she goes to Silas’ apartment. Rafe listens unseen as Sam remembers how distraught Rafe was when he heard about Gabriel’s death. She concludes that Rafe must have been driving the car that ran Patrick off the road. Patrick, Silas, and Sam go to talk to Rafe, but he's left the hospital. Nina comes out of her non-therapy appointment and wonders what is going on. When Kiki says something happened with Rafe, Nina wants all the details. Dante overhears Patrick and Silas discussing calling the police. Sam tells Dante about Rafe. Silas discovers that Rafe is not in his office and his car is gone. Dante forbids Patrick to go with him to Silas’ house to look for Rafe. At Silas’s apartment, Nina stands up and gloats to Rosalie about how easily she bribed the physical therapist. Rafe comes out of his bedroom and sees her standing and raving that he ruined her progress in breaking up Silas and Sam. Nina tells him that he isn’t going to tell anyone what he heard because she is keeping his cocaine secret. She tells him that she knows he is running because he is a baby killer. She gives him money and says she won’t tell anybody where he went. Dante kicks in Silas’ door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is on the phone when Sharon joins him to plan a celebration for Neil and Hilary. With Leslieís help, Summer is able to see Austin in the park and talk to him. At the hospital, Michael and Lauren stand vigil for Dylan and Paul. Lauren gets a call and has to leave to meet Jill. Mark visits Paul in his hospital room, and they discuss Austin. Michael also joins them. Michael asks Paul what is going on with him. Paul insists on seeing Dylan, but Michael will not give him a straight answer. At the Chancellor estate, Jill finds Colin in the living room, still holding onto the necklace and deep in thought. Neil awakens Hilary with a kiss. At the Athletic Club, Devon reads the newspaper article about Neil and Hilaryís wedding then rips it to shreds. Neil surprises Jack with a visit to the office and thus ruins the surprise that he and Sharon had planned for Neil and Hilary. Hilary sees Devon at the Athletic Club bar and thanks him for not ruining the wedding. Hilary tells him that she hopes they can be friends if he would just forget about the kiss and what happened in the park. Hilary receives a call from Neil to meet him at Jabot. Jill asks Colin if he'd thought of another way to get his debtors off his back, but he says he hasn’t. Jill opens up the safe and removes the real necklace. Colin is quite surprised when he finds out that Jill gave him a fake necklace to give to his creditors. Jill goes on to tell Colin her plan to get the creditors off his back, and it will be a win-win situation for everyone. Paul demands to see Dylan, but Michael and Kevin still refuse to tell him what's going on with Dylan's condition. Austin thanks Summer for helping to get him out of jail but refuses to let her help him any further. Leslie reminds the twosome that what Austin did he could send him to prison for a long time. Summer agrees to testify on Austin’s behalf. Hearing Lauren come in, Jill and Colin quickly hide the necklaces behind the sofa cushions. Colin quickly makes his departure and calls his accomplice to let them know that he has what they want and would deliver it that afternoon. Jack and Sharon help Neil and Hilary celebrate their marriage.

Devon calls Cane to see how everything is going in Paris. Hilary and Sharon discuss Devon showing up at the ceremony in the park. Cane gives Devon some helpful advice concerning Neil and Hilary but he is far from listening. Lauren asks Jill why she's not wearing the necklace. Jill makes up some excuse then changes the subject and asks about Dylan and Paul. Devon joins the celebration in Jack’s office which surprises everyone especially Hilary. Devon, once again, offers them congratulations and brings them a present. Neil is quite surprised when he sees that Devon has already had quite a few too many drinks. Colin interrupts Jill and Lauren so he can get the necklace and meet his accomplice. Jill promises to contact the distributors so Lauren can get back to the hospital. Jill and Colin retrieve the two necklaces from behind the sofa cushions. Colin asks her which necklace is which. Jill holds up the real necklace. Leslie walks into Jack’s office and finds out that Neil and Hilary are married.

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